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  1. I don't have a dog in this fight, however I will share that a shooting buddy of mine has broken 2 SVI barrels on two different pistols over the past 2-3 years. He has since ordered a STI DVC open pistol and was shooting that rig the end of last season.
  2. When do you guys start the countdown- when the order is placed on the website or when final configuration is confirmed with PT?
  3. Any plans to start stocking the Bul SS grip kits?
  4. CZs and Skoda's are two of Yigal's most desired things in this world
  5. Looks very nice TD. Wish I had the skills and tools to do something like that. Congrats!
  6. Since I'm stuck at home for the near term, I decided what the hell and ordered one of the Bul 2011 triggers and a few extra inserts. As long as my outdoor range stays open, I'll be able to test this out in a few weeks.
  7. muncie21

    CZ TSO 2016

    CZ makes some frames in their KS facility. Not sure if the TSO is one of them or not.
  8. Let's just keep this our little secret.
  9. If supplies are scarce now, I shudder to think of what they will be like in Nov if a certain party gains control of the WH
  10. I ordered mine on black Friday and made some changes to options some time in Dec. I also received the email about a delay caused by the new coating vendor. I started to get anxious in early March, when I didn't hear any updates on delivery timing. However, now most USPSA matches in my area are cancelled, so I'm a little less anxious now.
  11. I just noticed 2011 parts made by Bul Armory are now available. For example shooter's connection lists quite a few Bul made parts, to include modular triggers similar to the SV design. Anyone have experience with these parts in non- Bul 2011 pistols? I'm considering picking up a trigger and maybe a SS grip if it will accept standard 2011 mags.
  12. I did the same and just ordered a bearing and washer from Amazon. It was about $6. Here's the dimensions for the bearing.
  13. I have a PT EVO (AI) with Dawson magwell. Not fitting required.
  14. Those are the spring weights that I'm running in my 2 STIs, with 180gr bullets My PF is in the low 170's. Don't want to chance getting moved to minor over a few PFs points, that you really cannot feel at speed.
  15. I have a Kimber Target II in 9mm. I don't shoot it a lot but when I have it seems to function just fine.
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