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  1. mods you can delete this thread, if possible.. i didnt feel like reading the mega thread about this product, after spending too much time reading through that thread and trying the fixes, my device is still not working as intended, i'm not about to spray silicole in a box and shake my primers in it, going to return the unit.
  2. I'm using Fiochi SPP, and just set up the machine.. very few if any make it to the feed ramp. they seem to be keep sliding back to the middle and/or jamming in the 20 slots.. I tried loosening the plate, and tightening the plate.. Any tips?
  3. The only thing I change to load 38SC is a .223 shell plate, and of course the toolhead with appropriate dies. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  4. not good. My friend sent the gun back to Sig, they put in a new barrel. He tried a heavier recoil spring with a modified magazine with the front surface trimmed off via dremel to make it look more like an STI mag. nose dives. I recommend he get rid of it at this point, it seems that the Sig P320 does not seem to function well in .40. We have both spent way too much time and effort trying to get the thing to work with all sorts of different ammo.
  5. I don't think the mags will cause lock back during firing. I think it's a random occurrence of the slide stop wiggling. Regarding springs... You should replace them every so often I think... Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  6. We spent a few hours magazine tuning last night. We did several things: Compared 9mm magazines. Sig 320 9mm measured .350, Tanfo 9mm .357, STI Spec per Dawson tuning .350-.355. The 9mm Sig magazines work, and are in range of other magazines and specs. Compared .40 magazines. Glock .40 .377 back, .385 front. Sig .40 .370 front and back, STI Spec per Dawson tuning .380-.385. The Sig .40 mags were significantly tighter than a referenced Glock magazine and the STI tune specs. Tuned the Sig magazines, with .375 back, .383 front. Initial hand feeding out of the mag indicated that t
  7. Maybe it's worth trying the grams springs and followers. I use them in all of my 2011 mags. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  8. A friend of mine recently bought a Sig P320 in 40 cal to pair with his x5 parts - tungsten grip module, fire control group, etc.. to shoot Limited with. It seems to work alright, other than he has a fair amount of jams. Further inspection reveals that it seems that the rounds may be getting hung up on the front portion of the mag, not clearing the tube. Either the bullet itself gets stuck, or the rim of the case. This occurs both with aftermarket basepads and springs, and the original factory magazine baseplate and spring. Has anyone seen this issue and resolved it? It seems that the front of
  9. a friend of mine is doing this. he bought the tungsten grip module for his X5, and then more recently bought a refurbished 320 in 40. it works well other than the fact that the .40 mags have an issue with rounds not clearing the front of the magazine, which I plan to start a new thread about if I can't find one.
  10. Limited minor with whatever gear you have is the easiest way to start the sport. Load up the mags, fewer reloads, get used to the mechanics. Shoot a few matches and make a more informed and personal preference decision then. I don't agree with newbies shooting production first. They are going to get wrecked in the scores regardless, so make it more simple with fewer reloads and stage planning extra thinking. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  11. I own a CK limited gun from 2014 that runs well. I recently bought a CK single stack in 40 that I needed to buy a Dawson mag catch and use only Berry's RN to get it to feed 100%. Bobby K will answer messages if you need help with a CK. I bought an Atlas Titan last spring and ran it all season. It is by far my nicest firearm. Excellent fit and finish, smooth operation, great grip (PT Evo), and a killer trigger. I personally know and have shot local matches in NH with Adam. He always responds to questions and is helpful in making sure your gear (even other guns) will run as reliable as possi
  12. As the title says, I'm interested in how to tell the difference between these two.. i am probably going to pick up a used open blaster this weekend.. I'd like to be able to figure this out.. I do actually have the two extractors, as I previously bought an open gun in 38 super and put a 9/38SC one in.. but I'm not sure if I can immediately tell the difference..
  13. I Chrono'd some, out of a CK Arms limited gun with KKM barrel, .400 200gr Ibejiheads, loaded to 1.20", on a 53 degrees F day.3.6gr TG = 166.5 PF 3.8gr TG = 173.5 PF 4.0gr TG = 178.2 PF Thanks Earth! Did they shoot pretty decent? They shot OK, but I had better options.. I chose to go with Clays at about 3.55gr for 169PF - warning - only load long with Clays at major (in case you have not seen this warning yet)
  14. I Chrono'd some, out of a CK Arms limited gun with KKM barrel, .400 200gr Ibejiheads, loaded to 1.20", on a 53 degrees F day. 3.6gr TG = 166.5 PF 3.8gr TG = 173.5 PF 4.0gr TG = 178.2 PF
  15. Have you ran through quite a few of these, I have heard clays can be petty touchy when going over 180's? I'd like to try this load out. Yea probably at least 500. I have recently switched to Open, but the 200 gr With Clays i like best so far in Limited. A little softer and most accurate i have loaded.
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