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  1. I've been running RN 115 over 5 grains of wsf at 1.155 and it reliably Cycles the gas system in my 8-inch MPX without a lot of dot Motion. It initially didn't cycle my 147/3.2gr titegroup load but I haven't yet tried a 115 over titegroup, ill have to experiment with that now
  2. DavidSeavey

    Mission - soft and flat shooting AR15

    JP 18" light contour rifle gas barrel kit with their 3 port titanium comp, adj gas block, steel low mass carrier, and SCS buffer system shocked me how little motion it had first test firing. now that i've been shooting open i've thought about trying out their tank brake but i cant imagine it being all that much better. keep in mind that different people's grip and technique will control motion slightly differently with the same components.
  3. this. i just shot my first major in dec at Hard as Hell and it's seriously the best people you'll meet at local matches that have a desire and willingness to travel for majors. but my decision was based mostly on me feeling confident that after spending $1000 for travel, hotel, car rental, and match fees that i know my abilities and equipment so i'm not likely to do something stupid and DQ myself
  4. DavidSeavey

    3 gun shotgun, buy now or wait?

    there's lots of threads on the merits of the Stoeger M3k, but it's what i started with, paid $625 after shipping and transfer, put MOA tube kit, follower, double sided safety, and trigger spring kit and have about $750 all in for a gun that's a fantastic starting point for any division but open or proper heavy metal, and when you decide to either pay up for a real open gun or a nicer/custom tube gun it'll still make a great backup without wasting a ton of money. plus one you're shooting matches just ask guys to try out their gear for some first hand experience, my guns are all sluts!
  5. DavidSeavey

    Best 3-gun stock

    I love my wood stock
  6. DavidSeavey

    Belt Magnet OK in PCC?

    no need to abandon your magnet with an MPX, just add some steel!
  7. DavidSeavey

    Where to sight Open Shotgun dot?

    that's what i run on my Dissident and i first tried it like that with federal 1300fps slugs zerod to the tip at about 20 yds but found my birdshot pattern surprisingly low at my first match, so i turned down the elevation to match bird better as it's 95% of the targets at my local matches. so i checked zero over varying distances out to 100yds to understand the POI over the triangle, in my case about 6" high at its peak, but the nice thing is the triangle shape gives you a very nice alignment tool to center up on the target so long as you know your POA/POI.
  8. DavidSeavey

    Hiperfire 24c went full auto... Help!

    Hyperfire triggers are like stock or geissele triggers, no drop in body just pins and springs
  9. DavidSeavey

    Opening Mpx gas port

    my gen2 would short stoke my 147/3.2 titegroup minor pistol load early on so i just used factory ammo until i developed my current load of a 115 over about 5 grains of WSF, a slower powder than the WST and titegroup i had tried early on, and cleaner than hs6 at that load weight. i didnt want to open my port up just so it'll run any factory ammo similarly soft should i travel for a match and need additional ammo, plus it's already quite soft shooting to begin with. i am curious now though, next time i bring it out i'll have to try it with my 147 titegroup load now that she's seen thousands of rounds and see if she plays well.
  10. DavidSeavey

    Which is your favorite CZ and why?

    Though i've been shooting my czechmate nearly exclusively lately, and it's most certainly the fastest CZ machine, every time i shoot my TSO i fall back in love with it.
  11. DavidSeavey

    Open matches vs Steel

    i shoot a cz czechmate open gun and it'll run on nearly anything, though i havent tried ultra light steel type loads. for falling steel or games where only one shot per target is required i may use my MPX pcc loads as sometimes its easier to 'hop' the dot between targets with a cadence, otherwise it's proper major loads for everything or if i havent loaded pcc in a while.
  12. DavidSeavey

    Hiperfire 24c went full auto... Help!

    sighting in my ak with a rather light alg trigger it bumped through my 3 rounds in a burst, but aks jump around a bit, kinda like blowback ar9s. gripped it tighter and could only replicate it again by lessening my grip/shouldering, hasnt done it in match conditions off a baricade either, just sitting down from a bag.
  13. DavidSeavey

    PCC Mag Well?

    haha, me three. i'm hoping (though not expecting) it shows up before my indoor pcc match this sunday!
  14. DavidSeavey

    What slugs for Dissident?

    I believe it was 14 slugs in my 15rd mag to keep it less than fully sprung on a closed bolt with 6 on my belt in a backup 12. It was probably about 55* out and I always freeze my birdshot overnight and keep it in a cooler with ice packs durng the match with near zero malfunctions, but the slugs might have only made it into the cooler the morning of.
  15. DavidSeavey

    What slugs for Dissident?

    Thanks Dan just ordered a box along with my 2019 calendar