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  1. I have 3 STI guns, 2 were brand spanking new and 1 had 150 rounds through it from a local guy I know. Cleaned them, oiled them well, and shot matches typically around 175-200. Cleaned it and started the cycle over after every match. I have 3 reliable STI guns. I use SLIP 2000 and wet it down good on the barrel and rails.
  2. i'd go 400 including shipping.



  3. Does the plunger come out either end of the tube? Sorry, i never had this area apart. Hence the questions. Thanks,
  4. It appears that the plunger may have a bunch of pressure on it. is there a way to lessen the pressure on it? Thanks,
  5. I have an Edge with the recoil master spring set-up which is box stock from the STI factory and I want to buy and install a Dawson tool-less guide rod, however they do not come with springs. What springs do I need? Thanks,
  6. Tanfo Gold Team, about 12 years old.
  7. My wife's bullet heads are .356 124 grain PD on her 38 Super, and my bullet heads are .355 124 grain PD on my 9mm. Can I use my .355 on her 38 Super just to standardize and run 1 bullet type? Thanks,
  8. My 38 super would not cycle factory ammo at all. Sent it to EAA, they worked on it, i tried several 38 super rounds but the only ones that worked were my reloads or Atlanta arms Major 38 super. So does anyone know anything about the Extreme versions of the gun? is anything different with the barrel or comp? Thanks,
  9. just a thought, what about the more expensive Extreme versions that are out there for $4500.00??
  10. I have spoke to many about different scenarios from re- barreling it, to new upper etc... The more i think about it, I should bite the bullet and just pay the money for the 38 super brass, as this gun does run nice as is. Thanks,
  11. Does anyone know how the most current guns run in 9 major? My wife has the same gun in 38 super and it cycles flawlessly, but she wants to go to 9. I heard reviews from 2015 that they were not good, does anyone have info to share on the 9's? Thanks,
  12. Skip the pump gun and get an auto, imagine racking the slide between shots with a pistol! It's 2018. Get an auto as I stated earlier and have some fun, getting beat up by a cheap pump gun will end the fun rather quick, and so will a lesser priced break-action. FYI pardini makes hand guns, but not shotguns to my knowledge.
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