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  1. I have both 9mm and .40 CZs and have developed loads for each using round nose, hollow point, truncated cone, etc. Any of these projectiles will work, you just need to tailor to round to your specific pistol/barrel. Oh and congrats on leaving the range with all 10 fingers still attached and functional.
  2. muncie21

    Czechmate vs Parrot

    CZ Customs has 1 CM in stock. Bunch on GB also
  3. What case gauge are you using and how does it compare to the barrel of the firearm you wish to shoot said cartridge from? I have found that my Dillon single case gauge and shockwave case gauge (100 rounds) to have differences of opinion on what is acceptable. I use my barrel to break the tie.
  4. muncie21

    CZC TS Base Pad Help

    You're not trying to put a CZ 75 basepad on a Tactical sport mag are you? My CZC basepads (for TS/TSO) slide on/off very easily.
  5. muncie21


    Looking at the MSRP and specs on the Staccato-P, I would expect the entry level (DLC finish) Stacatto-L will be priced right around $1999. Hard chrome will add a few hundred bucks, just like the Edge platform.
  6. It's an older build, but still running strong
  7. Dillon CS is amazing. Now tell us how the BS class went? 6 days is a lot of shooting.
  8. Seems you're on the right track OP. To verify powder drop, I drop 10 charges into a container and then measure, moving the decimal over mentally. Do this 3 times and you should be good to go.
  9. Do the plunk & spin test brother. If you're not familiar with the test, reach out to google, lots of instructions and vids.
  10. When you setup your chrono, you'll need to enter some information in order for the chrono to calculate correctly. Distance to Chrono: Pretty self explanatory Ballistic coefficient: I normally leave it as 1. Bullet weight: enter in grains
  11. OP- in addition to the other very good and constructive suggestions, here's my suggestions to get started Rough set your dies, aside from the sizing die, you'll likely need to tweak the rest Place a fired shell in your seating die station and seat a projectile slightly longer than recommended. Chamber the round and remove, this will get you close to your OAL, you may need to fine tune your seating die to get the bullet to plunk/spin After I have OAL dialed in, you'll need to set your expanding die to expand enough for the bullet to be seated without scraping, but not so much that the flared portion of the case contact the decapping/crimping die causing excessive brass particles. Once you have these parameters set, load up the 10 or so samples per charge and work up your ladder. Keep in mind, you'll need to verify OAL for each bullet weight/shape. Good luck and looking forward to seeing results this weekend! BTW, I have the same chrono and use it frequently. I'm sure there are better ones or ones with more features, but that one gets the basics of the job done.
  12. Sounds like you have a newer TSO. Not sure why, but TS, TSO and CM are coming with the thicker trigger guard. Wonder if it's cost savings or Scoda's are getting scarce
  13. Ya know, there's a whole reloading forum where this topic has been discussed many times. Not bitching, just saying for those that don't know.
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