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  1. I believe they’re interchangeable, if that’s what you mean.
  2. Delrin was used on the older models, the brass ones came later.
  3. Take of your star spangled blinders
  4. Drawings went into the shredder in Germany. Alpha is cancelled.
  5. Please leave this thread Schultz, you’re kinda annoying. anyone has any experience with holsters for a Redback?
  6. Now I get it, just a jealous person. so sad.
  7. This one was recently reviewed by Ultimate Reloader, Gavin is very enthusiastic about it, price is about €450 I bought myself the Myweigh Ibalance I311, since the scale mentioned by Ultimate Reloader Isn’t available here in the Netherlands. I’m very satisfied with this scale. Very accurate and can be used for powdertrickling. Price is also very friendly for such an accurate scale. https://www.oldwillknottscales.com/my-weigh-ibalance-311.html edit: sorry, just read he needs a below €100 scale. Personally never had any luck with these. My s
  8. Spare parts are provided by the factory in Swiss, your importer can order all the parts you need.
  9. @Zerofade, have you seen the new Phoenix Drake?
  10. Overall fit and finish is incredible, CZ doesn’t come close. Don’t get me wrong, not bashing CZ, they’re damn good guns. The Phoenix is on the level of a custom gun. A bit like a stock Kimber next to a Wilson Combat.
  11. Just a matter of what you are willing to spend. A Ferarri is also way overpriced to get your weekly groceries.
  12. Very cool gun sir! I hope you enjoy it.
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