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  1. Nathanb

    Springfield Range Officer Elite vs...

    I’ve got an elite as well and find it to be very good for the price. It’s not smooth like a Wilson combat but it isn’t that far away
  2. Nathanb

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    The shadow 2 was the first gun I think I could have shot stock and been ok. I love to tinker but this was really good.
  3. Nathanb

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    Polish and polish
  4. Yeah I’m stealing Trent’s idea.
  5. Nathanb

    How many stages is your local?

    6 usually. Round count around 150. Try to shoot and be done in six hours
  6. Nathanb

    Light strikes

    Or an oal too long. I see a difference between oal.
  7. Nathanb

    Steve Anderson drills?

    They are In his book. It’s a wortwhe investment if you really want to get better
  8. Nathanb

    Good rifle

    I absolutely love my tikka tac a1
  9. We have a bunch of jersey and New York guys that shoot our matches so it can’t be too hard to accomplish. I do not know the specifics of what they need to do in order to traverse from those areas and back again.
  10. Nathanb

    Humor Me Please: Silly Glock Build?

    This is in the same vein as a Roland special. The problem comes getting them to run. Short barrels and 9mm make it hard to work the comp. you’ll spend time playing with recoil springs and striker spring combos to get it to run right.
  11. Nathanb

    Unload Show Clear?

    Once I’d raise an eye brow twice we have an issue. I’d start questioning your guns safety at that point
  12. Nathanb

    Suppressor recomendation wanted

    My how things have changed since 2015
  13. Nathanb

    Walls To Infinity

    I’ve seen it done. Some wall designs allow people to shoot under or go under the walls
  14. Practice the draw. I usually start out a real practice session with a bunch of draws and two on a target. I struggled with the double action a lot too but I’m getting much better at it
  15. Nathanb

    Laugo Arms Alien

    I don’t think it would make much sense tbh. If this is a gun geared at competition why go through that?