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  1. That’s awesome. Ben is a good friend of mine and an excellent teacher. You won’t regret it, just keep it up man! I wish NW IA had a club. I’m from there originally. Speaking of, I host a charity 2 gun match that benefits Special Youth Challenge and the Clay Co 4H Shooting Sports Chapter the last Saturday of every July. You should come. Its just north of Sioux Rapids off of HWY 71.
  2. Happens Man! Who are you taking your intro class with? SSV concepts is excellent and local if you’re not committed yet.
  3. Common trend in Ankeny this week! I caught my first DQ last week out there as well. Got stuck in trigger guard and sent one over the birm reloading trying to go fast. Made some changes in dryfire and I think I have it cleaned up. That said, it happens. I’m glad no one got hurt (your ego may be bruised, mine was ) Like others said, you handled it well. It’s all you can do - Own it and move on..learn from it. I hope you can get down and shoot with us again soon!
  4. It took me a bit to make it work with my smart TV, but it was worth it. Seriously legitimate dryfire training app. Check it out!
  5. We had the same experience this week! I’m in the same boat. This 2011 is eventually going to back a custom one up.
  6. At a bare minimum, I think it’s important to have some spare parts fitted and ready to go. I learned this the hard way on Tuesday. Broke an extractor in the middle of a club match that was actually going really well.
  7. Breaking an extractor in the middle of a stage that was going really well... (with no back up). Oof.
  8. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thanks a ton man. Really appreciate it. Ross
  9. I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere- But what I’m really looking for a list of optics that work on the included optics plates with the Q5 match. Docter Optics RMR DPP Are the plates included, but I’ve read of guys using various Vortex models, and that Burris FFIII works on the Docter Plate. Can anyone help me out here? Does such a list exist and I’m just blind? Thanks in advance.
  10. This. I have 2 MBX’s and 2 STI gen 2’s with TTI basepads and grams guts/followers. I can get 21 in one of the STI’s.. 20 in the other. They run like a champ. Unfortunately I didn’t get any STI magazines on sale, so the ended up costing about the same as my MBX’s. One thing I will say, is with TTI a basepads, the magazines are a lot easier and faster to tear apart and clean at matches. (And in general). I learned that the hard way this weekend at the Ozarks classic.
  11. It’s for her. I’ll probably get curious and dabble in C/O with it at a club match or two at some point but I shoot limited/SSTK and do not plan on changing platforms permanently. I was more curious if there was a better “bang for my buck” than another 320. I don’t have a problem buying something nice, I just know she isn’t likely to shoot a ton either way and a wading through options.
  12. $635 shipped with a vortex venom at sportsman’s guide
  13. Excellent. You guys brought a ton of good information to the table for me. Sounds like we’re going to be picking up a TP9SFX in the near future. Thanks again!
  14. Awesome. That's exactly what I was looking for. Much appreciated!
  15. I've ready that - Why? I'm looking for something quantifiable. Do you shoot one regularly? How has it held up to your round count? Thanks
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