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  1. Does the Lee also size? I would rather have a machine that only decaps, no sizing.
  2. Sorry, we’re keeping them in Europe, you guys don’t have any ammo for it
  3. Hello, If I click on a subject in the Faq of the Gunsprings section, I get redirected to the mainpage of the forum. Anyone else recognizes this?
  4. This one is…well…different.
  5. Thank you very much, that’s very comforting to hear. Can you send me some buffs?
  6. Hello guys, Not so long ago I became the proud owner of a S&W P.C. Target Champion 9mm pistol, which was exclusively made for the German Importer Wischo. It is truly a piece of art. The guy who I bought it from wasn’t much of a pistolshooter so it has a very low round count. It’s like it just left the factory. Now the thing is, I’m extremely cautious with this gun, no parts to find here in Europe. Recently I found out that Buffer Technologies offers Shock buffs for my gun. Unfortunately these things are regulated under ITAR restrictions, so I just can’t seem to get a few over the big pond. Do any of you happen to know a shop who is willing to ship them? Or should I just forget about them, they’re snake oil anyway. (My impression is not, I do feel the slide smash against the frame, even with a fresh recoilspring) thanks for your help!
  7. Happy 20th and thanks for the most informative forum for the competitive dynamic shooters worldwide!
  8. A movie which I can watch over and over is the Revenant. The scenery, the music, all of it. I find it such a work of art, with so many intense scenes. It’s the second movie on my top list. Nr.1 will always be Schindlers List.
  9. Thanks for the headsup! I’ve immediatly ordered a few sets. Eemanntech also offers a handy tool to replace the trigger spring of the Phoenix. https://dealer.eemann-tech.com/en/et-tools/5965-eemann-tech-trigger-spring-tool-for-cz-tanfoglio-phoenix-2000000059655.html
  10. Phoenix Redback ,SAO, 9x19, full steel, Toni Systems aluminum grip, M Arms +2 magbottom.
  11. Thank you for your reply’s gentlemen.
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