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  1. I am a completely gadget nerd. I started reloading on a 650 three years ago, added a bullet feeder and other press upgrades. That wasn't enough, so, I ordered an RL1100, an Ammobot, a Mr Bulletfeeder Pro, all of the sensors, case extractor, etc. I also bought a commercial Rollsizer and a Hasgrok Feedinator..... I am not sure where this will stop.
  2. I feel bad for DAA for how poorly this has gone. Mine did extremely poorly with the V1 disk, and just OK with the V2 with S&B SPP. I tried HBN powder on the ramp and the primers were flying down it so quickly that I could barely see them. Sadly, that was short lived and at less than 500 primers the ramp started jamming up again.
  3. If it is all clean, send it to me and I will anneal and rollsize all of it for you. I have not had the chance to run my Rollsizer on .223 and I don't have enough of my own brass to warrant switching my case feeder and rollsizer over from 9mm. Just pay return postage. Or, sell it to me cheap to give me a reason to spend more time in my reloading room playing with my gadgets.
  4. Every 2k put a new spring in the rear and rotate the previous one to the front.
  5. I am running a 115 in my open gun at basically the same speed you run your 90. I have fired my open load out of other guns with no issues, but you may not want to try it.
  6. I did this experiment for a steel challenge load for my CK open pistol. It is a hot load, but I saw no primer flattening.
  7. I have loaded a ton of 147gr HST and had to overcome this same issue. Brass cases bulge the worst, nickel is better in general, but Federal seems to have the least internal taper. I ordered 2k pieces of once fired nickel and sorted out all of the FC headstamps to be loaded for social use, and every other headstamp is for practice. A charge of 5.1gr of VihtaVuori N350, a CCI magnum small pistol primer and an OAL of 1.125" round everything out. I average about 1050fps out of my CZ P10C.
  8. This is disconcerting. I am down to about 40k S&B primers and was about to order a ton of Ginex
  9. I saw a kit the other day that doubles it to 200; I just dont remember where.
  10. I have been using the same email address for 20+ years. The amount of accounts I would have to update is ridiculous.
  11. I do that with all of your emails, but I found another one from you in my spam today. I am pleased to say that it is a shipping notification, but still irritated it went to spam. I am going to try adding your e-mail address to my contacts.
  12. It makes me mad how much stuff Hotmail puts in spam because that is where the DAA email about these being in stock went, so it looks like my order from December 7th wasn't part of the first batch....
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