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  1. How many people have the 2211 conversions or custom 2211 for steel Challenge? What kind and how well do they run?
  2. I am glad that’s all you have to do . I have two that are jamming in both my steel Challenge guns.
  3. Anybody have any good tuning ideas for 22/45 magazines?
  4. I have loaded 2000 Small pistol primers so far and not a problem with the DAA I got . I passed on there first tube filer but this one has been well worth the money.
  5. I thinks so. It does not move if the lever is down .
  6. I like the Everglades over the safariland I have both and the way the Everglades keeps the gun secure is better In my opinion
  7. I don’t see where they even list holsters . It’s the same old 3D primed stuff on there
  8. Thats what I ended up doing 1.HEIC2.HEIC4.HEIC 5.HEIC
  9. I put this together to put my DAA racks on . Didn't have a good place to mount it so I can move this out of the way when I don't need it. IMG_3077 2.HEIC IMG_3077 2.HEIC
  10. I have a Mark III and just got a Mark IV . the base pads are different but are the tubes the same? Can I change the base pads and use the same tubes or can I modify the grip on the MIV to accept the the MIII base pads .
  11. Eagle Eye has good matches and I don't think their rules to practice are that strict there. You can pay by the day to practice. Strategic Edge is a private range with a membership but the do have USPSA matches once a month.
  12. So I got my primmer tube filler/small tubes combo pack plus an extra 15 tubes cuz I am anal that way and like stuff to match. This thing worked great . Once you find the angle to hold it at . The trick is to not angle all the primers at the tube but keep a steady line going into the tube. I filled ten tubes in about the time I would have picked up 2 tubes the old way.
  13. Are there any steel challenge pod cast and if so lost them please
  14. Do you guys use a magwell on your 22/45 ? I was thinking maybe it would help with grip and balance . I really don’t expect to be making to many mag changes . If you do use one which one do you use ?
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