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  1. Hey Craig, I'll take those night sights. I need a good set of steel sights for a back-up duty gun. If I can get your address I will get you a money order out today after work. Thanks again.


  2. You bring a holster and a timer to the carnival to play the shooting games...
  3. My 1st Benny Hill Super Fat Free that I sold.......Or just a Glock, any Glock
  4. Are there any plans in work for the 4.5" SC to be made in 9mm? I'd order one tomorrow if it were to be.
  5. I've used Precisions and bulletworks lead through my 22, 24, 34 and 35 with no problems whatsoever. Many thousands and thousands of rounds.
  6. Do you have the Limited ProSC in Stock ready to ship? Or is there a waiting list?
  7. B Production 66 points 10.06 seconds 6.5606 HF
  8. I don't need 4 mags, but I do need a 38 Super 170mm with the max cap tuning. Will you have them for sale?
  9. "Ultimate Advanced Revolver" Starring Jerry Miculek. VERY close behind in 2nd would be "Mystery Men" with Ben Stiller I'm easily entertained.
  10. For 1000 .40's, this is what I pay. Precision Lead bullets $45/1000 Winchester Primers $15/1000 Titegroup Powder, roughly $12/thousand Once fired brass $9/thousand This comes up to $81 per thousand and they are loaded the way I like them. If you want to shoot alot, reloading is the only way you can do it.
  11. Thats kinda what I thought, interesting reading. I will probaby just go with a Bar-Sto or Nowlin Bull barrel.
  12. I did a search and didn't come up with much, but Limcats website says the tungsten/stainless barrels are 2.5 oz. heavier than a factory bull barrel, does that make alot of difference at 170pf? (Using 180grn .40) For those who have one, is recoil really reduced that much to justify the cost?
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