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  1. Rosswoodford

    Texas Star Order

    It really depends on how fast the star is. If it’s a little slower, I go: Top, left, right, left, right. If it’s faster, I still start on the top and work my way around. Just don’t go top, bottom
  2. Rosswoodford

    Hearing protection advice

    I have heard good things about MSR Sordin’s, by have no personal experience, and they are expensive. May be something for you to look into. For the price my Howard Leights have been ok. Nothing more or less.
  3. Rosswoodford

    Stipple or Talon grips?

    I put talons on my p320 last year (the grip tape ones). Honestly, for the $15 or whatever they cost, I felt like it was worth it because I hadn’t stipled anything before, and could have easily messed it up. (Even though a new grip module is only $40)
  4. Rosswoodford

    New forum member with the tanfoglio bug

    I second this. It really feels like single stack is dying. (Not sure if anyone else saw the Single Stack Classic was cancelled this year)
  5. I think they do - Especially to get new shooters into the sport (generally dipping their toes into it with a $500 striker gun) That said, it seems like the CZ Shadows and Stock II’s of the world are becoming more and more popular.
  6. Rosswoodford

    1911 magwell options

    Mine is blended. I don’t know how necessary it was, but it works. I honestly prefer the Dawson ICE, having used both.
  7. Rosswoodford

    I’m new here.

    Welcome! This is an excellent forum for all things shooting. Glad to have you!
  8. Rosswoodford

    Best Single tip for running a good stage

    I’d tend to agree if we are talking about one single thing. But as noted above - Make it a point stick to whatever your plan is and execute it. Worst thing I do is occasionally go to “plan b” at the line. Throws everything off.
  9. That’s fair. Some people just don’t get it, and that’s fine, but they need to make a genuine attempt to get there. ?
  10. Fair. Guess I’ll have to get on that!
  11. ENFJ. Did we ever figure out which makes the best competitive shooters? ?
  12. May be a dumb question, but you could do that with any number of airsoft or BB guns couldn’t you?
  13. May be stupid, but I’d really like to have an old Belgium Browning Hi-Power in the brushed stainless (I think?). I missed out on one a couple years ago for a really decent price
  14. You’re not wrong, but there should be some common sense too, right?
  15. I’ve been thinking about this recently. I started limited minor, and switched to SS. I don’t shoot the lim/production gun anymore. Had seriously considered selling, but I think I’ll hold onto it now..