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  1. I have loaded 2000 Small pistol primers so far and not a problem with the DAA I got . I passed on there first tube filer but this one has been well worth the money.
  2. I thinks so. It does not move if the lever is down .
  3. I like the Everglades over the safariland I have both and the way the Everglades keeps the gun secure is better In my opinion
  4. I don’t see where they even list holsters . It’s the same old 3D primed stuff on there
  5. Thats what I ended up doing 1.HEIC2.HEIC4.HEIC 5.HEIC
  6. I put this together to put my DAA racks on . Didn't have a good place to mount it so I can move this out of the way when I don't need it. IMG_3077 2.HEIC IMG_3077 2.HEIC
  7. I have a Mark III and just got a Mark IV . the base pads are different but are the tubes the same? Can I change the base pads and use the same tubes or can I modify the grip on the MIV to accept the the MIII base pads .
  8. Eagle Eye has good matches and I don't think their rules to practice are that strict there. You can pay by the day to practice. Strategic Edge is a private range with a membership but the do have USPSA matches once a month.
  9. So I got my primmer tube filler/small tubes combo pack plus an extra 15 tubes cuz I am anal that way and like stuff to match. This thing worked great . Once you find the angle to hold it at . The trick is to not angle all the primers at the tube but keep a steady line going into the tube. I filled ten tubes in about the time I would have picked up 2 tubes the old way.
  10. Are there any steel challenge pod cast and if so lost them please
  11. Do you guys use a magwell on your 22/45 ? I was thinking maybe it would help with grip and balance . I really don’t expect to be making to many mag changes . If you do use one which one do you use ?
  12. Yup that’s what I have been seeing. Thanks
  13. In my 750 I use Redding and lee. I use the lee factory crimp and a bulge buster And a Redding seat die. I do see all these pictures of these red, blue , gold dies that don’t look like what I am using. What are those and who is using them?
  14. I have decided after changing the button I am going back to my old mag release and the Everglades holster . I don’t like the fact you really don’t like the fact I need to change my gun to use it . Back to my old holster . Going to sell it
  15. Well it’s a no go on my limited gun. Holds the gun just fine . The extended mag release With the Ed Brown button on it won’t let the lever lock without pushing the mag button and the mag popping out. Works good on my 1911’s
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