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  1. 35.6488. I read the notation for the "A" code being 20% above my normal, but I do have a 60 in there earlier.
  2. So I got an "A" code on my last classifier 18-09 I Miss that kind of clarity. I am a relatively new to USPSA and have had a couple of dumpster fires on Classifiers thus far. I shoot carry optics and these are all my classifiers thus far: 4/29 - 18.0887 - Y 5/18 - 41.9207- Y 6/23 - 26.0432 - Y 7/6 - 60.5104 - Y 8/4- 31.6836 - Y 8/7 - 67.4831 - A I submitted the form to get the "A" reversed. How long does it take for review, and how do they let you know the result of my appeal? Do they look at how I placed at the match(1st in CO) or what criteria do they look at? How successful are appeals? Thanks
  3. I am fine with folks shooting twice, but their first run should be the only one that counts for the match. Any subsequent run, especially if shooting the same division equates to an unfair advantage over others. I try to do it at my weekly IDPA match, but realize only my first run counts for score.
  4. I went to a new club in another state this weekend to shoot a Level 1 USPSA match. They run squads at 9am Saturday, 9am Sunday and 1pm Sunday. Of 84 scores posted in Practiscore, 13 of the shooters shot it twice, and 2 shooters posted 3 scores. Some in the same division, some in multiple. The overall match winner shot open on two different squads. Is this normally allowed? Seems like you should only be able to post one score in a match, as doing multiples is like having a practice run, especially if shooting the same division multiple times. I know in local IDPA match, they let you take a second run, but add 900 seconds to your time ensuring the second run was just for fun/practice. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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