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  1. Nope not shooting competition just blasting/ practice ammo.
  2. Thanks everyone for the responses, never had to deal with it before and wasn’t sure how to treat it. Or if there was something specific I should do.
  3. What is the normal practice for when you are running out of powder in one jug and must switch to another? Same brand an kind obviously but purchased at different times so different lot numbers etc. Do you pour the new on top of the old? Is it okay to mix the two from a few years apart? Or do you run the old down as far as you can getting accurate charges and toss the last tiny bit?
  4. To bad you could not make the cases come down the other way down then you could make a setup to pick up the brass with the rod kind of similarly to a primer feeder then you would just have to pull the brass off after swaging and rotate the rod down to pick up another one.
  5. Right now it’s not to much of what you like the best but what you can get. But having said that I like Berry’s the best 165 or 180 gn. My gun, (Smith and Wesson M&P) likes the 180s better. I also use Titegroup and really like it but you really have to pay attention as the charges are so small. When I’m setting up for a session and are dumping the first 5 charges back in the hopper I put 2 at a time in a case and it’s not even close to full could probably put a 3rd charge.
  6. If you go to the Dillon page it says there was a change in the spring to improve the life. You also need to change the spring bushing part number 11335 to accommodate the longer spring. https://www.dillonprecision.com/super-1050-upper-machine-assembly_8_46_25608.html
  7. No suppressors here I live in Mass....... lucky we can shoot!
  8. Great info I’ll pick some up thanks.
  9. So with certain reloading supplies hard to come by I figure I better come up with some different loads with various powders. I typically use AR Comp for my 223 ammo for practice, running drills, shooting steel, hoser ammo. I can get Hodgdon CFE 223 and would like to try it. Who has used CFE 223 powder and how do they like it,how does it shoot etc? Loading under 55 and 62 fmjbt bullets with cci 41 primers. Thanks in advance.
  10. Blaster ammo only, combat accuracy type stuff fo ar’s . It is mostly my own brass fired through one of 2 guns. My usual process is tumble for 1/2 hour to get any dirt off then size and deprime. Then I swage the primer pockets if it is once fired. Then retumble with pins ( I like shiny brass as well, I got nothing better to do ) . Then watch tv with a pair of calipers set to the trim to length and sort out all the stuff that doesn’t need trimming. I have a 1/2 5 gal bucket of once fired trimmed brass. So mixing trimmed vs non trimmed brass is good to go, but will try to keep things sorted by f
  11. Does everyone separate once fired vs twice fired etc. also what about some that has been trimmed vs ones that were not. Both fired once but some required trimming while some did not. Or just clean whatever I have and load em up. All .223 or 5.56 ammo? Thanks in advance
  12. Yeah I might swing back in on Tuesday when I head home and grab em.
  13. Went out of town today for a long weekend, decided to hit some gun shops on the way. Went into a backwoods store actually a “Boat sales and service /gun shop” and found Some cci #41 primers!!! I was a nice guy and didn’t buy all of them as I have loads on hand already but figured another 2k won’t hurt. Now as I sit here I wish I did buy all of them! Bottom line don’t overlook the small shops some stuff is out there, not much but some.
  14. Not really trying to solve a problem per say, but just curious how good people try to get AR ammo. I don’t have my load book here at home but I recall the sd to be in the 30s. I know pistol you work towards single digits. But being rifle velocities are in the 3000 FPS range vs 900 FPS range does that mean higher extreme spreads and a higher standard deviation is going to follow? As in if you have a pistol round that shoots 1000 FPS +/- 50 FPS that’s +/- 5 %. And then you have a rifle round that shoots 3000 FPS +/- 150 FPS that is still +/- 5%. However you have a es of 300 vs 100 for the pisto
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