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  1. Thanks for sharing your findings TD
  2. Although it appears to be well-intentioned, signs say this thread won't end well . Interesting way to introduce yourself to the forum. Good luck (truly) with your idea, we need to keep American innovation alive.
  3. Definitely need to de-grease and use some form of thread locker as a minimum.
  4. There's a very nice thread started by kneelingatlas that have lots of info on adding a comp to a TS. Most of this info would also be valid for the TSO. If you can get your frame tapped for an optic mount, shooting Open minor would expose you to Open division and the +/-'s of shooting with an optic. The TSO is a great pistol, whether it's Open minor or Limited minor, go out and enjoy shooting that fine pistol.
  5. Tested out the co-witness setup offered by CZ. Both sites sit low enough to not distract you, however do help with indexing. No substitute for practicing your presentation and muscle memory though. With that in mind I’m going to keep them installed for the time being.
  6. I noticed that CZ had the their co-witness sites and RMR/Holosun adapter back in stock last week. Came home today to find a CZ bundle of joy on my porch. Installed the new sites (originals were NS front and standard [no dot] rear) tonight and planning to try them out with my HS 507C tomorrow. I know some folks don't believe that co-witness should be used with USPSA toys, but I needed to find out for myself.
  7. That looks about right Steel_Guy. Your PF is slightly less than what I was getting (using a CM also) so I'm guessing these are jacketed bullets and/or you're loading them longer than ~1.10
  8. Yep 124gr projectiles. I've started load development with 115s also, so that I can compare the two. Haven't gotten to a load yet on the 115gr bullets that I'm happy with.
  9. Nice diagram Yigal, I get it now, when I 'tune' the extractor is cusses as me in greek.
  10. I've tested SW Major Pistol loads with both 124 gr PD JHP bullets and Bayou coated ones in my Czechmate with comp and no popples. Didn't run enough of either to see if there was a difference in comp leading, however 9.3 to 9.5 gr at 1.09-1.13 OAL should get you in major PF territory
  11. I've got a holosun 507c and thinking of picking up a second as a back up. PSA is selling these for $209/shipped. Anyone know of any better deals on this or similar optic?
  12. Not sure a laser under the barrel is allowed. Flashlights are forbidden and there's very specific rules on where the electronic site can be mounted.
  13. I needed an additional bag on an international business trip. Grabbed one of my range bags, put my extra work stuff in it and didn't think more about it. While clearing security in the EU they noticed a tiny metal blip on the x-ray. It happened to be a .22 LR round that had gotten buried in the seams/stitching of the bag. As all ammunition is regulated in EU (think IL FOID or recently CA laws) it turned into quite a s#!t show, all over a .22 cartridge. From now on, my range bags and travel gear are kept distinctly separate.
  14. OP: If you let us know what powder you're planning to use for your open minor setup, you'll get lots of feedback about what bullet and OAL works from the members here.
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