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  1. I got a 1000 bullets to try at one point. 124 grain fmj. When I looked at them some jackets were only part way filled with lead. When i measured them they were .354 . I gave the away telling the recipient the the bullets were small in diameter.
  2. I have had trouble with static electric charge before. It was causing erratic powder charges. Some charges would be good others would be light. I started to use a dryer sheet on the powder measurer. Problems have subsided for the most part. Some people are using the Dram Worx powder hopper and report no static problems.
  3. Do you have the spacer washer under the shell plate?
  4. I ended up buying a new RL1100 at a local gun shop so I will see how it fits on the bench. I will report back when I'm done with the reloading room remodel.
  5. I guess I will have to get rid of the shelves behind the presses. That will make my wife happy. She says they look messy
  6. I have my 650 on a bench with shelves above it. The bench is only 24" deep. I made a bracket to mount the 650 hanging over the edge of the bench to clear the shelves.
  7. I am thinking about a Dillon RL1100. I have looked all over and can not find how deep of a bench is needed. I have found how tall they are but not how far out from the wall they need to be mounted. Any help with this would be great. Thank you in advance for your help. Jeff
  8. I am using the small pistol plate and running it on the low setting. The casings are piling up in the funnel. After I put the card stock in the funnel it has stopped happening. I will try the plastic because it looks like a better solution than the card stock.
  9. Thank you for the tip. Looks like it is just double sided tape holding it to the case feeder.
  10. Maybe you can see the metal behind the funnel that is part of the wear protection under the shell plate.
  11. I put a piece of card stock to help with the 9mm brass getting stuck sideways in the funnel. All it does is take up some of the space in the funnel and keeps it from tipping sideways.
  12. I would buy a printed spacer if I could find one. I loaded about 750 rounds yesterday without a brass shower. Going to be starting on a 1000 rounds tonight. I will report back tomorrow morning.
  13. I put a piece of card stock in the funnel to take up some of the space and have not had the brass shower since. I wonder if anyone is making a printed funnel space for the Dillon case feeder?
  14. I was thinking about the same thing. I don't recall it happening when my 650 was newer.
  15. I have been having intermittent trouble with shell casings piling up in the funnel on the case feeder. The case feeder is on the Dillon mount as well as mounted to a shelf behind it. It is very stable. It doesn't shake at all. Not too sure if this is a common problem. Anyone have any suggestions on how to correct the problem. I don't like getting a brass shower. Jeff
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