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  1. I usually bring double the match. Just in case. Any partials are always doubled in number things like that. If it’s raining I plan on using double. imo. Partials are where you get hurt. Smaller area to shoot ends up with all the rounds in one place. Full targets usually make it through a match of 80 shooters but partials tend to need replaced about halfway through
  2. I certainly hope not. What’s next. 2011s in co? That was an ask at one point too.
  3. Nathanb

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    I don’t need to hear things like this from reputable source. It’s how I end up with new competition guns
  4. It’s your browser trying to idiot proof everything. They’ve built in protections for sites with expired certificates.
  5. This was some of the only powder available post sandy hook. I’m surprised to see anyone still has some unless it’s been making it’s way in again
  6. I’ve loaded maxam csb-5 https://www.maxamcorp.com/en/cartridges-components/components/powder
  7. I’ve never regretted buying anything that I really wanted. I only regretted settling for less because I was always wondering what if I had bought that gun instead
  8. Yeah me too. If you’re close enough to PA it might be worth the commute.
  9. Did you actually get it? Optics planet is trash for maintaining inventory online. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it say it’s in stock and then I’m told later it’s backordered. They’ve been moved to my order as a last resort list
  10. I think you’ll find most mds don’t care as long as it doesn’t disrupt the match and doesn’t cause a safety issue
  11. I hear ya. I have a Corolla that I use as a commuter vehicle and I looked at the tundra for a bit too. I do love the four runners though
  12. I looked at a toyota before I upgraded my match hauler no regrets. pretty sure you have none either and yes black wheels are a must.
  13. How deep are your primers seated? have you polished your internals? when was the last time you changed your other springs
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