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  1. 100 percent agree. By the time you get there I’ve probably already been there for at least an hour finishing set up. The only thing that tops this for me is the people who wait until I’m done then say can I give you a hand like they didn’t just stand there for a half hour watching me struggle to get finished
  2. I think you can add the md to the gets a pass list. At least for me.
  3. I broke down and bought the 3D stage designer finally. Now I show up for setup hand it to someone and say build a stage then put it on the ground. Nice to not be the only one designing stages
  4. I found them to not be so uncomfortable over time. They broke down fast.
  5. Shot timer not shot counter. This is one way that the amg timer excels.
  6. I also did my own. It was way easier than polishing the trigger parts that’s for sure.
  7. Pull his member number from PractiScore. I think you can still see that
  8. Go pro handed to someone else to shoot. The first person view is pretty worthless for performance evaluation
  9. As said I’d replace all my club timers with the amg if i could
  10. Depends on the girth if the round. It’ll shoot anything 115 or truncated nose etc. it’s the 147 round nose that sometimes struggles. I use 147 rn blue bullets and I’ve had a few rounds bind it up.
  11. I’d avoid targets if you can. It’s easy and cheap but I’ve seen where a target moves or shifts and you don’t have the same presentation. Plus if you’re putting up no shoots to block a target on a bother range you’ve now just presented a shoot target to the other range.
  12. This is my biggest pet peeve. Don’t No show me. I have a long memory for that
  13. Definitely allowed. I’m really surprised she didn’t know that. Iirc this is the club that’s hosting a8 this year. And Possibility was md for it last year.
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