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  1. Rowdy you got any pics of this? I’m always looking for new ways to present target arrays
  2. Good luck. Take any help you can get. Even if it’s just people to cart props around. And all that other stuff already said.
  3. They feel solid so that’s my impression. Especially with the silicone sleeve on them. I think it feels more solid than any other timer on the market
  4. I’ll do the same if I can pick it up. I like to think by the time the match starts I’ve done enough of the leg work until it starts to wind down or the first thing goes wrong
  5. Nathanb


    You get to flex on the poors. What more do you need
  6. The amg labs timers rock. It really makes time entry easier at matches especially when there is a high volume of fire coming from other bays. I’m going to try and get my club to swap the pocket pros to these
  7. Maybe we go the route of the postal match for nationals. Each area match has the same stages. Then they get correlated on a national level. Little more work during the match little less work prepping.
  8. Boohoo. How dare anyone
  9. I recently did a demo day with the fn military and law enforcement reps for my region. He said the 11.5 is their best seller in that area. Stating improved performance and the ability to use a 10 inch rail while keeping your hand away from the muzzle. Being able to attach stuff to the rail etc. i happen to like the 10.5 but I don’t depend on it for my life
  10. I stand corrected. Matt knows that crowd better than i do lol
  11. Like he said. I highly doubt any match director is going to tell you that you can’t if its your first match and you’re doing your best to color within the lines. Just contact them first and make sure. If not you should have more than enough time to get mags to work as well
  12. You should see it now with the amg timers too. I dont need you yelling the time at me I got this!!!!
  13. I really think the “issues” with pcc have worked out the kinks. I don’t think it’s taking nearly as long to get them through a stage like it used to.
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