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  1. I would like the big stick with witness  holes     

  2. I would like  the CED magazine  pouch  please  contact  me  with payment  information  I can do paypal. ..

  3. I would like to buy the black meg magazine extension 

    please send me payment information 

  4. lwshack


    I have some for sale if you’re still looking for them
  5. I know a guy who's looking for a long CR Speed revolver holster. Put me in line please.

  6. has not set their status

  7. lwshack


    Ricky H I was using a 4 but have changed to a 8 min dot. I just fine that my eyes pick up the larger dot faster. Just my 2 cents.. lwshack
  8. This is a great matc. We (in the northeast look forward to this each year). Jim and Bob do a great job running this match. You can shoot up to (4) guns at 6 stages of steel, over 4 days. Make your plans now. You won't be sorry!
  9. lwshack

    Tasco PDP3 Repair

    PM sent
  10. can't wait to shoot this match again.......
  11. lwshack

    My New 6" Tommy Gun

    Cool looking blaster, like the Grip.
  12. This is one of the best matches I have had the pleasure of attending. as well as some of the friendliest, people you will ever shoot with. Just make sure you bring lots of ammo..............................
  13. I could not pull up the entry form for the Pro-Am. I am planning to make the match, I hear you guy's run a great match in NJ.