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  1. P80 is what they were sold as outside the US. Glock 17 was the US model.
  2. They came out with a V4 plate to replace the V3.
  3. I run Ready Tactical pouches and holster. I've had them many years.
  4. Sorry, I meant the blue label discount coupon cerificate. I knew it wasn't a certificate for a free gun. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know long before after joining GSSF you are able to get a certificate? I let my membership expire as they stopped holding matches that were semi close. I recently moved to an area where the matches are closer proximity. That being said I would get a G34 GEN5 MOS.
  6. Welcome. We just relocated to Battle Ground, WA. It takes 50 posts to be able to post in the Classified section.
  7. CHPWS mounting plates: http://www.chpws.com/product-category/reflex-red-dot-mounting-plates
  8. How stippled is it? Production allows stippling in certain areas as I recall.
  9. I was informed by the folks at Sevigny Performance the sights for the G17 and G19 will work on the G43. Once they developed sights for the G43 the ones for the G17 and G19 were the same. This is in regards to the Warren Tactical and Sevigny sights.
  10. .235? You may want to check that as the Warrens are listed with .185, .215 and .245.
  11. What is the height on your current front sight?
  12. What height is your current front sight? Did you order the .215 or .245? If you purchased the .215 you need the .245. Good luck.
  13. Welcome, that's the attitude to keep you in for the long haul. It can only get better from here. Good luck.
  14. My gen 3 34 is poi/poa with .215. There is no guarantee as you will have to try one and see.
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