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  1. I double checked after the 1st 100 rounds, than ran another 500. Took them to a practice session, and each subsequent 100 round box seemed a little hotter than the one prior, so ran them through chrono. Normally my practice stuff at 7.9gr is 168ish PF. This was 178. Got back home and measured 10 more powder drops and it was at 8.4 gr.
  2. I don’t get the seeing how long one can run their firearm without cleaning fascination. Does running one dirty for tens of thousands of rounds make it a better gun? I would rather clean after each training session (normally 200-600 round for me) and prior to matches. This goes for my open guns as well as CO guns. Not just to get the crud out, but to also check for worn parts. Waiting to see how long till I get a failure from not maintaining the firearm does not make sense, especially if that failure happens in a stage. Do they wait to change their oil until their engine seizes?
  3. Open shooter here as well. When I am shooting, I wear a set of the Ear’s Inc. Silicone custom ear plugs with the noise filters. When I am shooting or RO’ing an open shooter, I double up with muffs. I had been using Howard Leight Bolts with aftermarket silicone muffs. They work well to hear commands while double plugged, and I had thought they were super comfortable compared to the set of Peltor Shotgunners I had previously worn. The HL’s decided to lose themselves, and I was able to pick up a set Sordin Pro X’s with the leather headband for cheap from a friend. Night and day difference in comfort compared to HL’s. Super pricey, I know, but no headache/discomfort after long day on range training.
  4. Anyone having issues with the powder measure? The volume adjustment keeps working itself loose for me, adding .5 grains to the initial setup for my load of 7.9 grains of HS6 for 9mm major. That extra .5 gr makes things a little spicy at 178pf.
  5. The Bass Pro in my part of Virginia was selling CCI SRP fo $10.99 a sleeve with a limit of 5 sleeves. Wish we were at the $30-50 in store.
  6. Any thoughts on using A-Zone steel targets instead of just paper targets while training? Any pros or cons? Would the audible confirmation of hits be detrimental instead of shot calling? I am currently a B class Open shooter (2yrs in USPSA). Most training has been dry fire and local matches, but now have access to a range where I can set up movement drills. Thanks for any thoughts.
  7. I resemble that remark!
  8. I shot with the MD Saturday and it looks like Sat/Sun are all filled up.
  9. I would reach out to barsto to see if their chambers are fully supported, and what length they ream their chambers for max OAL. If chamber is too short, the projectile will engage the rifling before the cartridge can fully seat in the chamber. Also longer OAL may not fit in your magazine, or feed correctly. 9mm Major is loaded longer to help feeding and to prevent a compressed load, which can spike pressures. Also, your recoil system needs to be up to the task for a major load, or your pistol will take a beating from the increased recoil impulse. 9 major is normally above +P+ pressures, well above SAAMI specs. When I first got a purpose built 2011 open gun, I tried some Everglades, and it had feeding issues and did not make power factor with my setup. Just a few things to think about.
  10. I started in CO in 2019, my first year. Moved to open spring of 2020 and not looking back. I see the CO to Open move for quite a few folks in my area of MD/VA/NC.
  11. I was able to get a set of the Lyman 9mm Pro dies through amazon of all places and had in 2 days.
  12. I had picked up a couple for both USPSA and IDPA practice, as I shoot a 2011 in both. With a speed reload, not issues. But with a slide lock reload, if you aggressively insert the mag to seat completely, the slide release is next to impossible to release. I have to rack the slide to release it. Using a STI Tactical 4.0 with stock plastic grip and Dawson mag release.
  13. Cool. Any negatives that you have found, or that would give you pause to recommend them? Thanks
  14. On the 140/155 question, I favor the 155mm for the reload. The way the 155 indexes and having that little extra length makes positive insertion and seating into the magwell just a little bit easier. I use an Akai mag well on my open gun.
  15. Anyone that uses a red dot for Open or CO use the new Hunters HD red lenses for competition? Any thoughts?
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