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  1. Does anyone have any experience with the new SJC Titan Extreme? https://www.google.com/amp/s/stores.sjcguns.com/amp/sjc-titan-extremes-17-223-7mm-308-338-350-legend/
  2. I shoot a titanium SJC Titan that works great
  3. I’m running the Radian Talon with my AR Gold. Works as 90 or 45 degree selector.
  4. That looks good to me, especially for a diy job. I think I’ll spring for the dry fire as well. Joe seams to put out pretty solid content on Instagram.
  5. Did you end up purchasing? If so, wondering what you think of it so far?
  6. Not sure if you are still looking for dry fire drills, but Joe Farewell recently came out with his 3-gun specific program. I can’t attest to the quality or value, but it’s the only one I’ve seen to date that isn’t oriented towards USPSA. https://dryfiremastery.com/p/multi-gun-dryfire-mastery
  7. Veil Solutions is making one as well, the C1 model.
  8. Unfortunately not yet, money is bit tight due to Covid and moving at the same time. Hopefully soon though. I’ll update when I do!
  9. Txc make a whole series for you wrong hand types 🖐 https://txcholsters.com/collections/southpaw-series
  10. Just got home. Here she is...All murdered out
  11. Look good RGC, I like the color combo. I’m still waiting on my Romeo3 MAX to come in Let me know how you like it
  12. I ordered during the thanksgivings sale and just picked it up today...so I was just under 34 weeks. I obviously haven’t shot it yet, but the fit and finish seems just as nice as my buddies Titan. So hoping it was worth the wait.
  13. Thanks Travail, I’m definitely doing the hood as well. Saw a gun hit the ground last weekend. Glad to hear you like their mounting system, I was on the fence about that.
  14. Perfect! Going to order one today. If you don’t mind expanding on your post, which do you prefer? Does one have better fit and finish over the other?
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