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  1. if you took all but one of my chokes on a 24" gun away from me i'd probably want a Mod, maybe Improved Mod depending on match. if you've gotta aim a little bit, just aim a little bit more on small steel and aerials, but heavy poppers and spinners need a bit of choke.
  2. my tube gun is a b12i. mine has the briley 12 round carbon tube, though i can get 13 in mine. i like it, runs a pretty wide range of ammo and shoots well. i feel the loading port while way better than any other factory option still needs some work but it's totally usable out of the box.
  3. same here, sent all my mags to him years ago and haven't had one issue with that since, no matter the bullet profile. i've run rmr jhp, everglades jhp v2, round nose, and truncated cone. Bevin told me that he makes a second follower that he uses on CM as his reprofiling is different enough that a standard follower doesn't always make it to the top. mine are 29 reloadable with his guts and czc bases.
  4. so it's a manual bolt action but still has a recoil spring?
  5. a reasonable compromise could be a red dot sight with a flip out magnifier on a QD mount. red dot when you prefer and just scope out the match long range before you start and decide to mount the magnifier or not. there are a few optics with bdc red dot reticles now that could work well for both. but i wouldn't change a thing until you shoot at least your first match. ask to check out other people's gear to get a good idea too. and make sure you know its actual zero.
  6. i use my uspsa open belt for 3g open too, i prefer the rigidity of the DAA belts over floppy safariland. i just played with locations and like szhttm screwed els hangers through my DAA where i want them. just as adjustable and far more rigid. i sling rifle across my back, muzzle up, from right shoulder down my left side to avoid catching the pistol/holster and practice getting out of it for shotgun mags in open i have a pouch right in front for quick first reload and made a drop offset hanger on my hip to put the 20rd mag at the right height to grab it without thinking. otherwise the 12 and 15 round mags i use kydex hooks just around the belt itself.
  7. I've seen a couple people use ksg shotguns for fun but nothing competitive. theyre super slow to reload. for a semi auto i think that pretty much means mag fed putting you in open unless i'm forgetting a model out there. I haven't come across any of them yet at a match. Slower to load i'd imagine with the awkward ergos. but they'd fit through a tight stage pretty well
  8. I handled one the other day at my local store and was pretty impressed with how it feels in the hands. I realize its pretty much a glock but it's different enough that thought i'd ask. I've been planning a polymer80 build but after pricing out parts it seems smarter to just buy the Shadow Systems threaded gun given what it includes already. The plan is a fairly lightweight open minor pistol for 2g and 3g with the option to shoot CO later. Any opinions on the gun? the optic mounting system? is the included magwell worthless?
  9. yea being gas operated they prefer lighter bullets with slower powders to feed the gas system. my 8" mpx barely ran a 147 over titegroup load but really seems to like 115 and 124 with Sport Pistol and WSF. I'm going to try some 100gr pills if they ever show up again for sale, as well as CFE pistol and autocomp loads.
  10. I've tried a bunch of options and come to prefer Howard Leight silicone ear plugs under MSA Sordin muffs with gel cups. They let me shoot and RO 3gun rifles and 38sc open guns while still being able to hear voices reasonably well between shots. I still often look back at the RO before I make ready just in case i heard it wrong...
  11. a friend shooting a vr80 had a similar issue with his 19round mags where the mid clamp was squeezing the metal mag a bit too tight and he adjusted it a bit and the follower stopped getting stuck halfway up the mag. might be a place to look into. maybe wrap the mag in tape to close all those big holes in the sides of the mags to keep it cleaner? different mag and gun, but my KL12 in hot weather especially gets somewhat picky about hull quailty. anything fiocchi doesnt work basically, super soft hulls, work great in tube guns though. fed bulk is passable usually. but anytime i'm shooting more than trap or sporting clays i.e. full mags i run a premium hull type, remington nitro or sts, winchester aa, federal gold, they all seem to run well hot or cold. its especially an issue with cheap hulls when the top round is seated against the bottom of the bolt in an empty chamber start for any length of time, it may oval from mag pressure and not chamber nicely.
  12. If the czechmate/TSO fit your hand really well and the CM initial purchase isnt a crazy stretch, you could run the optic mount on the frame and the sight block on the barrel shooting factory minor rounds until you've caught the competitive bug and get sick of giving up major scoring points. then you just thread on the comp and open major is ready to rock. fwiw mine with the comp and all factory springs runs pretty much any minor round i throw at it except an occasional 147 handload, but any factory 115 runs it just fine. I redrilled and mounted an SRO on my czechmate cmore mount and love the change from the battery hog cmore.
  13. Have you taken the bolt apart and checked the inertia spring? i believe the benelli m2 inertia spring is interchangeable, I'm pretty sure i put one already in my old m3k as i seem to recall it being broken in half but still working a few years ago.
  14. i was thinking exactly the same thing when i first shot a friends ar9 thing in its first configuration, also my first time shooting a pcc back then. i was shocked how much the thing bucked around for what i expected out of a 9mm. it's been more carefully reassembled since and it's pretty tame but not as smooth as a JP or benign as MPX.
  15. i sent one in beginning of October for a 43x no options added, and it arrived feb 15
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