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  1. This is what I'm wondering too. Were there 2 springs and a saddle included with it? I've put in 10-15 Aftec's and have never had to bend one...ever.
  2. Lone Wolf makes a great barrel for under $100. However, I've shot tens of thousands of rounds of both Moly and straight lead bullets through factory 17/34/35 barrels without any problem or build-up.
  3. It generally got trashed in the reviews, but I enjoyed it. If you can get through the hokie "Girl-Power" plot there really is some great action sequences and even better CGI.
  4. Saw it the other night in 3D and really enjoyed it. It's hard to say if it was the best of the 3, but they definitely cranked up the CGI for this one. Overall I'd say it's one of the best movies I've seen this year.
  5. You can't...Those are the best frozen pizza's ever made
  6. Hey Craig, I'll take those night sights. I need a good set of steel sights for a back-up duty gun. If I can get your address I will get you a money order out today after work. Thanks again.


  7. I use nothing but BladeTech as well.
  8. Honestly I wish I could give you some advice other than I feel your pain. We bought a 650 and it was really a royal PITA so we "downgraded" to a 550 and have never been happier. Broke that round plastic indexing wheel thing twice plus I had two catastrophic KB's in the primer system. That was enough for me...
  9. Number of years ago, I freezer tested some FP10, slide-glide and 7808 turbine engine oil and found the 7808 to be hands-down the best of the bunch. Slide-glide basically froze, FP10 did well but the 7808 didn't loose anything. All 3 are fine lubes for what we use them for, but if you shoot in an area that has extreme low/high temps it's advantageous to find something that will work year round. 7808 does that for me.
  10. Personally I thought it was a little on the boring side, but a definite step up from the "My Daddy doesn't like me" bike-building waterhead
  11. My advice would be to find a Reserve unit and join that. Right now is NOT a good time to be in the military, especially Army or the Corps. You get ALL the education benefits but only have to do 1 weekend per month and the annual training. Use their money and go to College. Don't Fk around being a pee-on for 4-6 yrs. Face it, your first term in the military, your not going to be doing anthing of any great importance and you certainly won't have any seniority to do as you please. If you do Reserves, in 4-5 years you'll be getting your degree when you would normally just be getting off of Active duty. Best of luck whichever you choose.
  12. So I'm sitting at work today looking at a few gun sites, minding my own business and this co-worker walks up behind me, I could sense he was watching over my shoulder for a minute or two. First words out of his mouth were "So you getting ready to go postal? Buying a bunch of guns are you?" For some reason that just rubbed me the wrong damn way and I politely told him to go look over somebody elses shoulder. Sad that people out there still categorize us...luckily everyone in my office is a gun-nut, so the damage was nil.
  13. I would say getting classified higher in one division over the other is a myth, Production and Limited are both extremely competitive and you truly have to earn your classification. You have the best possible gun in the 35 to make your own decision. If you don't like shooting Limited, you can shoot it in Production without losing anything competitively. Do the math on buying ammo and you'll see it won't take too long to pay for a reloading setup. I think in THIS situation, your gun-store ordering the wrong gun will actually work in your favor.
  14. Clancy Brown, he's a great actor. From "Kurgan" in Highlander to the voice of Krusty Crab....What happened?
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