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  1. Badass blaster! Joe is a true artist and great guy too. #MustardMagic
  2. Like it says, I am curious what upgrades & gear/accessories all of you are currently running or have tried for your X5 Legion's in Carry Optics division. Are there any absolutely necessary or immediate upgrades needed or must have gear & accessories? Any suggestions, recommendations and pics/breakdowns would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks all for your thoughts and recommendations. I was able to check out a few different red dots here locally as well as some on local shooters' CO setups. I decided on & ordered the Romeo3 Max with the Springer X5 Legion mount. We'll see how it all works out as I'm only used to a red dot on my old frame mount Open setup. Going to see if I might convince the future wife to give USPSA a go as well. Thanks again all!
  4. I have a new to me Sig X5 Legion that I just picked up for a dedicated CO pistol. My first foray into CO as well as a slide mounted RDS pistol. I am curious which RDS direct mount to the X5 Legion slide without need for an aftermarket mount plate. If a mount is needed for chosen RDS- which is best for the lowest, most secure, and overall durability option? I am currently looking at & deciding between the Sig Romeo3 Max, Romeo3XL, Leupold DPP, and Alpha3 sights. Any advice, suggestions, and reference/pics are appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Looks awesome! Careful the shine doesn't take your "Face Off" lol.
  6. The titanium nitride really pops and they came out really well, Don. Just got one of my older Limited rigs back from TiN coating myself and love it. Feel like the Man with the Golden Gun lol.
  7. I am currently looking into jumping into Carry Optics and I'd appreciate some help and advice on deciding which platform to go with. I am currently looking at the Sig P320 X5 Legion, the Glock 34 Gen3 cut for optics OR G34 MOS Gen5, and also the CZ P10-F Optics Ready. I plan to buy 2 of whatever I decide to have a primary & backup pistol if necessary. I'm just looking for any advice or recommendations as far as Pros & Cons for each, upgrades & aftermarket parts availability, performance advantages of any, and any first hand feedback for those whom currently own/compete
  8. I am a long time member and poster for a number of years, as RobE. This is now my new account as the original was apparently hacked and locked me out. Been away much too long...
  9. Agreed, especially since I can pick them up for cost from a distributor
  10. Thanks for the responses, Czgunaslot & Superpipe9. I'm not overly concerned about alot being out for them as they are still quite new and the market need for parts & accessories aren't there yet. As for milling a Shadow instead, I actually prefer a striker-fired action and I would be purchasing 2 of them, a primary & backup. Thanks again!
  11. I'm considering picking up one of the CZ P-10F Optics Ready pistols for a dedicated Carry Optics & possible steel match pistol. I'm curious if anyone else here may have already done the same and if you'd be willing to share your experiences and any recommendations for best tricking it out to run in Carry Optics or steel matches.
  12. Congrats again on a great year buddy! It's awesome to see you doing so well, kicking ass and taking names. Quite a trip from the old bowling pin & indoor match days with the Glocks, old friend lol. Hope to see you again some time soon at WAC or one of the other local area matches, Ian. You gotta let me try out some of the new Akai toys
  13. Looks awesome Don! I wanna see your TiN Open gun when you get it done!
  14. That's awesome! Congrats jerkeejoe! It looks like something out of a movie or TV show. Be sure to post lots of pics and vids of you running it when you can.
  15. Thanks to all of you for your replies and advice. I will definitely check out SnipersHide as well for additional info and ideas too. I am currently leaning towards going with a 24" 1:10 in .308Win, I already have a 20" Savage 10 FCP-SR for a more maneuverable & lighter option. Most likely I will also be using said 20" setup for any hunting and sub-600yds shooting. As for the 6.5CM, I'm torn between a 24" RPR or a 26" Savage 12 LRP.
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