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  1. The Romero 1pro does not have the holes for the mounting pins. That is the only difference between the two that I know of.
  2. So what you are saying is you run the cases thru on two passes. One with the GSI semi size die and then the completed sizing trim die last. Looks like if I try this out I would like to come up with a lock nut with a set screw in it so I get the trimmer back to the same spot each time. Without to much work. Any idea who makes the nuts with setscrew. I did buy one of the tool heads with the built-in vacuum port. It works great.
  3. I have made lots of 300 BO cases with the RT1500. When I pull the handle all the way down,I let it off and go back down to the bottom of the stroke. Kind of a retap at the bottom. Seems to help with the tails left behind. I find that it does leave a sharp edges. It would be nice to find a way to clean up the edge and chamfer the inside so it doesn't damage the bullets when being pressed into the case.
  4. To me it looks like the threads are a little messed up on the center. I see a couple spots just looking on my phone. Would it be cheaper to buy a complete used unit than to build a complete unit from that main frame. ?
  5. Was practicing on the plate rack at about 20 yards. Was going good for a while then started missing a lot. I thought I was getting tired so I left. Couple days later I went back to practice some more. Decided to put the gun on paper. I found it to be shooting low and right. I adjusted the sight and tried it again. First shot was on then it moved progressively lower with every shot. I tried to adjust it again and the same thing happened. Until I was out of up adjustment.
  6. I had a Romeo 1 Pro that failed. It shipped out on a Thursday and I got the new one back in just over three weeks.
  7. I have been shooting .356" diameter 9mm coated bullet. I have been looking at the Blue Bullets and their bullets are .355". Is the one thousands of an inch going to make a difference. I have ordered a small batch of their .355 and .356 bullets to try. Just wondering if people are ordering the standard size Blue Bullets or ordering the special order .356 size bullets? I am thinking of switching to the Blue Bullets to get a steady order of bullets coming every month with their subscription service.
  8. I did put pressure on it and it still won't fit in the gauge. That is not a big deal. I will just order a replacement. Just for kicks I put the Glock magazines I have with extensions and they are very long. Again I am very happy that I bought the magazine gauge because I am shooting the Trident armory https://practiscore.com/trident-armory-standby-to-fly-benefit-match/register I am thinking that they will probably do a gear check.
  9. I got three out of the four magazine base pads on 21 rounders to fit the gauge. The fourth one would take way to much filing. I swapped the base pads around and it is the base pads and not the magazine tube.
  10. I will try that tonight and shoot with it Tuesday morning before work. I will let you know how it goes.
  11. Thank you for your response. I will try the one I put together. If it works for me I will put the rest of them together and file those to fit as well. Any pictures of how much you have to file off the magazine feed lips. Sounds like a fairly easy solution.
  12. I put together a 21 round magazine with a TTI plus one base. I had read on the interwebs that they would make the 141 mm measurement. I bought a magazine gauge and found the magazine with the plus one does not fit in the gauge. Glad I checked. I am shooting a match where they will measure magazines. Now to figure out how to make them fit or go a different route. Maybe I will file down the factory magazine base on the 21 rounder to make it fit . Any other thoughts? What are you using for magazine extensions to get the extra round or two?
  13. I got notice that the replacement optic is on its way. That was a pretty good turn around time. I will not have it back in time for the match on Saturday, but that is okay. I bought a second backup R1P. So I can have one on my primary gun , backup gun and a spare. Hopefully this doesn't turn into a regular thing, having to send them in for repair.
  14. I used to load Sinterfire bullets. They were light bullets also. 90 grains. When loading you have to be careful when straightening the case in the crimp station. If you crimp it at all it will crack the bullet and you will have a full was cutter style bullet.
  15. I talked to Sig customer service today. They sent me a lable to ship it back. Cameron said that they would replace it with a new one when they got the old one back. He said that they had them in stock. He sounded like he knew exactly what was wrong with the optic.
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