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  1. I'm using 10.0grs SWMP with 115 Hi Tek coated in my Czechmate. Also tried AA7 and HS6. I prefer as much gas as possible for the comp. I soak the comp in Hoppes 9 when not in use...usually in 5 to 7 days of soaking the build up wipes out with q-tips.
  2. I used one of the gun specific search engines and got my new in the case 2019 version of the Czechmate for just over $2800. There were a variety of vendors in that price range to choose from.
  3. Plan to try a sample of the Hi Tek coated DG to test and see how they do. The discount code is a plus. If it wasn't for the shipping delay I would also like to try Blue and their proprietary non Hi Tek coating to see how it differs. Maybe when they get caught up.
  4. Mine uses a bit driver and open socket head with a drill...haven't seen a drill used where you don't have to hold it...would be interesting... On mine if you try to go too fast it will throw the case out of the machine...I use about 1/8 to 1/4 of trigger on the drill for a steady flow faster than my 1050 can feed it...
  5. I agree...too bad as I was thinking of giving them a try...
  6. I would ask DG about returning them and give them a chance to make it right.
  7. Went to the hardware store and bought new tubing...the same kind of thing it came with...haven't tried any other types yet...
  8. I went with an electric drill that has a torque setting to reduce the risk to the rollsizer internals...99+ percent go through on setting 5 of 10 but occasionally a case from a loose chamber stops the drill...those I do with the hand crank...
  9. I got mine about 6 months ago and really like it. The hose that came with it was flatened and despite heating etc was beyond repair.
  10. My rollsizer made in Australia sizes from the top of the extractor groove up about 1/8th of an inch or so. There is a different design available that also sizes the head and extractor groove. FL sizing is required after roll sizing. I've not seen any effect on the primer pockets. Using regular Dillon dies after roll sizing I see no case gauge failures at all.
  11. Rotary Rebel 17 via Amazon...
  12. I'm using water and steel pin media in my rotary tumbler and it does a great job on the primer pockets...
  13. Both my old RCBS and Lee U dies instructions call for touching the shell plate. My first U die carbide ring cracked doing that but they replaced it. The RCBS does not produce the wasp shape but never failed to produce sufficient tension. I have two Dillon 9mm dies circa 1992 when I got my 1050. The instructions for those show backing up a 1/2 turn from the shell plate. Interestingly those two dies have different designs of carbide rings. Even backed off they both produce the wasp shape. I've also used them touching the shell plate with no issue. The only problem I ever had with 9mm brass is a bunch that was fired in a generous chamber machine gun. None of my dies could get the base back into spec. My rollsizer could bring most of it back to spec but some cases were just too far gone. Ended up retiring that brass rather than mess with it.
  14. Dillon replaced my powder measure but they require the old one to be sent in...
  15. On 9mm with coated I use .379" to avoid damaging the coating....377" on jacketed...
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