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  1. There website shows 2 black ones in stock so I think they are still operating. You may have to wait till they do another run. Try emailing Cole, he was very responsive when I bought mine a few months back. Love my Cole Components stock btw. It replaced my Luth-AR stock and I find it much more adjustable while still being very comfortable.
  2. Has anyone tried the new Presicion Armament Hypertap? https://precisionarmament.com/product/hypertap/ I’d love to hear some first hand experience of this vs something tried and true like the SJC titan.
  3. Found this while watching the video from Flatland
  4. Hey R1, thanks for the response. Not sure if you shoot 3-gun or not, but have you shot Rockcastle or Blue Ridge? I’m trying to make it one of my goals to shoot a couple major matches next year.
  5. Does anyone have experience with the V7 titanium bcg? https://www.vsevenweaponsystems.com/products/v-seven-titanium-carrier
  6. Where do you guys usually shot and what kind of matches?
  7. Thanks for the responses guys. I’m in southern VA in Hampton Roads area. Closest 3-gun and USPA I’ve been able to find is in Richmond which is about a 2 hr drive. Definitely willing to go farther. I’ve been thinking about venturing down into North Carolina.
  8. Long time listener, first time caller here. Finally shot my first couple matches last month. The first was shotgun only and the second was 3-gun. I had a blast at both and can now officially say that I am f’ed because it’s all I can think about. I’ve already learned a ton from searching through old posts and look forward to picking the brains of all the seasoned members of the forum.
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