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  1. I knew what the headstamp was before I even clicked on the thread.
  2. My update 10-11k on my SRO still with no issues. My Type 2 RMR Is back at Trijicon again getting another battery terminal replaced, it did still work with the single one though. That’s twice in a year.
  3. The only pistol I have that I need to load short for, I should probably get it reamed out.
  4. I ended up finding one on gunbroker for $100
  5. Anyone know where to find one of these? I really would like to try one out. I am not digging the pistol grip and I already know I hate the "C" stock
  6. Like i said in the other thread, send the gun and mags back to them, it’s their problem let them fix it.
  7. Check out page 4 https://www.ar15.com/forums/subscriptions.html
  8. I used the trigger that was already in the grip. ES wants the whole lower grip Including the mag release and trigger. Before spending any money I’d wait and see what STI does first.
  9. While mine was out getting a makeover I put one of my spare G1 grips on it, I ran it that way for the week the G2 grip was out without an issue.
  10. I was pretty sure it wasn’t the springs. There’s something wrong with the G2 grip/mag release combo on some of the guns. I knew this when I bought mine and was fully prepared to swap to a G1 grip but mine works fine.
  11. Sent the original to extreme shooters, took about a week door to door, much better now.
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