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  1. I think an adjustable version would do well, not just for competition market. I like the idea!
  2. Your friend owes you a new slide, that is a hack job and unfortunate, I'd go as far as cutting off the power cord to his mill.
  3. Hope you're not lefty!! JP's idea is that it pushes back into the strong hand on the hand guard and does a better job of keeping you in the red dot/optic.
  4. Just a tip, if your doing small parts you can put them in a freezer bag or small plastic container with just the amount of solution to cover them and not have to fill the tub with solution, just water.
  5. You can try to clean it up, but that first part is pretty badly pitted, not just surface rust. I think I'd replace it and start using this .
  6. Not from what I've read in 1911 forums, in fact Colt, Wilson and others have made them at some point.
  7. Ya, it is still that way now as I can't decide wether I'm done making modifications or not. Very minor surface rust so far, might just clear coat it and go for a rat rod look!!??.
  8. Just want to be clear, my question is about how it was handled on the RO side of things and in no way ment to slight Jacob in any way, and I agree it shows the great integrity that should be a normal thing in this sport .
  9. That would be simple enough, I guess the way I read the post made it sound like something more.
  10. https://m.facebook.com/USAMU1956/photos/a.289924684733/10158023431479734/?type=3
  11. Read a FB post this morning about how Sgt. Jacob Hetherington (AMU) penalized himself at Nationals. Been thinking all day on how this happens? I personally would not score any penalty that I, or the other RO's on the stage, did not witness, as in see with my own two eyes, even if the competitor said he did it. Just curious on what actually happened, and how others would handle that situation .
  12. I'm no smith, but I did these on my RIA and the grip level is incredibly improved over the standard serations.
  13. Didn't even look under the TCM tab!! Seems odd they wouldn't offer it in just 9mm . Very sure all 9mm and TCM barrells are ramped. I haven't had any trouble with mags at all, but if you get a TCM model then you might need to tune on the feed lips just a little, pretty easy to do, and Hayes has a video of it I believe.
  14. Do they even offer a Hicap with 4 inch barrell? I looked through the website and don't see anything. Are you planning on building yourself with a Hicap frame? I gotta say I wouldn't even think of carrying my full-size Hicap, it's reliable enough but way to heavy, Heck my 19 fully loaded tugs at the pants a bit!! Rp9 mags are no better than the standard mecgar, I run DAA springs and followers with 100 percent reliability. The only thing I see missing on your list would be an extended firing pin for reliable ignition at all times.
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