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  1. Factory 147’s run great in mine from day one. T
  2. I have used Springer extensions at +10 and it feeds and loads 40 rounds flawlessly. Tried their +20 combo and not so much. Only got 45 rounds in it and it functions, but not close to 50. If you keep cutting coils off you can cram more in but it will lead to feeding issues i think. I am still playing with it..... but i don't trust it yet T
  3. Totally agree. Yes it takes more reps to find the dot initially. But its bulletproof and the SRO (while promising) is larger and unproven T
  4. I really hope it changes it too. My RMR’s are flawless. But no so gamerish..... T
  5. I didnt know that. Thx T
  6. Hey all, Anyone have any luck using a Brownells G34 RMR cut slide?? I want a back up CO gun and was goimg to use this and the parts from an old Production 34 slide to make a new CO upper. Thx T
  7. Number all your mags and see if only one is causing the issue. Secondly, run some factory ammo through it and see if it runs ok. T
  8. Gotcha. Thanks. Any idea when the new ones are coming? T
  9. I thought the Romeo 3 Max was supposed to be the same cut as a DPP?? Why why why would i want to add a plate instead of the slide cut?!?! T
  10. Yeah they are already selling for $490. Eventually they could be even cheaper. T
  11. Gotcha, i use a 5 setting on the MRO and i think if it doesnt work out on the pistol a 2.5 would work on a PCC. Probably going 2.5 T
  12. What size dot did you go with? I have a 3.25 RMR and would like the 2.5 SRO, but 5-6 seems ao popular with the Open crowd. T
  13. True. But i have seen/heard less problems from the RMR (type2) than other MRDS options. T
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