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  1. I got a spring set from Home Depot for less than 5.00 and this from Range Panda for 5 bucks works great. https://rangepanda.com/collections/misc-products/products/mr-bullet-feeder-die-return No more double feeds. It seems like if a bullet is dropping through the spring that the die has enough side pressure it won't close. the spring pulls it closed as soon as the bullet drops into the brass. Mine would drop really well for 15 times then would shoot 3 or four bullets out all over the floor. in 600 rounds I have not had an issue.
  2. I thought the screws were 4-40 I may be wrong . I got a holster repair kit like this one for cheap . I have a bad habit of loosing screws .
  3. Any suggestions on a go pro hat type mount ? What works best ? Where is the best place to get one ?
  4. I am looking for a more accurate powder scale . I have an RCBS . Any good suggestions ?
  5. If you still use a resize die what’s the point of spending all that money on a roll sizer ? . I use a resizing die and at the last place I have a lee resizing / factory crimp die . One out of 500 may not case gauge. Those get tossed in the practice ammo bucket .
  6. i agree . Maybe if you were going to shoot more it would be worth it or if you are going to shoot competition with the rifle . I would go with the 550 for rifle though is you decide and it easily knocked out pistol ammo at 500 plus an hour . I have done 100 every 10 min if you have plenty of primer tubes loaded up and clean brass .
  7. I upgraded from a 550 to a xl750. once I worked out the bugs it runs great . it had a few problems. The biggest was the primmer guide wheel would not return because it kept hanging up. I found a spring in a Home Depot pack that fit over the shaft and put the guide back on then the clip . This kept it out so it didn't hang up anymore and it was fine .
  8. i will have to try that tomorrow if I have room . Xl 750
  9. I just got my Lee U Die . Its almost to short for my Dillon tool head . I had to put a different lock nut on it because I had ti screw it down so far to get it to go all the way to the bottom of the case. Anybody else had this problem? Other than that it works really well.
  10. TG been using it a long time . Never been an issue until I got this new press and powder measure
  11. Anybody have an idea why the plastic square on the side of the powder measure would break? I have gone through 2 in about 350 rounds .
  12. Just got my Dram Work hopper. Going to install it and give it a shot in a little bit later today.
  13. I would like to see more about this . Could you get any pictures or likes?
  14. yes I use walnut first . Thank’s for the polish idea I will try that . I like tinkering with stuff like that . . I just can’t get past the idea of washing my brass and what if I don’t get it dry . Lol plus I like my set up. I fill my tumblers and set my timer and they run when I am at work. After a couple days I have plenty of clean brass to load for a while .
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