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  1. I load 1.15-1.16 using 180g bullets in my 2011s. I can go a bit longer but don't see the need. And yes, your numbers are in line with what I load for TSO in .40.
  2. OP- If you haven't done so already, I'd suggest shooting both the 2011 and CZ platform guns to see if you have a preference with the ergos. CZ design pistols (TS, TSO, Tanfo, etc.) use a hinge trigger, which feels very different than the triggers in 1911/2011 pistols. Aside from trigger feel/design, design features like bore axis (CZs tend to have lower BA) and grip angle are important to many folks. I have both platforms and competed with both in USPSA limited division. As a B-class shooter, neither offers a significant advantage over another. The major difference for me (as a reloader) is that CZs require shorter OAL cartridges (when using the same bullet/ogive) than my 2011s guns.
  3. Nice upgrade! So you're using the extra station for bullet feeder, if I understand correctly. Any issues/concerns with this setup?
  4. A quick way to eliminate variables is to move the follower(s) that work to mags that don’t. If changing the follower fixes the issue, then focus on tweaking the 4 followers that are misbehaving or get different ones.
  5. OP, Lots of people have loaded MG bullets on the ol'650 using Dillon dies, including me. While other dies, modification of seating stem, etc. may improve your reloading experience, these aren't 100% necessary.
  6. I misunderstood you question OP. This made me curious enough to check my CZs. When cocked, the recoil spring holds the slide back with no movement, without compressing the spring. With that said, if there is any slide movement with the hammer cocked, I’d say there’s an issue.
  7. I’ve shot my .40 TSO over 20K rounds without a recoil buffer, with no issues or visual damage. Wouldn’t hesitate to put another 20K through it the same way, except I’m shooting a 2011 in limited now days
  8. Picked up my honcho today. Going off of the serial numbers, they are making less than 100/year. Or maybe they just have an inventory of frames they are building from.
  9. Hi Fish, do a search for 'open .40' and you'll find tons of info on reloading options for .40 with a compensator. To get you started here's a multi-year, 24 page thread on that topic:
  10. I could make/design a set, but I don't think the current 3D plastic material is a good choice for grips, unless it's just for proof of concept.
  11. Ejection into the next zip code is common for TSOs. Regardless of recoil spring weight or power factor my TSOs eject at >10-12' away.
  12. If you read page 1 the OP's original problem was fixed by opening up the feedlips of the mags. Second issue was because the OAL of the ammo he was using was too long. CZs tend to like shorter length ammo. I run the 9mm loads for my CZs at 1.08 to 1.10
  13. I thought only DA, DA/DA or 'safe action' pistols were allowed in CO division.....
  14. If you're pretty firm playing in the open division, my suggestion is to get the Czechmate; if you're wanting to go the CZ route. While it won't be optimal you can run factory 9mm ammo in the CZ and shoot open/minor. Adding a comp to a TSO is more involved than just screwing on a comp, so if you're wanting to shoot open/major the CM is already setup for it.
  15. OP, you shouldn't hear/feel scraping when seating the bullet. If so, the case is flared too much. Adjust the dillon powder die a little bit at a time to correct this, it doesn't take much.
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