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  1. And now that you mention that I question my interpretation.
  2. 2.1.4 does cover it but not by saying it explicitly.
  3. Not a chance. I will cut breaks for juniors and that’s it.
  4. That’s the good ole boy network. Tbh I find I get more help when I don’t cut the good ole boys slack.
  5. The problem is it becomes a judgement call so the one guy who stomps the piss out of it and it doesn’t go off as designed gets screwed. You can’t be subjective in these instances
  6. That’s a reshoot for me. Of course like you said I wouldn’t use it for a major. I don’t like when I design s stage that messes up at a level one no less
  7. You’ve got both sides of the screws right? The nut does have a flat side that indexes and pulls tight https://inleadwetrust.com/product/mpx-barrel-screws-and-nuts/ just want to cross all the bases
  8. Not normal. Is the gas block tight? I could probably shoot mine without the pins secured and it won’t come out. And I’ve got two barrels
  9. We do 6-8. I have a solid core of about 5 people who help. Typically run two set up crews. one starts at one end. The other at the far end and work to the middle. We set up the day before and set up takes us 3-4 hours. The hardest part is stage design help. Ive got one other guy who’s really good at it and its good because we differ in what we like so it mixes up the match really well. Morning of is staple and stick targets and shore up set up then set up WiFi and run check ins. I show up around 6-7 on match days and we’re out around 4. I really like the sound of sign up closing at 830 and everyone helps.
  10. So one of the things I’ve done to help eliminate this is to buy those five dollar plastic ammo cans. After you’re squad is done it goes back in the box. Keeps it cool and out of the sun.
  11. Like the title says. I really drag on my transitions and that’s because I’m not snapping to the next target and instead tend to drag the gun with my eyes instead of being crisp. I work on Blake drills when I’m out at the range and its something I always do when i can. IS there anything out there that will aid in this.
  12. Nathanb

    PVC wall frames

    Exactly I’m about to build new walls and this is the type of stuff I’d try
  13. Nathanb

    PVC wall frames

    I’m having a really hard time visualizing this for some reason. You got detailed pictures
  14. They made me send in my upper. They wanted the whole gun. In stock form until u told them it was a registered sbr
  15. I had the same issue. Sig took care of it. Now if I could just get it to run after the fixed ti
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