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  1. I think the issue with all day comfort is to take breaks, take the big muffs off but keep the plugs in when you can get off range. My big issue is with my clays gun and some scoped ARs, the muffs interfere with my cheek weld or the stock breaks the ear muff seal enough to let bad noise in. I've been trying to train myself to use a head position that alleviates this but sometimes it's unavoidable. Only been shooting frequently for past 7-8 years so my hearing loss is from car stereos and standing next to speakers at concerts, industrial machinery and general stupidity. Getting my first hearing aids on Tuesday. $4000 and I'm 60. What happens is you can still hear stuff fine but once there is background noise or poor sound quality you miss things. Lots of movies are muddled and have music behind the dialogue and that's really tough. Same with barroom and restaurant conversations with lots of bustling.
  2. I bought one, it works, thin and not skin tight. On a lot of the wicking Tees the collars sag and look stupid the second time you wear them. It's one of those, you wear it to the gym on Monday when you don't give a $it. If you want an amazing shirt get a Kihu or similar wool T-shirt. You could wear those things for a month and it'd still be presentable. They fit snug, are great for Winter layering but also great for Summer. Hit the sales. A couple seasons ago Magpul made some wicking polo shirts out of some kind of polyester that wasn't too obnoxious or smelled funky. They were cut snugger than street wear but not bike racer tight so if you're a little "husky" you don't look worse than your peers. I think they were intended to be cop's/security uniform type stuff. I bought a bunch them on sale when they killed that product line. They work great, smooth and snug enough you can draw smoothly and nothing is flapping around... but also with a presentable collar and a little more forgiving of man cleavage. I'm so glad lyric tights never caught on in shooting.
  3. Well my physician wife (with undergrad chemistry degree) confirmed that almost any popular wipe is going to bond the metals and remove them from surfaces so even the grocery store Clorox wipes will do fine. The answer was close to home. Funny my lead level five years into serious shooting was 9 but I don't reload or handle lead dust to any great degree. I think 20 is when your primary care doc will start to say something about it, like stop licking paint chips. We all know to keep kids with developing nervous systems away from lead, especially dust from steel targets. I am starting to wear gloves and I note that some shooters are wearing their Covid masks not for Covid but to lessen the crap they breath in from shooting. I probably should but I am so sick of these things after this year....
  4. Anyone have an account with one of the MSDS data services? I rather not get subscribed to 20 industrial newsletter emails
  5. I've been trying to minimize my lead exposure and have bought D-Lead "pre-moistened cleaning towelettes" meant for shooting and paying a premium price. Then I noticed these Klean-Strip D-Lead Wipes for 1/3 the price in a paint store. They look, feel and smell identical but there is no real product information on either products' labeling. I don't think this stuff is regulated or inspected by third parties (no Good Housekeeping seals or government stuff on the label). Anyone know what the main chemicals used are and if my hunch is correct, these are probably very similar if not the same products with jacked up prices for shooters? Now that I'm used to cleaning everything 50x a day due to Covid I figure keeping the wipes in my range bag and cleaning up before contaminating my car and home is a good idea. Of course that'd mean I'd have to clean my car and home LOL. I know Lead Abatement is a large sub-industry for some contractors but never learned much about the details.
  6. Just a bystander and infrequent competitor but IMHO the largest hinderance to participation in shooting sports isn't expense, ranges, volunteerism, etc. but the overwhelming preponderance of rules and their petty enforcers. Why don't we simply shoot for our personal competitions and if some guy wants to spend $10k on a gun in order to beat somebody with a Glock then let him. The complexity of the rulebooks makes this poor engineer's head spin. I just want to shoot with friendly people in a safe manner and get better at it.
  7. I've had my new Hyperion out several times after owning a Titan. I like the lighter swing weight and it feels like it's just as accurate but I have a lot of confirmation bias working here and I'm not going to promise it's absolutely better in every aspect but it's a really good pistol. I also went from a Springfield 1911 to an Atlas, no Sti phase in between like most people so I can't say how much better it is than a $2000 gun in practice. Nor have I shot Infinities or other expensive 2011s. My impression is the fit and finish is further improved over 3-4 years ago (I've owned four Atlas guns now, visited the shop, definitely a fan boy). Not that the older guns were bad whatsoever but this latest one is more perfect, lol. And frankly the Titan was pretty damn beefy, this feels more balanced and refined. Only downside is it's been hot and humid, I sweat a lot and the Cheely grips are slipperier than the old spikey PTs. Most people complain about the PTs (they even catch lint and abrade your shirts) but I sweat enough that I may resort to some climbers chalk or resin that I can add to improve my grip on the nastiest days. On the other hand, in normal weather it may be easier to adjust your grip while gripped if you know what I mean, slight tweaks should be easier than the PT that locks you in. Also if I thought I could use a red dot with my age-related astigmatism I'd just get the Athena, which is usable with iron sights or dots but otherwise the same (I think). Until a manufacturer develops a prism pistol sight I'm not going to use a fuzzy $$$ red dot. Again, I'm a casual shooter and infrequent competitor and I simply like nice gear and can afford it. But I'm really happy with this Hyperion and thinking about ordering a custom gun from them next.
  8. 10m air pistol is worse than BenchRest Sniper's Hide is 90% BS and none too subtle advertising for their friends. Best thing is to go to a match or a class, hands on will impart 100x the knowledge 100x faster and save you money too. What I find about a lot of niche forums is that you get a lot of peer pressure to buy and even when you are trying not to, it worms its way in and all the sudden your practical $1000 scope becomes a $3000 scope because it really must be $2000 better. Frankly for technique and gunsmithing YouTube is the king, hope they don't censor guns.
  9. CK will have nice resale value when you buy your JP
  10. I wear them most of the time from the minute I get out of bed until I'm going back to bed. I've bought dozens of different brands and compressions and kept the best fitting ones in various weights that I can tailor for my activity. Skiing gets the thin, high compression ones so I get a nice tight boot fit for control versus some thicker, less compressive ones for everyday wear in Winter. I have RA and retain fluid in my legs, the socks help control it and allow me to be more active. I'm large, semi active, weekend warrior, and 60, perfect specimen Thankfully it calms down in Summer and I can wear short socks with athletic shoes but for most of the year I keep things tight. Anything tight with moderate compression is going to help your athletic performance. Track athletes wear entire compressive suits, lots of other sports as well. What do you think the NFL players are wearing under their jerseys?
  11. I have nice ones from Brownells but I don't see them listed anymore. Did a little snooping and a company called Traditions sells something that looks similar.
  12. I like the brand and have owned several good ones but never tried the Hanson profile because I thought it'd be heavy, I tend to look at weight first but I'm probably wrong.
  13. It just means you can't buy it configured with the magazine capacity the Good Lord intended it to have.
  14. A couple of years back I got a new Franchi Affinity with adult and youth stocks for $500 from a store on Gunbroker who had dozens of them, now long gone because I should have bought several but I wanted to see how they were. Comparing them to the M2 I can't find any quality difference and the only design change is the location of the recoil spring around the magazine rather than in the M2 stock. Had Rose Action Sports do some work on it and it's great. Even at $750 it's a good base gun and is better finished than the Stoeger.
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