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  1. Oh, I’m fully aware, as noted above. Overall, really good learning experience. Just unfortunate. I don’t have anything against anyone at that club - It’s just a long drive and the only reason I went there was the fact it was an all classifier match. I don’t really have any reason to ever return. (Home club with weekly matches ~10 min from home, another 45 min south that does weekend matches)
  2. Before I started reloading, I was using 180gr precision delta “long” loaded at 1.180 making 171 PF pretty consistently out of my 5” edge. .25 cents per round. Not terrible. Was really reliable, too
  3. Valid question. Squad full of *mostly* new-ish shooters. I’m not even new, I just didn’t know it was for sure not against the rules (by that, I mean that I had watched plenty of other shooters zero classifiers intentionally with no repercussions and assumed it was within the rules) so I didn’t question it. I should have. RO wasn’t certified, only one squad member that I know of was, and he apparently didn’t know the rules well enough either. Perfect storm, if you will. Edit: It’s also worth noting that I prevented the same RO from DQing someone earlier in the match *after* the stage was almost scored, for a safety violation that he didn’t decide he saw until after the fact.
  4. I don’t have a problem with him personally. He actually seemed like a nice enough guy. I had a respectful conversation with him after the match. That said, when you say “Most RO’s would have let that slide but I’m a hardass” after DQing someone on a rule you clearly didn’t know, I take some issue with it. At the end of the day this was a good learning experience. Just unfortunate. Drove 2 hours to be DQ’d for *not* breaking the rules.
  5. I understand. Were you there? What were YOU told? I'm genuinely curious. I didn't get a chance to talk to the RM until I had already gotten home, but I did have a respectful conversation with the RO post match.
  6. I’d love to hear it. Seriously. Your post is edited and I can’t see what was said before, so don’t know how to respond to that. I don’t know how much better of a squad mate I could have been that day. (Not sure if you were there or not) So I still don’t understand the call. It’s done and over with so it doesn’t matter, but at this point it’s less about that and more about the learning experience it’s provided. I’ve been in contact with the right people, and I’ve been cordial through the whole process. I guess I don’t know how much more there is to say.
  7. I just didn’t understand the arbitration process. Had I known the rules as I do now, I think it would have been successful as far as pleading my case went. Oh well - Live and learn I guess
  8. I wish I would have. Probably would have won Had I had the same knowledge of the rules that I do now. Cost me upclassing, too
  9. By not knowing the rules themselves if I had to guess. Procedure wasn’t followed to begin with unfortunately. As much as all of this sucks, I did learn a ton and it’s been good from that standpoint. I had the opportunity to shoot a match and squad with Sherwyn Greenfield (Director A3) this morning.Talked to him about it very briefly and he gave me the same answer as Troy. Little more definitive though. Either way, it’s done and over I guess!
  10. Im honestly not interested in blowing them up, but it was a local club in Iowa. Not one I shoot at regularly. That was the one and only time I’ll ever shoot there, though! If you dig hard enough on practiscore I’m sure you can find it
  11. None of that was present. I had been a quality squad mate all day (and even after the DQ I took on the role of squad mom). It was absolutely a zero or hero run, I clipped the no shoot, so put 2 more in it and proceeded to not shoot the remainder of the stage Virginia count. (For good measure of course)
  12. I think the reason he didn’t say that, is because of what he said after that in the response, regarding extenuating circumstances. But, who knows. I’ve been in contact with the RM who is “standing behind his RO”. I’m more concerned with the precedent that sets at that particular club. If you allow RO’s to make up the rules, where’s the integrity of your matches?
  13. I don’t know how much more could have been said. “As long as no safety rules were broken, no harm, no foul.”
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