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  1. Didn't even look under the TCM tab!! Seems odd they wouldn't offer it in just 9mm . Very sure all 9mm and TCM barrells are ramped. I haven't had any trouble with mags at all, but if you get a TCM model then you might need to tune on the feed lips just a little, pretty easy to do, and Hayes has a video of it I believe.
  2. Do they even offer a Hicap with 4 inch barrell? I looked through the website and don't see anything. Are you planning on building yourself with a Hicap frame? I gotta say I wouldn't even think of carrying my full-size Hicap, it's reliable enough but way to heavy, Heck my 19 fully loaded tugs at the pants a bit!! Rp9 mags are no better than the standard mecgar, I run DAA springs and followers with 100 percent reliability. The only thing I see missing on your list would be an extended firing pin for reliable ignition at all times.
  3. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/redhead-soft-pistol-cases?cm_sp=KOSlPrPsSep2019_CFM At this price you can't go wrong!
  4. https://mbxextreme.com/index.php?page=ParaMags Might be able to use the 40/10mm mags and tune the feed lips.
  5. Well I only do it if there is a safe table at the stage and I can walk over and do it whenever I want, if you are have some one bring your bag to the line to unholster then yes I can see that holding up the show a bit, my way has no bearing on what else is happening.
  6. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/redhead-soft-pistol-cases 5 bucks solved the issue for me. I'll unholster between stages sometimes so no issues while ROing or resetting either.
  7. So I looked at the rule listed on practiscore for for failure to activate it is 9.9.4- so the rule would only apply to level 1 matches where WSB states activation must happen before engaging the moving target. I concede I was wrong for this instance .
  8. How do you not get a failure to activate when the moving target/ no shoot was not activated??? 9.9.3 is (as I understand) direction on how to score the paper, not a release from a failure to activate. While my case is very weak as it is not explicit in the rule book, why would there even be a failure to activate, which I've seen on every scoring tablet I have handled?
  9. Well I can't find it either, but failure to activate is a procedural penalty, and it would seem to fit the description.
  10. Actually 3 Mike 1 FTSA 1 Failure to Activate.
  11. Been shootin to much to do any more than you see there, haven't even coated it yet. The slide fixture is one I made from a panhard bar mount for a dirt latemodel, my former job was crew chief for a race team. I like using stuff I got laying around and it was a good project to get used to operating the mill.
  12. Upon closer inspection I think your right!! Well I have chickened out so far and just tri-topped it and reworked the cocking serrations. Gonna take some more figuring to achieve what I want, and I wanted to shoot this weekend so it will have to happen later.
  13. Hayes Custom is making them now also. http://hayescustomguns.com/rock-island-competition-magwell/
  14. Ya, I guess I just want to remove as much steel as possible, or that is my thinking anyway.
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