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  1. I was thinking about an SJC titan, APA, or JP comp. Also if I decide to avoid the flat bottom handguard, I'd really like to use a tube handguard like the JP rapid config or signature, or some other simple tube. I don't need any mlok slots or anything, but I know that some of those tubes are ridiculously expensive.
  2. Great! Thanks a bunch. I'll go with that.
  3. Thanks, I will look into single stage triggers. Geissele isn't a must, I was gonna throw a milspec trigger on my sbr and use the ssae on my 16", but I might get one of those $140-160 single stage triggers instead. I'm wondering if I'm cheaping out by getting the brownells lightweight bcg. It seems too good to be true. Also the handguard is a bit wide. Are there any light handguards out there that are thin, but offer a flat surface to use as a rest? It wouldnt need any mlok or keymod points, or even a pic rail on top. heres a pic of the rifle configured right now while I'm building the dedicated lower. https://imgur.com/a/bngLArf
  4. This will be a 16" and will probably shoot anywhere from 50-200yds. I have most of these parts already and am looking for honest feedback. Upper: Ballistic Advantage 16" mid length Hansen profile barrel (already own) Kinetic Development Group MREX handguard 13.5" 12.4oz (already own) VG6 Delta Comp (already own) Brownells lightweight BCG NiB (dont own, but interested in) Radian raptor CH (dont own, but interested in) Superlative AGB (dont own, but interested in) Milspec forged assembled upper (already own) Vortex razor hd gen ii 1-6 and geissele vortex mount (already own) Lower: Spikes forged stripped lower (already own) Milspec lower parts kit (already own) Hogue overmold grip (already own) Geissele SSAE (already own) ACE ARFX stock (already own) JP SCS gen 2 with steel weights, extra tungsten weights if needed (already own) Basically looking for recommendations. What would you change about this build? Trying to keep it somewhat affordable.
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