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  1. Last time I checked Summers isn't taking orders until May 1st...
  2. PhotoRecon

    Cz checkmate?

    I'm changing the Czechmate recoil spring and slide stop pin every 3,000 rounds...
  3. UPS requires hazmat certification of the shipper I believe...
  4. Scored these for 2nd time in as many weeks @ LGS for $4.99/100...400 and 200 limit per day per person, respectively... Other LGS in town gets regular shipments to...
  5. I had that happen with Eggleston brand...they didn't cure properly and they offered to replace them...I shot them anyway...
  6. Based on my experience those cases will probably rupture on the next firing despite roll sizing. My guess the brass is weakened beyond repair after going that far out of spec.
  7. I love my Czechmate for major...don't have a problem with 2011's either...
  8. Mine come out the same way. So far doesn't seem to be a problem.
  9. Anyone know who makes this spring loaded target that fits onto a T post?
  10. I use Rogers PC 115 for Major, PCC and Minor with no problems. I also his PC 155gr in my comp'd 45 ACP.
  11. For 9mm Major I hand seat primers and once the pocket loosens up I toss them. That typically happens before they split.
  12. Guess I should have tried those aluminum cases they make all the fuse about instead of brass ones...
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