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  1. I have used tons of Precision Delta and RMR JHP's, but, I prefer the Everglades V2 bullets. Use EG4VETS2019 for 5% off right now
  2. Take the cover off and adjust that small plexiglass piece over the second cutout so there isn't as much of a gap. Leave enough room for a primer, plus a small amount of free space.
  3. Mostly value for dollar and expense.
  4. I had none of those issues as long as I went slow and placed bullets by hand. That is slow, and I don't like slow, so I sold all of my 3n38 and switched to Silhouette so I could use my bulletfeeder again.
  5. Revolution looks about $2k cheaper now fully kitted out
  6. Is it visible in the breechface? I have had a firing pin get stuck, requiring me to push it out. It worked fine after that.
  7. I pretty much agree with this. I just put it in my 9minor box rather than the 9major one.
  8. A lot of powders from Shooters World, Accurate Arms, Ramshot etc. leave cornmeal behind after firing, but you definitely have some unburned powder there as well. You may need to try a hotter primer.
  9. I've tried them. They smoked up my optic quickly.
  10. Just got the shipping notification for my Ammobot!
  11. Move the sensor further away from the rod.
  12. I haven't run a comp on my P-09, but on my first iteration of a Glock open gun, I loved the way 4.4gr of Titegroup under a 115gr plated bullet felt.
  13. I love Speer brass, I really do, but your flattest primers are all from Speer. I am surprised the Xtreme aren't flatter because to my eye they have a thicker web than even the Speer, which should mean less internal volume.
  14. Well, that is disheartening. Last I read they were shooting for November?
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