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  1. Thank you guys for your comments. Since i’m from the Netherlands and Les Baer’s are really nowhere to be seen or even sold, I have to buy one in Germany and import it to the Netherlands, I expect it to be a long wait. Long story short; it’s gonna take time and money, so i’ll throw in that extra $300 and buy my dreamgun. Buy once, cry once. And nothing is more worse; “Wow...is that a Les Baer?!” ...”yes, it sure is”...”does it have the accuracy guarantee?”......”ehh, no it doesn’t”.....”ow....that’s a pity, because....”
  2. Hello guys, I’m at the point of ordering a Les Baer 1911 in .45 ACP. Should I spend the extra money for the 50 yards accuracy guarantee, or is it overkill? I do shoot competition, but not beyond 25 yards.
  3. He has a full steel SAO Redback you can testfire. Best to give him a call
  4. Fasthenk, Did you eventually buy one from Maurice Drummen? If so, how do you like it ?
  5. Just for fun! A Swiss quality made gun with a 6” slide in 10mm. I’d buy that!
  6. Now we need a 6” Redback in 10mm Auto please ....
  7. Can’t really tell, i was positioned behind him on his left side, i wasn’t the RO, just a scorewriter. The accident was, as we can track back, a combination of a sloppy safetylever and the finger on the trigger. It all happened so fast. Besides that, we never saw the guy again, he came from the other side of the country and stopped shooting after this accident. it’s about 23 years ago, but i’ll never forget.
  8. Years ago, some unfortunate fellow during a IPSC match holstered his Tribrid (remember those?) in 38 super. Holstered way to fast, without looking. Gun went off, putting that major load through his upper leg and exiting just above the knee, luckily only a flesh wound. Guy went into shock and fell to the ground , passing out. We stabilized him and adressed his wound until the proffesionals took over. Made quite an impression on all of us. Luckily the poor guy recovered.
  9. Thanks for your help, I bought the SD second hand, so I guess the WC stem was missing. Contacted with Dillon and they have send me a flat faced WC stem. Thanks Dillon, problem solved.
  10. For competition; -Dillon decap/sizer -Dillon powder funnel -Redding Competition seater -Redding Competition taper crimp works for me!
  11. All steel Redback; 2.92 Lb Alu/steel light Redback; 2.61 Lb Alu/Alu Ultralight Redback; 2.02 Lb these are the standard iron sight Redbacks, not the Carry optics versions.
  12. Handguns only FP10, rifles (semi) Slide Glide and FP10 done.
  13. Mitutoyo’s are the cat’s meow . Love them, don’t want anything else.
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