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  1. That’s what it seems like. Pretty ridiculous
  2. Anyone else’s local range has almost half of the spots filled up with “reserved”? It seems like you half to stay up till 1am to sign up to shoot a local match. Otherwise all the spots are filled up by the time you wake up and sign in on match sign up. I know the sport is getting bigger more people are shooting but why would they have half of the spots already reserved. You don’t need that many ro’s for a weekly match.
  3. I have a hard time with standing reloads especially on a classifier. About 2 out of 5 times I mess them up in dry fire. And pretty much every time I shoot a classifier with a standing reload. I haven’t been shooting in over a year but in the last 2 weeks I shot 2 local matches. The first I did good nonstanding reloads. I nailed all my reloads on the move. Last weekend I did a classifier and fumbled the reload just like the video. I’m like 50/50 at standing reloads. reloading while moving I have zero issues. Even just taking a couple steps and reloading I have no issues. Here is a slo mo video of what I mean. and here is a couple videos of my last match. I feel like I move fast but in the videos I look slower. As far as just getting around the stages. The video of the table start I had to keep a mag in my back pocket. I wasn’t worried about the time it took to start. My main com ncern was getting my hits cause I figured out my sights were off. This next video is where I found out how bad my sights were off. The stage is the same on both sides. The left is where I went first and missed the steel a lot but figured out where the bullet was going. By the time I went to the right I had the sight set and nailed the steel and the last steel shot was about 20 yards. Hit it first shot. I’m a c class production shooter looking to make it to B this year
  4. CE325


    How many times can you reshoot a classifier? I didn’t know you could! I wish you could reshoot a regular stage at a match
  5. CE325


    What’s a good sling to use for a bolt gun for PRS?
  6. What broke on the savages that you have seen? I’m about to send mine to accurate ordnance to have them true the actions and rebarrel and more. Just curious
  7. CE325


    No came from the factory with the stock. I called savage and they make a 10 round mag so I ordered one
  8. CE325


    Anyone know where I can get some 10 round mags for a Savage model 10 FCP HS precision stock .308? I have been searching cant find any. I'm trying to get ready for my first PRS match also looking for a front bag. Any PRS specific sites to get what I need? Thanks
  9. Took it apart today and the the spring under the plunger was laying sideways! Reinstalled everything correctly and seems all good.
  10. Did some practice yesterday on movement. Felt pretty good better than last time. I feel like I'm moving fast bun in the video looks slow.
  11. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to try this today. Going to setup some small proam type stages probly using paper plates as targets and run them with the BB gun. I will try to film it and see if any improvements are made.
  12. The past 2 days been working on reloads and transitions from 30 min to an hour a night. Going to sign up for the Proam in July so going to start focusing my training on that. Maybe setup some paper plate stages out back with the BB gun and work on movement and keeping the gun up high. And more draw and Reload practice in dryfire.
  13. 30 min dry fire today. Worked on 6 reload 6 and 2 reload 2 along with Burkett reloads. Trying to be more consistent on reloads. My draw is getting much faster. Getting much more comfortable with the tanfo just need to get more range time. Trying to save some $ for a class with Shannon Smith within the next couple months.
  14. Dry fire today 30 min. worked on reloads and transitions.
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