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  1. Just ordered a red one . its a month to 50 days to fill order. middle of summer I should have some feed back
  2. I have one of the 3D printed ones and about 10000 rounds in and it works just fine. not sure why it’s sideways but there it is . Lol
  3. The tool head is the same . You may have to adjust your dies .
  4. Are you having a serious problem with the powder Measure being that inaccurate on a Dillion. I don’t have any trouble and load quite a lot every year .
  5. Where can I find an extended safety for a mark 3 22/45 lite ? What do you guys suggest
  6. I load small primers on my 750 amd have not had a problem at all. Very strange that you have so many high primers.
  7. Roller handle because it’s a auto indexing press and all you have to is pull the handle case feeder Is the best thing I ever invested in . bullet feeder because with the roller handle and case feeder you can up your production.
  8. I am loading 40 so I guess it’s not an issue. I did have some spillage on the 550 though even loading 40 .
  9. I got a 750 in January. I have run about 4000 rounds through it and not one primmer issue . I have seen where people had issue with the 650 . I like the fact that the went to a 550 style priming style system . I always had two 550s one large and one small. Now I want to invest in another 750 . Lol
  10. I have a 750 amd have not seen the need for the bearing upgrade on mine so far . I have not had and problems with it spilling . I do use the DAA brushes and not the Dillon pins on mine .
  11. Thank you! I knew they were out there somewhere .
  12. Anybody know where to get the clips that hold the primers in the Dillon tubes? lowes or home depot should have them if I knew exactly what size to get . I was going to buy in bulk to have on hand . I only see them from Dillon in a kit with tube ends and dot need another one of those kits in my parts bin
  13. Seems like to me for 200 bucks and so much trouble I can save myself a lot of worry about working ammo with by sticking to my flip tray and 10 tubes to fill. Really you could load a lot of tubes while you are working on this thing and who knows if in 6 months your ammo is going to be contaminated . Sorry but I really wanted one but will have to pass .
  14. Why would you not use the Dillon powder measure ? I have been using one for years with no problem.
  15. I have a couple off eBay . I use them on my 750 which are the 650 . That way I can leave the dies in them and don’t have to the adjust them each time . They work just fine for me .
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