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  1. I used to be able to pick up 40 brass all the time at my local range. Now I have a hard time finding it. Today I was at a local gun store and noticed the prices for 40sw guns were going down. The owner told me he can’t sell them anymore. Is 40 SW obsolete? Will those of us who shoot it in competition have a hard time finding brass in the future?
  2. bucky707


    What happened to STI? Except for the Edge, they don’t have a pistol I would be remotely interested in buying. I don’t think they even make a 1911 anymore.
  3. Thanks but they only have 2011s in 40.
  4. I shoot an STI Trojan in 40. Looking to get a second 1911, but want to stick with a 40. Since the Trojan is no longer made what are my options?
  5. Ready Tactical dropped offset. Love mine.
  6. I was having the same problem. Couldn’t remember how long my striker spring had been in the gun. I put in a brand new (4.5) spring and the problems have gone away.
  7. I've noticed just the opposite. Wolff springs feel softer than a ISMI. I also think the Wolff springs go soft faster.
  8. bucky707

    Dry Fire

    I have an HK USP compact. Is it ok to dry fire it, or do I need to use snap caps?
  9. I am thinking of buying a Lone Wolf Ultimate trigger stop, or more likely, drilling and tapping a stock trigger housing myself. That said, is this modification legal in USPSA production?
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