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  1. I found the 160's to have a very soft but slow recoil impulse. Good for a new shooter, but not for a fast shooter.
  2. TEvo Sports makes an add-on blast shield
  3. I bought 5k blems a while back and they are good to go.
  4. I use thread tape on the die and flip the locking ring upside down and use it on the top
  5. I run 3.8gr with their flat nose 124gr FMJ, at a somewhat short OAL of about 1.100"
  6. There is a huge difference in size. You wont get a LPP into a small primer pickup tube.
  7. I got my 507 a few months ago after about a three month backorder. I just ordered one for my soon to be new carry gun (CZ P10C Optics Ready) and it said "extended backorder".
  8. I have only used it through my Dillon 650 for doing .224/5.56 and it did OK. My velocities were pretty consistent despite mixed brass and being loaded on a progressive. I was loading the RMR 69GR 3GH with 22.5gr which was disappointingly popping primers in my Bergara .223 Wylde chamber, but not in any of my 5.56mm chambers. Max velocity: 2976fps Min velocity: 2916fps Avg velocity: 2950fps 34 shots That barrel will throw CBC 77gr SMK MK262 clone ammo at 2958fps average with no blown primers. Just dont expect top velocity with the AR Comp. It also produces less gas than many other powders. Shooting suppressed with my 24" Bergara barreled AR with a rifle length gas system using an Adams Arms piston system, I have to run it on the unsuppressed setting, but all other powders will run on the lower gas suppressed setting.
  9. Here are some of my .308 bullets arranged by weight to show how long the TTSX is. 150gr Hornady Interlock, 150gr Barnes TTSX, 168gr SMK, 168gr A-MAX, and 175gr RDF.
  10. His rifle also shot incredibly well with AR Comp and 175gr RDF bullets. I think I just threw some together at Alliants max charge of 41.4 for a 175 Sierra just to break the gun in and it was sub 3" at 300 yards.
  11. Get yourself some of the Wheeler detent pin tools; they're a life saver.
  12. I love it in .308, but I don't get the velocities I want in .223/5.56 before I blow primers. I load a 150gr Barnes TTSX to 2900fps in a friend's .308 Savage rifle - 100fps faster than factory Barnes - with no pressure signs.
  13. It can be, but you can turn the circle off, the dot off, or run both. The more you use it the more you get used to it. Not running it brighter than needed helps.
  14. The DPP is fairly significantly larger. It is pretty close to being between the 507 and 510 in window size. I run my 510's and my 507 in dot only on all of the guns that wear them. I like a single 2MOA dot, personally, but the 507 also has a much smaller ring than the 510 so it is easier to find in the smaller window, and at closer ranges the circle can make it easier to center on the A zone of a metric target.
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