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  1. You need to check uspsa to see what the hit factor equates to for each classifier.
  2. If you want to pick brass at the end of my match have at it. But you have until the end of me cleaning up and moving everygtingbwhere it needs to be. That gives you half to an hour usually.
  3. I love geisselle but I can’t see 350 when my hiperfire is still going strong. I have a feeling street price will be around 299
  4. What I’ve found that most are able to if they have to. We’ve got a guy that’s in his 80s that finds a way to do it. We’re not talking about building a pc from scratch. We’re talking about clicking a link in an email or something similar and entering in a handful of lines of info. I don’t think I’ve had more than a handful of people over the years say something along those lines and they somehow always find a way to register online.
  5. I looked at prepay but the cost of using the service and one that is antigun pushes me away from it. I deal with no shows a lot. I keep a list of every one of them that does it. And a withdrawal the night before or the morning of is a no show. I understand emergencies happen but you start to see trends and if they are so inconsiderate that they can’t withdraw early enough for one of the waitlist people to shoot then I will not give them an advantage when they could make use of it. I don’t remove them from the main match but they won’t come off the waitlist. My number of no shows has gone down considerably as people find out I keep a list. Theres no way I want to approve every shooter that signs up just to eliminate the possibility of no shows. It’s tedious enough and I get more than enough work out of the emails and what not leading up to match day
  6. I received tracking info yesterday. I should have it in time to demo it at a match this weekend. I’ll post my findings and thoughts once complete
  7. I was completely underwhelmed when I fondled one. It was no better than a stock Glock and that’s the problem when there isn’t any aftermarket
  8. That’s what we all shoot for. I hear Dave puts in a good show too. Go get bit by the bug again!
  9. Area 8 is coming up so it’s really surprising. I’m expecting a heavy turnout for ours which is the last match weekend prior to area 8.
  10. I went through about four months of issues with priming and it was just by chance that I found it. I probably caused it too but it was completely luck that I ever noticed it.
  11. Also check your primer disk to make sure it’s still flat. I had this happen and found that my disk was warped at some point.
  12. We use wood 2x2s due to a lack of willing welders. We break legs all the time. Like twice a season we end up repairing and rebuilding walls
  13. I’d try it with the mag monopod approach and see what happens then. I think that’s the area you’d induce stoppages
  14. MGM targets is always my first stop
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