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  1. Nathanb

    A funny thing happened on the way to the chrono

    I’ve had turkeys in the range. Shot right over top of them and they didn’t even care
  2. Nathanb

    Odd Bullet Up Jam in NFA Based AR9

    not as extreme but pretty much the same thing. He ended up sending his back
  3. Nathanb

    Sig MPX problems

    Funny enough mine did the same thing. I had a cracked bolt carrier. Sent it back they replaced it and now it doesn’t run. I have yet to tackle it to see why. Thing are everything before.
  4. Nathanb

    How to get rid of trigger take up on S2!!

    In all honesty flip a coin. Both are great companies.
  5. Nathanb

    12 miles in Boombah Hellcats in a single day..

    That is one of my knocks on boombah from my softball days. I used to take them off between games because I’d be a damn cripple at the end of a tournament if I didn’t.
  6. Was curious as well. I’d be sick if I caused a stage to be thrown out. Especially at that level
  7. Nathanb

    300 caliber suppressor

    Silencerco omega dead air sandman and rugged surge are probably the top three cans in 30 caliber right now.
  8. Nathanb

    First Official Match, First DQ

    Did he start you with your hand on your gun and hand on magazines? if so he never should have started yoh as you were not in the correct stsrt position. not that it alleviates the blame for drawing a gun while facing uprange. im also curious if he knew you wwre a new shooter at your very first match.
  9. I’ve used a suppressor. Is that what you’re referring to?
  10. Nathanb

    Hat cam with built-in stabilization?

    I find third person video way more beneficial than a hat mount have you looked into a tripod
  11. Nathanb

    What’s the polite way to pick up brass?

    And that may be the case but those 2-3 people get real tired of being the ones resetting while joe 38super is over there looking out for his brass
  12. Nathanb

    PSA 9mm carbine feed issues

    He did. It helped but didn’t fix it. It’s on its way back to them now
  13. Nathanb

    What’s the polite way to pick up brass?

    After the match. The only time I view it as ok is if the squad ahead of you isn’t done yet. Nothing worse than someone coming to you and saying someone was tripping over a range chicken while they were trying to do their walkthrough.
  14. Nathanb

    Skeletonized upper/lower receiver

    When I was building my ultralight the 2a armament receivers were by far the lightest. Things is you won’t rwally be saving much weight as it’s mostly in the barrel
  15. Nathanb


    The internet. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Holsters-C316.aspx?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3ruK2K7r3QIVl9dkCh13rApMEAAYASAAEgKvDvD_BwE