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  1. Guess I should have tried those aluminum cases they make all the fuse about instead of brass ones...
  2. I use the H&G 68 style 185gr hardcast @ COL of 1.250" and taper crimp of .469"...great results for me over the years...
  3. I'm using roll sized Blazer, Federal and R-P for major.
  4. I got it for 9mm and 45 ACP to ensure functioning in my tight chamber pistols...the 223 conversion came out this year so I went for it. The sizer runs $700+ for the manual version. Anyway, everything I load in those three gets rolled before loading.
  5. The roll sizer only does a small amount of the case just above the extractor groove. I noticed a fired case increased in length about. 005" after roll sizing and then after FL sizing cases to short to be trimmed in the Giraud essentially disappeared. My guess is the roll sizing makes the case dimensions more consistent than a sizing die alone can.
  6. I use batches of brass of the same headstamp firing it the same number of times until the primer pockets start to loosen up then that batch is retired. Once I got a roll sizer I noticed the brass was much more consistent when trimming with the Giraud.
  7. No problemo...just thought there was another supplier to check out...been looking DG over myself but haven't tried any yet...
  8. I was wondering if you meant DG instead of DB?
  9. All of those but I pefer Titegroup or Clays...
  10. Czechmate fired single shot with no mag in gun...inspection of brass not yet fired shows weak construction right were these failed...wasn't even to SAAMI max when these failed... 1000s fired with other brass at much much higher power with no problemo...
  11. Yes, Browning factory ammo and those marks on the head are supposed to be antlers...the brass is supposedly made for them by Winchester...
  12. Redding, RCBS, and Dillon...depends on which cartridge I'm loading...
  13. Primers don't always show signs of pressure...these once fired Browning cases failed early in 9mm load development...other brands went well beyond this load with no problems...pays to sort and test...
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