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  1. I feel that $15/mo will just lead people to post their classifieds elsewhere. $180/yr to sell used firearms is pretty steep when Kenslist, Arfcom, Armslist, etc are all free.
  2. I do enjoy building things, which was part of the allure of a shortblock kit. I was planning on finishing it with second hand parts from this forum and specifically a plastic DVC style grip. I guess I'm not as familiar with the process of fitting components to a plastic grip, as the slide/barrel/frame would be fit when it showed up to my door. I haven't messed with 2011s a bunch other than shooting a few and basic field strip. Really it was/is a somewhat budget driven idea. I want to try out 2011s but don't want to shell out big $$$ until I know I'll be replacing my TSO with one.
  3. Currently shooting a TSO in limited but looking to add a 2011 style pistol to try out. A friend showed me the Warwick Tactical shortblock kits. For about $1100, I can have a frame/slide/barrel fit and ready to go. I was originally planning to get a used Edge but since I'd likely be changing out the grip, magwell, trigger and other components it seems reasonable to buy a shortblock kit and assemble it with the things I'd be purchasing to upgrade an edge anyways. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to shell out for a custom. Thoughts? Advice?
  4. My buddy just picked up a used, like new SP01 for about $500 to his door. He loves my TSO but didn't want to fork out $1700 for one or $1100+ for an S2. He loves it, the mags are cheap and for $100 in some springs and an Sao trigger he will have a great weapon to grow with and one that likely won't lose any residual value when he's ready to upgrade. Having a decocker for make ready is overrated vs the ability to swap a safety model to Sao and shoot limited. With just a little practice it's quite easy to drop the hammer on a safety model. Overall I think the sp01 is a great option. You can easily modify and upgrade it as you grow as a shooter. If you decide to upgrade in the future they also make a great defensive option. I am just a hobby/for fun shooter so I'll likely never spend the $3-4k for a custom 2011.
  5. I have a used PST G2 I bought on ARFcom new in box with an Aero mount for $500. My only complaints are the weight and the mag ring is tight as all hell. To me, it was still the best optic for the money for what I wanted to do. The glass is world's better than the Strike Eagle it replaced.
  6. I was planning on going the red dot route and shooting some open minor for sure. I'm still pretty new to competitive shooting so right now I'm primarily working on having fun and getting better, not chasing points. I know czc makes a threaded barrel for the TSO so it seems like adding that and a comp would at least be somewhat reasonable, but I may just be better off with a Czechmate if I get to that point. Thanks for the advice guys!
  7. I have a TSO in 9mm. I am currently just shooting steel challenge with it but I am looking to do some venturing into USPSA. The ease of adding a red dot to it is tempting me to try out some open class action. Has anyone shot a TSO with major loads? I am eventually planning on getting a 40 top end for one of I really dig uspsa stuff as I can't bring myself to spring for a Czechmate yet.
  8. I'm planning on buying one of the RMR cut ones. If they're reliable it seems pretty hard to beat for the price.
  9. I've wrestled with the same decision myself and ultimately decided to keep saving for a Beretta 1301 Comp. I've seen a handful of used, ready to compete examples from $800-$1000. Given your two choices, the Stoeger was a much better fit for me and I preferred their recoil system. I currently trap shoot and hunt with a 28" M2 but I wasn't willing to spend the money for a shorter barrel and filling away on the receiver. There's a pretty obvious difference in fit and finish between a Stoeger and a Benelli, but they're going to get run hard and thrown into dump barrels just the same. I'd also check out the Franchi Affinity line. There are a few companies starting to make packages and they split the difference between Stoeger and Benelli pretty well in terms of quality and price.
  10. I just recently came across a post on FB about Hornady American Gunner 9mm bulk rounds not being crimped enough and the guy was able to compress the bullet into the case by hand. It was alarming to see how many other people went to check their ammo and found similar results.
  11. Haven't seen a discounted X5 Legion but the Scheels near me have had X5s for $699.
  12. I didn't know this, I have always assumed most people shot both eyes open and that's just the way it was. I appreciate the help and suggestions from everyone. I have my first match coming up so Ive got lots of things to try!
  13. I've been waiting to put a PCC together and love the rest of my Aero stuff. I'll most likely get one.
  14. Two friends and I are going to shoot our first match in a couple weeks. One with a Ruger P95 he has in his sock drawer, one with a Sig X5 legion and I'll have my shiny new CZ TSO. We'll all have the same amount of fun and I promise you my gun isn't going to make me the best shooter. Who cares, let people buy what they want. As long as they're enjoying the sport it doesn't matter.
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