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  1. Right now I prefer AA7 and have a few pounds left. Will retest when I get a new lot.
  2. Using Acme 115 with AA7 and HS6. No popple holes so I make major not very much above published load data with 1.155" oal. There is build up in the comp. I soak it in solvent and wipe out once it loosens up.
  3. I have a roll sizer on order. They recommend roll sizing before fl sizing but I don't know why. I have a bunch of already fl sized brass and plan to roll size a sample then see if they pass the guage, etc. or if they need to be fl sized a second time. For future batches I plan to roll before fl sizing...
  4. PhotoRecon

    TS to CM

    Thank you!
  5. PhotoRecon

    TS to CM

    regor: Where did you find the CM comp? I tried unsuccessfully to find one.
  6. In reading via the link to Springer it states they are not recommended for use with the 26 round factory mag.
  7. Hey everyone thanks for the answers which are exactly what I wanted to know!!! Cheers!!!
  8. Anyone with a roll sizer experiencing any issues with roll sizing nickel plated brass such as scratching the machine and/or the brass like the old non carbide sizing dies would?
  9. I was wondering if roll sizing nickel plated brass scratches the roll sizer surfaces like they do to plain (no carbide) steel sizing dies?
  10. I tried to find a spare compensator but got no where. I've heard some parts just aren't available to the public. Hope you find one.
  11. Please excuse my ignorance with the Tanfoglio line. Is this the Tanfoglio being compared to the Czechmate? EAA / Tanfoglio Witness Gold Custom Xtreme Open Race Gun - 9mm
  12. I have the 2019 version of the Czechmate as STI would not accept my order for a DVC Open 9mm...runs 100% out of the box...seems to be 4 sources of parts...already did a test order on springs from Cz Usa...received them via Fedex and those that were back ordered showed up not long after that and Fedex'd to me with free shipping...plan to try ordering from Cz Custom and Cajun to. The manual does recommend changing the slidestop every 3,000 rounds. I'll follow the directions and see how it goes. It came with a recoil spring that tested at 10lbs but Cz recommends a 13lb so I changed it to keep everything OEM for now. All I can say is I love shooting it. If it cracks like a STI so be it...
  13. Never had a problem with wet tumbling over 20 years now. Started with the RCBS Rotary Sidewinder then switching to the Extreme Rebel 17 and stainless pins four years ago. With deprimed brass I let them lay on the side on a towel for 48 hours. With primer still in the 5 to 6 days.
  14. Mine didn't come with a powder check die so I added that.
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