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  1. Are you covering the dot in a match or just practice?
  2. I am looking a Dynamic Disc ZUCA EZ cart for my back pack. Anyone using them? pros/cons.
  3. Miss print I am using 9.8. Senior moment.
  4. Major pistol in my open gun 7.9 gr aol 1.165/1.170 crimp .376 RMR 124 gr federal small primers. And I am getting a lot of unburnt powder any help.
  5. Where is everyone buy there Major pistol.
  6. Hearing a lot about Hunter Gold Glasses anyone have experience with them. Pros /cons.
  7. I have been waiting to order 124 JHP I New They were going to raise prices but I don’t think the increase would be that significant. You snooze you loose. Great. bullet accurate and easy to load.
  8. Tamdemkross. Will have holster and mag pouches
  9. Recommended hearing muffs what is everyone using?
  10. Load development on my own, No need for 8lb yet.
  11. Shmella. Where did you fine Major pistol for $15.00. a lb. Power valley, Grafs I payed $19.95 for 1lb. With Haz mat and shipping come out to $49.00 and change.
  12. I really like major pistol 37.1 But not going to pay $50.00 lb. any love for silhouette?
  13. Shooters world 37.1 any thoughts for 9 major
  14. Dave will most likely recamend Fed 100.
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