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  1. That perfectly explains why no barrels threaded 1/2x28 and faster than a 1:14 will stabilize 55gr bullets.
  2. *Checks price of RT-6* *Checks prices of XTR* I bet I can guess the outcome.
  3. Try a different 55gr load. Luckily there are plenty to choose from. Technically a muzzle brake can affect accuracy or poi by changing barrel harmonics. Realistically, as long as its installed properly and not hitting the bullet, you will be fine.
  4. Hiperfire reflex can be found around that price.
  5. No one can agree on the best lube but everyone can agree froglube sucks.
  6. It's probably because they dont want to make you pay for something you dont necessarily want. Some want bikini covers. Some want flip caps. Some want see through covers. Some want a scope coat. Cant please everyone so give people the option.
  7. Most shotguns won't cycle it. I have run hotter 1oz loads but that's just because they were cheap.
  8. Best part is they don't need a ton of upgrades. I put on an extension, matchsaver, and opened the loading port. Bought mine from gunbroker for a decent price. About to post it there too.
  9. The Tikka and Bergara have a 1-8tw. I use a 26" 1-7.7tw on my Desert Tech and stabilize 80gr Nosler CC and Hornady 75gr. My re-barreled Savage was a 18" 1-8tw and also shot them fine. I havent tried anything heavier though.
  10. What suppressors are the same size and lighter?
  11. I've had the Odin and BA. I kept them both but feel a lot more confident with the Odin. It puts bullets where I pull the trigger.
  12. Ruger is really listening to people. Integrated Arca Rail in the forend too.
  13. MPA has a weight tuning system and integral arca rail. Not as much weight can be added though
  14. Agreed about length and weight. I have a Liberty Freedom that I use only if I'm shooting off a bench. I have a Thunderbeast Ultra 7 that I use for everything. Looking back, I wouldnt have bought the Freedom and just bought another Ultra.
  15. A suppressor is not as good at reducing recoil as a brake. As well as having a ton of weight hanging off the end of the gun. Same for the concussion device. It is heavier and since it directs blast forward, it increases recoil over just the brake.
  16. That's moving if that's a gas gun. I shoot 75gr ELD-Ms over 25.1gr of Varget at 3000fps from my 26" bolt gun.
  17. I tried 77s and couldnt get enough velocity from an 18" barrel to be ballistically better than 55gr FMJs for drop but obviously buck the wind better. I'd look at the Hornady 62gr HPBT. I load them into ASC stainless mags to get a longer COAL but it isnt necessary.
  18. Crimson Trace just released the CWL-200 (or -201 for direct keymod/mlok attachment). It's cheap ($40), 900 lumens, and not super bulky. Downside is that it can only use 123A batteries.
  19. USPSA Multigun states no more than 9 at the start. Whatever you want once the buzzer goes off.
  20. Hope you wore gloves and didnt splash it. I used to do that for cleaning suppressors but my health is more important to me than spotless parts. Then there's the disposal process. I'm surprised any company is telling people to try "the dip". If your comp screws off, putting it in a stainless tumbler will do just as well. Takes a little longer but you can throw it in with the brass you need to clean so it isnt that bad.
  21. No, the trigger group acts like a Browning A5. Lifter can still move with bolt locked back.
  22. A single ED lens or multiple ED lenses? Talk to camera guys, there's a big difference in price.
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