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  1. For 1/2 the money I would look at a Holosun HS502C instead.
  2. No riser. I prefer absolute cowitness height on an AR. It feels more natural to me.
  3. chevrofreak

    What 9mm bullets are you using for major?

    Precision Delta JHP bullets are only 8.5 cents each if you buy 2,000.
  4. chevrofreak

    Blue bullets in 38sc

    What about optic lens smoke? I fired 5 rounds of 9mm major using a 115gr Blue out of my Glock open gun and it smoked the lens up badly.
  5. 10.5gr of AA7 under a 115 feels great, isn't overly full, and I didn't find it dirty at all.
  6. I run 9gr of 3n38 behind a 115 and it is very full, but the kernel shape seems to help keep spillage to a minimum.
  7. chevrofreak

    Open gun help

    Also, you will have to load the flat points significantly shorter than their round nose bullets.
  8. chevrofreak

    Open gun help

    I wouldnt use any of the RMR FMJ bullets in an open gun. Great bullets, but they will cause comp leading.
  9. chevrofreak

    Open gun help

    RMR hardcore match I hope?
  10. chevrofreak

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    Most Holosun sights are designed for absolute or lower 1/3 cowitness on an AR-15.
  11. chevrofreak

    Titegroup load data for 9mm 124 fp

    I run the RMR 124gr FP FMJ over 3.8gr of titegroup, but at a slightly longer OAL than that.
  12. chevrofreak

    Glock major with cfe pistol

    Somewhere around 2,000 before I bought a CK. It has over 20,000 on it all together, and I've been shooting it for about 18 years. It has even withstood some accidental 200pf+ loads when I was brand new to reloading 9major. Blown primers and stretched case heads didn't even phase it. It is a a stout gun.
  13. chevrofreak

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    I have 503's, 515's, a 403, etc, and I would take the 510C for a PCC over any of them. However, I feel the 503C is better for a fighting gun.
  14. chevrofreak

    Glock major with cfe pistol

    I like them hot. I use 10.5gr of AA7 with a 115gr Everglades JHP V2 at about 1540fps and 9gr of 3N38 with a 115gr PD JHP or Hornady HAP at about 1510.
  15. chevrofreak

    Glock major with cfe pistol

    I like slower powders like AA7 or 3N38 with 115gr bullets in my Glock open gun to make it shoot flatter with the lack of poppel holes.