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  1. a friend shooting a vr80 had a similar issue with his 19round mags where the mid clamp was squeezing the metal mag a bit too tight and he adjusted it a bit and the follower stopped getting stuck halfway up the mag. might be a place to look into. maybe wrap the mag in tape to close all those big holes in the sides of the mags to keep it cleaner? different mag and gun, but my KL12 in hot weather especially gets somewhat picky about hull quailty. anything fiocchi doesnt work basically, super soft hulls, work great in tube guns though. fed bulk is passable usually. but anytime i'm shooting more than trap or sporting clays i.e. full mags i run a premium hull type, remington nitro or sts, winchester aa, federal gold, they all seem to run well hot or cold. its especially an issue with cheap hulls when the top round is seated against the bottom of the bolt in an empty chamber start for any length of time, it may oval from mag pressure and not chamber nicely.
  2. If the czechmate/TSO fit your hand really well and the CM initial purchase isnt a crazy stretch, you could run the optic mount on the frame and the sight block on the barrel shooting factory minor rounds until you've caught the competitive bug and get sick of giving up major scoring points. then you just thread on the comp and open major is ready to rock. fwiw mine with the comp and all factory springs runs pretty much any minor round i throw at it except an occasional 147 handload, but any factory 115 runs it just fine. I redrilled and mounted an SRO on my czechmate cmore mount and love the change from the battery hog cmore.
  3. Have you taken the bolt apart and checked the inertia spring? i believe the benelli m2 inertia spring is interchangeable, I'm pretty sure i put one already in my old m3k as i seem to recall it being broken in half but still working a few years ago.
  4. i was thinking exactly the same thing when i first shot a friends ar9 thing in its first configuration, also my first time shooting a pcc back then. i was shocked how much the thing bucked around for what i expected out of a 9mm. it's been more carefully reassembled since and it's pretty tame but not as smooth as a JP or benign as MPX.
  5. i sent one in beginning of October for a 43x no options added, and it arrived feb 15
  6. last year i picked up an Arsenal Sam7SF with the 24mm ak74 style comp for i think $1700, wish i'd bought a couple years ago but it's an extremely smooth shooting gun. i've got plenty of x39 ammo so it's looking like an AK kind of year for both 3gun and rifle matches. I don't find it overly heavy but it is noticeably heavier than a stamped gun, i find it nicely balanced still however. No regrets. I am curious about the stamped Kalashnikov USA kr103
  7. my big sticks eventually started nose diving, sent them to Bevin Grams and they've been 29 round reloadable with good nose pressure since. He said after reshaping he makes a new follower for them as his standard one doesn't make it to the top anymore.
  8. my KL12, obviously thoroughly worked over, has cycled every light load other than the 980fps low recoil ammo i've thrown at her like 1oz@1180 and such, but locally most of the stock or nearly stock saigas, veprs, lynx, cheetahs, etc seem to want much hotter like 1-1/8@1350 to run reliably so i'm not surprised to see others needing hot ammo too.
  9. my pump gun for heavy is a 28" barrel and like fly said above me it's still shorter than a 12rd tube below it. I wanted the 26" but they had a 28" on the rack in front of me so i just grabbed that, no regrets. once you're below 22"-24" it seems velocity drops and the changes to effective choke start becoming a bit of a factor depending on the match. at VSS last year there was some crazy heavy set steel on one stage that even choked full the 14" shorty open guns had trouble with, my 19" open gun was ok, but the 24"+ tube guns didnt have as much trouble as we did. 24" seems to be a sweet spot though to me.
  10. started with 6moa old cmore, now 5moa SRO on my open gun. 7.5moa triangle DPP on my open shotgun. 12moa old cmore on my MPX and it feels ridiculously large until i'm shooting and i don't think about it.
  11. I get the want. I just love the look of vent ribs on shorter barrels, like the tac13 thing compared to any of the other shockwave things without, just looks so much more proper shotgun to my eyes!
  12. because of length, bore, stock, and rifling conditions it isnt a shotgun, but a firearm
  13. I've been following this thread all along, interesting feedback throughout, but this point had me laughing because I've personally found the opposite to be true! Sure, pistol games are varied and frequent, but it's my rifles that ONLY get used in 3gun! On the contrary my shotguns, be it absurdly long m3k auto, p3000 pump, or Dissident open vepr all get used for so many other events like trap, clays, 5stand, and practical shotgun. my take on the shotgun hate isnt the shotgun itself so much as it's the only gun whose ancillary needs like caddies bear no resemblance to non-game real world gear. tactical community has slings and vests with plates, pistol, and rifle mag pouches, hunting community has vests or bags, conceal carry community has holsters and pouches. But the 3gun gear is what's totally game focused and the hardest part to swallow. The gun itself is hugely diverse in it's abilities. as far as 3g recession, up here in the northease it seems new matches are popping up semi frequently, though perhaps we were grossly underrepresented before?
  14. My TSO was the first pistol that i really felt fit me just right, and i pretty much find myself just shooting my CM and TSO now, with some glock 21 for heavy metal. but honestly i'm a slut and i'll enjoy shooting whatever's in front of me...
  15. I've been using plated 115s over 4.8gr of WSF, runs smoothly and i'm not finding it to be horribly dirty either
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