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  1. Frankly

    P365 For CCW

    Depends on your body, where you carry and how your pants fit in my limited experience.
  2. Had Midway, Shooters Connection and now use an Eberlestock R3 Ranger Up backpack. As I get older a backpack is a lot easier and more balanced to walk distances with, the Eberlestock is expensive but superb quality. I also like that it's a back opener with a plastic skid plate on the outside of the pack where you set it down on wet/dirty surfaces. Keeps everything clean and it has dividers like a camera case so everything is organized and well protected. It's also $300 but I got mine on sale. Midway is fine but stitching is spotty, had their 3-gun bag handles come apart with a normal load of 3 guns. But inexpensive and perfectly usable, especially if you repair it once in a while. Shooters Connection is a great bag but I think it's too large and encourage you to carry more than you need. Great value though, a lot of bag for the money and good people to buy from. Glenn Eberlesole doesn't suffer fools like me even though I'm a good customer
  3. Don't show me that, now I want a Rhino!
  4. Hard to say, is it possible to buy used or import a gun yourself? Are other brands made in other countries relatively less expensive? Most of us in the USA simply don't know the details. Is there anywhere you can try several different guns? But yes, of course a Glock 34 is an excellent first handgun and they are easy to maintain and make small upgrades to. So are a lot of other guns though. If a similar M&P or Walther, HK, FN, etc. can be had for a lot less there's no reason not to consider one.
  5. Frankly

    P365 For CCW

    Kusiak leather feels good on the hip, also have a sticky and an eBay single Kydex for whatever sometimes. I like the gun over my Glock 43 and shoot it better than my Glock 19. I wish I could be enthusiastic about Sig as a company, I hate giving them any money at all but at least in this case they did a good job if you buy one of the improved ones and not the first production run. If Glock or M&P ever make anything competitive and it gets good reviews I'll switch but for now it's the best CCW on the market in spite of Sig's disregard for quality control and ethics.
  6. I never competed with a revolver but I wanted to try one after initially buying a tiny J-frame when I first got my pistol permit. That J-frame was impossible to shoot and I got rid of it within a week! A few years later I found a good deal on a lightly used 627 Performance Center, $850 or so. And I had a fun time getting it smithed for a really nice trigger, fiber optic front sight and Nill grip, it was as nice as they come. But moonclips are a PITA for recreational shooting. Better to use the Speedbeez type Speed Loaders and their clever loading block cases. They make plinking fun. Still I got bored with it. Stupid to sell it at such a loss but whatever, if you don't use it, sell it. Now I have a nice 5" 617 10-shot 22lr revolver. Fiber optics, trigger job, Nill grip. Love it because 10-shots is better than 8, it feels like a 686 and is cheap to run. It's the best beginner gun yet, kids and newbies can handle it with zero flinching. For plinking it's a great revolver. I can even put 22 shorts or those primer only loads in it and shoot in places I shouldn't. Not selling it! Speedloader is super easy and almost fun. Big fan of the Nill grips but expensive. Hogue makes some nearly as good.
  7. These are the most brave and legit: iTunes and Android: Radio Derb The Z Blog Power Hour Directly: TheRightStuff.biz ~ look for any of the FTN episodes. Dailystormer.name Anything by American Renaissance and Nick Fluentes while they're still on YouTube. I actually find that the shorter YouTube segments that are more specific are better for shooting topics, otherwise it's usually some guy jawing for an hour to input a minute of knowledge. Used to follow a bunch but come'on, they're mostly dudes just socializing because they never did any prep or wrote an outline. Versus video where the better ones get right to the point. No offense to Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson listeners but I don't know how you can stand their falsettos. They're downright embarrassing.
  8. Sounds sweet but expensive! I guess I'm in the manual sneakernet budget then....
  9. Yeah I know, I'm more curious than vindictive, I don't care if somebody walks my trail as long as they don't do anything bad or sue me.
  10. I know nothing about game or trail cameras but I'd like to get one or two to install at my home range for curiosity's sake and maybe to catch trespassers. Ideally I'd like a camera that would be able to send images directly to my cell phone. The range is a bit too far from my home to pick up my regular WiFi network and I really don't want to have another monthly bill for cellular service so manually using a card reader is OK if broadcasting gets expensive. I'd also like a long battery life since I'm lazy. And cheap too haha... I know, impossible but I'd love to hear some practical suggestions that will save me hours of having to read dumb Field and Stream or Amazon recommendations. Thank you!
  11. I like my Criterion. Starting to think how you fit and mount the barrel matters a lot - lapping the receiver, making a tight tap in fit by freezing barrel and/or heating receiver, using green Loctite, shims, buying known combinations of barrels and receivers that fit tight. No prom jokes please
  12. Not sure if Airsoft is legal down there but it's popular in Japan....
  13. But I need a TACTICAL heated vest so I don't look stupid. I'm sorry but what is the matter with layering and wear wool and fleece, maybe throwing a heavier coat on when you're standing around? The guys who work all night in the wet freezing cold making snow at the ski areas (ice cold water hoses being aerated by compressors) ~ one of the coldest jobs you can imagine ~ just wear simple clothes. Same for ice climbing. Is this a Texas thing?
  14. You're generalizing or missing points in your reading. I can't speak for others but I said the PCC close paper hoser targets are BS as are the too easy shotgun/pistol targets, the gimmicky targets and the high round counts with a lot of worthless shots. IMHO do less but more satisfying targets, cut the round counts and par times, and use targets that don't need to be reset manually to speed the entire match up so we aren't standing around all day. If my round count is dropped in half all the better, I just spent 12 hours for 5x3 = 15m of shooting, that means 98% of my time wasn't shooting. With less targets you could increase the challenges or even recycle stages by simply moving the start box to the opposite side or further back, increase distances, make people reverse directions, kick a hay bail over to make the stationary positions different. What I'm saying is simplify the matches for the organizers not the shooters!
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