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  1. wingnut

    STI mags

    Yes gen 2
  2. wingnut

    STI mags

    What Grams spring and follower kit for new STI 9mm 140 and 170 mags to use?
  3. wingnut


    Where to buy a Cr speed belt.
  4. wingnut

    Warwick Tactical?

    Bigboy. What mag release is that?
  5. wingnut

    Warwick Tactical?

    I hope the pics came through but here my Warwick open outlaw. shot 30 rounds yesterday through the chrono worked up to 170PF with 7.0 of WAC at 1.165 124 MG/ And I am impressed. Now I just have to do my part.
  6. wingnut

    Warwick Tactical?

  7. wingnut

    Warwick Tactical?

    I just got mine yesterday and hope to shoot it tomorrow. Ryan said that mine is a tack driver when they test fired it. I will give some feedback back after I work with it today and shoot it tomorrow.
  8. wingnut


    Winchester or Federal primers for open gun.
  9. wingnut

    Safe table

    Can you go to the table with loaded mags on your belt and unbag your gun? Second one if your are having trouble with a mag can you work a empty mag in and out of the gun at the safe table?
  10. wingnut

    Belt for daily carry

    Beltman. Look no further.
  11. wingnut

    Primers choise

    New to open loading wac and 124 gr. What primer is everyone useing other than fed they are to hard to find.
  12. wingnut

    Cold Weather Vest for USPSA

    + 1 zzt your only shooting for 30 seconds. I also have zippo hand warmers in the jacket pockets.
  13. Is bullet feeder still available. if so do you have pics of it in operation.

  14. wingnut

    Other games that help your USPSA game

    + on the tennis
  15. wingnut

    STI 1911,s

    RJH. I am in the same boat. Having a open gun built and selling off some guns I don't shoot. Trojan is one I bought it for my wife. Every time I pick it up I know I would miss that gun. it has less than 500 rounds through it. She racked the slide and slipped off it and cut herself up now wont shoot it.