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  1. I have some 1.15 BBI rounds (for my 2011) that I was able to hand cycle through my TSO. I didn't remove the barrel to see if the rounds would plunk correctly, but they did hand cycle with no problem. Why not create a few dummy rounds of each length (shorter/longer) and see what works.
  2. Now that helps. If this is an issue with a single bullet profile (my previous assumption was this occurred with all ammo) it's going to be OAL or bullet geometry related, almost guaranteed, as case, mags and gun geometry are all pretty much constants. Since there are lots of folks shooting blue bullets in TSO's my wager would be on the OAL. I don't use blue, so can't provide any guidance there. My BBI loads are around 1.12-1.13.
  3. I run grams guts in all my TSO mags (.40 & 9mm) and don't have the issue you have. Couple of things I'd checkout before changing mags/followers. 1) Remove the magwell and grips and see if this changes anything. 2) With slide locked back, insert a loaded mag and see if the shell case is hitting the ejector, preventing the mag from full seating 3) Check mag release to see if there are any burrs or irregularities that would prevent the mag from seating correctly. 4) If this is a newer TSO with the removable mag release paddle (like the S2) check to see if the pad
  4. The reason the pin is shiny is because it dropped down far enough to rub slightly when as the slide moved back/forth.
  5. What cartridge did you test this with? On my 650, with either 9mm or .40 a 1/3 pull of the handle doesn't get the case close enough to the power drop to activate it. On the 650 the case is used to activate the powder drop, together with the handle being in the down position. I can picture a tall case being able to active the powder drop at 1/3 pull, but not your typical pistol case; maybe I'm overlooking something....
  6. @22h most seating dies that I've used can also be adjusted to crimp/de-bell/remove taper in the same station. While this can be done, it's more straight forward/simple to seat in one station and remove the bell/crimp in a separate station. Since I seat and crimp/de-bell in two station, I really can't help with your specific issue. There are people that do this, so don't give up hope, it may just take some time as most folks I know use 2 separate stations for these activities. Good luck!
  7. Lee markets two different Factory Crimp Dies (FCD) one for pistol calibers and another for rifle calibers. The design of the dies is also very different. These two factors (perhaps there are others also) leads to a lot of confusion when crimp dies are discussed, especially the Lee brand. Rifle FCD Pistol FCD
  8. I have had the same issue with 9mm cases. It didn't happen all the time and switching to a lee sizing die (from Dillon) fixed the issue.
  9. Do you have a chrono to verify the difference in PF/velocity between 3.2 and 3.0gr? Aside from using a chrono to get a somewhat accurate measurement, I cannot comment on TG as I use a different powder. 1.08 is not unreasonable for a CZ. My TSO requires an OAL of 1.08-1.09 for some 9mm bullet profiles to plunk/spin.
  10. So you're keeping the Shadow 5 & 6 for yourself and only selling off the 'old' stuff...
  11. I shot Area 8 and like a few others that actually shot the match mention, the RO wasn't as close to the 180 as the picture/video make it seem, at least not when my squad shot that stage. For those that weren't there, a sketch from the match book is below. While not 100% accurate it gives you and idea of where the shooter needed to stand in order to hit the targets on the left, while standing in the box on the right side.
  12. Curious if you're shooting the .400 or the .401 bullets in .40 from BBI.
  13. Another vote for the Vibra prime. Fills up a primer tube in about 10-seconds.
  14. You can pickup Taylor Tactical springs for 2011s on Stoeger's web site. I ordered a set, but haven't had a chance to test them out yet.
  15. Some people use the CZC extended safety, which has more of a 'rocker switch' action. Instead of putting your thumb under the safety to engage, you push down on the rear of the safety.
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