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  1. I have been shooting HT coated bullets that are double coated. I have shot lots of them with good luck so far. No leading.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Where do you live in NE Kansas. I used to live in Valley Falls. There used to be some matches in Topeka. I forget the name of the club. It is on the north side of 24 hiway
  3. I have used many thousands of these primers. I have only had one so far that was a dead primer , full primer strike no bang. When I started using them the 150 primers per pack bothered me , now I just load the primer tube till they are full. I started buying these because I could not get the Winchester primers. Now I will stick with these. They are a good price at the local gun shop and our daughter likes the wooden box they come in. She likes the explosive warning on the box.
  4. I would like some help with some new bullets .I am going to use 165 grain Montana Gold bullets and Unique powder. What are your suggested loads? aol? Also what is your thoughs about shooting lead in 40S&W ? Thanks for your help Jeff
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