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  1. I love, love, love the Parrot models. That being said, you could pick up a TSO and a Shadow 2 for the same price (Or less) than a Parrot brings. I'm one of those people that is never happy to settle for anything less than exactly what I want so I understand. I'd put my hands on all the options you are considering and see how each one feels to you.
  2. Primary Machine is also offering a slide cut package for them that makes CO weight but doesn't use interchangable plates like the CZC setup. Someone (Maybe primary as well?) Was also offering a milled CO legal slide for about $700. Also I firmly believe function > form but when compared to a Shadow 2 that Walther is an ugly duckling.
  3. Excellent work! Truly a lot to be proud of there.
  4. I need someone with more time to come shoot it for me. I will admit though it ran well with mediocre inexpensive ammo, the light piston and a modified choke.
  5. I had mine out today for the first time. Ran great on Fiocci #7.5 but any time I tried to load it 5+1 it would choke trying to eject the first round. If I ran it with just the 5 in the mag it was fine. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. It looks like some careful modification to that sling mount may help. I will play with it when it comes in and see if I can't get it lined up. Thanks for the answers and pictures guys!
  7. So a standard AR rifle length tube for a fixed stock threaded on to the lower and has had no issues with using a standard rifle length buffer spring? Sorry, not trying to overly complicate the process but just want to be absolutely sure. I have a Luth MBA3 in my cart right now but I would strongly prefer the fixed MBA1. I had been told previously that a rifle length tube wouldn't work on this application.
  8. What all was involved in putting the rifle buffer tube on? I really want a fixed Luth stock for mine.
  9. Has anyone found the need for a limbsaver or other form of recoil management?
  10. The hassle, cost and the time invested. For your average guy it's a lot easier to throw on an SBA3 and obtain the same look/feel.
  11. These were supposed to go 'public' on the first. Has anyone seen them for sale in the wild yet? My FFL was supposed to have mine last week but I still haven't seen it yet.
  12. Fingers crossed to see mine by next week! How are the modified 9rd mags holding up?
  13. I am in the states. It doesn't look like I will see one until late 2019? Also kind of a bummer that they won't make weight for carry optics.
  14. Oh man, I still have a Shadow 2 on order with my local wholesaler. Might have to cancel and update to one of these...
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