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  1. I like this topic. Always: Mag brush Spare recoil spring Spare extractor Spare Fiber (multiple sizes) Leatherman multi tool Lighter Lube ( i use lucas oil ) Roll of pasters Obviously Gun, Mags, Eye/Ear Pro, and spare gun if possible
  2. I used to buy magtech 115's for .15-.16 per round. Of all the ammo I was trying at the time, it was the cheapest, and ironically I found it to be very clean. I didnt find it to be terribly snappy compared to other factory ammunition either. I say if its cheap enough, go for it.
  3. Minimum criteria IMO for a level II with a fee of $150 Quality stages and staff Water on all bays Lunch Shirt There are state section matches that go above and beyond what I listed that cost significantly less. The Iowa Section match is an excellent example. I believe it cost $90 and had a climate controlled porta-john trailer, plaques for top finishers, as well as lunch and water. No shirts for competitors, though.
  4. I could never get the angle of the CZ safeties to feel right for me. I went with a 2011 and have no reason to ever look back. I personally prefer the triggers and magwells as well.
  5. Keep an eye on the classifieds. A couple DVC limited guns went for right around 2k, and a couple of edges were sub 1500 in the last year. I picked up an edge on the forum for 1k.
  6. You know what, I didn’t even realize that. I knew they did 2011 frames with custom SN’s and didn’t even look. My bad!
  7. Am I the only guy who likes a 14? I had issues with 12’s getting my ammo to go into battery.
  8. You made me curious so I tracked down our food scale. 39.25 oz, lol
  9. Rnlinebacker gave you a couple quality options for near your price point. That said, if you watch the classifieds there are sometimes good deals to be had. I picked up an Edge last year for $1000 with a RHT holster. It needed work, but it freakin’ sings now.
  10. When I was setting up my press I didn’t get my scale calibrated correctly, the result was some of the most glorious, softest shooting .40 ever. 3.6gr WST 180gr DG bullet 1.185 OAL 725 FPS 130.5 PF I was extremely disappointed when I learned why it was so soft.... lol
  11. I do. I’d tend to agree that this is probably a training issue. It took me a while to not lose the dot consistently, but I narrowed it down to a grip issue. I cleaned up most of that in a couple hours of Dryfire sessions. (I shoot limited with a 2011 regularly, the CO gun is kind of something I play with when I need a break).
  12. I’m of the same belief as Tha on this. I’ve shot friends custom 2011’s with heavy metal grips, and while I feel like I could get used to it, I still prefer my Edge with an aggressive stipple on the plastic STI grip. Wish I could find another one cheap!
  13. I believe Phoenix Trinity will do them too. I plan to use one of theirs on my upcoming custom build. You may check with Don Fredenhagen at Venom Custom for more info.
  14. I dig WST. Similar recoil impulse to VV, IMO. That said, I took a friends load (4.7gr, 180gr bullet @ 1.185 and jussssst barely made PF at A3. Apparently everyone chrono’d low there though, I chrono’d the day before A3 at 176 PF, went to A3 and made 165.5
  15. Oh, I’m fully aware, as noted above. Overall, really good learning experience. Just unfortunate. I don’t have anything against anyone at that club - It’s just a long drive and the only reason I went there was the fact it was an all classifier match. I don’t really have any reason to ever return. (Home club with weekly matches ~10 min from home, another 45 min south that does weekend matches)
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