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  1. 10m air pistol is worse than BenchRest Sniper's Hide is 90% BS and none too subtle advertising for their friends. Best thing is to go to a match or a class, hands on will impart 100x the knowledge 100x faster and save you money too. What I find about a lot of niche forums is that you get a lot of peer pressure to buy and even when you are trying not to, it worms its way in and all the sudden your practical $1000 scope becomes a $3000 scope because it really must be $2000 better. Frankly for technique and gunsmithing YouTube is the king, hope they don't censor guns.
  2. CK will have nice resale value when you buy your JP
  3. I wear them most of the time from the minute I get out of bed until I'm going back to bed. I've bought dozens of different brands and compressions and kept the best fitting ones in various weights that I can tailor for my activity. Skiing gets the thin, high compression ones so I get a nice tight boot fit for control versus some thicker, less compressive ones for everyday wear in Winter. I have RA and retain fluid in my legs, the socks help control it and allow me to be more active. I'm large, semi active, weekend warrior, and 60, perfect specimen Thankfully it calms down in Summer and I can wear short socks with athletic shoes but for most of the year I keep things tight. Anything tight with moderate compression is going to help your athletic performance. Track athletes wear entire compressive suits, lots of other sports as well. What do you think the NFL players are wearing under their jerseys?
  4. I have nice ones from Brownells but I don't see them listed anymore. Did a little snooping and a company called Traditions sells something that looks similar.
  5. I like the brand and have owned several good ones but never tried the Hanson profile because I thought it'd be heavy, I tend to look at weight first but I'm probably wrong.
  6. It just means you can't buy it configured with the magazine capacity the Good Lord intended it to have.
  7. A couple of years back I got a new Franchi Affinity with adult and youth stocks for $500 from a store on Gunbroker who had dozens of them, now long gone because I should have bought several but I wanted to see how they were. Comparing them to the M2 I can't find any quality difference and the only design change is the location of the recoil spring around the magazine rather than in the M2 stock. Had Rose Action Sports do some work on it and it's great. Even at $750 it's a good base gun and is better finished than the Stoeger.
  8. I have a ~$50 plastic Wheeler and while it seems accurate and reliable, the way the arm works to mimic your finger is kind of clumsy to fit into a trigger guard. But perhaps that's the nature of all of these? I have zero experience with others. I also have no good way to calibrate it but I think that holds true for a lot of lower priced instruments like micrometers and postage scales, you just trust they did it right at the get go and I'm not going to buy calibration weights that cost more than the scale. At the worse it still provides relative information and you round up.
  9. Owned both, the manual of arms is different so you pretty much have to stick with one. Personally I didn't like the 1301 bolt release or cleaning the gas block. Now I own a M2 and a Franchi (basically a M2 with recoil spring in different place). To me they feel more solid than the 1301. Note that Beretta owns Benelli, Franchi and Stoeger so they make guns at every price point. Don't overlook Bredas.
  10. $600 Vortex Viper II or Steiner $1200 Vortex 1-6 Razor or close competitor for less $1800 Vortex 1-10 Razor $3000 Kahles Isn't it that simple? Decide how much money you can budget and get the best value at each price point.
  11. Not suggesting this but... my hunch is an awful lot of guns have been sent as everyday packages of machine parts or sporting equipment for hundreds of years. Again not recommended for many reasons.
  12. Just start with something basic ~ Magpul CTR or Moe stock if you can't decide ~ and shoot until you find a reason to change. Probably applies to all your questions, a mid-grade off the shelf Aero Precision is plenty of rifle for starting out with. Get a Vortex Viper or a Trijicon Accupower, a lot of ammo and go shoot for 10-20x and make friends. When you start with any new thing your inclination is to get the best one-time purchased camera, golf clubs, skis, bikes, house, even girlfriend. But it's the process that matters and will skew your future decision making. Get a good quality gun but think $1500 decent mainstream Joe Average, not a $5000 exotic. If you've got extra money just get a 16" JP CTR and take what they give you, it will not be bad. Was your first car a $500k Lambo or a $500 Chevy?
  13. Just buy it from a vendor like Brownells, Midway, etc. Agree it's stupid but they probably don't want to micro-manage or spend hours on it for a dozen sales.
  14. I really try to avoid slow as molasses OP but it says in stock and with Honey coupon they're $255 plus tax. Since we're not in a hurry that's a great deal. Thanks
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