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  1. We have 2 pro's, 3 - 4.25" 2.0 and 1 Gen 1 Fullsize. They are all using 13lb. springs without issue.
  2. Take the mag brake out and cut off the little tab, sand it smooth and stick it back in. I've done it on a couple CZ's and it's worked fine. Also bend the bow out of it if needed.
  3. Awesome wife and gift, congratulations.
  4. How often do you guys clean your press? I’m currently at about 12k 9mm on this run and it’s a mess, but it’s running so smoothly right now I don’t want to break it down. Yesterday I didn’t have a single, not one issue in 3k rounds I just kept dumping powder, primers and brass into it.
  5. Thank you, Yes they are a blast.
  6. Not knowing what springs are installed or how many rounds they have on them I'd like to just respring the gun. I'm guessing a 17 pound hammer spring and a 10-12 pound recoil spring? Variable power or standard? ISMI or Wolff?
  7. They told me 8 weeks, it was ready in about 5 weeks.
  8. Oh it can be, but it'll be cheaper to buy one in 9mm
  9. Mine used to do that until I made a brace and bolted it to the wall, i get maybe one every few thousand now. How solid is your mount?
  10. It’s a buyers market right now, horrible time to sell.
  11. If you can handle the P-01 the CZ SP-01 Tactical should be fine as well.
  12. It’s not mine, I was just showing the rotation of the powder measure. LOL. I didn’t catch the rod either.
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