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  1. CZC baselads combined with grams guts are pretty popular
  2. You can have the frame drilled for the optic mount. If your S2 has a manual safety I believe you can start with the gun locked and cocked like 2011s.
  3. OP- Since what you’re looking for ‘appears’ to be a pistol to shoot 9 minor (for shooting both open and SC) why not add an optic to your S2 and get another barrel with a comp. you’d be able to shoot open minor and SC by only changing out the barrel and bolting on the optic. If you’re in the mood for a new pistol, then as an owner of both CM and 2011’s, either would be good candidates for your needs; they both have pros and cons as others have noted.
  4. $0.04 per piece still is a good price, but PD was selling it cheaper this summer/fall. PD ships pretty quick and the brass looked to be indoor pickups. I.e. no dirt, mud, etc.
  5. The stock CM picture on CZ USA's website appears to be an early model. Zoom in on the serial number and you'll see the number "9" before the proof symbol and the SN starting with an "A". My CZ has "17" before the proof mark, "C" serial number prefix and the extra holes drilled for the t-rest on the optic mount.
  6. I have tested three powders for my CM, with factory barrel. All were PD 124 JHP's loaded to 1.11 OAL. SWMP 9.3g 173PF AA#7 9.2g 173PF WAC 6.5g 175PF
  7. Another vote for changing the indexing spring. My spring looked fine, but when I removed it, from the arm, it came apart in 2 pieces.
  8. As someone else mentioned, the bullet profile you pictured is typical when using the Dillon brand sizing die. If this bothers you, buy Lee or someone else's sizing die.
  9. With STI not making the entry level Edge and mid-level DVC anymore, I expect the used market for entry level 2011's. to grow. I'd estimate a factory, unmolested .40 DVC in excellent condition to go for $2100-2500, 9mm slightly more.
  10. I believe Bul makes a metal grip. Might be hard to find, but could be easier to install
  11. Keep us posted on the results from the Arducam. Interested to see where this thread ends up.
  12. muncie21

    CZ TS 2

    I know that Vogel added a light body (guts removed and filled with lead shot) to the tac rail of his glock. I don't see how this would impact slide speed.
  13. Consider using a mirror to present the image to your camera. No need to place either directly under the path of the empty shells.
  14. PT put together a video on how to oil the Honcho, as it is a little different than a standard 1911/211, at least in their eyes. Oiling the Honcho Video
  15. muncie21

    CZ TS 2

    The Tactical Sport was removed from CZ's 2020 catalog, although TSO is still listed. Looks like CZ are preparing to release an improved TS, while still keeping the TSO. With this in mind, I'd expect minor changes to the TSO also.
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