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  1. Haven't seen a discounted X5 Legion but the Scheels near me have had X5s for $699.
  2. I didn't know this, I have always assumed most people shot both eyes open and that's just the way it was. I appreciate the help and suggestions from everyone. I have my first match coming up so Ive got lots of things to try!
  3. I've been waiting to put a PCC together and love the rest of my Aero stuff. I'll most likely get one.
  4. Two friends and I are going to shoot our first match in a couple weeks. One with a Ruger P95 he has in his sock drawer, one with a Sig X5 legion and I'll have my shiny new CZ TSO. We'll all have the same amount of fun and I promise you my gun isn't going to make me the best shooter. Who cares, let people buy what they want. As long as they're enjoying the sport it doesn't matter.
  5. KyleJ

    New Stuff?

    If CZ makes it, CZ people will buy it haha.
  6. KyleJ

    New Stuff?

    My only thought is that some people prefer the Shadow frame to the TS/Czechmate frame. Still a strange offering considering how easy it is to make the Shadow 2 SAO.
  7. Can you use the Carbon Arms belt without an ELS style attachment on your mags and hanger?
  8. KyleJ

    New Stuff?

    Sao Shadow 2 is news for me also. Kind of an interesting offering between the TSO, Shadow 2 orange and this new SAO.
  9. I'd like to see one in someone's for a table top and range review. I was waiting on these to come out before I ordered my TSO but eventually ran out of patience.
  10. Thanks! I am between a pocket pro 2 and a CED7000 and it seems both are good options. Also I'm a silly millennial and think everything should connect to my phone.
  11. Welcome! Fair warning, this place seems to have a direct connection to my wallet.
  12. Digging up this thread for some advice. I'm looking for my first timer to help practice and draw times. Does anyone have a compelling argument against the pocket pro? Is there one with Bluetooth connectivity I can track and adjust on my phone?
  13. KyleJ

    New To The CZ Game

    Phenomenal looking CZ!
  14. As soon as I get that first ammo sponsor I'll be switching over to 40, don't you worry.
  15. If/when I get serious about chasing points I will undoubtedly get a .40, probably a 2011. Currently I'm only intending to have fun and get better.
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