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  1. Iirc eurooptic had it preorder at 1999
  2. Never even thought of dumping stages into github for storage
  3. Communication is the core of any instruction. If you have no way to communicate I’m not sure how you can be successful and it would be extremely frustrating I think. I’d have to pass
  4. But based on that you could bury a 2x4 as a fault line and leave only the top exposed. Since that would meet the characteristics you described.
  5. This is what we do as well and then I’m there around 630 to start fine tuning stapling painting and prepping everything. I don’t know why i shoot so badly anymore lol
  6. I love the idea of this but I wonder if it would cause me more stress or ease it
  7. I would say not legal because it’s not meeting thickness on all sides.
  8. I bought a bunch of those for my club. The six and eights. I remember lots of splash when we used them.
  9. Are you looking at the registration side of things or the results? IMO the results side I’d find that more useful due to the high number of people who don’t show
  10. Feel free to donate some of the stage designs you have to your local match director.
  11. The saami spec was built around 1680
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