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  1. i'm pretty sure the phoenix comp on my dissident is aluminum, it's really light.
  2. i have the old style strike industries 60* safety in my 3g rifle along with hiperfire eclipse so i just put the same ergos on my mpx. i do prefer it in pcc as my hand is already starting with a suboptimal angle on belt and the 'draw' time is much more important than in 3g where there's ususally a barrel removal going on.
  3. yea i just used my daa alpha x at hard as hell 3gun and it worked great, didnt even think about it really, even reholstering on the clock, but you absolutely must lock it!
  4. i love my p4xi. it's eyebox is very forgiving, and the center dot i find to be red dot bright, plus even if you find your head a little outside the eyebox and can't see your target through it the center dot is almost full bright right up to the edge of the optic so if you're shooting 2 eyes open it'll still be visible in awkward positions.
  5. i was going to build a tactical baby stroller but the local selection at the time was all small wheeled crap so i ended up just buying the rugged gear cart. it's not totally custom tailored but it's been easy and works well.
  6. i have armanov in 9mm, never used a shock bottle. the armonov fails a few cases that'll still pass my dillon single case gauge (i imagine roll sizing would elminiate them) but i like it a lot with the flip cover. i end up case gauging all my rounds now not just rounds for a match, if it's in an mtm box it's been checked.
  7. sorry, meant to say i purchased it as an 8" pistol, permanently affixed the extension and then put a proper stock on. so it's a rifle now, but with no buffer or long heavy barrel it handles like an sbr but can be manipulated like a full size.
  8. I'm considering getting an ultrasonic cleaner for things like my MPX gas system parts, rifle BCG, smaller parts generally, I will not be cleaning brass with it. I've never used one before so I have no experience with brands and quality, I'm basically looking for a small machine that's not likely to die a month out of warranty. What might you all recommend for a machine and how much do I need to spend to make it worth buying?
  9. i run an 8" mpx pistol with taccom barrel extension. it'd be real easy to cut it down after paperwork but it's the govt bs and complications in legal travel that prevent me from doing it yet.
  10. for reload stages i'm using a safariland horizontally, it's super fast to release but won't hold on well with movement. but i also use a DAA magnet for an oh s#!t mag with a strip of steel epoxied to the side of one 30rd mag
  11. i just swapped stock guts into a 140 and was able to get 23 reloadable, same as czc or grams guts, cant speak to reliability that way but it stripped the top couple rounds easily enough.
  12. DavidSeavey

    Shadow comparison

    i smoothed with a file that portion of the beavertails on my TSO and CM, my S2 is stock and i still feel it a little but it hasn't bothered me like the large frames did.
  13. i use a DAA AlphaX, i shoot a TSO and Czechmate, both in 9mm so same mags. holster works great so long as you remember to lock it. and remember to unlock it as part of your draw... that really doesnt help when you try to rip your belt off. the CZC base pads are by far my favorite, toolless takedown and nice lockup system. i use the arredondo mag brush to pop the pads off. i sent my big sticks to Bevin Grams not to tune but to fix as he says, i was having nose dive problems on big sticks and that's all fixed now, but they require his followers and springs. the feed lips are altered enough where he says even his non-'fixed' follower wont even make it to the top. my 140mm sticks are now showing nose dive problems with JHP rounds so i'll probably send them to him as well, but they didnt have any issues with RN projectiles or in 20rd form.
  14. i ended up using a piece of 5/8" OD PVC pipe as that's what tractor supply had and it worked great. interestingly upon the stage brief the RO for that stage said that heavy is only allowed 8 in the 'gun' not tube, so i'm glad i had asked this question!
  15. ok that's how i read the rulebook as well thinking it's straightforward too. But i later read a match description for heavy that mentioned 8 in the 'gun' rather than specifically the magazine, hence the question, thanks.
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