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  1. The sharpened tooth rims on some of these tactical flashlights must already be banned in the UK. I wonder if anyone has ever actually used one in anger effectively? (Other than shredding their pants.) Or a tactical pen? John Wick only needed a pencil.
  2. Sorry I've forgotten all the model numbers and marketing BS. I no longer have any "old tech" lights. I've purchased a dozen or so it seems $20 Streamlights to leave around the house and cars, anything that uses a CR123 is good because the batteries last a long time in storage. I may have my act together (optimistic) but my wife and kid probably won't so better for them to find something to use than not. Then I have couple nicer $100+ Surefires. One I keep in the car and it's bright enough to drive with my lights off in pitch black. Not that I would want to but it's nice to know. Another is on my mountain bike and I do ride my well-memorized trail at night with it on the handlebars. Those are the tools that I don't loan out. Streamlight TLR-1s on my HD guns, G19 and AR. The way their flipper switch works makes sense to me and for the price they seem excellent. For the cost of a Surefire I can outfit three guns. I doubt I need the flashlights in a HD scenario but I prefer to have that option. That movie with the clown living in the sewer grate, that would be a good reason for a weapon light
  3. Frankly

    Production scope

    Did the SWFA not track reliably? Mine did
  4. Frankly

    Action Question

    “Typer’s Hide” Almost choked laughing and spitting crap all over the place. Thanks
  5. Frankly

    3 gun shotgun, buy now or wait?

    FWIW I bought my Franchi Affinity for $500. It's a lot like the Benelli M2 and a bit nicer than the Turkish Stoeger (Beretta owns all three brands).
  6. Frankly

    Why are AR 3G scopes small in the front?

    I’m sure the Hubble space telescope designer is lurking.
  7. How come all the 3-gun tactical style scopes are small diameter up front and larger at the eyepiece? Versus hunting and long range scopes that reverse this? Should't I want a larger front to gather more light? And a larger back to give me better viewing? So whether I'm in close quarter combat or shooting precision rifle, shouldn't my scope be fat at both ends?
  8. Frankly

    Upper for JP 15 Lower

  9. Frankly

    Upper for JP 15 Lower

    Yeah the ultralight JP model - either just the upper or the entire gun - and be done with it, they're the nicest out of the box builds you can buy. That with your rifle length gun would be a great combo. (Not that there aren't other great 6lb guns.)
  10. Frankly

    Upper for JP 15 Lower

    For the occasional use you describe why not just run what you’ve got? Better yet shoot somebody else’s shorter rifle before buying anything. I bet the difference isn’t worth $1000.
  11. Frankly

    Non-reloaders -- what ammo?

    Had Freedom 38 and 9mm rounds that looked funky as well, cool marketing isn’t enough to get me back. I try to look at every round but it’s too easy to miss something. Fiochhi 115 and 124 9mm and Federal 115 FMJs have been clean and consistent at a reasonable price. 17-18 cents per round, including shipping. Federal .223 55s for ~ 28 cents. Hornady Match .223 77s >buck buy it Fiocchi 7/8oz 12g low recoil slugs >worth it Federal Police Buckshot from the HD pile. I tend to rank ammo as Hornady, Federal, Fiocchi, everything else in that order. But I’ve heard good things about Atlanta and Prime. Respect to reloaders but that’s an entirely different hobby.
  12. Frankly

    scale modeling

    I found kids really like rockets and if they get into STEM maybe they won't become lawyers.
  13. Frankly

    DMR match scope

    I've had good experiences with the SWFA and Athlon BTR for value scopes. If I were doing another long range gun I'd get the SWFA with the shims to create a zero stop (search for this on YouTube and buy the shims on eBay). Ditto on Snipers Hide for good deals in their classifieds. Those guys piss money away worse then 3Gunners.
  14. Frankly

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    For American Trap, a semi-Auto will spit casings at your neighboring shooter standing 4-5 feet away. It can be annoying. There are gimmicky wire traps or the rubber band trick to prevent this but any serious shooter moves to an O/U. In Skeet and SC it's not a problem. Last SC competition I was at, every male competitor used an O/U shotgun. Less maintenance, more reliable. If the gun fits then the recoil is minimal, if it doesn't fit you get beat up.
  15. Hardly an expert but started with a Glock 17 and eventually spent too much money foolishly pimping it out. Then I got a 1911 to see what the fuss was and loved it so I got serious with a custom 2011 that shot so much better it wasn't funny. Had a few carry and fun range guns as well, but after shooting a lot with the 2011 I started to shoot my carry Glock 19 because it was more of a challenge. Eventually talked myself into shooting only the G19 and sold the nice 2011. Ended up with three Glock 19s because one is none and I figured it was smart to master the damn thing. At least I learned how to shoot them sort of but the 1911/2011 platform always shot better. Finally bought another custom 2011 similar to what I had, while keeping two G19s for carry and HD. In there was a detour with revolvers, spent a Summer messing around trying to get a SW627 to have a light trigger, good timing, and still fire factory ammo. Determined it was really hard to achieve and I could shoot the stupid G19s better. Lesson was I never should have sold/traded any of the initial guns I first bought because I ended up buying them over again. You blow a few $$$$ learning what you want, might as well just accept the process. With freaking shotguns I went Beretta > Benelli > Beretta for goodness sake. Dumb dumb dumb.... And that's just 9mm/38, don't tell me I need to shoot 45 I don't want to think about it.