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  1. Find the Hayes video on YouTube that talks about adjusting the 22tcm mags and see if yours need that. Also Atlas has a mag tuning video with proper feedlip measurements, might need to open up the front of the feedlip a bit to aid the bullet tip up and feed better.
  2. Mine is a guncraft, that looks to be discontinued, and looks like similar quality . It could be better quality, took some love smoothing it out but has worked flawless with mecgar and MBX mags. I believe the threads are 4-40.
  3. https://www.sladestreettactical.com/1911-fits-para-ordinance-extended-45-button-magazine-release-mag-catch-black/
  4. I wouldn't mess with slide to frame, mine was pretty loose before I ceramic coated it then had to lap it in. Accuracy was fine with it loose, and it ran great(still does). Atlas makes a nice high grip shielded single side safety, might work good with big hands. They also carry the X-line Vario triggers, I just put one in mine and fitting was easy, and adjustable in every way. I ground the he'll out of the stock magwell for my fat palm to feel comfortable, it worked for a while, just got the Hayes which needed some love to fit smooth and some grip tape cuz it is slick and wasn't helping my grip, feels great in my hand though. I had some light strikes when I tried a lighter main spring and that was before I had a Dawson extended FP, so watch for that.
  5. https://www.arredondoaccessories.com/product/flat-base-pads-2/ Select Para-Ordinance in the drop down menu
  6. It looks like you can take a little bit off with out messing them up. If you do mess them up Arrendando makes flat basepads that might work, or try calling Advanced Tactical to see if they sell just the basepad, it doesn't look like it by the website but you never know.
  7. Yes the sear, disco, hammer and springs are the same as 1911 . I just fit an X-line Vario trigger(Atlas Gunworks) to my Rock Island, just needed a little bit taken off the bottom rear of the shoe .
  8. GET OUT NOW!!! I escaped 5 yrs ago. Where you at there?
  9. Taylor Freelance makes extended basepads that work well with the standard magwell.
  10. Birchwood Casey makes aluminum black, comes in a pen or a bottle depending on how much you need . Looks like it's the same as the Caswell plating stuff with similar results.
  11. Talk him out of it, tell him that pic rails are not made to be used on reciprocating slides and wont stand up or hold zero well . On a rifle the pic rail just needs to hold up against recoil, not being slammed back the other direction also . Height over bore would be another issue to bring up . None of this may be true but thats what I'd go with . Mill it for the fast fire or adapter plates.
  12. Then there is always gunbroker!! https://www.gunbroker.com/item/861834241
  13. The Pro match 40 is actually a better gun to start with, particularly if you are going to shoot limited. If your set on 9mm then it looks like your gonna have to search a bit harder. My thoughts are if Buds is out of stock it won't be easy to find, then getting it to you will also be difficult at this time.
  14. Can't imagine a built open gun without an extended firing pin. There would have to be a good amount of water in the brass to cause no detonation at all, I had some rounds about a month ago I must not have let dry long enough that acted more like squibs or just real low powered rounds, luckily all lead still cleared the barrel and the rest of the rounds from that session went to the practice lot. I'd lean towards primers not seated deep enough as the most likely cause. Inspect your loading process and load up some extras to do a bit a testing prior to the next match, it sucks being at a match with those issues, I know the feeling. Good luck!
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