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  1. I want a picture of a chapped Tiger's ass, would make a great avatar. So do you clean the chamber before the barrel or do you clean the barrel then the chamber? Because all those micro shavings you're getting out of the chamber are going down your pristine barrel, either by a patch or a bullet.
  2. I'm getting more serious about my ammo testing and my bipod and bags are not cutting it anymore. I've never shot "Benchrest" and do not own any sort of rifle rest but I'd like something solid and easy to use with AR15 type guns rather than conventional bolt guns. I want something of decent quality - better than a Caldwell plastic $30 rig - but probably not an expensive competition benchrest kit either. I don't need screw levels on each leg or anything ridiculous like a Ransom Rest. $100-$200 is what I'm expecting. Any suggestions? If you tell me to just get a rabbit ear bag that's more than what I've got. Secondly, for ammo testing and shooting the tightest groups possible, what is a short primer on how I should hold and fire? Maintain shoulder contact and a firm handgrip, slow trigger pull? Do I want the gun locked down 100% with no shaking in the scope (albeit only 6x, not 30x)? Do I want to build my rifle's platform, get it locked down on target and only lightly mount and pull the trigger or am I looking to brace the rifle and push-pull to make myself one with it and shoot it as though I'm prone? Thanks
  3. GunCat in this thread is too modest to promote himself but he is one of the best 3Gun gunsmiths in the business and knows the Franchis having done mine.
  4. Having owned both M2s and 1301s their build quality is similar. 1301 will have softer recoil but require more frequent cleaning. And at least the earlier 1301s are lighter and quirkier, especially the bolt release. They are also fast guns, if all you do is a mag dump you can shoot it empty in a second or two. The M2 will be stouter but more reliable, especially when dirty. It also feels more solid to me. But you'll notice slugs more. Their manual of arms are very different, I find the M2 (and Steoger, Franchi clones) to be more logical and simple to me. Now I use a Franchi that with gunsmith work comes in at the price of a new unmodified M2. Other than one spring being in a different position I can not find any difference from the M2 other than the shape/cosmetics of the stock. To me I'd use a good smith for opening up the loading port once and done, rather than spending all Summer tweaking it. And the other often overlooked job a good smith can do it align your slug and birdshot POA/POI which rarely agree out of the box. The funny thing is that Beretta owns ALL the above mentioned brands.
  5. https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/barrel-parts/rifle-barrels/ar-15-barrels-fluted-stainless-steel-rifle-length-prod84773.aspx?cm_mmc=cse-_-Itwine-_-shopzilla-_-100-030-106&utm_medium=cse&utm_source=connexity&utm_campaign=itwine&utm_content=100-030-106&avs|Make_3=AR-15&avs|Manufacturer_1=criterion+barrels+inc&avs|Cartridge_1=AJO_223%2bWylde 18" Fluted Stainless Criterion Barrel nice and tight into an Aero upper, shoots 1/2 MOA with 77gr. Weighs 2.15 lbs (~34ounces) and isn't pencil thin. I've had 5-6 16" guns prior and I like the extra length although I am thinking of adding a heavier stock, like a Magpul UBR to balance the rifle. And I think I will probably end up building a lightweight billet gun down the road (and keep both).
  6. "But it's a dry heat." lol I've read reviews where they try to explain the relatively heavy pull weights are grit free and break like glass, etc.
  7. Recent production Sig P365, hopefully all the kinks are worked out, seems fine. It shoots the best of all the small 9mms I've tried and the extra capacity is a bonus too. G19 with light at home.
  8. My Biiaattcchheezz go hard
  9. New alternative sports like 3G, paintball, sailboarding, snowboarding go through a maturation phase that either becomes wildly successful (X-Games) or an abysmal failure that depresses the overall interest in the sport (paintball, sailboarding). Frankly I like the early years before people get too ambitious and barriers to entry get too high. Paintball, sailboards, mountain biking, skateboards, all that kind of stuff was wicked fun back when we were kids and it was cheaper and simpler. Maybe some alternative ideas are in order? Figure out a way for clubs to run cheap easy fun matches that don't require race guns to be competitive again? Something a 25-year old with a regular job can afford. They can't afford golf, sporting clays or skiing. Where do think these sports are going to be long term, 20-40 years from now? Nobody is even going to know how to do it, they'll be only a handful of luxury resorts.
  10. People aren't happy to see the show end because most of it was 72 episodes of character development with a good battle scene or some violence every few shows. Then they wrapped the last season up in with only six episodes that otherwise would have take 3-4x as many based on the prior pace. And even though it is a fantasy there is still a logic to the world they created, basic common sense stuff (like don't sacrifice thousands of men in front of your fortifications). Worse was that from the very first episode there was the warning that Winter was coming and the White Walkers were going to kill everyone. Instead they dealt with the White Walkers built up for 69 seasons with a quick stabbing and Winter never actually came. So while it was spectacular and watchable, the quality really went downhill once they deviated from the books and let the Hollywood guys write it. Probably the thing that made it continue was the quality of the acting (other than Jon Snow and Dynaris, who were wooden) ~ I really liked all the tough guys and Imp of course. Oh well. Still beat the other crap out there. Better yet it makes a sly commentary about women in power and immigration but it's left for you to decide.
  11. I'd do an adjustable gas block even if you don't want to mess with it. The new Aero Atlas handguard is a breeze to take on and off for adjustments and you can get the gas block in the ballpark pretty easily, just observe where the gun is throwing brass. Trigger Tech fixed AR trigger is awfully nice 2-stage. I have had several others, have a single stage Velocity on another gun, I don't see how a two stage hurts you when you're pulling it quickly anyway. I definitely helps you with longer shots. I've had very good luck with Criterion barrels and the ones I've had needed to be tapped into the Aero receiver even after heating the upper and freezing the barrel. No wiggle. I would like to try a Faxon 5R as well. Fluted would be nice. JP Silent Spring fan here. Be sure to get the latest Aero receiver with the built in handguard, it is really nice.
  12. The reason some of the clamps are tight is because the dovetail angles aren't quite the same when you mix different brands with RRS clamps. If you use RRS plates with RRS clamps they mesh up tight because their angles are the same... more contact area, better clamping. Axe me how I learned this the expensive way with a chassis long range rig using the manufacturer's "Arca" plate... where you could see daylight through the clamping area because they only crudely got the angle. Gotta try and return or just stick to all RRS stuff.
  13. Welcome, west side of Rochester here
  14. You should have. I retired from... marketing analysis at 44.
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