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  1. phil plesetz

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    A400 Beretta is a better choice if you don't want to break the bank.
  2. phil plesetz

    Converting Tanfo 38S to 9mm Major in Gold Team

    That 900 bucks from EAA was for a complete upper and I really didn't want an entire top end, more so a drop in barrel in 9mm.
  3. phil plesetz

    Converting Tanfo 38S to 9mm Major in Gold Team

    is this a drop in or require fitting? How much? Thanks,
  4. Does anyone have any experience on whats the best route? I called EAA, and they wanted $900.00 to convert it over, and I thought that was pricey. Thanks,
  5. Has the location been announced? Thanks,
  6. There are 2 types of Clays, or I should say 2 places of manufacture and they aren't the same. Maybe this is the differences some of you may be seeing. Old Clays manufactured in Australia New Clays Canada It is absolutely different in shotgun performance. Canada is hotter with the same charge drop.
  7. phil plesetz

    sporting clays shotgun

    Beretta 391 or A400
  8. phil plesetz

    STI Open versus CK Arms

    Mike, I will take you up on the test drive, however I will miss 10/6, I have great seats at the Milwaukee PBR, and won't have time to do both, unless I can figure something out before then.
  9. phil plesetz

    STI Open versus CK Arms

    Not ready to buy yet, just kicking tires. My STI Limited has been good, sent it in for something i wanted done, they ate the labor and the shipping both ways along with next day UPS. I have no complaints about customer service, and my gun didn't come back with any marks on it!
  10. phil plesetz

    Shotshell Press Recommendation

    MEC, easy to operate, and not super pricey. good used units available, just shop around.
  11. phil plesetz

    STI Open versus CK Arms

    is the CK worth the extra bucks? if so, why? Thanks,
  12. phil plesetz


    I have a new one and haven'y used it. I guess i need to decide if I should list it for sale. Switched to an STI from the Glocks.
  13. phil plesetz

    Tanfoglio Team Gold Open in 38 Super

    copper jacket color. Now that sounds more likely than it coming from her gun. I inspected the comp again and just can't see anything. The through hole measured .365