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  1. I have the opportunity to buy a DVC L for 2100, with about 1000-1500 round count. Just debating on that or a used Brazos edge if it pops up.
  2. Glad to hear. Yeah having to tweak a multi thousand dollar gun doesnt sound very fun. But I have heard that many custom gunsmiths have very good CS and will get your gun working right.
  3. Thanks. I will keep an eye out. How do you like your Brazos edge?
  4. "That is correct. We will only offer the Basic models at this time. Mr Dawson has other project s to work on. And will be unavailable to do super tunes for now.The ST maybe back at a later date in the future."
  5. Hope you are right. I would really like to get a new one before they dry up. But part of me wants a used one that doesnt have any issues.
  6. Emailed dawson. They arent offering CRP for the time being. Just selling regular edges. Brazos also emailed be back. They arent doing high performance edges anymore.
  7. Do you find that the set screw actually helps? I've been running without one and haven't had any issues.
  8. big fan of my henning basepads
  9. If you're into creepy, dark comedy, check out The Last Podcast on the Left.
  10. That was a great docudrama. Working in the industry, I have a big appreciation for how they conveyed the events.
  11. Watched Isle of Dogs. It was really good.
  12. Yeah they both still sell the edge, I wonder why they stopped tuning them. I'd rather buy one already tuned.
  13. I've been debating the two options while I save up money, and just noticed the Brazos high performance edge is no longer available on Bob's site. I also don't see the Dawson CRP edges listed on their site anymore. Did I miss out? I sent Bob an email to find out. Just wondering if you guys had heard anything. Thanks
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