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  1. This is my second biggest pet peeve other than proper who register and no show without a withdrawal. I keep a list of both. For research purposes.
  2. I’ve seen a boom in carry optics this year. Great data points. The downward trend makes me wonder about ammo
  3. Lots of cool including an a01-ld and suppressed scorpion sbrs and brens. The whole line up was out there. Full size compact and subcompact p10s with and without dots and then a few custom shop pieces. Wa
  4. Call it what you want. These are guys who want to get their hands on dwx so they can sell them. I got to handle about 30k in cz firearms today thanks to them
  5. I actually talked to some CZ reps today and they’re just as bent as we all our. When covid hit the Dw factory was shuttered and the DWX was a victim of that. The one guy joked that there are four dwx on the planet. Two with the atf and two with their marketing department
  6. I almost said this. It’s how I fixed mine
  7. I will never own a mossberg semi again. I wish you the best of luck
  8. I’ve been at matches that had this. It’s more tactical than anything. Oh and it’s pretty hard. Lol.
  9. We didn’t seem to have any issues with it for five stages. I don’t know how many batteries he had for it though. He’s a plumber and everything is dewalt. I can ask him on Saturday if I see him
  10. Sorry I quoted you but probably shouldn’t have. I was fired up. Lol. I’ve set enough poppers to know if I really think it needs shot. The fact someone considered reporting it to dnroi really rubs me the wrong way.
  11. Pat we’ve got a guy who has one and it is beyond unreal how well it works. I considered buying one because it was so impressive. You do have to have some fab skills or a fab guy to fabricate the driving but but it’s an incredible time saver.
  12. Totally get this and totally get that it’s illegal per se but this is just an a_-hole thing and hasn’t Troy mentioned before about not being an a_-hole? That is the epitome of an a_-hole move. Hey you gave me a reshoot because you applied logic to a situation and didn’t go by the letter so I’m going to snitch you to dnroi so you get a talking to. Especially since you’re such a by the book stickler that you didn’t demand the calibration shoot but willingly took the reshoot as offered. this is how you lose match directors and staff in a volunteer sport.
  13. Why would you do this? Why would you even consider this?
  14. I think so but I think he’s a new MD and that’s terrifying Especially if you want to put on a good match. I used to not sleep the night before a match when I first started so I can certainly relate
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