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  1. https://mbxextreme.com/index.php?page=ParaMags Might be able to use the 40/10mm mags and tune the feed lips.
  2. Well I only do it if there is a safe table at the stage and I can walk over and do it whenever I want, if you are have some one bring your bag to the line to unholster then yes I can see that holding up the show a bit, my way has no bearing on what else is happening.
  3. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/redhead-soft-pistol-cases 5 bucks solved the issue for me. I'll unholster between stages sometimes so no issues while ROing or resetting either.
  4. So I looked at the rule listed on practiscore for for failure to activate it is 9.9.4- so the rule would only apply to level 1 matches where WSB states activation must happen before engaging the moving target. I concede I was wrong for this instance .
  5. How do you not get a failure to activate when the moving target/ no shoot was not activated??? 9.9.3 is (as I understand) direction on how to score the paper, not a release from a failure to activate. While my case is very weak as it is not explicit in the rule book, why would there even be a failure to activate, which I've seen on every scoring tablet I have handled?
  6. Well I can't find it either, but failure to activate is a procedural penalty, and it would seem to fit the description.
  7. Actually 3 Mike 1 FTSA 1 Failure to Activate.
  8. Been shootin to much to do any more than you see there, haven't even coated it yet. The slide fixture is one I made from a panhard bar mount for a dirt latemodel, my former job was crew chief for a race team. I like using stuff I got laying around and it was a good project to get used to operating the mill.
  9. Upon closer inspection I think your right!! Well I have chickened out so far and just tri-topped it and reworked the cocking serrations. Gonna take some more figuring to achieve what I want, and I wanted to shoot this weekend so it will have to happen later.
  10. Hayes Custom is making them now also. http://hayescustomguns.com/rock-island-competition-magwell/
  11. Ya, I guess I just want to remove as much steel as possible, or that is my thinking anyway.
  12. Ya, that's something there, so at least I'm on the right track. Seems like this might be an interesting setup with a sightblock or island barrel.
  13. I tried the Fusion brand, right side fell out at a match but the left side stays put. I'm going to upgrade to the Limcat single side because I like that now. The Limcat is the only single sided shielded I have seen.
  14. I'm going to be doing some milling on my RIA Double stack 9mm and got to thinking of lightening the rear portion of the slide, like an open gun or RMR type cut. I believe it will give the most benefit to recoil reduction( I know it's only 9mm!!), and be more balanced weight wise. Now my thought is to make a billet aluminum plate to mount the rear sight, much like a red dot adapter plate, really need to do some hard measuring but looks like the meat is there to make it happen. Looking for any insight y'all might have, or if anyone has seen or heard or might even have pics of such a thing. Pic is what I'm talking about cutting out behind the ejection port.
  15. I know this is a bit old, but I just found it as I'm taking CRO course next month. Gotta say thanks to TennJeep, excellent tutorial and appreciate the download links, I was able to design a decent(at least I think so!!) stage in just a few hours without ever using Sketchup before. The only thing I think that would improve it is to show how to make a WSB with the designed stage, I figured out how to but I think it could complete the package. Again thanks for taking the time to make these videos! Oh, and here is a link to the stage walkthrough vid I made . https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TwwPNc-U_3CnPLqQ3H-9g2s5dl6Fj_-K/view?usp=drivesdk
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