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  1. I'm in Albertville Alabama.  Let me know what all your interested ASAP, I have already had two other folks interested in different things.  



    Ryan Newbern

    1. perjohn


      Sorry I missed it, that was a good deal. If the sale falls through let me know, I'm in knoxville and could drive down and pick it up to save you the trouble of shipping. 


      Perry Johnson

  2. Is the match full? Looks as if all the unsquadded shooters will fill the open slots. If I can still get in I'll put my app in the mail.
  3. perjohn

    G34 springs

    I ran a 13 lb ismi with the stock guide rod, then a buddy of mine gave me a steel guiderod with a wolff 14 lb round wire spring. I can't tell any difference, honestly. I ran both with a vanek trigger, so i can't really say what works with a stock striker spring.
  4. Have you tried heating it with a torch? I'm not sure your question will be considered a contribution, by the way.
  5. Will Friday shooters have access to the range on Thursday to walkthrough?
  6. Steve Anderson's first drill in refinement and repetition.
  7. Pretty sure "unclassified" is not recognized as a class. I could be wrong.
  8. I've been experiencing this for a while. I enjoy progressing more than competing. I would rather shoot 300-400 rounds in practice, and see an improvement in some aspect of my shooting, than to shoot a club match. I actually enjoy dry fire. Being able to notice with every session something got a little smoother, a little more efficient. I enjoy getting lost in the process, I guess.
  9. +1 on that. I pay 34.00 per thousand for 147s. There is NO jacketed bullet coming close to that price. Accuracy is as good as jacketed, and I can practice twice as much. I load with solo 1000, which doesn't smoke as bad as some powders, but there's still smoke. Honestly, the only time I notice it is if I'm shooting a classifier or some other type of stand and shoot stage where you engage a lot of targets from one position.
  10. My 34 was very accurate with the stock barrel and jacketed bullets. Once I started shooting lead, the accuracy suffered a little, but not really enough to worry me. My problem was every so often I would have one keyhole, so I bought a KKM from shooter's connection. The accuracy with my cast bullets is now as good as it was with the stock/jacketed combo. If you aren't shooting lead, I would stay with stock.
  11. Lot 2308, 4/5/12. I'm loading 3.8 grains @ 1.150 behind a 147gr cast bullet to make 133PF out of my Trojan. Probably not too bad for 100 degree heat, lol.
  12. Placement and angle are personal preferences, you'll just have to experiment. One thing i do, running four or five mag pouches for prod. or SS, is to put some adhesive velcro on the belt loops of my mag pouches and holster. That way, everything stays nice and secure.
  13. Welcome! Where in east tennessee do you shoot?
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