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  1. How accurate is your powder scale? Beam scale or digital? There's no reason that load should be blowing primers out of the cases.
  2. That’s what worked for me. Bought a 10 pack of the Lyman pins, I’ve used one in 3 years. Before that I just tapered the Dillon pin and it stopped the pull backs.
  3. I used them, I haven't noticed any performance upgrades. They just last longer and I'm too lazy to change the normal springs on regular intervals.
  4. I don't think I've ever actually broke one, they just seem to wear out. I'll get a couple dozen ordered.
  5. The crimp station is your expander If setup correctly. The funnel just adds a slight bell for seating.
  6. I just did some searching, it appears that it's pretty common, I think I'll run with it for awhile and see what happens.
  7. So I wore out my last little blue tip for the primer tube on my 1050, since I couldn’t find any locally I tried the assembly from my 650 with the brass tip and finished up the last few hundred rounds I needed to load and it worked perfectly. Any reason to go back to using the other one?
  8. I just opened a new jug today and they were in there.
  9. I just ordered 11k 125gr coated RN from SNS sized at .357" I just added it to the notes, he called to verify.
  10. Oh, I'm changing some stuff alright.
  11. Agreed, he’s sending the gun back and I ordered a set of the same sights that are on my Shadow Tac II. If that doesn’t do it for me It’ll become the permanent nightstand gun.
  12. Update: I guess I can’t shoot this gun? CZC sent me this today shot at 10 yards 6 rounds. Now why am not not able to shoot it? My Tac II is a laser 1”-1.250” 10 round groups at 20 yards are no problem, my Baer, the CZ compact all shoot great. I just don’t get it. Stuart is pretty awesome though.
  13. The hammer and everything else is fine, it's just the accuracy.
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