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  1. muncie21

    TSO fail during reload

    Could be that the ammo is too long.
  2. muncie21

    Tactical Sports to Czechmate Conversion

    Thanks for the pictures @abb1 seems the improved design locking lug is being used on all of the newer TS/TSO models.
  3. muncie21

    Winchester primers.......

    Wow, interesting factoid.? Yep, makes absolute sense now
  4. muncie21

    Winchester primers.......

    Not sure if you're ordering for a team/department or other. I needed to wrap my head around 1M (1,000,000) per year and this is what i came up with- >2,700 rounds per day, each and every day of the year Now that's some dedication and a serious callous on your booger picker
  5. muncie21

    TSO 40

    20K rounds through mine. Replaced slide stop and rear (adj one) sight.
  6. muncie21

    CZ shooter dipping toes into 2011 waters

    Sound advice. I forgot there's a caliber conversion required.
  7. muncie21

    CZ shooter dipping toes into 2011 waters

    @clw42 I went through basically the same thought process as you. Here's what I ended up doing and why. Purchased a used 2011 to gain experience with how this platform shoots, maintenance, etc. I'll use the winter months (no matches from now through like March here) to familiarize myself with the gun. If I'm still pleased with it come spring time, run some matches with it and compare times/scores to last year shooting the CZ TSO. If I decide the 2011 isn't for me, I will be able to sell it (should get most of my money back) and get a CZ for open (either CM or convert a TS/TSO), which is where I'll be in 3-5 years depending on how my eyes treat me On the other hand, if I determine the 2011 platform is better (for me) than the CZ, I'll look at either converting my limited 2011 to open or buying another 2011 for open.
  8. muncie21

    Tested CZ TSO and in love, ammo question

    @Fasthenk65 the TSO typically prefer ammo ammo with shorter Overall Length (OAL). Not so easy to quantify as the geometry of the projectile comes into play. In general for 9mm, ammo with OAL of 1.090" works well and for .40 S&W target 1.13" or so. Other OALs may work just fine, depending upon the design/geometry of the bullet. Good luck and hope you find a TSO soon! I find these to be fantastic firearms.
  9. muncie21

    CZ shooter dipping toes into 2011 waters

    Update Had a chance to shoot a Brazos STI Edge and SV (both in .40) yesterday. While both shot fine, neither was head/shoulders above the TSO in terms of accuracy or ergonomics. Although the STI mags were tuned by Brazos (grams followers/base pads) some of the mags would only hold 19 rounds. The factory SV mags only hold 18. So +1 for CZ consistency relative to mags. No 'tuning' required and with grams followers/springs + CZC base pads, without a doubt you'll get 20 rounds, reloadable. I also found that the STI didn't like my short (1.13) OAL that I run in my CZs. Sometimes the first round would jam directly into the feed ramp and stop. So I loaded up some new cartridges at 1.17 OAL and plan to test them today. Finally, I chrono'd both pistols using the ammo I normally shoot in the CZ. The SV chrono'd about the same as the TSO (170-172 PF), the STI was a hair less at 168-170 PF. I didn't change the powder drop when I adjusted the OAL for today's test, so it will be interesting to see how much the PF drops as a result of increasing the OAL.
  10. muncie21

    Tactical Sports to Czechmate Conversion

    Wow, you have definitely immersed yourself in this, which I was 1/2 as talented . Thanks for sharing!!
  11. muncie21

    CZ TSO Thumb Rest

    Here's a thumb rest that @Redfox (don't start hitting on him guys, he's not that kind of 'fox' :) ) ginned up. Looks pretty darn good if you ask me and the checkering is a nice touch and functional. The pedal is positioned much better (for me) than the factory one.
  12. muncie21

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Thanks for the confirmation telligent. This is what I expected and much more rationale that comment from the CZ rep, about a special run with custom fitted mag releases. Although the Cole Fox CSM could have been a bit more clear when comparing the new TSO mag release to the S2. 'It is the same design/style' would have been a better choice of words, than it's the same as the S2 and will drop in. Anywho, looks like we need to keep an eye on the spare parts department at CZ-USA
  13. muncie21

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    You'll want to get the TS/CM one
  14. muncie21

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    @vrwm Appears to be older stock as it has the original TS trigger guard, however mag release and safety are same as previous year TSOs. What year is stamped on the right side of the slide?
  15. muncie21

    fiber optic rod

    And yet another vote for this place. I picked up a sample pack of different colors (including violet and yellow, which I haven't tried yet) in both of the standard diameters.