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  1. It’s for her. I’ll probably get curious and dabble in C/O with it at a club match or two at some point but I shoot limited/SSTK and do not plan on changing platforms permanently. I was more curious if there was a better “bang for my buck” than another 320. I don’t have a problem buying something nice, I just know she isn’t likely to shoot a ton either way and a wading through options.
  2. $635 shipped with a vortex venom at sportsman’s guide
  3. Excellent. You guys brought a ton of good information to the table for me. Sounds like we’re going to be picking up a TP9SFX in the near future. Thanks again!
  4. Awesome. That's exactly what I was looking for. Much appreciated!
  5. I've ready that - Why? I'm looking for something quantifiable. Do you shoot one regularly? How has it held up to your round count? Thanks
  6. Oh I was aware of that, but the point still stands. What did new Edges used to come with? I bought mine used with no magazines anyway, so I wouldn't have known.
  7. So my wife and I have settled on a pistol with a red dot to get her introduced to the sport. I'm looking at polymer striker guns that are already milled for a red dot, or already have a red dot mounted. Really just looking for some why/why not on the listed pistols below, or any other budget friendly suggestions I'm missing. My wife loved my P320 FS I had previously. I'm a firm believer in buy once, cry once on this, within reason. Options I'm considering: P320 RX Walther Q5 (dot option unknown at this point) - This is my personal preference at this point, but I'm open to suggestions. Canik Tp9SFX w/ Vortex Viper - *$635 price point is really appealing* EDIT: It should be noted that this gun is almost guaranteed to not be beat on.. Maybe a couple thousand rounds per year unless I switch from limited.
  8. It appears CK's "The Solution" is the only new 2011 limited gun in the $2k range. There's probably something else out there I don't know of though.. https://ckarms.com/the-limited-solution.html
  9. I realize I’m late to the party here, but if you wear a 36” belt I have a spare I’d give you to help you get started if you haven’t bought one already.
  10. Dawson’s IMO. The CMC shooting stars don’t work well with the ICE.
  11. Unrelated to your parts question, but I’m curious, how did that gun run for you? I’m considering buying one for my wife with a dot already on it to get her into the sport with me. Price is right, and I’ve read a ton of good on it, but I’m a firm believer in buy once, cry once, so I’ll gladly shell out for a Q5 if the TP9sfx doesn’t perform as advertised.
  12. I picked up an early edge for cheap (CM44xx) serial, and it still runs like a champ. Just had it tuned with some new parts + extreme engineering ignition kit, and it may get a new barrel soon, but it’s been great for me thus far. I say go for it. I heard that model is being discontinued but haven’t had a chance to dig into it. Someone else may have more info on that.
  13. I was unaware of that. The more you know!
  14. +1 for this. My single stack and 2011 both have this. Wouldn’t go another direction. Not that there’s anything wrong with EGW or Brazos.
  15. This is the sad unfortunate truth. That said I haven’t made it a point to force my self to dryfire hardly at all. Hopefully I can find some motivation soon, this winter feels like forever.
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