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  1. So who is the go to slide manufacturer if we can't get them from JEM??
  2. Having trouble finding load data or start point for E3. Some posts with anecdotal references to use data for clays, red dot, or WST. What's the way to go? Anyone have actual data they're willing to share for major pf under a coated 230gr RN? Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys. Had a $50 coupon for Blue bullets, ordered some 230 RN's from them and some E3/primers from powder Valley. We'll see how things shake out. Maybe try the Berry's 200gr target profile if the BB's don't work well.
  4. I'm looking to start working a load up for SS. Trying to parse out info from various threads here, but the number of options for weights and profiles is a bit confusing. Some people run different profiles depending on discipline (bullseye, steel challenge, etc.). What considerations are you guys taking into account for profile? I'm primarily trying to cut down on the recoil that full power factory ball loads have. I see weights ranging from 185 to 250gr, and round nose, semi-wadcutter, flat point/round shoulder, hollow base. With weights, I know it's a bit like the 124gr vs 147gr camps in the 9mm arena. Have titegroup, HP-38, and Ramshot competition on hand; based on some threads here, I plan to order some e3 from Powder Valley. They have have good pricing on Berry's; anybody have any experience with their hollow base profile?? Thinking about ordering 500 ea of the 185 round nose hollow base, 200gr flat point hollow base, and 230gr round nose. Is that a good way to go? Anybody try the 250gr RNFP blue bullets?
  5. Far from an expert on noise reduction of various ear pro but I'm under the impression that not all rated decibel reduction claims are made equal so to speak. The MSA Sordin's I have are not rated among the higher decibel reducing ear pro out there at 18-19NRR but considered among the best ear pro out there.
  6. I’ll have to loook for some of those 185 Winchester’s. 199pf from the AE stuff is just nutty. Very interesting that the blazer stuff has a harsher recoil. Will keep that in mind when I get around to loading for the 45.
  7. Has anyone chrono'd the federal 220gr syntech stuff? Like the OP, I'm not set up for loading 45 and factory American Eagle through my trophy match seems to be 'up there' in pf
  8. The top end got a cleaning and lube before the class and then ran a boresnake through with another application of lube before day 2. It was also clean before the practice session that had the same issue. I had to forcibly eject the problem rounds. This is the first return to battery problem with this gun in the ~4k rounds I've put through it. I have had extraction problems which led me to install the Aftec. Since some of my reloads pass the case gauge but not the plunk test, and others pass the plunk and not the case gauge leads me to think there is an unresolved ammo issue at hand. Edit: After looking at this some more, it looks like some rounds will plunk on the first try and drop right out, but repeated attempts with the same round will fail. Something isn't quite right and the case gauge isn't catching all of these. Should I try the U die?
  9. Interesting thought. Using a regular Lee full length sizer on a 650 at the moment. What was the verdict on Lee vs the EGW specified die. I know Lee makes both, is there a difference? edit: I'm wondering if it's a chamber issue, some anecdotal comments in my searches suggest that the RO's might have issues with this?
  10. So I could use a little more help. Aftec is in with one spring and with what looks like the right amount of tension. I'm experiencing what I think is an ammo problem. The gun is extracting and feeding fine but I encountered 4-5 failures to return to battery during my class with Tim Herron this weekend. This was out of about ~550 rounds fired. I had to hold the slide with my weak hand and hit the backstrap hard in order to get the round out. I also had 3 light primers strikes. I don't think this is a result of a dirty gun, recoil spring, hitting the slide, or extractor since I had to exert force to get the round out. Is that a fair assumption? Reloads are using mixed range brass, 125gr blue bullets, CCI 500 small primers and 4.0gr of titegroup. Target coal is ~1.14", this varies to as much as 1.148" due to the range brass I think. I also experienced the same return to battery problem twice during a practice session last week out of ~300 rounds fired. I loaded about ~700 for the class and actually plunk tested all of them, with a ~8% failure rate. What I'm finding is that some rounds will fail the plunk test, and some will fail the case gauge but not the other way around. I'm not sure how to address the problem. I have a Dawson extended firing pin, and the primers that didn't lite off appeared to be seated all the way. How can I get this squared away? Thanks!
  11. Here's a few pictures. is this desirable?
  12. To be fair the directions state to compress the springs if too much tension is present. I'll try compressing them as per the directions. The round is able to slide under the hook. The hook only makes contact with the round on the flat face; but not on the rim. It makes contact with the vertical portion of the extraction groove, if that makes sense. I didn't bend the extractor at all. I initially set this gun up with a 9lb recoil spring and moved to a 10lb spring when first encountering the FTE issue without completely understanding what was wrong. It ran fine with the 9lb spring until the FTE's started. Perhaps I'll put it back in?
  13. Put about 350 rounds through during practice today; not a single failure to extract! Had about three failures to feed, which is new. These required a very light tap to the back of the slide and it went straight into battery. Both springs are installed in the Aftec. 1. Option one is remove a spring and see if the Ftf goes away. 2. Option two is clean up/polish the bottom of the extractor so it picks up and feeds the rounds consistently. What say you? Edit: the Aftec directions talk about compressing the springs with a caliper in order to reduce tension. Has this worked well for anyone? I’m probably going to futz with the springs, trying to decide whether to compress the one spring (or both) vs removal of on altogether as many have done.
  14. Common causes for 650 powder leakage? Using titegroup to load 9mm, encountering too much leakage onto the shellplate and around press. Not sure if it's coming from the powder drop or if the powder is being flung out of the cases when moving about the press. Where have you guys had issues?
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