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  1. I have never seen anyone at a match actively draw a .22 from the holster, but I can for sure imagine it. We have had people draw from concealment at matches for practice. If ammo got really bad, I could see some competitors start doing this for practice. Thank you for the example George.
  2. Just to confirm, now from the shooters end. As an RFPO and RFPI shooter, at no time do I ever need to engage the safety, whether bagged or holstered.
  3. I appreciate the answers as much as I do the discussion! Thanks all.
  4. A couple questions. I'm not an RO, but assume that responsibility a lot at my local matches and want to make sure I'm doing things right, and get better at doing it altogether. Planning on doing an RO course next year. 1.Seems like from the rule book, the commands after Unload, show clear are the same for self loading pistols even if it is rimfire. But then it says that hammers do not have to be dropped if it's rimfire ( -So, do I issue the command and it's just ignored based on what the competitor wants to do? -Does the competitor need to put the safety on if they are not dropping the hammer? -Is this any different if they are bagging vs. holstering? -If they are bagging, do I still issue the 'holster' command for consistency? 2.Per rule 8.3.2: For each subsequent string after the first, the Range Officer shall proceed from this command, once the competitor has assumed the start position. I understand this to mean that I should issue an 'Are you ready?' at the beginning of each string. Correct?
  5. Thanks for all the advice! Shot yesterday. It went well. I can see getting into it or Production at some point for sure!
  6. So I decided to shoot SS - Major at a local match this weekend. I've been shooting USPSA for a year, B class, been shooting CO for the past 8 months. Any last minute pointers? I believe I should for sure reload every time I move a position. What else is sound advice? Like CO, I assume I should also avoid shooting to slide lock, but with only 8 rounds guessing that is easier said than done. I plan to get there plenty early to work on stage planning. I'm expecting adding the memorization of the reloads to be a challenge. Thanks!
  7. I'm shocked at how loud that is. Audio in video can be deceiving though.
  8. I see a Front Sight and a Front Sight 2 but not Front Sight Forward. His description doesn't completely match either. Here is the description from the author. Perhaps someone knows him and can ask directly? Not that this topic is even relevant any more! 'The first drill was a front sight forward configuration at 10 yards' distance with one yard between the targets. Both Jake and I started with hands on marks on the table top in order to have a consistent start position.' - Aron Bright
  9. When I first looked at the number just now it showed 31. after clicking on View all it now shows 27. I started shooting 10 months ago, including an Ohio winter. I would say other than the months where there aren't any matches I'm averaging 4.25/month.
  10. Yep. For me coated is consistently 0.3gr less powder than plated for the same PF.
  11. Thanks for all the replies team!
  12. I don't know OAL off hand. It would be short since it's a CZ. I chronoed from 10 ft. You also mentioned that you are looking for 125. I would consider doing something closer to 130pf if you plan to go to any matches that chrono. This will help insure that your rounds pass their chrono and you aren't bumped out of competing for score. Different chronos are calibrated differently and the conditions when you chrono might be drastically different from the day, time and location that you chronoed from.
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