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  1. My DVC-C is one of my favorite guns to shoot, pretty much useless in the competition world but still a great gun. I was going to pick up a DVC 3 gun but I guess I'll wait to see whats coming next year.
  2. Blade-tech sells them. https://blade-tech.com/collections/belt-attachments
  3. I couldn't stand the way my EDC x9 felt in my hand and there are very few things you can change on it. Small grip insert was too small, the large was too big. My slide rattled like a can of spray paint, the barrel fit was nothing like a normal Wilson. The finish started to show a lot of wear in well under 1000 rounds. Mine decided it was a machine gun at about the 200 round mark, not going to lie though that was pretty awesome If you are dead set on getting one, find a used one as the resale on them is garbage. I currently carry a DVC-C
  4. I dress like that 24/7, even at work fixing machines. The steel toed boots kinda screw up the image though. Never shot a match in my life.
  5. I doubt you'd ever wear out a pistol barrel shooting lead bullets.
  6. Other than the spent primer chute I think my 1050 is 100% stock. It just keeps going and going and going. I had last month off and still didn't get around to taking it apart and cleaning it.
  7. I've been using the Otto noizebarriers, so far they've been great, I doubt I would use them indoors though with out doubling up.
  8. Still no issues with mine. I did however break my RMR in like 5 days .
  9. My Dillon rod broke in the same spot pretty early on, I replaced it with the F&F version years ago and it's still going strong.
  10. 1500-2000 on mine, zero issues so far, still loving it.
  11. Good lord, I’m just starting to somewhat like a FO front. Still on the fence though. I’ve always preferred the black rears. ( I felt dirty typing that.)
  12. Could someone please measure the front sight height for me, I need to get a FO sight ordered for a gun that I won’t have until Monday.
  13. I would assume 2.5 MOA is 2.5 MOA
  14. I blast mine with non chlorinated brake cleaner and add some more oil. Been doing it for as long as I can remember.
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