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  1. I've been using the sjc frame weight on my G35 for several years.. Really love how it dampens recoil.
  2. I wear prescription glasses with near vision on my shooting eye. I've been able to shoot enjoy iron sights again but I now have issues with red dots. What used to be sharp red dots are now fuzzy stars. If I ever go back to optics I'll need to wear my regular prescription lenses..
  3. The frame weight makes a huge difference in the way the G35 feels recoil-wise. I have the SJC on mine as well as a Seattle slug.
  4. With the .485 sights on there is about 1/8” clearance to the inside of the rht holster. Even if you try to force the sight to hit it stays at 1/16”..you should be good to go with your setup.
  5. For comparison, I used the Dawson Precision sights for Glock 34 MOS with deltapoint. The front blade is 0.485” tall.
  6. I ordered a holster from Red Hill Tactical for my G34 MOS with tall sights. I clicked on the suppressor height sight box. Mine looks pretty similar to your setup. What is your sight height.
  7. Awhile back I tried the exact same route. The G20SF Gen3 was my preferred pistol as it just seemed better balanced than the G40. Arredondo and Taylor Freelance Mag extensions are available. The 45 springs don't like the 10mm follower so I used .40 mag springs with the stock followers on the extensions. The Glock 20 works well with .40 conversion barrels also if you want to try something different..Finally if you want to be really different, lone wolf made a 9x25 Dillon barrel for the G20.. I picked one up on eBay, can't wait to try it out this spring.
  8. SVI did amazing work restoring my badly tweaked IMM back to like new about 4 years ago. I sent them an email last month asking if they have stopped working on used SV’s and got a response that they work case by case with customers using infinity factory components and pistols are brought back to competition standards.
  9. I've been using the G35 for everything from 3Gun to Limited Major. Currently it has a frame weight and Vanek trigger, its recoil is mild now and I don't have to worry about leaving the safety off in matches. They are great all around plastic guns.
  10. When I first tried open, I found a well used 38 super Infinity IMM at a LGS. It was a beautiful stainless pistol but I failed to understand that the comp that had been hacked off would maybe disrupt it’s handling. The folks at Infinity did an amazing job rebuilding it, converted it to 38sc, installed new barrel and comp and it runs like new. The only downside is the RO’s don’t like going deaf.
  11. Love the wide rear notch on the Warrens. I’ve tried to turn back the clock by using a near sighted prescription with my shooting eye and normal range with my other eye. So far it’s worked well enough that I can shoot limited again.
  12. Greetings. Having used a G29SF myself, I think that unless you plan to download your 10mm rounds for shooting sports, you shouldn't change your recoil spring. I used mine in IDPA briefly and found it ran smooth with the factory recoil spring and downloaded 10mm handholds. But as a woods carry gun, I could just put the full power stuff in and hang on tight. I did change the connector to a factory 3.5 to improve the trigger.
  13. My shield 45 is my summer carry piece. Installed a green laser and some apex parts on it. Handles recoil surprising well for a light polymer gun. Nothing but great things to say about it,
  14. When I bought mine at Kittery Trading Post, they were offering a $75 gift card with purchase of a new sig in that price range. That was as close as I got to a discount.
  15. I also like the 180's better. They just feel less whippy than 165's.
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