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  1. I bought 3k of the Federal AR Match for 39.99/k. I think they seat just fine in my new Nammo Tactical brass.
  2. I dont load that powder for PCC anymore. I run a hotter charge of Power Pistol or BE-86. People say a brake won't work on a 16" 9mm because there isnt enough gas, but the visible flames in each port when running Power Pistol say otherwise.
  3. The strange thing is that I have only ever had pierced primers with N350. I can't explain it.
  4. I need to get my hands on some. Wolf Gold 55gr is quite accurate, and the brass is super consistent.
  5. Makes me wonder if some SPP found their way into a batch of rifle ammo
  6. Higher amp output helps, because there is a surge of current when the radar is triggered. I have used a 10k mAh pack multiple sessions with plenty of reserve left. AA NiMH also works well, but is not as convenient.
  7. I used to load something like 4.4gr of N350 under a 115 plated bullet. I could stack shots on 25 yard targets as quick as I could pull the trigger. It also had a ton of pierced primers, which caused me to switch to rifle primers.
  8. It is apparently the old Accurate #5.
  9. Blown out of the case, with the pocket and case head so expanded that the brass cannot be reused.
  10. I've had Blue Bullets scrub my barrel very clean after I got leading with SNS bullets, but I haven't tried them to clean up heavy lead.
  11. That load blows 100% of the primers in both my CK and Glock open pistols.
  12. Tiger is awesome. He took better care of me than ever necessary.
  13. I've made 200PF+ in 9mm without fragging a gun. There were no primers left, and the case heads were oval, but the gun was fine.
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