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  1. I am not using a bearing. The shell plate and bolt are all stock set up.
  2. I removed the wire today and put a little bend to help the round out of the shell plate. I only ran a few rounds before church. I will run a bunch today when we get home or during the snow storm tonight.
  3. I have been having a problem with the ejector wire not pushing the completed rounds out of the shell plate. It works most of the time, maybe 10% of the time it binds up and I have to push the round out of the shell plate. I have tried a new ejector wire and it has not fixed the problem. It is a little better. I talked to Dillon they sent me a new wire to try. It is so simple, butI can not figure it out. The wire is right down on the shell plate. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/black-friday-2019-north-america I was watching a bullet feeder on gun broker for $432 including shipping. I bought one on the black Friday deal and it was less and I got the seat and crimp die. Great sale 15% off over $300.
  5. I have loaded many thousands of these. They work great for me.
  6. I went to drop off the slide at the pro shop and they replaced the barrel while I was there. I was there less than 10 minutes. I also noticed that they have the Gray Guns parts at the pro shop. Great customer service
  7. I talked to customer service at Sig today and they care going to swap out the barrel for me. He also said that they are shipping new 320 Legions now with out the loaded chamber slot also. I think the loaded chamber slot is a requirement for military contact guns. I am going to drop off the slide and barrel tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will be back quickly. Jsjac
  8. I have a 320 full size that has the loaded chamber slot. After about 100 rounds I get a big smudge on the optic. I hear that they are replacing the barrels on Legion guns. Anyone have a barrel replaced on a standard 320 full size guns? I will be calling Sig on Monday morning to ask about a replacement barrel. Jsjac
  9. I have a couple of DPP sights on CO guns. The oldest one has over 10,000 rounds on it and has not had any problems yet. The newest on is now on my primary gun that I have been shooting the most since September. It has around 7,500 rounds on it with no problems. Probably shouldn't have said anything. Hopefully it will make it through the last match the weekend.
  10. I have been shooting HT coated bullets that are double coated. I have shot lots of them with good luck so far. No leading.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Where do you live in NE Kansas. I used to live in Valley Falls. There used to be some matches in Topeka. I forget the name of the club. It is on the north side of 24 hiway
  12. I have used many thousands of these primers. I have only had one so far that was a dead primer , full primer strike no bang. When I started using them the 150 primers per pack bothered me , now I just load the primer tube till they are full. I started buying these because I could not get the Winchester primers. Now I will stick with these. They are a good price at the local gun shop and our daughter likes the wooden box they come in. She likes the explosive warning on the box.
  13. I would like some help with some new bullets .I am going to use 165 grain Montana Gold bullets and Unique powder. What are your suggested loads? aol? Also what is your thoughs about shooting lead in 40S&W ? Thanks for your help Jeff
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