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  1. muncie21

    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    I have, and have shot both, in USPSA limited division. Neither pistol made me progress to GM Both are very capable pistols, seems to be a matter of personal preference.
  2. @regor thanks for the link to the LW comp w/CZ. I'm planning to give this a try, as I have one laying around.
  3. I installed one of the Bul triggers in my 2011 STI. Dropped right in, only adjustments I made was to pre/over travel. It would have been nice if Bul would have provided an allen key and a couple of extra screws. If I ever lose the small screws shipping will be a killer. I may end up ordering a 50-pack (sheer overall mind you) online so I have a few spares handy. The interchangeable shoe is priced a bit better than the x-line ones.
  4. 9mm boresnake or wood dowel from the barrel end
  5. I'm no engineer, however the design reminds me of a glock,, with the Honcho's locking block being physically larger than that of the glock. This arrangement seems to work OK for Glock. I'll keep an open mind until we start getting multiple reports of cracked Honcho locking blocks.
  6. If anyone's interested, here's a picture of how the locking block and barrel ft together. I cannot comment on the design, but functionality wise, shoots very flat.
  7. Otherwise known as farting in a crowded room, then leaving; you cause a stink and leave without owning up to the poo you caused.
  8. Looks like a thread detour is in the works- going from STI name/business focus change, to 'what gun would you carry...'
  9. I think you’all will be very pleased with the end product, I know I was. Visually the finish of the pistol was excellent with no blemishes that I could find. Shot my first USPSA match of the season yesterday, with it in .40 maj config (site block) yesterday, no malfunctions, very little flip.
  10. I have used CCI, S&B, Winchester and Fiocchi SPPs in my 650, using a virbaprime unit to collate them. The only ones that give me issues during collating are the Winny's. All flow fine through my press though.
  11. My SV has the rear sight with fiber, exactly like your picture. Too distracting for me so I blacked out the fiber with a marker. I also have STI with standard adjustable all black rear and much prefer this type of sight.
  12. I have used both of the Brazo's profiles in my 2011s (STI) without issue. My guns prefer the bullet with the lube grooves for some reason. OAL of 1.0x seems really short, mine are ~1.1x, with 'X' being 3-6/7, depending on the bullet profile and the pistol (I have both CZs and 2011s for Limited Major) it's intended for.
  13. I picked up my Honcho from my FFL earlier in the week. It came with the 9mm parts installed. Since I shoot mostly limited major, I installed the .40 sight block barrel, recoil spring (I believe the one that ships with it is 11#) and .40 breach block, as it came with 9mm components installed. I also replaced the PT factory magwell for a Dawson one I had laying around (posted about this earlier) as my STI mags with the Dawson SNL basepads wouldn't seat fully with the PT magwell. Took it to the range (finally) this afternoon for it's maiden voyage. Pleasantly surprised to run 100+ rounds (my reloads w/coated bullets) through with no malfunctions of any kind. Accuracy was fantastic; arguably better than any of my STIs, but this could just be my bias after waiting 5+ months for this rig to be built and be delivered. The only issue I have (posted about this earlier) is that my STI mags don't drop freely & consistently. I have a PT grip on a STI frame that runs everything I have 100%, so I'm thinking there's a minor difference between the PT frame dimensions/tolerances and the STI.
  14. This behavior (hammer dropping from half-cock) didn't seem right, but I was curious enough to go and check. Sure enough my TSOs & CMs all do this. The trigger doesn't feel right/smooth when doing this though. Almost as if something is being 'forced' that shouldn't be.
  15. Finally made it to my FFL to pick up my Honcho. Overall the pistol looks great, slide feels super smooth when racking it. I noticed that it doesn't seem to like my STI magazines, either Gen 1 or 2, they dont drop immediately when the mag release is pressed like my other 2011s do. The issue seems to be the relationship between the mag release and the slot in the mags. I tried 5 or 6 mags that work fine in my STI guns and none would drop free reliably in the Honcho. Since these work fine in my other pistols I"m going to pick up 1 or 2 MBX mags to try, before I start monkeying around and filing on perfectly good mags; I'm assuming the mag slots needs to be modified. Another thing I noticed is that the Honcho magwell won't allow Dawson SNL basepads to fully seat. I swapped the factory Honcho magwell with a Dawson that I had laying around and the mags inserted and locked-in just fine, they just wouldn't drop free, as mentioned above. Overall, at this point (in spite of the mag issue) I'm happy with the pistol. Planning to get some range time in this weekend to see how she runs/shoots.
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