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  1. Next time I’m at the grocery store I’m going to be spending way too long a time reading the labels of feminine hygiene products. Nice business opportunity for someone to repackage tampons and douche as “21st-Century Weapon Cleaning Products”!
  2. I bought some Germaniums myself! Got the Wiha 1/4 driver and Wera 3/8 wrench with fairly wide ranges since I am not requiring super tight tolerances. If anyone wants my old Fix-it Sticks and my cheap clicker wrench gimme a holla. I truly doubt I undertightened my barrel nuts or crushed any scope tubes but I do want to be able to hit some values those tools couldn’t cover.
  3. Did anyone get a 20MOA mount versus flat? I'm probably more concerned with close than far but I don't think I see a downside to getting the 20MOA. Wow I've never seen a 3" Cantilever but I'm looking next!
  4. BTW I got one (backordered) for $1869 from B&H Photo by calling for "Special Savings" and using their branded credit card to save sales tax and shipping. Pretty easy. Being Winter I can wait a month or so.... Haven't seen them discounted anywhere else. Of course NY State sales tax is a bummer but they snag you with their card and saving 8%-plus is a heck of a lot better than getting "points back". Tony I should have got the C-More but you know... marketing. But also I figure it's my last AR scope ever. Who knows if there even will be 3Gun especially in NY again?
  5. Curious how one would measure an existing mounted bolt's torque value? I imagine you'd start your torque wrench super high and by trial and error keep reducing it 5-10% until it breaks free for a reasonable estimate but is there a tool made for doing this? A digital readout perhaps? Also, while I've been getting by with Harbor Freight and Fix-It-Sticks, what is a good general gunsmithing Torque Wrench (imagining buying a large and small one unless there is something amazing out there) that is consistent, easy to read, good for barrels and scope mounting? Thanks!
  6. On the tipping point to get a Vortex 1-10 but stymied by mounting choices. Going on a conventional 3G 16" AR. I've been using the lightweight Aeros on previous guns and they've been great but I wonder if I'm pushing the limits of stability and strength with them? Most of what I see it advertised with are $300+ Spur and RRS mounts for PRS type guns, these seem too heavy and don't have the cantilever that I think I'll need for proper positioning. Also whether a 1" or 2" cantilever? What are the esteemed professional internet experts using? Photos appreciated. Thanks
  7. There has to be a way to monetize such incredible bad luck!
  8. No suppressors here in NY but I've had the Rubber City adjustable gas key and 2A adjustable BCG run without issues. But last few rifles have used Superlative Arms gas blocks because I like how you can access the adjustment from the front of the handguard and it feels like a well made product. With the Rubber City key you're taking apart a nicely staked gas key that shouldn't be a problem but it seems like a way to introduce a trouble spot. And the 2A BCG is expensive and again, you want to pray that adjustment holds.
  9. Don't we ingest enough micro-plastics as it is? Not like the government is looking out for you here, unless people keel over immediately there's no concern what happens to our kids who eat off plastic with plastic utensils slicing and grinding food cooked and stored in plastic. I simply notice today's kids have more asthma, allergies, autism, etc.
  10. Whenever I think the Enos forum is too polite and strictly moderated I only need to spend five minutes on Snipers Hide to be reminded of how petty grown men can be. And if you want proof of the Napoleon complex and elderly incels.... Good deals on optics though, a lot of them are insane and flip their gear every month.
  11. Nice little business selling Ti nuts to replace the Aero ones then. I really like the Aero Atlas though but I went back to the full length rail R-series for a little extra strength. Once on a bipod I twisted it hard enough to bend the Aluminum, I bet anything lighter would be even weaker.
  12. I got further into air guns and shoot field target with a Steyr and 16-50x scope. You have to build a position and hit a gnat at various yardage from 10-55. Holding a 10# gun takes some strength but admittedly I'm one of the younger guys at the matches, definitely AARP set. If you use a springer then you get that 30-40# cocking effort to boot. So the progression is 3-Gun > PRS > British 12 foot pound air guns > colostomy bag throwing Still I can do it at home on my DIY range, quality pellets cost 3 cents and there is no likelihood of it getting banned anytime
  13. It's moot. We're about to experience a rapid and severe "market realignment" I fear.
  14. Just picked up a pre-election Dan Wesson PM2 9mm. Impressed with the build quality for a production gun. Should have bought this as my first pistol years ago Add an 870 and 308 bolt and stopped there....
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