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  1. I would like the big stick with witness  holes     

  2. I would like  the CED magazine  pouch  please  contact  me  with payment  information  I can do paypal. ..

  3. I would like to buy the black meg magazine extension 

    please send me payment information 

  4. I have some for sale if you’re still looking for them
  5. I know a guy who's looking for a long CR Speed revolver holster. Put me in line please.

  6. has not set their status

  7. lwshack


    Ricky H I was using a 4 but have changed to a 8 min dot. I just fine that my eyes pick up the larger dot faster. Just my 2 cents.. lwshack
  8. This is a great matc. We (in the northeast look forward to this each year). Jim and Bob do a great job running this match. You can shoot up to (4) guns at 6 stages of steel, over 4 days. Make your plans now. You won't be sorry!
  9. Cool looking blaster, like the Grip.
  10. This is one of the best matches I have had the pleasure of attending. as well as some of the friendliest, people you will ever shoot with. Just make sure you bring lots of ammo..............................
  11. I could not pull up the entry form for the Pro-Am. I am planning to make the match, I hear you guy's run a great match in NJ.
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