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  1. Theyll be my choice when I finally pull the trigger. Thanks everyone.
  2. Someone ought to make some tungsten grips
  3. Not sure, maybe itll bring down TSO prices a little. Not something I'd want to buy until all the kinks have been worked out though.
  4. http://danwessonfirearms.com/product/dwx/ Looks interesting. MSRP $1799. Looks like mags will be cheap, and itll use the same grips as a 75 full size. Also comes in .40. I'd imagine this will overtake the TSO as the favorite CZ limited gun. What are your thoughts?
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'll start with the short flat.
  6. I would have to remove the trigger bow to adjust the trigger shoe though, right?
  7. I have an x line short flat and medium flat that I want to install, but I'm not sure which I should go with. I have pretty short hands, and I'm wondering if anyone with experience can help me out. Heres a somewhat crude measurement of my trigger finger. I know you can adjust length to a degree, but I dont want to get the wrong one installed. I'm not at a point to where I'm comfortable doing my own work to my gun, so I'm having a Smith install the trigger bow.
  8. Thanks, I will try to keep this in mind. It seems that no matter what I tell myself, whenever I hear that beep it all goes out the window lol.
  9. Glad you are having fun. I'm new as well and my biggest issue is going fast. I need to work on slowing down and watching my front sight for long shots.
  10. I've been using Howard Leight impact sports with noisefighter gel cups. Going to look into inner ear protection next season.
  11. That's awesome. How much did he charge to fit lenses?
  12. I swear by Henning basepads. Work well with Henning grips. Havent been pinched ever. Empty mags drop free effortlessly and gives you some real estate to grab if you need to yank the mag out.
  13. Now that is awesome. Atlas custom?
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