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  1. Dump the Dillon seating die and get a Hornady Custom Grade seating die, they seat far straighter than the Dillon.
  2. Wow. I have loaded 8.8gr of Power Pistol in 9major and barely got flattening.
  3. I am starting to wonder if Dillon is shafting Immortobot because of their now former connection to Ammobot.
  4. I am pissed off and tired of waiting. Immortobot said I am their oldest open order and they were willing to piece together an 1100 in 9mm for me. I would rather Dillon just get some damned product out rather than their dealers have to compromise their own stock and potentially void warranties to take care of their customers. I sent Dillon a message tonight, so we will see what happens.
  5. I like the TeVO. It doesn't cover the complete bottom, the rear is exposed, but it aids in ejection.
  6. Put some ferrite cores on the power cord. Since I did that my Gempro 250 is as stable as it gets.
  7. At least Mark7 is getting their presses to their customers. I am at 8 months on my RL1100.
  8. I have been waiting 8 months, so, good luck.
  9. It has been so long since I had the Dillon powder funnel in my machine that I forgot about that size difference
  10. Man, I must have had an MBF funnel from a different batch, since my MBF funnel was like 1/2" shorter.
  11. It looks to me to be a highly polished black nitride.
  12. I am pretty disappointed myself as I have 50k S&B SPP and SRP sitting here and 12k Fiocchi SPP. The good news is that my Frankford Arsenal VibraPrime couldn't care less what I feed it.
  13. Tried some Federal primers this time; GM200M small pistol match. They go through it like butter as well. Not quite as fast as the CCI, but 90% as fast. It choked pretty bad on the S&B, Fiocchi and Winchester primers. I guess the lesson here is to only use Federal or CCI primers and stop being such a cheap bastard.
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