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  1. People aren't happy to see the show end because most of it was 72 episodes of character development with a good battle scene or some violence every few shows. Then they wrapped the last season up in with only six episodes that otherwise would have take 3-4x as many based on the prior pace. And even though it is a fantasy there is still a logic to the world they created, basic common sense stuff (like don't sacrifice thousands of men in front of your fortifications). Worse was that from the very first episode there was the warning that Winter was coming and the White Walkers were going to kill everyone. Instead they dealt with the White Walkers built up for 69 seasons with a quick stabbing and Winter never actually came. So while it was spectacular and watchable, the quality really went downhill once they deviated from the books and let the Hollywood guys write it. Probably the thing that made it continue was the quality of the acting (other than Jon Snow and Dynaris, who were wooden) ~ I really liked all the tough guys and Imp of course. Oh well. Still beat the other crap out there. Better yet it makes a sly commentary about women in power and immigration but it's left for you to decide.
  2. I'd do an adjustable gas block even if you don't want to mess with it. The new Aero Atlas handguard is a breeze to take on and off for adjustments and you can get the gas block in the ballpark pretty easily, just observe where the gun is throwing brass. Trigger Tech fixed AR trigger is awfully nice 2-stage. I have had several others, have a single stage Velocity on another gun, I don't see how a two stage hurts you when you're pulling it quickly anyway. I definitely helps you with longer shots. I've had very good luck with Criterion barrels and the ones I've had needed to be tapped into the Aero receiver even after heating the upper and freezing the barrel. No wiggle. I would like to try a Faxon 5R as well. Fluted would be nice. JP Silent Spring fan here. Be sure to get the latest Aero receiver with the built in handguard, it is really nice.
  3. The reason some of the clamps are tight is because the dovetail angles aren't quite the same when you mix different brands with RRS clamps. If you use RRS plates with RRS clamps they mesh up tight because their angles are the same... more contact area, better clamping. Axe me how I learned this the expensive way with a chassis long range rig using the manufacturer's "Arca" plate... where you could see daylight through the clamping area because they only crudely got the angle. Gotta try and return or just stick to all RRS stuff.
  4. Welcome, west side of Rochester here
  5. You should have. I retired from... marketing analysis at 44.
  6. I used a Rubber City adjustable gas key on my first rifle and it worked well. The set screw holding the adjustment is no worse or better than the set screw in most adjustable gas blocks. If I had a PSA upper I wouldn't disassemble it as they have a reputation for being overly tight. I'd just shoot the Hell out of it and use it up. Save up and build the next rifle that you know you will. You'll want to make sure that the gas carrier key bolts are tight on a regular basis. Most conventional BCG have these staked for safety. If those come loose it will be exciting and expensive! Now there are a couple companies offering adjustable BCGs including 2A who has them in Steel or Ti. That looks pretty nice since you can make the adjustment with breaking down the rifle (you simply turn the adjustment and locking screw from the ejection port). $300-plus. Brownells offers another brand as well. I may try it on my rifle length gas gun as it does not have an adjustable gas block yet it seems over gassed to me. The nice thing about putting the adjustment on the BCG is that you can swap back to your regular BCG should anything go down, you hunt in Winter, or the Zombies come out and you have to shoot Russian ammo. Or switch it to the next gun, etc. (Ideally you want to keep the BCG and barrel together but the barrel will go before the BCG in most cases.) Kinda nice to be able to answer with a little experience after five years of asking lots of dumb questions
  7. I figure a lot of the people in 3G are self-employed small business owners, six-figure incomes... so that hour would be finding new clients, sales, designing, something significant. But if they're not making that kind of money then they're single. Ain't nobody doing this working lousy jobs with a family (and doing it right on any aspect).
  8. There’s always the argument that you should invest the energy spent chasing deals and BSing online towards making more money with your day job. Buy factory ammo and have other people tune your guns so you spend more of your shooting time shooting rather than doing ancillary tasks. I bet you can earn more in an extra hour at work than you would save dicking around with less than critical gun talk.
  9. IMHO only the Sopranos avoided jumping the shark. Hollywood’s smartest people spend billions on all this media but they very rarely get it right.
  10. I wonder what happened to this fellow and how is Spanglish is coming along in prison?
  11. Notice that the main strong male characters, the knights, Jamie, John Snow, etc. are invariably brave but stupid and it's the ladies who save the day. Just like in reality... not. The show is interesting after investing all this time into watching it but once the Hollywood writers took over after the George Martin books (Season 3 was the end) it became more of a soap opera and nobody was very clever, not even the Imp. It's just more anti-male propaganda so everyone gets a trophy and has higher self esteem. 8000 years of a threat... you'd think they'd be a little wiser, a little better at strategy by now. But maybe they're all just really dumb? I'll finish watching the series, everything else on cable is even worse, but seems like the last three episodes are going to be Cersei's near triumph and rewarding defeat and tying up loose ends.
  12. The Beretta 1301 v1 is excellent and overall a superior gun imho. However it has a unique manual of arms so you’ll either love or hate it. The shell loading button issue is overstated (most people never encounter it) but it can be remedied with an inexpensive plastic guard. Steoger, Franchi Affinity, and the Benneli M2 are all very similar with fit, finish, and reliability in ascending order. The Affinity is quite a bargain I think. All of these companies are owned by Beretta!
  13. I did the works... lapping, freezing barrel, heating receiver, even Loctite in spite of the already tight fit that needed to be tapped in the last 1/8”. Will shoot next week but hoping it’s awesome.
  14. My experience with three Atlas pistols has been superb. I’m sure the others are very good too but once you develop a good relationship with a builder it’d be silly to abandon that good will.
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