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  1. The good news about that part is it works like a little, partial, magwell and helps guide the magazine in. Wilson Combat uses the same style piece for their Berettas (but theirs are metal, of course).
  2. I installed the whole kit - trigger, trigger return spring, sear, sear spring, striker block, and striker block spring. Other than the trigger return spring, I can imagine that the parts you installed would be most of the improvement. But I had to get rid of the stock plastic, curved, and hinged trigger.
  3. The Apex flat face trigger kit is really quite nice. Mine runs at about 4# with very little over-travel and a nice crisp break. It's as good as any striker fired trigger I have tried with friends around the range.
  4. That’s my take, too. I was hoping for some input from Ed Brown M&P owners. The “only” thing Ed Brown offers that’s hard to get elsewhere is the machined locking block, and I don’t know how much real accuracy effect it has.
  5. Many depend on whether you “need” it or not. Threaded barrel? More grasping grooves? But the rear cover plate is just because.
  6. A more careful look at the Ed Brown site and I think I can answer a couple of my own questions. The magwell is also sold as a separate item that appears to connect via the back strap connector. So I'd call that removable. The pictures show a stipple pattern on the grip that looks just like the stock M&P grips. I suppose the value is up to the buyer. I can do much of what they've done (that I'd want done) with new parts and some work with my bench-top mill. Their locking block would be near impossible to duplicate. I wonder how much that really improves accuracy?
  7. Does someone here have an Ed Brown customized M&P? I have a few questions. Is the magwell removable? Have any changes been made to the factory 2.0 frame stippling? How does the cost/performance balance stack up for you? If a stock M&P Performance Series C.O.R.E. pistol costs about $650 and Ed Brown's are $2,000, the value of the customizations may be a tough balance to strike. I see these Ed Brown customizations included: Machined slide with lightening ports and more and better grasping grooves Optic mount (but for Trijicon only) Machined locking block Machined ejector Machined striker Machined rear cover plate Funky threaded barrel (I don't like it) Better than stock sights (but not my choice) Apex trigger Metal magazine baseplates Machined frame pins Improved captive guide rod That's a lot of stuff, but it comes at a cost of about $1,350. I've asked them if I could order a customized M&P with just the features I want, but they said not at this time. So it's "custom," but not really custom. And it "only" comes with two magazines instead of the three I would have expected.
  8. That’s a good angle! The frames, as best I understand it, are the same.
  9. Do used full-size frames come up for sale from time to time? I know they are an FFL item, but I am contemplating an M&P build starting with a bare frame.
  10. I'm pretty sure this is the fix. Looking closely, I could see that the slide had been bumped very slightly out of battery when the mag was slammed home. I put a 13# spring in and saw no more problems on the bench with snap caps. I'll confirm it at the range later this week.
  11. I agree! I wonder how Phil and Max missed that one?!
  12. The basics: M&P Pro 5" 1.0 CORE, Apex trigger kit, factory magazines, 11# recoil spring The problem: After a solidly seated mag change with one in the chamber (slide is in battery), the trigger is dead. I pull it, it's slack, and no bang. If I rack the slide back maybe ½", release the slide, and try again, I get a bang. If I seat a new mag very gently while the slide is in battery, the trigger is fine. Slide lock reloads are fine. What should I be looking for?
  13. Although the newer Legions do have holes for an RMR pattern sight, the SRO and RMR don't appear to fit tight to the front of the slide cut. I'd be worried that after many rounds the lack of support for the sight as the slide returns to battery may put too much shear stress on the mounting screws.
  14. Compared to the plastic ones, it sure is. But it's cheaper and easier than a new gun if you tear up the magwell on an M&P, for example. With no competition, I suppose they can charge what they want. But I am not yet 100% sold that the extra weight is an unalloyed good thing.
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