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  1. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this, you probably have already figured it out by now. But, the threads are 0.75 inches long.
  2. I went with the ones from Ben as well. Perfect fit and function!
  3. Carry Optics minor power factor only.
  4. I take the upper! I am leaving tomorrow in vacation for 2 weeks, can u wait until I come back? I can send you some PayPal money if you want to make sure I am serious buyer.

  5. ninemmbill

    Recoil springs

    ISMI 15# in my G35 13# in my G34
  6. Nordic would be my sugestion as well, but they are currently out of stock. http://nordiccomp.com/retail/shop/nc-extensions/nc-12-ga-extension-tube-spring/
  7. Nice grab, the G35 is a great choice for limited.
  8. I will have some extra 9mm. Squad 13, I start on Stage 12 @7:45. Name is Bill.
  9. We should be wind free this weekend with temperatures in the mid 80's.
  10. Bulk packs of Winchester or Fedeal have been hard to find. Last week Sportsmans Warehouse and Bass Pro have had plenty of individual boxes in stock.
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