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  1. This - But I shoot single stack and it’s 9 rather than 11. I just have a numbered mag separate from my belt in my pocket, and if there’s an unloaded start stage it comes out and so does the +1
  2. Rosswoodford

    What rim fire pistol to start a 10year old on

    I tend to agree here. I started on a mix of an older Mark I and a High Standard Sport king. (The Sport King holds a special place in my heart.) As far as small guns go though, have you considered the Walther P22? Or a Ruger SR22?
  3. 2019 Iowa Section Championship Match starts: September 13, 2019 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: September 15, 2019 @ 9:00 PM Location: 4857 NE 110th Ave, Elkhart, IA 50073 2019 Iowa Section Championship September 13-15, 2019 11 Stages + Chrono ~250 rounds Match fee $90 includes Lunch - $50 for juniors Plaques only match The match will be completed in a single day format. The staff will shoot on Friday and competitors have the option to shoot all stages on Saturday or Sunday. No Refunds after August 1, any unpaid entries after August 1st will be withdrawn and awarded to any wait list registrants. https://www.practiscore.com/2019-iowa-section-championship/register?fbclid=IwAR3hUUxwhODXH0IhyI1GEwwAC31uMDZefsFa0cE71M2bV9iKyCjG1UtJNS8
  4. Rosswoodford


    I also have both but highly disagree on stiffness/quality. The Black Scorpion isn’t true to dimensions advertised (my 771’s wouldn’t slide on it, which is why I bought the DAA). Additionally - The Velcro on my black scorpion is wearing out after 2 seasons. (I’ve only been shooting for 3, so if that’s the normal life span, I guess I’ll take it) The DAA is also the stiffest on the market in my opinion.
  5. Rosswoodford

    Cold weather clothing

    Too warm for 50, but if under 35 or so, I really like my Under Armor level 4 base layer thermal. I believe that one is infrared. Typically when it’s really cold out (below 10) all I need is that and 2 hooded sweatshirts to stay warm working outside. Depends on what you put over the top of it, I suppose.
  6. Rosswoodford

    Preferred Single Stack pouches?

    Circling back to this. Ended up with some 771’s. Feels good to finally have a quality rig. DAA Belt (5) Safariland 771 pouches Bladetech Holster on Boss Hanger Remington R1 .40 Gutted/Tuned with all new internals
  7. Rosswoodford

    Heated Vests?

    +1 for the Milwaukee heated jackets. Expensive, but they work. It’s a plus 1 if you’re already a tradesman that works outside and can use it outside of shooting matches
  8. Rosswoodford

    300 caliber suppressor

    Man, I can’t believe no one has mentioned any of Dead Air’s offerings. The Sandman S is solid and will take a beating. 6.7” 17.7 oz
  9. Rosswoodford

    Sig Max Michel 1911 40 S&W spring and load question

    I can’t speak for 1 and 3, or the IPSC rules on 2, but having used the Dawson ICE and Techwell both, I really prefer the ICE. Hope that helps. (a little)
  10. Man, If this ain’t me. I’ve still never been able to kick pre-match/early match jitters. I shot a match a couple weeks ago (for the first time in a month or so) and completely bombed my first two stages. Thinking back on it - We didn’t make it there quite on time and I didn’t get a chance to be a part of set up. I noticed I always do better when I am there early, and get to help (or design) stages. Definitely helps me wake up mentally.
  11. Rosswoodford

    USPSA 1911 legality Question

    I get the consistency aspect of what you’re saying, but like mentioned above, they’re not going to win anyway, and working with a guy that’s brand new/doing what you can to help them their first time will likely help their decision to come back. No one is ever *ready* for their first match. It’s always show up with what you have and someone will usually help you out. At least that’s how the two clubs I shoot at are.
  12. Rosswoodford

    Witness Elite MATCH magwells?

    Man, I just can’t get over the horseshoe shape, and that it’s really low profile in comparison to the Henning one for the competition frame, and even the canyon creek one that is for this particular model..
  13. Rosswoodford

    Dad Joke Thread

    Can confirm. Am an electrician. Lol.
  14. Rosswoodford

    Witness Elite MATCH magwells?

    That’s what I’m trying to do, just can’t find a magwell that I really want, that fits. The EGW would work but I’d really like a larger flared one.
  15. Rosswoodford

    Witness Elite MATCH magwells?

    I spoke with Henning Wallgren at Henning. He said it’s on his list of possibly developing at some point, but it’s more of a wish list. Also, the owner of Canyon Creek apparently just had some sort of surgery and is out of commission for a while. I may end up with an EGW. I’d really like a larger one like the Henning, though.