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  1. Could someone please measure the front sight height for me, I need to get a FO sight ordered for a gun that I won’t have until Monday.
  2. I would assume 2.5 MOA is 2.5 MOA
  3. I blast mine with non chlorinated brake cleaner and add some more oil. Been doing it for as long as I can remember.
  4. I've been using them for about 6 months now, They are worth every penny I paid for them. The recommended foam insert from that link are very good as well.
  5. Well I am on vacation for the entire month on September
  6. I really need to do this, mines about 8 years old and never been done.
  7. That's what I use, it doesn't lock the press up but you sure know something is right, since I've started grinding a small angle on the tip of the decapping pin I rarely get any pull backs now. I also prep the brass first so there's no live primers on the first run. When I look at that 5 gallon bucket full of brass I really wish I decided to have kids, I'm pretty sure that why my dad made me.
  8. I'd guess very few people shoot 115gr. 9mm bullets on this forum. That said RMR makes really good stuff I'm sure they'll be fine.
  9. It looks like it’s on the site for sale now. https://www.dillonprecision.com/xl750-reloader_8_1_26745.html ETA: I looked through the calibers and they all show backordered.
  10. Zero issues with the one's I've used. I bought 10 of them when Greg Cote had them on sale for $15. I should have bought more.
  11. I had that with one of my 126mm mags, called STI and they send me a new one with a label to return the bad one.
  12. I have mine so desensitized you can almost breath on it to disengage it, a file and 15-20 minutes is all it takes.
  13. I had one delta point pro, it made it about 600 rounds on my Shadow, sent it back and bought a RMR it made it about 1000 rounds on the same gun. Sent the RMR in for repair and it's probably got 6000 rounds on it now but the window it too small. Just ordered a new 5moa SRO for the 2011 and it's going to be amazing They all break have a couple extra on hand to swap out while the broken one is getting fixed.
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