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  1. The extractor holds the loaded round in place prior to firing. Could be that the new extractor hook or location of pin dimension have changed the way the bullet is presented.
  2. For my .40 TSO 180gr coated bullets @1.13 OAL and 4.5gr of N320 results in 170-172 PF.
  3. muncie21

    Nationals Promo

    still down today, Friday 4 Oct.
  4. muncie21

    40 Open

    The concept of an open .40 is mildly interesting. I reload so can work out the load to maximize the comp. However I don't hear much about mags. Who's making big sticks in .40?
  5. I have the SVI fiber rear sight and frankly find it to be a distraction. Because of this, I used a sharpee to blacken the fiber rods. P.S. in USPSA, you aren't supposed to shoot the dark guys
  6. Maybe the 2nd slide couldn't live without the 1st and committed slide-a-cide. Seriously though, even with a similar round count, it does seem unlikely that both would fail within days of each other...
  7. I agree with @yigal slide lightening cuts may not be the sole contributor to the cracking, but they sure didn't help.
  8. Yes TS and TSO share the same notch dimensions. However the site heights are different between TS and TSO pistols.
  9. If you are 'plunking' to determine go/no go, it doesn't matter where you measure from, as long as it is consistent.
  10. One of the guys that I shoot with occasionally, has a new DVC-O in 9mm. He runs Everglades 9mm major ammo and hasn't had any gun related issues in the past couple (2-4) matches.
  11. I place my 100-round, plastic MTM (or whatever brand you are using) ammo box into a plastic bin and then just 'dump' a loaded ammo on it, while shaking the box slightly. You'll find that 50-75% of the rounds find their way into a slot, a couple will be upside down, i.e. primer down, bullet up. I manually reorient these by hand. Once the ammo box is filled, it's a simply matter to transfer the rounds to the Hundo and then back to an ammo case. This process allows me to load a 100-round ammo storage case and case gauge, without having to touch each and every bullet.
  12. Unless you're using a grip that has been specifically ordered for your frame dimensions (I believe Lone Star provides this service) fitting a steel grip to a 2011 frame could be very hit/miss. The pic below shows initial trial for installing a PT grip on what was my normal limited pistol. After checking some measurements it was clear that I would need to remove material from either the grip or the frame. I wasn't happy about either option, so I tried installing the grip on another 2011 that I had intended to sell. Guess what...it fit like a glove, no filing needed..
  13. Can't tell for sure if the discoloration (green) on the case (10 O'clock position in the pic) is corrosion or something else. If it's corrosion, perhaps there was a small crack already, so rather than an over-charge the case separation caused the significant impressions seen on the case head
  14. Glad you figured out the issue Ghost, and thanks for taking the time to share your findings.
  15. muncie21

    CZ TSO holster

    I have both Kydex and DAA race holster. Once I became comfortable with the DAA, it's now my preferred holster for my TSO and 2011 (with different insert). If you decide to try the DAA, keep in mind that there are 2 different trigger guard designs used on the TSO. Because the DAA holds the pistol by the trigger guard, you'll need to get the appropriate insert to match your trigger guard.
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