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  1. Gray Guns Comp trigger and 10k rounds later, I'm at 1 lb and 7oz at the bottom of the trigger and roughly 2 flat at the middle. I don't ride the reset so I don't have much of an opinion on the reset. Doubles drill at 5 yds, 0.13 splits fairly easy on it.
  2. Sweet. I'll be standing by for that!
  3. Have you found a solution yet? Lookig into the same thing for a .40 X5 build...
  4. Just got an email a few seconds ago. They can't fix the problem so they are sending a replacement. #respect
  5. I recently purchased an X5 second hand that came with a an RM06. It had a similar problem but the windage adjustment was messed up and wasn't moving the dot. First thing I did was check for its authenticity and there are some good videos out there that help you with that. Afterwards, I decided to shoot Trijicon an email and last week, I sent the optic out to be repaired. It was authentic and they are working it right now free of charge as it was covered under the warranty. I recommend you do the same with yours so as not to void the warranty or anything. I only paid for shipping (which requires that you get insurance and tracking info for) and I am waiting for it to come back. I hope this helps.
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