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  1. I've been using plated 115s over 4.8gr of WSF, runs smoothly and i'm not finding it to be horribly dirty either
  2. My slide fit was very tight when i first got it, so much so that it was hard to rack. Before i shot it i kept it real wet and racked it for a while. Next day i shot about 400 rounds through her and that's about the point everything started working properly. Everything's buttery smooth now.
  3. I can't squad yet either, I hope that doesn't have any bearing on the spot paid for already. Its just two weeks before full refund deadline and I'd love to know for sure I'm in to finalize plans.
  4. cant tell a difference in controls and it uses the stock pair of mag springs one of the factory spring pad as a pairing plate. it's not my go to mag for uspsa because it's work to clean out and bends forward fairly far since it's so long for low port shots, just use a 30 with tti +11 as it's field cleanable for dropping outdoors. but when you need 50+ rds its awesome, i put together a pair and theyve both been great.
  5. i use it as the bottom mag for taccom coupled big big sticks, i can get 57rds in for monster or pcc only matches.
  6. i sent mine in back in november it was $20 to reshape them, so much so that it'll need a new spring and follower for $18 i think. Bevin said the reshaping of the mag tube is so different even his commercial cz ts follower wont make it to the feed lips, but he swaps out to his new style if you already bought his guts. turnaround was quick too.
  7. Contact Bevin Grams at Grams Engineering (949) 548-3745 http://www.gramsengineering.com/services.php i sent all 3 of my big sticks to Bevin and they'll now run to 29+1 reliably with good upward nose pressure on the top round. i'm getting ready to send him all my 140s soon too.
  8. i'm using the magpul bipod with a larue qd mount to a short rail section on my rifle's lower handguard and i'm liking it thus far.
  9. I've been very impressed with my friend's everglades 2011 holster, but i too shoot a Czechmate for open and a Tac Sport Orange for limited. Mine has the type 2 ts-orange style trigger guard. I'm using the alpha x for 3gun and would love the fully locked option especially when coming out of a shotgun or rifle sling.
  10. old style strike industries 60* with my two work great
  11. i've been using 5.0gr of WSF under a 115 in my 8' gen2. slow enough powder to generate the gas needed and plenty soft shooting. mine wouldnt cycle my 147/TG pistol load reliably when new but i'm gonna try 115s with TG now that she's shot in.
  12. my two have been working fine in both my 3gun rifle and mpx with the older style single ended 60* strike industries safety as well
  13. Are you saying the carrier standing upright on the bcg buffer face and the gas rings should support the bolt's weight, or that the bcg standing upright on the bolt lugs and the rings should support the weight of the carrier?
  14. Is it possible the slr wants to be 'shimmed' a small distance from the rear surface to center the port front to back? As in could you install it up against a delta ring style handguard front support plate and yours doesn't have that?
  15. if you can find a machine shop or garage that does a lot of really small hardware work there's a thing called a 'time-sert' that can repair missing threads like a helicoil but stronger as it's a fully threaded sleeve. we use them all the time at work, usually in well used aluminum housings. i never looked that closely at my mount to see if that's what they already use but it's possible if the threads are steel. there's also a 'big-sert' which can replace a pulled out 'timesert' already repaired so there's options. i'd offer to fix it if i had the kit but we don't have thread kits that small.
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