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  1. Some striker fired guns can have some pretty decent triggers, but have don’t think any of them will ever be as good as a CZ with a gunsmith fitted disco, or a CZ SOA. That being said, outside of maybe week hand only, I think triggers are over rated. The other advantage a CZ might have is you can run a lighter recoil spring since you don’t have a striker spring pulling against it when in battery.
  2. Benelli makes ones, good luck finding it though https://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/stock-forend-parts/buttstocks/buttstock-synthetic-m4-standard-prod31743.aspx
  3. I personally would not choose a gun based on weight until having shot both heavy and light guns. After owning and shooting in competition M&Ps, Czs, and 2011s I found with heavy guns that my splits are slightly faster on double taps, Bill drills, and stuff like that, but every aspect, including stage times are faster with the light M&Ps. The heavy guns are nice when shooting paper, but the light guns really shine when shooting Steel
  4. Verify the firing pin is loose in the bolt and not hanging up and that the FP spring is good as to not cause a slam fire, after that your kind of down to a trigger issue
  5. Going to be an even long wait now with everyone on lockdown
  6. I am also planning to buy a SB in the next couple months. That being said, I have plenty of spare/take off parts floating around. I think the only thing I need to buy are sights, grip safety and FP Stop assuming I can find everything back. if you have nothing you should be able to buy everything you need using decent parts for around $500 plus a grip. If you want to use higher end parts like $150 thumb safeties, SVI interchange triggers, aftec extractors the price will probably double
  7. I have a kkm barrel that shoots good with lighter bullets. I have a apex barrel that shoots good with everything
  8. I have multiples of a few different guns. While the triggers feel very close to each other, no two gun feel exactly the same even though the have all the same parts. Just something to keep in mind
  9. Hopefully they sell different length tiggers that can be swapped out
  10. Use a lighter recoil spring, flat wire Glock springs work great in M&Ps.
  11. Looks like it has an external extractor https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e54u07d2OmY
  12. I like the feel of the old one better, and I already have 3 guns with the old one in them
  13. So I have a couple of older M&Ps with apex AEK kits in them and got another M&P M1.0 a while back. After installing a Competition AEK in it the trigger feels much different then the other ones. I noticed the sear has a lip on the back that engages the striker on the new sear while the old sears are machined pretty much flat on the back side. The new sear is much more crisp then the old style but I would rather keep all the triggers feeling the same. Anybody know where I can get an old style Apex sear? I though about just cutting the back of the sear to be more like the old ones but I would rather just buy one if I can
  14. The post was edited before there where any responses because it’s just going to turn into a “he said, she said” had I left it. It was edited before there where any responses, but obviously someone saw it before the edit since someone did reply to it
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