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  1. Nathanb

    Stock 3 holster for Shadow 2

    I was able to use my stock 2 holster for my shadow 2 before my shadow 2 holster came in. Screws were backed out a bit but it worked
  2. Nathanb


    Double oops
  3. Nathanb


    Dead air silencerco rugged q are all the big boys right now.
  4. Nathanb

    Years End Maintenance

    I’ll replace springs at the beginning of season and pick up a new slide stop. While I’m replacing those I’ll inspect for wear and areas that may need polished
  5. Nathanb

    What caliber can you shoot in USPSA/IPSC

    They’d be buying an awful lot of steel if they did it. Pretty sure it’s not a pistol caliber either
  6. I think I have the 30 carbine funnel and still use the small rifle plate.
  7. Nathanb

    software to compare 2 people

    Shotcoach probably
  8. Nathanb

    Dillon 650

    It’s no bigger than 308
  9. Nathanb

    New Sig MPX ?

    You mean like adjustable gas system? Wouldn’t that be nice.
  10. Nathanb

    3 Shadow 2s after a season of shooting

    That urban gray is so sexy like that.
  11. Tell the truth. I’ve scored matches on paper and I can say I’d rather cut my own throat than do it again.
  12. I’d like to see an overhaul of the classifier system to reflect real time calculations of new high hit factors. They have the data. It’s programmatic. An ro course takes so mhch effort to put together right now that it will make you want to throw up. As said above that needs fixed. I’d also like to see club contacts and range officer communications go out in targeted emails. Rulings etc should be shared or scenarios and how to score them. Standardizing and accepting an approved wsb method should be looked at. You see dozens of ways that wsb are done up it would be nice to have an official method. One club uses PowerPoint one uses sketch up another uses trident.
  13. Nathanb

    Starting Position "standing in box"

    Agreed. I’ve been gamed so many times over the years. It’s fascinating to see just how some people will interpret the wsb.
  14. Nathanb

    MPX Maintenance Schedule

    I’m curious on the reduced power springs as I’m going to be tuning my 4.5 barrel.
  15. It’s not and I foresee a large run on the new classifiers that aren’t hard to set up once the spring season kicks off. But since we aren’t tabulating the scores on the fly for new hhf were going to see some higher scores come out of this.