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  1. I have the Romeo 3 max. It’s pretty big xl slightly bigger but squared off. Got it at on sale
  2. Try Impact ammo they might be on backorder
  3. I have 9major loads above 165 the single port is good for minor power like white box store bought ammo and like U said mpf loads for shooting steel
  4. That comp is for shooting 163 power and lower. Even box stock ammo
  5. Yep had multiple readings right at or below a pound 1.5is fine by me
  6. Solved my problem also used your slide mount
  7. Yes does not fit my mount either
  8. Did you check the trigger pull Did you get yours with a red dot sight I’m running the sig Romeo max What thumb rest is that
  9. Have mine as welll fit n finish is pretty good slide feels like it’s on ball bearings just as long as you Black Friday sale mine is exactly like yours a red triggger....same set up
  10. Picking mine up in a hour do your call in when you get your shipping notice call in is taking 24 hrs mine arrived at ffl on tuesday shipped on Monday
  11. Have one in 8moa just waiting fo something to put it on
  12. Like my ftp 3 8 moa on my open gun
  13. Same as yours black dlc drilled and tapped frame will be using sig Romeo 3 max
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