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  1. https://lockedloaded.com/product/trijicon-sro-adj-sight-led-5-moa-red-dot
  2. For now I ordered some PSA titanium pins. If those fail I will be trying something else, starting with the Taccom.
  3. I am needing to order a handful of replacement firing pins for our 9mm AR's and I am trying to decide between the Taccom 17-4 or the PSA titanium pins. We have broken all of our Wilson S7 pins at this point so I want to try something different.
  4. Dont know who "makes" it, but have a look at the Everglades competition style JHP.
  5. I normally shoot 115's but have been running 124's to use them up. Right now in my CK I am running 7.7gr of Silhouette under an RMR 124gr hardcore match loaded to 1.190" and it feels awesome. It feels very similar to my 7.8gr HS-6 and 124gr PD JHP at 1.155" load. I don't like WAC. At all.
  6. Are you wanting to shoot minor power factor?
  7. Sometimes you just find a weak case. I had an Everglades case that had been used for 9major blow out in a PCC with a light 2.8gr charge of TG.
  8. Not as good on paper. Holosun seems to be taking care of the few people that I have read of having issues. https://holosun.com/index.php?main_page=page_4 Thankfully I have never had to send any of my optics back to the manufacturer.
  9. Quite a few powders make cornmeal, such as AA7 (which some say may be the same powder) and Silhouette.
  10. I have a Venom on a CZ P09 and an HS507C on a CZ P10C and one on a Glock 26 and I will take the Holosun over the Vortex any day.
  11. Is that pierced or just a shadow?
  12. I see you are shooting here on the 20th. I would be interested in taking a peek at your SRO if you will be using it.
  13. If it doesn't have a buttstock it isn't a PCC, it is a PCP.
  14. I've tested this a bunch. I had my PCC sitting on my treadmill so I could see the dot from my couch. After I saw it turn off I got up to go smack the gun to watch it turn on, but as soon as I put my palm on the treadmill it turned on. All 6 of the various Holosun sights I have are this sensitive.
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