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  1. I do have an extra sight to use. But only one extra. I will buy a DDP to have as a backup now that I will be using the spare I had. I would get a second R1P but it looks like no one has them in stock.
  2. My Romeo 1 Pro has lost its zero hold. I was shooting a plate rack at 20 yard and all was going as usual. Them I started to have more missed shots than I expected. I thought I was getting tired so I called it a day. Yesterday I was back at the range for some more practice and decided to check the zero on paper. At ten yards it was about two inches low. I adjusted it to POA and shot it again. Two shots on three shots low by two inches. Adjusted it again and the same thing happened. Until I was out of adjustment. I am glad that I have a couple of back up sights. They are DPP sights so the dot is not as bright ,but I will be able to continue with practice. I will be calling Sign on Monday to ship it back for warranty repair. Does anyone have experience with Sig Romeo 1 Pro replacement turn around time. I am scheduled for a match June 20 and would like to have it back in time for it.
  3. Does anyone know if this is correct??
  4. I bought a Glock that had stripped torx socket head screws due to red loctite. I cut slots in the screw heads with a Dremel tool with a cut off wheel. Them I heated the screw heads with a small butane torch. I put the slide on the bench top and pushed down as hard as I could do the screw driver would not slip. I got them both out.
  5. I bought a couple of jugs of Sport Pistol from Powder Valley a couple weeks ago. They had 165 in stock. I checked today and they had zero. I wanted to try it so I got a couple. I checked lots of powders. Most were out of stock.
  6. I load and shoot S & S 125 grain conical bullets out of my Legion. Shoots great for me. No accuracy problems. They shoot just the same out of my Glock 34's as well.
  7. Thank you for the clarification. Sounds like they installed a new board but not a new updated board.
  8. I also use Dillon die with the spring loaded decapping pin and it pops the primer off the pin. I have had no primers pulled back in with the decapping pin. I keep extra "E" clips because it breaks occasionally.
  9. How much shooting do you do to kill 12 sights in a year? I would like to have that much time and ammo
  10. I dry fire a fair amount and I have been seeing holster remnants on the front sight and slide lately. I have switched to a Sig from a Glock and had not noticed it in the past. I think it is the sharper edges on the Sig slide.
  11. How do you tell if it is the old board or the new style board? Any pictures of the new style board?
  12. I have been shooting the S&S Casting 125 gr. Conical nose 9mm bullets. They shoot great for me. No loading or leading troubles. If you buy 10,000 or more bullets you get 10% off . Works out to 6.3¢ per bullet. There may also be a USPSA discount code as well. Great bullets and super fast shipping.
  13. I bought one last fall and I would say buy one NOW. I have had a problem recently but was easily corrected. For me it is worth the money. It might not speed up my loading but it makes it so all I have to do is pull the handle. I am looking for a faster way to load primer tubes.
  14. I got it working again. I got above the feeder so I could watch it. I added a shim and turned the long ramp in a little bit. I ran around 250 bullets into a cup with no upside down bullets. Then I loaded 350 practice bullets with no problems. I am glad I got it working again. Not sure why things changed.
  15. I checked no bullet under the flipper. The bullets that are upside down are falling out of the wheel now. The used to ride along and get turned right side up. I didn't have time to mess with it today. Hopefully tomorrow evening I will have some time to try to figure out what changed.
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