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  1. I got the same results, with my open gun, Kevin. I will use a bench rest to determine a particular loads group size but, other than that forgetaboutit. Same for me, it's different, don't really care why, so I zero freestyle, no bench.................. Also sometimes naked, but that too much info. TMI !!!! POI I can change. But if I cannot get consistent results from the bench how can I tell if gun/ammo are performing well? Maybe if my off hand hits are ok then it does not matter?
  2. I don't think it was a POI issue in this case, but rather inconsistently. I think it boils down to the shooter (ME!) I need to have someone who is more experienced and better give it a try before I make too many assumptions. I will also try off the rest at 10 yards to see what results I get. I must be doing something different when shooting off the rest? Thanks
  3. I was at the range today. Set up at 25 yards to shoot some groups off a rest. Uhhhg, it was more like shooting a pattern than groups. Shots everywhere. OK, let me back up a little. Before I tried the groups off a rest, I set up some clays on the 10 yard berm and some on the 25 yard berm. I proceeded to break the 10 yard clays with my new LC9. All is good. Switched to my M&P 9L and fired on the 25 yard clays. That went well. Of the rest with the 9L at 25 yards at a paper target I would be lucky to keep all the shots in an 8 inch circle!! So again I set up and broke clays at the 10 and 25 yard berms with my 9L, which I was satisfied with. What I cannot understand is the lack of performance off the rest. Any one have any clue as to what is going on?
  4. Even tough this is an entirely different sport I have noticed while mountain biking, that I if I am out riding and thinking about my lines and cleaning a tough section of trail I often will mess up. Miss my line, lose the front end etc. But while chasing someone down, looking for a place pass or riding to stay ahead of someone I will hit my lines, clean the difficult spots and basically ride MUCH better. All of this is done without thinking about it and reacting to the present trail and trail conditions
  5. Shot a few rounds of skeet yesterday. While I am fairly new to skeet on any sort of an "official" course and my scores were only fair I did notice something. All my hits came as though I was not trying. Mount gun, pick up bird, swing, shoot, POOF no more bird. The misses were like a mini step by step procedure being played in my head, in other words I was thinking about what to do but not necessarily doing it. The hits were like all I remember is the bird breaking. I have experienced this while shooting practically everything and in particular while hunting. It also seems like most of my missed whether with handgun or long gun come when I take too long, and that my be different with long range precision type shooting which I have done very little of. What does this possibly tell about my shooting? On the skeet range more misses came when I took longer to shoot (followed the clay longer before shooting) I did well on doubles, and the last two positions, all of which required picking up the bird fast. The same has been for the times when I have shot a good stage at a match. Love to hear your thoughts!
  6. Steel cased ammo ok in my 9L?
  7. Yes, the trigger is covered. It is the same rig I use to shoot production. Since I am not as concerned with deep concealment when in the backcountry I feel much more comfortable with my 9L. Thanks
  8. Does anyone have any expierience with this gun? Our local gun shop says that it has to be broken in with ammo producing 1400 fps min. Firing Fed or Win bulk pack 36 gr HP it will not consistantly cycle the gun. Any thougts? My Mk III digests everything I feed it. Any thoughts? It is a nice little gun. If it was mine I might try a bit less spring if that is the issue.
  9. I am wondering about carrying my M&P 9L when I hike and fish back country creeks. It has no external safety so I am wondering how safe it is to carry loaded? It would be in a holster with retention and most likely be covered with a shirt. I prefer to carry my 9L instead of my sub compact I use for CC. Should I carry the 9L with an empty chamber?
  10. Ok, here is another question......safety. What weapon would be safe to carry loaded for very active activities. Say a hard tumble from a mountain bike/trail running? Maybe a revolver? Or are the autos ok?
  11. I am looking for a smaller option for CC. I am not partial to any make, type, caliber etc. What would the safest be for carrying during "active" activities? Biking, running etc.? I am a bit partial to 9mm, but ONLY because I load and stock that ammo.
  12. tracker


    Has anyone had their hands on one of these?
  13. Now we all know shooting alot is just a waste of ammo
  14. Now we all know shooting alot is just a waste of ammo
  15. Just wondering if anyone has seen/used one of these for CC? In particular during running/biking etc or just carrying? My link
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