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  1. Turns for inventory are not the same as increases in sales. It just means that inventory is sitting on the shelves for less amount of time. They are however related. As in this case, when (lets say) 90% of ammo is back ordered, you are going to ship it as soon as you have the production done. Rather than it sitting on the shelf for an average of 2 months (6x turns.) 12 turn average would mean that you move your entire inventory on average every month. That still might mean that your 6.5 Creedmore might sit on the shelf for a couple months, while you ship your 9mm out 3 times
  2. Volquartsen just announced a new Mamba that looks sweet! Available this summer. https://volquartsen.com/retail_mailers/2021-01-21-the-mamba-x
  3. mpmo


    I'll take another look and I'll take some pictures. I could be off base for sure.
  4. mpmo


    I bought a TSO late last year. I was very concerned about what I was seeing with the magwell in pictures and videos. But when I actually went to buy one, the magwell was actually pretty well blended with the frame. Not perfect, but nothing that concerned me. And not what I was seeing in photos and videos. I assumed that the early versions were the ones that were so far off. Strange to see pictures above with such a marked difference on a new model.
  5. I tried belling a bit more. That didn’t work. keeping everything the same, I tested loading Blue Bullet 147 Flat Point at 1.120 and those work fine! I assume they will shoot about the same. Might have to re-chrono with having a bit more gap in the empty brass space and a different profile. Thanks for the help!
  6. Having an issue where about 10-15% of my rounds are failing case gauge. Set up my press for the first time to load these. Was not having any issue with the Berry's 124 or 115 (those are .356, while the BB I believe are .355.) It looks (and confirmed with calipers) that it is actually neck sizing down to fit the bullets which could be part of the issue? You can see it in the photo. I tried sizing the NEW Starline brass first to see if that helps, but they still look the same. A few less appear to fail if I size first. Any ideas on what is going on and what I need to do to fix?
  7. Ok, I did both. Sprayed a bit of one shot, then tumbled with corn husk media for 1/2 hour. Works like a charm! You all are awesome! I really appreciate the help.
  8. Thanks for working on this for us Brian!!!
  9. Not having any issues with clean 1-5x shot Starline 9mm brass. But when I try to use new brass, it requires so much force to release it from the Mini Mr. Bullet feeder powder through expander that it practically needs two hands. Hornady LNL for reference. Same thing happens with the Hornady PTX. With the PTX, I went to great lenghs to polish it to a mirror finish and that didn't work. I assume the results will be the same if I was to try that on the MBF. I tried washing a couple batches of shot brass in the ultrasonic cleaner and then used the dirty water to ultrasonic clean t
  10. So, working up some loads with 147gn RN Blue Bullets, VV N320. Decided to put them on the scale just to see how consistent they are. There was not a single one that weighed less than 148, average was closer to 150, with some over 151. So when I go to test on my chrono, what weight should I actually use? Haven't attended anything other than Level 1 matches since I started shooting 7 months ago. But there is a chance I might try to hit up at least 1 level 2 this coming year just for fun. With chrono stages, how does it work? Would I say my bullets are 150gn? Should I try to ge
  11. You got me Sarge. Been years since I've been Rick-rolled!!!
  12. I have 2 of these that work well. I emptied out the CLP (into my larger CLP bottle, I use CLP to clean, but not to oil) and then filled them with Wilson Ultra Lube and Ultra Lube Lite. Zero leaking issues. https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/break-free-clp-precision-shooter-gun-oil These go inside a Tenba Cable Duo 4 with the rest of my range tools, springs etc. https://mpex.com/tenba-cable-duo-4-cable-pouch.html That particular case fits perfectly in the front pouch on a DAA medium range backpack.
  13. +1 for the Range panda. I freaking love the combo. IMO, the default with the sharpies just does not do a good enough job of marking my 9mm. I would often have to run it back through a second time, especially if I was just using one marker. Very very happy with the Range Panda Merck. Only complaint there is that it gets a bit messy as the marks don't dry quickly (in my basement in the winter anyway.) I'll bet it dries faster in the summer and after the marker is a bit more worn in.
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