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  1. I had roughly 190 responses out of my 500 or so members on my list. Typically match registration is around 125 or so. I think the number of respondents Mirrors the number of steady shooters or registrars. I also asked about lowering stage round counts. It wasn’t much of a blip in the results. Barely ahead of I don’t care what you do because I don’t have ammo. if you decide to try the survey use Google forms. It’s free and easy. All the commercial survey tools like survey monkey cap your results
  2. I actually sent out a survey to my distribution list. The overwhelming response was to keep matches the same. Second was less stages but not chopping the round count for the stages. I sent one for uspsa and steel challenge with both having similar responses fwiw
  3. I know one thing. What I thought was a good number before will become much greater when things start becoming available again
  4. No issues. It just takes longer for me to do similar things. I’m sure if I put the iPad down and went all android then it would be ok. I do have a fire 10 for a master for this season and that’s my plan
  5. It’s just interface familiarity for me. I’ve been using it for so long that I know where everything is and what not.
  6. The fire 8 and 10 are the best bang for the bucks easily. I love an update for a master but it’s way more expensive
  7. The only brass I have issues with is Aguilar
  8. https://patriotdefense.com/tanfoglio-witness-trigger-bar-pin-3-6/
  9. I’ve tried to stop a shooter before and they couldn’t hear me because they were pulling triggers and their ear pro cut out noise. They ripped off 8 shots with me yelling before I could be heard
  10. I heard some things but it’s not my place to relay the gossip. I will say there isn’t a lot of demand for it. I for one think we have enough divisions for folks
  11. I did my own Cajun parts and a polish and I’m close to the specs you listed.
  12. I hosted one. And won’t do it again. It’s a clusterf*#k to manage and is so much work. I’d rather run a level2 than put on an ro class again
  13. It’s not on there but you should just buy the benelli m2 now
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