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  1. Frankly

    Favorite shotgun for little money

    In light of the new version of the original question, no doubt to me that my $500 Franchi Affinity is a tremendous bargain for a quality shotgun. Of course I spent more than it cost doing 3Gun mods but it's easy enough to swap back to a shorter tube for hunting, etc. One the absolute cheap side just get a $200 used 1980s-1990s Remington 870 with a shorter barrel. I wouldn't want a newer manufactured one, they rust in the box. It's a case where the Chinese clone is better quality. And not to push any rules but a good dog is 75% of home defense
  2. Frankly

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    I've had a couple of them now but think this Titan Tactical 9mm is the best yet, very happy with it. I'm selling my Titan 1911 because I always grab the 2011 version instead.
  3. Frankly

    Options for a 52" multigun bag

    I first had the Midway bag and the shoulder straps blew out, complained on social media and "Jim" the owner sent me a new one. That I sold. I don't think you can make a good bag for that price. Now have a limited edition Viking Tactics double bag that is set up like the VooDoo but it's shorter so my shotgun sticks out of the top when I backpack it. I rather like it this way since I have a shorter, easier to handle bag that is easier to get up onto my back, easier in the vehicle and home in storage, and when I want to carry just my rifle it isn't flopping around. If it rains I'd be trash bagging it anyway. It's built like a tank with a real backpack harness. The ultimate might be the Eberlestock 3-gun set up. Their website is confusing but the premise is that you have a rigid sided backpack that opens from the back, with a plastic skid plate on the exterior back. This keeps your pistol, ammo, and other gear dry and out of the mud and dust. Then your rifle and shotgun cases strap to the sides of the packs, like you would with skis, so each case is separate and you can use them independently later. No extra flopping material and everything opens up and stays away from the mud, it can't even flop over. https://www.eberlestock.com/store/upranger http://www.eberlestock.com/store/sidewinder-rifleshotgun-case http://www.eberlestock.com/store/sidewinder-ar-rifle-case It's $440 when you're all done but you've already convinced yourself to drop $250 on a glorified floppy bag and $3000 on a modified Glock so just apply some more of that magical thinking I'm trying to rationalize it because maybe I could also use it with cameras, I like the idea of a rugged mud flap on the back of the pack. All the same the Eberlestock website sucks for all the money they charge, but their products are really solid, well built.
  4. Around here I've spent most of my time in wet muddy bays created by pushing dirt out of the center. We put a higher path down the center and have lagoons running up both sides.
  5. Frankly

    Backyard shooting range

    I don't have that much land but I designed a flowing trail that is good for hiking and biking (or horses, snowshoes, etc.) that integrates with the range. Keep that in mind, if you lay it out right you can make it a lot longer with snake curves and such. Also consider airgun/22 hunting opportunities where you're shoot in towards your property. Frankly(!) I'd be looking at how I could make a lane for long range stuff too, not that you need to shoot it all the time and can keep it on the down low. And yeah, don't broadcast it or people will sneak in. A game camera might be fun.
  6. Frankly

    Need advise for first Precision Rifle purchase

    Not to be a nag but head over to SnipersHide.com and join the forum, 1000x more PRS stuff
  7. Yeah they were doing security at the Duomo in Milan. The big churches and squares had a military presence beyond the police, sorry for not clarifying. The Vatican has the Swiss Guards of course. While the uniforms are a bit flamboyant and the laughing photos counterdicts, they all looked and acted serious and professional... I just catch them when they are unguarded.
  8. Hi Jack, No this was a family thing, we're older adoptive parents and our baby is now 15 so we're trying to get as much memory time as we can, did the important culture/tourist sights. I never saw most of it before either. It's like living near Niagara Falls and not going. I worked in Europe for a spell and have stayed in smaller villages for weeks. In the future (like when she moves away) I'd like to go to explore Northern Italy and see if Beretta and the other fancy shotgun factories do tours/trap shooting. I hate trap shooting but I'd make an exception There are also guided boar hunts that aren't crazy expensive but sound like a lot of fun, in fact they eat a lot of boar and it's tasty. All the food in Italy tastes better, no kidding. If I were a higher level shooter I'd love to shoot a match over there but the hassles involved are pretty off-putting. I live 90 minutes from Canada but I'm not trying to shoot there either, just not worth it to me. ~~~ Saw a lot of SCARs with the military in the more secure areas. Their vehicles are really nice too, very rugged looking. Nice gear all around although I don't think the feathers are all that practical.
  9. I know you're not supposed to photograph them but they have cool gear. The Milan cops had white gun belts and Kydex with Beretta 92s with polished blue base plates.
  10. Frankly

    Need advise for first Precision Rifle purchase

    I just sold my Howa Bravo because I don’t have the range to shoot it, but all the instructors at my long range class were impressed and I outshot guys with Beregas and Rugers. Spend the $2k saved on ammo and training. Snipers Hide is the go to forum, also great classified ads there. I don’t think it gave up any shooting ability to the custom rifles but admittedly the expensive stuff is sexy.
  11. NY's 7-round law got thrown out so we can have 10-rounders in real life. At least that's what's sold here. But my legal advice is worth how much it cost you. Trying to read those SAFE Act amendments hurts.
  12. Thank you. I understand the practical answer... "My friend" could safely and prudently drive to wherever the match might be while maintaining a low key demeanor. Then he could shoot the match with all of the other shooters, including various LEOs, have fun, and safely and prudently drive home. And this seems to be the state of things now, I haven't found anything reliable enough to stand on. Even the authorities give different answers depending on the individual and perhaps phases of the Moon. The only really solid answer is to get out of NY (California, NJ, CT, Mass, etc.).
  13. No offense but that's the kind of vagueness that I find whenever I look for answers. Say I want to shoot a 3gun match in neighboring Pennsylvania or Ohio. I have a NY State Pistol Permit for unlimited CCW from my County, good throughout Upstate NY North of Westchester county. But I have no other non-resident out of state permits. My understanding is that if I lock the pistol sans ammo in a hard case and put it in the trunk/rear of the vehicle away so I can not easily access it AND I have proof that I am heading to and from a shooting match with a paid receipt that I should be legal doing so. But I do not see this explicitly stated in anything I've read, it is only an assumption gleaned from reading dozens of documents, many of which are a decade or more old and possibly superseded with new more restrictive laws since written. Obviously it would be extremely rare to be caught in violation unless I had a terrible car accident or was absolutely stupid ~ and even then a decent law enforcement agent would probably tend towards my favor when possible ~ but still if I am violating the law I would like to know that I am! The current system makes it nearly impossible to know whether I'm breaking the law or not.