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  1. I have both. I find the shadow 2 points and feels better for me. I really struggled with finding the right grips for the stock 2 and just gave up making it work.
  2. I had a primer disk warp. Most likely from a hung up primer or something. I didn’t even notice until I was on the phone with dillon and noticed that the disk wasn’t laying flat on my bench. Once it was laying flat I could push on the edge and it would move
  3. I agree with Tony. It’s not that mds want to cancel but it’s really the smart decision. for my club we are a border club. Meaning we border restricted states and are barely minutes across the state lines. We draw from as far north as massachusetts at times and routinely have people from the ny and nj metro area. We also get people from near philly and towards the middle of pa. That’s a lot of people to bring together with a wide disbursement area if someone has the vid. I’d really hate to hear that someone who shot at my match was sick and then worry about the rest of the crowd getting sick and tracking it home.
  4. It’s still in the air but I can foresee it happening. Lots of work to do at the club and this has put a damper on getting things done
  5. We don’t start our season until third week of April but the discussion. Is now ongoing to forego April.
  6. Match directors can see the banned list. But you must check the name one at a time. It’s not like a list published of all banned shooters. Its like looking up any other shooter. Match directors can do it by name and not just member number though
  7. I use PowerPoint that I’ve got a template for
  8. Please withdraw. Your match director has enough to worry about. Give him some courtesy and help make his life a bit easier
  9. Pa is the start of free America. We get a ton of ny nj ct and ma shooters that come this way for club level matches
  10. They are. We’ve gained quite a few new clubs in the mid Atlantic region too
  11. But just in case. I believe you’re going to be in area 7. https://uspsa7.org
  12. Matamoras rod and gun club is just across the border in pa. I think that’s your closest trip to free America. Ontaleanee is another that’s not far from commieland.
  13. I had no idea who ccop was. After a quick google search I’d point my finger at it
  14. I’m not sure if you could resize those and have them spring back. They’d make great 300blk brass though
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