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  1. Just buy a new barrel set up and hand guard if you want. I’ve got a 4.5 inch and 8 inch barre for mine. If you buy a new plug and tappet it’s pretty fast to swap barrels
  2. I’ve felt that was the case but confirmation is always good. Lol
  3. That’s how I do it as well. I feel like there’s more meat in the way and less chance of my sweaty hands losing a grip
  4. I’ve considered that too David. I was hoping for a way to do it easier than that and was hoping to get a little bit more hands off then I’ve been. Appreciate the input
  5. Over the last year we’ve had three go down. They get used three weekends a month though.
  6. I’m dying to order one of these but I’m trying to hold off. We go through pocket pros like crazy
  7. Then it becomes a match director issue
  8. Depending on when you can always find a match to shoot
  9. I had a squad like this in my last match. Or at least claimed they couldn’t RO. Then I check them later and realize two of them were certified ROs. They also pulled the shoot and scoot when they finished and didn’t help stay for teardown. They also had the audicity to ask why we didn’t run an 8-10 stage match when we had the bays for it though
  10. That’s the it doesn’t say we can’t crowd. Forgetting that the rule book is also there lol
  11. Intimidate him into what? This just gets weirder and weirder. And for the record. Unless he said if you are finished unload and show clear there is nothing he’s supposed to be saying as an RO
  12. I take it down between matches. I dont typically give out the password though and no one has made it an issue. I work in info sec and have a more than healthy background in networking so I’m pretty sure I could ensure that the tablets are not over ran by people who just want their scores. Our range is shaped like an L and the furthest berm is 240 yards from the end of each berm. I can stand at one and get signal and sync etc at the other. I’m fairly confident with two of these you could cover half the county.
  13. Everywhere is Sunday. Not all churches look the same
  14. Yeah that’s a big mesh network. For my needs I didn’t see the point of it but the overhead of multiple aps without having power to plug them into made the cost go way higher than I wanted. With the one ap I was able to get my needs met. I figured if I needed two of them I was still in cheap.
  15. Zack I’ve found a tplink outdoor wap that covers my entire range from end to end. I was impressed with the amount of signal and our range is not very small. I had four bars of signal 200 yards away https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07953S2FD?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
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