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  1. If you can move your safety up enough to catch the slide with the hammer down, likely the safety is worn or too much material was taken from it during fitting.
  2. I have an Edge which I'm currently trying to determine if the 10# progressive spring is better for me than the 11#'er.
  3. It looks to be targeted more for duty/carry than Limited competition. 4.15" barrel, tiny magwell and offered only in 9mm and 45 ACP. If the Staccato naming convention follows that of the DVC, the limited version will be Staccato-L.
  4. I store my bulk reloads in bins/totes and use the 100-round cases when I need to case gauge and get ready for a match. No reason to haul around 2-3K rounds of ammo in a bin/tote when you only need 300-500 for a match. As mentioned previously, using the 100-round cases makes it easy to check primers.
  5. Being an optimist, perhaps this is because the new Edges are so fantastic, there's no money to be made by tuning them
  6. muncie21

    CZC TS Base Pad Help

    All of my CZC basepads silde on/off easily, no mallet needed. Try borrowing a basepad from someone to determine if it's the basepad that is out of spec or the mag tube. If it's the basepad, I'd send it back to CZC, they will make it right.
  7. I'm sure there's more than one CM owner that would love to hear how you mounted the holosun using the standard CM mount. Post up how you did this and save yourself from answering those other 13.5 PMs.
  8. I use skate tape and find that it last longer than stair tape
  9. 1.13 OAL would be too long in most of my CZs.
  10. muncie21

    New Czechmate

    They are called ejector springs, $2 each from CZ USA and same for CM, TS and TSO. No idea if you can run without them.
  11. Sounds like CZ is tightening the belt. Hope they haven't moved from Scoda to Fiat for the metal though.
  12. I've read about increased incidence of splits with nickel cases, however I haven't experience this myself with reloading nickel 9mm and .40. Nickel seems to run through the press easier, which leads me to believe it would feed slightly more smoothly (all other things being equal) than brass. In either case (pun intended) both work fine for me.
  13. ^Agreed. Had the same issue/outcome when loading 147's. Changing the flare didn't help because the coating was getting scraped by the sized/tapered portion of the case. I imagine there's a host of ways to approach fixing this issue, from dies, testing different bullet profiles to what Lee mentions about the powder die. For me the easiest/quickest resolution was to quit loading 147s; no issues since then.
  14. I believe that some TS/TSO 9mm folks have similar issues (albeit not with 170mm mags) and the issues were primarily around the factory followers. I could be mistaken as its been some time since I have read/researched 9mm TSO mag issues.
  15. I load 9 major for the CM also, but don't load that long. Might want to try some shorter (or factory) ammo to see if the issue changes with the ammo.
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