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  1. Just picked up a pre-election Dan Wesson PM2 9mm. Impressed with the build quality for a production gun. Should have bought this as my first pistol years ago Add an 870 and 308 bolt and stopped there....
  2. He still owes me for my speakers he blew out in 1979. And my hearing aids in 2020.
  3. I used to use rifle tubes with rifle stocks thinking they were somehow better, more rigid. But heavier and bulkier too. A good quality collapsible butt stock will be more than solid enough for PRS so certainly an AR. I'm pretty happy with these, no longer any lust for a ready made JP or anything. Top FDE is six pounds with Vortex Spitfire 1x prism and 14.5" Faxon Gunner. Aero Precision upper, lower and Atlas R rails. The Atlas R with full length Picatinny is stronger than the Atlas S (which I've stupidly twisted manhandling by loading a bipod (not this one)). The blue gun has a 1-
  4. It's a lot faster and easier to transition without the barrel.
  5. Haha yeah you may cost me some money. They also own Kahles so I'll watch some reviews but that's the good stuff
  6. I've had several Glocks (and other guns) and have bought several aftermarket triggers on BE forum recommendations. Are they better? a bit, but it's still a Glock trigger. I think swapping some of the inexpensive trigger parts makes a lot more sense than spending a $200 on it. If I had a chance to redo my Glock years I'd have left them as stock as possible other than the sights of course. All the after market stuff was "maybe" better but nothing made that much of a difference to me.
  7. I'm not much of a trader but it seems with ammo prices doubling or worse, we should be able to invest in some kind of ammo futures. We all realized that ammo prices go up near elections and troubled times, seems like a no-brainer. On Ammoseek I see 9mm is about 3.5x the lowest prices of 2018-19. If you bought a pallet of it last year you'd be tripling your money if you sold it now.
  8. What are the design advantages of the traditional JP forged upper and lower sets that is lacking on other quality alternatives? I know that buying a JP assures you of having a matching BCG, buffer and adjustable gas system that work well together but it's never been that hard to read the recommendations and a few threads on low mass carriers to see what other successful shooters have been using and simply ordering similar parts. You have to adjust the gas block anyway with any new rifle. The other thing is JP uses a quality barrel and installs it "tightly" using heat to expand the
  9. Amazing stories! My less amazing story was at a 3G match shooting shotgun slugs at a 70 yard steel target. I was sitting another 35-30 yards from the shooter, at about a 20-degree offset but dang if I didn't feel a warm burning in my lap... and found the slug. I think it lobbed in, no power left, but quite a surprise too. Not sure what people did there afterwards but we've all seen closer slug targets, same situation.
  10. Yeah and if you get into then you add another thing to your list and start getting competitive in that too!
  11. Tennis with a player good enough to place balls on opposite sides of the court so you're forced to hustle but have to control yourself enough to make a good stroke. Seems like the closest analogy. Of course the hard thing about tennis is finding a good partner who is about the same level as you are, most either can't keep a volley going or get bored with your mediocreness.
  12. No point of getting an 18" and planning to shoot longer ranges unless you get some decent glass too. Vortex Viper 1-6 or something in that range, not a Strike Beagle or cheapo scope because you spent it all on the rifle. You know the saying that the scope should be as expensive as the rifle? Well not quite but close.... Also you can do things like build with some Aero Precision parts and strategically add JP parts in order to hit your budget. Get a good barrel and trigger, the rest is all important too but there are plenty of solid, high quality, USA-made parts that ar
  13. I think the issue with all day comfort is to take breaks, take the big muffs off but keep the plugs in when you can get off range. My big issue is with my clays gun and some scoped ARs, the muffs interfere with my cheek weld or the stock breaks the ear muff seal enough to let bad noise in. I've been trying to train myself to use a head position that alleviates this but sometimes it's unavoidable. Only been shooting frequently for past 7-8 years so my hearing loss is from car stereos and standing next to speakers at concerts, industrial machinery and general stupidity.
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