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  1. Unless I go all out and get a Les Baer, the more realistic options are a Dan Wesson PM9 or a Springfield Range Officer Elite Target. Thank you for your recommendations.
  2. When I shot bullseye, I had two accurized 1911s. They were both 45 ACP and tack drivers. I no longer shoot bullseye and have sold off my bullseye guns. I now shoot just for fun with 9 mm, 357 Mag and 22 LR. I reload for my three 9 mm guns, a Smith & Wesson 986, a Sig Sauer P210 and a Walther PPQ Q5. To keep things simple, I shoot the same reload in all three guns. All are very kind to the brass and accurate even with the shared reload. I miss the 1911 and would like another in 9 mm. My stepson has an RIA 1911 in 9 mm. It’s hard on brass. I can’t resize it down enough to fit a Wilson or a Shockbottle 9mm case gauge. Other than that, it shoots great. It treats brass like a Glock. The chamber is not fully supported. This won’t work for me and I would like a 1911 that I can add to my 9 mm stable that treats the brass kindly so I can share brass and reloads between my guns. I’m too old for added complexity. I only know that Les Baer lists a supported chamber for their 9 mm 1911s. Are there any others? I’m looking for a 5-inch 1911 with fully adjustable sights and supported chamber.. Thanks!!
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