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  1. Based on my own experience I haven't seen anymore leading, smoke etc. using Titegroup than other bullet/powder combinations I've tried. I base that opinion on cleaning the barrel with an Outers Electrochemical bore cleaner then inspecting the barrel with a bore scope after shooting various polymer coated bullet/powder combinations. Even went low tech and dug spent bullets out of the ground for inspection of the base etc. I found the USPSA 2020 equipment survey results interesting. Titegroup took 2nd in the Limited class. Titegroup was 1st in Production, PCC, Carry Optics, Single Stack and Revolver. Of course Titegroup is not suited for Open, the only other class. Sport Pistol's web page states some powders "can" burn the polymer base. Sounds like it's possible but not for sure. Some coatings are Hi-Tek and some like Eggleston and Blue are proprietary. Sport Pistol did make the survey results in a couple classes but at a rate less than half of the respondents that use Titegroup. It would be interesting if there was method to determine the temp of Titegroup and other powders and see if there is a difference. Cheers!!!
  2. PhotoRecon

    New Czechmate

    Looking at Eric's Facebook photos the Czechmate he is using has the standard comp except that it has two poppels instead of the port closest to the barrel. So 3 ports and 2 poppels instead of the 4 ports. Instead of the standard C More it has the small type red dot. I wish he would have mentioned what other features he changed from the standard version.
  3. I'd like to get the 90 degree mount also but it looks like Cheely was the only maker and they seem to have discontinued them. Lots of software available to make one.
  4. Both my barrels are circa 2019 and untouched. I can use the Acme 115 RN and Everglades 115 JHP out to a max of 1.160".
  5. I'm running 115 polymer coated with 9.8 grs of Shooters World Major Pistol, CCI 450 and CCI brass. OAL of 1.155". Outstanding groups at 25 yards from the bench. Load development absolutely made a difference in my Czechmate.
  6. Works great and been using it for 3 years now...first learned of it from other open shooters...
  7. I use Hoppes No. 9 on the lens and the stock 13lb spring...
  8. Last time I checked Summers isn't taking orders until May 1st...
  9. PhotoRecon

    Cz checkmate?

    I'm changing the Czechmate recoil spring and slide stop pin every 3,000 rounds...
  10. UPS requires hazmat certification of the shipper I believe...
  11. Scored these for 2nd time in as many weeks @ LGS for $4.99/100...400 and 200 limit per day per person, respectively... Other LGS in town gets regular shipments to...
  12. I had that happen with Eggleston brand...they didn't cure properly and they offered to replace them...I shot them anyway...
  13. Based on my experience those cases will probably rupture on the next firing despite roll sizing. My guess the brass is weakened beyond repair after going that far out of spec.
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