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  1. Mustang684

    Sig MPX optic

    C-more rail works great.
  2. Mustang684

    Most realiable 2011 mags

    I picked up a couple MBX 140’s for my 2011. Factory stock they have run 100% so nothing bad to say about them.
  3. Mustang684

    MPX and CMore Slide Ride

    I have a slideride on my mpx without riser. With the irons up the red dot is just below the top of the front post but leaving the irons down you have nothing blocking the cmore lense.
  4. Mustang684

    Ultimate BUG gun?

    Don't recall it being so. Had no problem in the low light stages.
  5. Mustang684

    Ultimate BUG gun?

    Regarding the comments about someone using a Glock 29 at the BUG match, that would be me. At the time it was my only pistol with night sights that met the BUG specs. Using 180 jhp's with VV320, it was a very mild 140 pf without any spring changes. The bigger frame soaks up recoil, so it is a very pleasant shooting pistol when loaded to less than full power 10mm levels. Leaving the 10mm brass on the range was a killer though.
  6. Mustang684

    40 cal for 3-gun?

    Having the steel knockdown power even with minor loads was more important than the extra rounds IMO.
  7. Mustang684

    Glock G21SF in Limited 10?

    When I bought my 21SF, I was surprised how soft the recoil was from this pistol. I put some Truglo tritium fibers on it and am competing in IDPA with it. Its a nice change from the usual G34/G35 route.
  8. Mustang684

    Dot Movement

    I found increasing the pf from 170 to 178 stabilized the dot in my IMM.
  9. Mustang684

    WWB PF?

    My Pro 9 made 140 pf with WWB at the S&W Nationals. Little hotter than most but groups just fine.
  10. Mustang684

    New M&P Pro

    I've put the Apex kits in all of my M&P's. If you just install the Apex Universal Striker Block(USB), it completely removes the gritty feel.
  11. Mustang684

    M&P 9 Pro Availability

    They just added that search the backroom link so us Mainers don't have to drive down there and drool on the showcases. They had the Pro 40's when they were impossible to find anywhere.
  12. Mustang684

    M&P 9 Pro Availability

    Kittery Trading Post, Kittery Maine has two new Pro 9's in stock. Go to www.ktp.com and access the "shop the backroom" link to see the new stock.
  13. Mustang684

    Getting Ready to start shooting Open

    Being in the same boat, I found you need to practice finding the dot from any position, and buddy up to experienced open shooters, as when you've been shooting with iron sights and 19 round mags, it takes time getting used to +25 mags, and the ability to take 40 yard shoots without moving closer. They can show you how to navigate a course at full speed with minimal footwork.
  14. Mustang684

    Stormlake barrels?

    I've had good luck with their G35 barrel and their G35 9mm conversion barrel. Drop in with no issues. Good product that is reasonably priced.
  15. You'll go broke shooting .45 ACP factory ammo. A Reloading press will allow you to get shoot alot more rounds before moving onto the complex three gun matches.