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  1. The M1 super 90 didn’t have a comforttech stock and people love those guns. Shooting my m2 w/comforttech stock next to my Stoeger with the cheap Walmart ammo I don’t really notice much difference in recoil. The recoil difference with a Comforttech stock seems more noticeable with heavy hunting loads
  2. https://dawsonprecision.com/sight-calculator/ Find the ammo you want to use and use the link to get the correct sight. Dawson has the perfect impact policy. Order the sight set that they recommend and if it’s off, just call them and they cut you the sight you need for free. You could also try a heavier bullet if you are low or lighter bullet if you are high, and that might correct your POA/POI
  3. You would think some of the imports would be trying to capitalize on the shortage in the US. Nobody importing primers, or is this a global issue?
  4. There are some drop in 1911 barrels that require little to no fitting. Not sure how happy you’ll be with accuracy or any other aspect of the drop in barrel though. Probably plenty good for a $500 Rock Island
  5. Just as the title says, in one of my Shadows the DA trigger pull is gradually getting heavier to the point that it’s pretty heavy right before the hammer falls, not the kind of rolling break that it used to have. The gun has some miles on it and I have an identical gun that doesn’t feel anything like this in DA. Both guns are CZC shadows with the CZC fitted short reset disco. When taking the gun apart I can’t visually see anything wrong other then some wear in the side of the trigger shoe from contact with the frame. The only things I have ever changed on the gun are the trigger return springs and I installed a CGW floating trigger pin. Any ideas what could be causing this issue?
  6. Some striker fired guns can have some pretty decent triggers, but have don’t think any of them will ever be as good as a CZ with a gunsmith fitted disco, or a CZ SOA. That being said, outside of maybe week hand only, I think triggers are over rated. The other advantage a CZ might have is you can run a lighter recoil spring since you don’t have a striker spring pulling against it when in battery.
  7. Benelli makes ones, good luck finding it though https://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/stock-forend-parts/buttstocks/buttstock-synthetic-m4-standard-prod31743.aspx
  8. I personally would not choose a gun based on weight until having shot both heavy and light guns. After owning and shooting in competition M&Ps, Czs, and 2011s I found with heavy guns that my splits are slightly faster on double taps, Bill drills, and stuff like that, but every aspect, including stage times are faster with the light M&Ps. The heavy guns are nice when shooting paper, but the light guns really shine when shooting Steel
  9. Verify the firing pin is loose in the bolt and not hanging up and that the FP spring is good as to not cause a slam fire, after that your kind of down to a trigger issue
  10. Going to be an even long wait now with everyone on lockdown
  11. I am also planning to buy a SB in the next couple months. That being said, I have plenty of spare/take off parts floating around. I think the only thing I need to buy are sights, grip safety and FP Stop assuming I can find everything back. if you have nothing you should be able to buy everything you need using decent parts for around $500 plus a grip. If you want to use higher end parts like $150 thumb safeties, SVI interchange triggers, aftec extractors the price will probably double
  12. I have a kkm barrel that shoots good with lighter bullets. I have a apex barrel that shoots good with everything
  13. I have multiples of a few different guns. While the triggers feel very close to each other, no two gun feel exactly the same even though the have all the same parts. Just something to keep in mind
  14. Hopefully they sell different length tiggers that can be swapped out
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