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  1. I have a couple off eBay . I use them on my 750 which are the 650 . That way I can leave the dies in them and don’t have to the adjust them each time . They work just fine for me .
  2. I did the Home Depot spring fix to mine . That is cheap
  3. I wanted a inner that I could put on at home so I don't have to change at the range . After I added the buckle I can get the butter plenty tight . Just seems to me that it would not be hard when its being made to make a better inner and outer . Guess its what you are happy with .
  4. it looks like the same as the DAA inner . My point was you can’t tighten it up enough to keep you pants up. My complaint is they have no real way to tighten up . It would be nice if you could put it on at home and the inner would actually work as belt .
  5. I would have to try it . It doesn’t look as stiff as my outer but hey if it works .
  6. no the inner is Velcro just like the original so they hold pretty good . With the ratchet on the outer you don’t need the one keeper on the ends either .
  7. Then I took my outer belt The DAA and bought a 1 inch Aluminum ratcheting buckle and retainer combo and a ladder strap . Amazon has a holster repair kit to hold it on the belt . That’s another 60 bucks for everything. So now I have a belt that works but I have way to much in it if it didn’t to give up . It would be nice if somebody made something like this for one price you didn’t have to work on .
  8. Ok so I started with a DAA double belt and it works good enough if you don’t mind pulling your pants up all the time . With a limited gun and 4 mags I am pretty tired of it by the end of a match. The inner belt really won’t hold your pants up either . I like to wear it to the range because it’s one less thing to deal with in changing out belts at the range . I am a enough of a belly in need a belt and wear one everyday with my carry rig anyway .i decided on a Dominate Defense inner belt because I had heard about them . Well that is 70 bucks right there and it was nice but not nearly enough adjustment for the money . So I bought some more webbing 2 sizes and Velcro from amazon the. went to my local upholstery shop. I had the Velcro put on the outside and made the 1 inch webbing longer so I could adjust it in and out for comfort and tightness. I also used the smaller webbing and had 5 more loops added just Incase I loose some weight . Lol right . Anyway total was about 40 more bucks but it works nicely now
  9. You can find them here . http://amaroktactical.com/gopro-baseball-hat-clip/ I did the hat and a tri pod mount myself
  10. I did it at 150 for 2 hours. I figured that's not to hot for most polymer and that's what I have seen for Oakley sunglasses . I did blast it lightly and wiped it off with brake cleaner. Before is the black handle after is the red IMG_2182.HEIC
  11. What size Allen wrench is the screw on a sti trigger?
  12. we are waiting on you with our card info on the screen ready to by . Lol
  13. I got a round back up camera off amazon and it fits in the center hole that nothing goes in. So when I change tool heads I pop it out and back in the next one . I use the same set up on my 750 but it stays on 40 so I don’t change it over .
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