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  1. I think the link below is what you're looking for. It tells you which quick change parts are needed for which calibers, as some of the quick-change parts and calibers overlap. http://thegunwiki.com/apps/calconversion/
  2. I have an aluminum PT grip, which is really ‘grippy’. Ordered a lone star steel grip to see if the added weight is beneficial to me.
  3. muncie21

    TS vs TSO

    Another added benefit of the plastic trigger is that the adjustment screws don't seem to 'walk' as easy on the plastic as compared to metal triggers.
  4. Coating the grip will make make the grip a little bit less agreessive.
  5. muncie21

    TS vs TSO

    Main differences are grip size (TSO is smaller) and dust cover (TSO is full, TS has angled cut towards the end). Sights are different, as is the magwell, however those are both replaceable.
  6. I placed an order for the DWX from Brownells today. Since they don't charge your CC until the order ships, I'm OK with waiting a bit.
  7. If it's the TSO with the silver grips, that appears to be a CZC safety that has been modified/shaped a little bit. Safety is definitely old school TS/TSO, not the S2 design.
  8. Wut? This is one of my favorite powders. ;(
  9. If STI doesn't offer a reasonable replacement to the DVC ( haven't seen any Edge replacements either) I'm considering BUL, DW DWX and Honcho for my next limited blaster.
  10. I like the width and contour of the SVi extra wide, single sided (for right handed shooters) safety. My strong side thumb naturally rests over it providing me a very comfortable, high grip that naturally forces the safety down. For those that have the SVI extra wide and also wide safeties from other manufactures, any comments as to brands that have similar width and contour to the SVI one?
  11. I was interested in learning the reason behind the discrepancy between PT Redneck's load velocities and what most of us are seeing. Imagine my surprise when I looked to for lot number on my #1 container and discovered it was nowhere to be found. Perhaps the original packaging (long gone) had that info, but it certainly wasn't on the container that I have. I've seen pics of 8# canisters having the lot number so I know that at least some containers are marked, but mine certainly was not; glad my loads seem to be performing withing the average velocity of most folks loading 9mm major here.
  12. Get a progressive, I prefer blue, but most any red or blue progressive is better than a single stage, unless you're making bulls-eye loads.
  13. Here's the interesting thing about the Honcho and DWX. Honcho uses PT grip which was designed to mimic CZ grip angle and locking block design similar to CZ type guns DWX uses 1911-like top end and straight pull trigger (unlike the hinge design of the CZ 75/TS) to mimic the 2011. For me, it appears that both manufacturer's are evolving, by adding design elements that are in demand and eliminating those less desired.
  14. Select CZ75 and from there you'll get a drop down menu where you can select TS and TSO. I believe the only difference is the length, as the TSO would require a shorter grip because of the magwell.
  15. I missed the veterans day sale by few hours. Hoping there will be another sale between now and Christmas, otherwise I may be obligated to pick up the new Dan Wesson DWX limited blaster.
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