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  1. I have the RHT for my G35 with frame weight. Been a great .holster.
  2. The Tac4 came with three optics plates and the Glock should have 4, yes.
  3. I tested my G34 Gen5 today. Was using 147 factory loads but it was smooth with straight back recoil. Really like this MOS platform.
  4. I just traded my tac4 in on an MOS Glock. The Walther has nice big slide levers but it seemed whippy recoil wise. Using 147 gr loads seemed to help a bit.
  5. I built a lone wolf lower a few years back for my Glock 35. It never had any fit issues with the factory parts. Some of the mags wouldn’t drop free so i lightly sanded the magwell to fix it. The only minor issue was the tactical rail. It didn’t play well with the Serpa holster and kept breaking pieces where the rail and holster merged. In retrospect I am so used to the Glock grip angle I keep going back to it. the CCF frame which used to exist was pretty good.. until it would break. My stainless G35 weighed in at 44 oz with that frame.
  6. The ambi lock was enough to give the Gen5 a try.
  7. I've been running a G35 forever in Limited. With a decent trigger, fiber sights and a frame weight it has been very fast and reliable. I trying to transition to a 2011 but between the cost of mags, the safety lever and the different grip angle, its been a challenge. If you don't want to mess with the factory parts when going to open, SJC made a bolt on compensator assembly that you can bolt a red dot onto and shoot open minor. Might be an option if you are curious about Open.
  8. I've been running the G35 in limited major. Added an SJC frame weight which really changed how it recoiled, in a good way. Have to check the slide peening periodically but enjoy how it runs.
  9. 12 years ago, I installed a Vanek trigger in my G35. It has run flawlessly with zero failures over the years. Great product.
  10. I picked up a couple MBX 140’s for my 2011. Factory stock they have run 100% so nothing bad to say about them.
  11. I have a slideride on my mpx without riser. With the irons up the red dot is just below the top of the front post but leaving the irons down you have nothing blocking the cmore lense.
  12. Don't recall it being so. Had no problem in the low light stages.
  13. Regarding the comments about someone using a Glock 29 at the BUG match, that would be me. At the time it was my only pistol with night sights that met the BUG specs. Using 180 jhp's with VV320, it was a very mild 140 pf without any spring changes. The bigger frame soaks up recoil, so it is a very pleasant shooting pistol when loaded to less than full power 10mm levels. Leaving the 10mm brass on the range was a killer though.
  14. Having the steel knockdown power even with minor loads was more important than the extra rounds IMO.
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