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  1. muncie21

    n320 temp sensitive?

    I know a few guys that shoot .40 S&W (major) in open. N320 would be perfectly fine for this. Although I suspect you were thinking more along the lines of 9mm major.
  2. muncie21

    TS Grip Modification

    Try some Lok Boggies, they are pretty grippy without shredding your skin.
  3. Looking at the mag holders on that belt there's s a lot of bullets (100 rnds + 20/21 in pistol) being carried around batman
  4. muncie21

    Is vvn320 worth the extra cost

    OP/ @Jess409 How did the Sport Powder work out for you?
  5. muncie21

    CBC Brass - NEVER AGAIN!

    Damn that's some perk. Guessing the free brass isn't the reason she's an 'X'
  6. muncie21

    TSO upper and Czechmate Comp

    TSO dust cover is too long for the CM barrel & Comp.
  7. muncie21

    Does anyone use variable springs?

    Thanks Sarge, I wasn't aware of that and will add SC springs to my shopping list.
  8. muncie21

    Does anyone use variable springs?

    Speaking of springs, I'm looking to perform some testing over the winter break and wanted to see who has the best pricing on springs, considering shipping also. I typically see recoil springs priced at $6-8, however with shipping at $10-15 I'd need to buy quite a few springs to make the purchase seem worth while.
  9. muncie21

    Brass tumbling recommendations

    Another wet tumbler here. Squirt of car wax after cleaning with detergent makes cases run through my 650 without lube or extra effort. I dry the cases for a day or 3 (depending on relative humidity) before dumping them in my 'clean brass' bin. I plan ahead, so normally have several thousand clean cases ready to load at any point in time.
  10. muncie21

    Czechmate *thumb rest [generic]* and slide racker question

    Following this thread as I have the factory CM racker, while functional it could stand to be improved.
  11. muncie21

    Chamber checker for longer loads

    Thanks Grumpy!
  12. muncie21

    9mm reloading problems

    I'm not experienced enough to tell you where the problem is, however I'd suggest you take note of what @IDescribe recommends. At the very least, confirm they are not applicable to your situation.
  13. muncie21

    Chamber checker for longer loads

    So I'm confused (don't worry, wouldn't be the first time) is the issue OAL or diameter? I'm seeing comments related to both and not sure which is actually the problem.
  14. muncie21

    9mm reloading problems

    @redpillregret why would one think that a case fired from pistol A, would fit into the barrel of pistol B? Not trying to be a jerk, however this logic eludes me as barrel tolerances and regulated enough for one to make this comparison.
  15. Recent USPSA article provided details of top 9mm major powders, pistols, brass, etc. shot during the 2018 nationals. https://uspsa.org/magazine/view//2019-00#page=34 Interesting thing I saw was the top powder (by percentage) was VV 3N38. If you added the two VV powders (3N38 & 3N37) they almost doubled (not quite) the next runner-up, WAC. Kinda disappointed to see that AA#7 and Shooters World Major didn't make the top of the list.