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  1. I suspect the tight barrel to receiver fit along with a good barrel is the only really special sauce JP adds, other than overall quality parts and skill assembling. And you probably don’t have to waste time setting up your adjustable buffer to work with your LMOS bcg if you order it that way. The negatives are they are expensive, their handguards are slightly heavier than needed and fatter diameter than needed. Otherwise there’s nothing to complain about, they’re very nice!
  2. Frankly

    Ball Heads

    That’s the most solid option possible!
  3. Yeah you're right. All the same maybe I'll have my ex-wife have the first few pulls of the trigger on a new gun
  4. I saw one video where the guy took a bolt and barrel with extension, inserted the Go-NoGo gauges and simply twisted the bolt into the barrel and either it turned or not. I'm assuming this is all they can do when they sell you a barrel with a "headspace" bolt but wouldn't a falsehood since you should check with the rifle assembled and the bolt in your BCG?
  5. “Free Solo” is the best thing I’ve seen in years. Its the story of Alex Honnold’s solo climb of El Capitain. You don’t have to be into climbing to appreciate it.
  6. AR Building I understand ideally you check with the specific bolt to be used but in the case of building uppers for other people and not having their bolt on hand, is it still an acceptable practice to use a bolt sans extractor/ejector to check headspace using Go/No-Go Gauges? My understanding is the variable is how you've mounted the barrel (ie not far enough in) but name-brand quality bolts should be consistent? What to companies that sell complete uppers without bolts do?
  7. So I never encountered anything about truing uppers by lapping for a better barrel fit until I was hanging out on Typers Hide (Snipers Hide). I take a lot of their anal retentive stuff with a grain of salt but now that I've watched a few YouTube videos and read various threads I'm thinking about buying tools and doing it. Any experience and advice? Has anyone ever actually done an A-B test before and after? The skeptical part of me still wants to say you adjust your sights slightly to compensate for any off-centerness and as long as the barrel is tight all is well.
  8. I'm hardly a feel good kind of guy but Amazon is a predatory monopoly undercutting legit small businesses run by your neighbors and mine. They will sell at a loss in order to control the market, driving smaller competition out ~ and then all bets are off. When your community looses its downtown businesses and your neighborhood looses property value because your formerly Middle Class neighbors have to fire-sale their homes then it will impact you... your property value, tax base and quality of life will decline. Oh and you're already paying higher shipping rates, especially with the Post Office, because Amazon negotiated exclusive discounts based on volume which you are subsidizing. And don't think that Amazon bothered to pay taxes this year - they didn't. But they sure did offshore their cash, hire H2b Visa holders for half the pay of an American, and automate their decently paid blue collar jobs. All while donating toad advocating for anti-2A and anti-free speech politicians who write boutique legislation for Amazon's benefit, not yours or mine. Sorry ban me if you must... Amazon may win the free market but they're bad for most Americans. I rather accept a little inefficiency and higher cost if it means keeping more of the Middle Class intact. F- Amazon. Same goes for Walmart, Harbor Freight and the big box stores. They deprive us of jobs and pass costs on to the taxpayers.
  9. Works well, I use the metal buckle, like a ski boot
  10. You buy the ratchet parts and drill/punch two holes in your old belt to mount the hardware. https://www.ratchetingbuckles.com/ Carbon Arms also sells bolts ready to go.
  11. Rubber City and Taccom make or made adjustable gas KEYS that work fine too.
  12. I’ve had good luck with them.
  13. Don't shoot the duck. Don't buy or modify anything until you shoot a match, you're doing fine with what you've got. (Probably ok to get a holster, borrow caddies, either shoot open sights or get something you'd use regardless, don't worry about the shotgun lifters but buy a box of dummy shells and simply practice smooth manipulation and single loading.)
  14. Get The same brand clamp and plate. Really Right Stuff is the gold standard but it isn’t that complex to do either.
  15. Not all the plates are cut at exactly the perfect angle to fit your clamps. If you use the RRS clamps you’ll see a superior “connection” with the RRS plates because their angles will coincide, meaning more surface area in contact. Otherwise if you mix brands do a test and see if their angles match up. Using a RRS bipod clamp on a KRG Arca rail I’ve had it walk from the recoil. Also one of the selling points of the long rails is that you can move your bipod quickly to find a better position. Sounds great but I rarely needed to do that and went back to a simpler shorter plate. But you have to shoot a while to know what you like....
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