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  1. I ran the light glock striker spring in my P10F and ended up with intermittent (1 or 2 every hundred or so) light strikes. Ended up putting the factory striker back in and the gun back in the safe until I have more time to tinker with springs and polish parts.
  2. Correct, most consumer/hobby 3D printer beds are 235x235x250 (LWH in mm) with the 'plus' models coming in around 350x350x400 or so. What a lot of folks do is design the prints to be assembled post printing. This can be done either mechanically, glue/chemicals, heat or a combination.
  3. I I was recently told 30-32 weeks. Not sure if this is from order or order confirmation, but wasn't important enough for me to go back and ask for clarification.
  4. Still working on this project however, got slowed down a bit with work plus had to redesign the lid a little as I couldn't fit an entire 'half' on my printer plate. So ended up quartering the lid and creating some tabs to connect the pieces while still keeping the hinge to be able to add cases. Once this gets closer to an actual usable component, I'll post some more pics and STL files.
  5. Generally speaking there are only 2 diameters for FO sight rods. If you send me an IM with your address and preferred color, I will send you a short piece of each size with diameter noted. Use these to fix your gun and then note the diameter that fits for future reference.
  6. My honcho is setup for USPSA Limited. I use the DAA Racemaster holster
  7. I'm just in the hole. Glad to see that there are others waiting longer than me for their orders. Not 'glad' for us customers, but at least I'm not alone and will have others to commiserate with
  8. Depends if I were speeding or not... Anyhow you'll get no grief from me. Thanks for the reminder and for volunteering your time to moderate these forums.
  9. Hi Grumpy, I'm planning to post the drawings (free) so that anyone that wants to print one can do so. If someone doesn't have the means of printing one themselves I would be open to work something out, but I've got no intentions of marketing/selling this contraption on BE. This is a productive way for me to improve my CAD skills while giving back to the reloading community at the same time.
  10. A mount (I'm thinking standardized mount like Go-Pro ones or even a picatinny rail across the top) could be incorporated into the top of the stationary side of the cover easy enough. This would allow a mirror or any other component/device to be mounted there. I don't do 3D CAD for a living so this is mainly fun/personal interest for me. I don't mind adding features, however keep in mind additional complexity will require more print time when you decide to print. The 30% model I created is ~4" in diameter (actual Dillon case feeder is 12 5/8) and took about 5 hours to print.
  11. Let me print out a full-size version to ensure everything fits correctly and incorporate some design improvements, then we can discuss.
  12. Here's a quick sketch along with 30% mock-up. I have most colors to print, including fluorescent orange, green and yellow for the folks that want to stand out. However I'd be happy to share the STL files also, for anyone that ones to print one themselves.
  13. I can sketch up a lid pretty quickly. In addition to a knob/handle to remove the lid and extra deep lip (so insulation can be added) any other features folks think would be useful?
  14. From the owner's manual PDF, see bottom portion for breach block screw specs
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