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  1. Nathanb

    Safe table

    Mistakes happen. That’s part of learning. Even the crm instructors make mistakes. What makes a good ro is being able to accept you might be wrong, verifying it, and learning from it.
  2. Nathanb

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    Well I broke down and ordered one. Looks like my worked over stock 2 is going to have some competition. I don’t even have it yet and I’m looking to tune it. You guys really use sandpaper to polish? No dremel and felt wheels with blue magic?
  3. Nathanb

    Safe table

    And there should be procedures in place for an appeal to the range master or match director
  4. Nathanb

    Safe table

    So sign up and take the class and then you can be that guy.
  5. Nathanb

    Ideal .300 Blackout Barrel Length

    Ive shot subsonic out to 200 yards with hits on man sized targets. But it isn’t something i do often. Typically I stay within the 50 yards and in category with it as its more of a suppressed blaster
  6. I dont think that reticle is centered either.
  7. Nathanb

    USPSA Course Designs

    Ive done that. I wasn’t shooting PCC at the time either. The amount of help I get during set up is usually directly related to how hard the match is
  8. Nathanb

    Ideal .300 Blackout Barrel Length

    I’m going from member but I had a batch of subs that were loaded to right around 1050 FPS our od my 8.5 inch gun. My thinking was that there was no reason to have a 16 inch barrel for it. Well I bought one. Most of that ammo still stays subsonic In that gun too
  9. Nathanb

    Ideal .300 Blackout Barrel Length

    Ideal barrel length per spec is 8.5 inches. Velocity gain from my 8.5 to 16 inches is rather minimal
  10. Nathanb

    USPSA Course Designs

    Agreed. And well said
  11. Nathanb

    Review of CGW RRK in Shadow 2

    Ok where are he hard chromed shadow 2s found at?
  12. Nathanb

    Precision rifle for $2,000

    I’ve got a tikka t3x tac a1. It’ll outshoot me any day any time and is a fantastic stock rifle. I’ve also shot the rpr since it seems like everyone of my buddies has one. It’s not a bad rifle and is submoa. Side by side the tikka is picked every time. Only downside is the mags are expensive.
  13. Nathanb

    Chamber flags in bulk

    Nice! Thank you
  14. Nathanb

    Match DQ Fair or Not?

    Match dq. Not gun dq. What would stop people from trying to buy in with a new gun as well
  15. Get in touch with Tim at TACCOM 612 961 8619 he may be able to help.