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  1. Frankly

    Shooting with music.

    Considering this is the Brian Enos forum you should be listening to Brian Eno (Roxy Music, glam rock, weird experimental British rock...). Aren’t they one and same? Google seems to think so. They look similar.
  2. It's out on cable now, I was 16 years old when it happened and I remember thinking the Israelis were pretty bad ass to do something so bold. So it was good to see a well-produced historical drama that explained some of what was going on. However it may not have enough action for some of you guys, it's a drama not a thriller. The strange thing is they incorporated modern dance into it, which really was stupid BUT stay and watch the last post-ending scene with the male dancer because it's f-ing amazing.
  3. I'll take the magneto speed - I do not have a PayPal account but I can get a USPS money order headed your way tomorrow if you'll send me your mailing info.


    Rich Redovian

     Cody, WY



  4. Frankly

    MOA Stoeger vs Beretta 1301 Comp

    Franchi Affinity with mods, slightly more than a M3K but closer to Benelli in quality.
  5. Pretty good action movie for Netflix, stars Jason Momoa (big badass barbarian guy in first season of Game of Thrones, married the hot blonde). Fighting and shooting sequences aren’t absolutely fake or stupid but they do draw some blood. Great Newfoundland scenery too. Wondering what gun the leader of the bad guys is using? FDE and Black, AR furniture but not an AR....
  6. Frankly

    Good Ammo Prices

    https://www.targetsportsusa.com has been very good to me, especially since I live in NY State. http://www.outdoorlimited.com has been good as well. Both of these for burner Federal or Fiocchi 9mm, 223, and Hornady 6.5 CM. They will also deliver to residences in NYS without any BS. Finding good prices on 12g is tougher especially if you don't like the big box stores or want anything a step better than the cheapest. But there is LGS that serves a lot of sporting clays shooters and half of the times I visit there are usually $55/flats of decent Federal clay loads. I tend to avoid Rio, Estate or Remington Game Loads but for no particular reason other than snobbishness.
  7. Frankly

    The worst state for 3 gunning

    My NY beats your California for “worst” losers! There are still a few matches though.
  8. Frankly

    Post Books Here

    Everything written by Tom Wolfe is great, I think he was the best writer of the last 50 years. TC Boyle (or T. Coraghessan Boyle) is pretty funny. Disgraced former Fox host and colonel Ralph Peters has written a series of fictional novels about a detective involved in the Civil War under the alias Owen Parry. Military and history fans will like them even if the author is a POS. Mark Helprin is a hell of a good writer. Try A Soldier of the Great War. Some of the classic mountain climbing expedition accounts are good, try “K2 the Savage Mountain” and “Games Climbers Play”. It’s a bit morbid but there is an annual “Accidents in North American Mountaineering” that is fascinating.
  9. Frankly

    Fine Art with M16s

    http://www.redrat.net/work/photographic/homeland_security/collection.htm lol you're paying taxes for this guy to be an artist
  10. Frankly

    Guy shot himself during “make ready”.

    When I was new(er) I wish one of the classes or experts offering advice had mentioned the way clothing can interfere with draws and reholstering. And more attention to draws in general. So much emphasis in the general gun world is on concealed carry and wearing your shirt out in order to hide your gun that we may forget that it introduces an extra risk. If I wear a different style shirt every other day then I may be fumbling that much more in a CCW situation. At least if I have a tucked-in smooth shirt for a match it's one less thing to get in the way. At the penalty of showing off my man boobs ;-/ Anyone with a few extra pounds isn't willingly going into a stretchy tight shirt. Maybe start talking about clothing in the various new shooter info pages that float around? I rarely see it mentioned. Anyone know what happened with the ND guy? Is his leg OK? What did they do for first aid? etc.
  11. Frankly

    Muzzel break

    It'd be banned in knife free England.
  12. Frankly

    post your 1911/2011 pictures

    Two Atlas Titans
  13. Frankly

    New Franchi Affinity + Parts vs Used Benelli

    The plastic forearm of the Franchi Affinity moves forward-backward a mm or two with the Nordic tube cranked down, no wiggle or anything that would affect anything in practice. I suspect I could slip a rubber O-ring in there to tighten it up but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Or ever, it's not a big deal but it is irksome. And I seem to remember my M2 had a similar thing. Other niggle is the recoil pad and stock are an odd design that makes it expensive and time consuming to adapt to a gel recoil pad. Far easier to leave it stock and live without the recoil reduction you might gain from a fancy Sorbothane pad. Otherwise I love the Franchi and it shoots everything very well so far. I do have the compact junior stock stock left over, make me a generous offer.
  14. Frankly

    Muzzel break

    Both Thor and the Khan approve
  15. Frankly

    New shooter

    Use what you've got until you've done a few things. Shoot lots of other people's guns to save yourself the hassle of buying and selling them