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  1. Nice man! Where you get yours? I’m stil looking
  2. What upgrade???? I am still impatiently waiting for them to come in stock anywhere. And for the upgrades to come in stock!!!
  3. Anyone have any knowledge on videos to install the red spring.
  4. nice! i think i am gonna go that route eventually. gonna give the dpp a go and see how she does since i have an extra. how you liking the VR80? i have one on order through RSR when they release them. hopefully the comp and magwell come back in stock soon!
  5. is that legal for tac or is that an "open dot"
  6. i am running a sti steelmaster. i picked it up for DIRT cheap out here from a local guy since we have a lot of matches with no PF. it runs ANYTHING except aluminum cases. I have had great results with 5.1 CFE at 1.13 OAL. WWB works about 99% of the time, but i use PRECISION AMMUNITION 115s and have had 100% great results, including high open overall at THE BAD BEAT SHOOTOUT a couple weeks ago. #minorthreat but yeah, its my favorite gun. i run an RTS2 with a PT grip and SV trigger. besides that, stock. OH and i use only MBX mags
  7. i love my 510c on my pcc. when they first started getting cool i got one on my open gun using the tevo single sided mount and i loved it. dot was easy to find, and i didn't mind the size. i would only use the dot tho. unlessss i shot weak hand, then i would use "eotech" reticle. after about a month on my 38SC open gun, it completely died. holosun did warranty it out quick and painless tho
  8. what does everyone use on the dots for their open shotguns. i am currently have a DPP triangle dot on my tooth and nail match 1919, this one seemed like a solid bet as far as what will work best, but how will they hold up in match ( dump barrels, slugs, etc) it came with the jpoint circle dot, but i hated it. was thinking of running a holosun 510c. any other popular options or reason to not use one mentioned above?
  9. Just ordered red spring and the magwell since why not. Excited to try this ish out
  10. Awesome. Thanks guys for the info. I appreciate the I. Depth answers and knowledge. I am gonna have to figure out what kind of spring I am running in there.
  11. whats up peeps, so i am getting ready to actually put my open shotgun to use. i have a tooth and nail spiffied up shotgun. has the mid barrel comp on it, which when i took off, was choked up a lil on the barrel so some of the port holes were being blocked. i cleaned em out, cleaned the comp and wiped it down and reassembled. i asked someone about the holes and they said to be careful changing which ones were covered because they are "tuned " that way. so wanted to know if anyone had any knowledge of that. also wanted to know what luck people are having running different ammo through it. Slugs, buck and bird. i currently have the polymer lower, i think the basic trigger, and she is wearing a delta point pro triangle dot. i also have a 28 rd, 18rd and 2 10 rd mags. all from T&N and all steel. also does anyone know anything about the triggers, what can be modded or switched on them. i know they have the jp roller available from the T&N website, but looking for what else might be out there. i have tried to email them and had no luck when i was looking for a video of the assemble and disassembly of the competition model. thanks for any help in advance, or if this has been run through before i am sorry. i could not find anything in the search.
  12. Sorry chuck. Didn’t mean to thread jack ya. I paid 1200 for mine with an rts 2 on it. Had about 2k through it. My friend bought one with 200 rnds through it, and from same guy I bought mine from. His had an rts2 and had it gone through and tuned up by Eddie Garcia. He paid 1800. Both with one mag. We did get them from a local club buddy and got good deals. Just to do some real contribution for your post haha
  13. Following. I have a steel master with pt grip on it and sv trigger. Gun is amazing. But all I shoot is white box. Heard you can’t ahoot major so wondering what has to be said about this
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