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  1. My back up is a Crucial Concealment Covert IWB. Comfortable appendix or 4 o’clock. I think they are sister company with Black Point who also makes really nice IWB holsters, you should check them out too. https://crucialconcealment.com/product/covert-iwb/
  2. Not sure if you carry appendix or not, but my go to these days is the TXC X1 Pro. A little pricey but it prints less than any holster I’ve tried over the years and is hands down the most comfortable. Plus it fits the P365 and the P365XL. https://txcholsters.com/collections/build-your-own/products/threekit-x1-pro
  3. Mine’s in the same batch! All murdered out with 9mm/40cal sight blocks and 9mm open barrel. Will be my first 2011 platform and I’m super stoked that matches are back in full swing.
  4. Steve, just saw this on gunbroker. https://www.gunsamerica.com/940747550/DAN-WESSON-SSC-SINGLE-STACK-CUSTO.htm
  5. In this post from the classified section Double Alpha says they are working on Gen 2 Alpha-X mag pouches. That would probably explain why they are of stock.
  6. Good point. Going to pick up some Velcro on the way home tonight. Can’t hurt to try it out.
  7. I’ll give that a try. I was thinking that cutting might make the belt slimmer. Not sure it really matters though
  8. That’s awesome. I got a set of these given to me and had no idea what the toothpick piece was for either. The ones I have are the version with the solid back. Has anyone tried to cut these to make them like the C back mounts?
  9. Well, I think I’m going to go with either Red Hill or GX products. Now I just need to decide if the high speed locking mechanism on the vice holster is worth the extra money.
  10. Bad_Karma

    ZEV OZ9

    Hey davsco, sorry it took me so long to reply. I haven’t experienced any problems with my OZ9 and I’ve probably shot around 6-7k rounds through the gun using 3 different uppers; the OZ slide it came with, a gen 3 Zev slide, and a stock gen 3 g34 slide. Now I’m not saying you should buy one or not, that’s up to you, but don’t let a few bad reviews sway you if you really want one. I’d be willing to bet a lot of those problems are the Indian and not the arrow. Plus there has to be thousands of OZ9’s out in the wild now with happy owners.
  11. How does the aluminum hold up compared to steel magwells?
  12. Bad_Karma

    ZEV OZ9

    Yes, the modular build kit will work with any gen 3 slide. I have a full size OZ9 and put my gen 3 34 slide on for USPSA and 3-gun competitions.
  13. Thanks cheers, they must have just updated their gun options. The Oz wasn’t available last time I checked. Do you have their vice model? I’ve been wanting to try one, but leery of the price tag.
  14. Thanks RangerTrace that’s exactly what I was looking for! Didn’t notice that on their site before. Anyone know of others?
  15. I’m sure I could modify a holster to make it fit, but not sure if that would make it useable with the 34. Wanting to know if anyone has one made specifically for the OZ9? Or knows of a company offering one that I wouldn’t have to send my pistol to? thanks
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