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  1. I hope your hands are ok after that one.
  2. When you clean your brass do yo wet tumble them with the used primers in. If you do there could be a little bit of water in the primer pockets contaminating the new primers. The brass can sit for a while and the water will not evaporate.
  3. What diameter is the bullets you are using? Looks like you have tried a couple of different bullets. Have you tried any factory ammo for a reference?
  4. I looked at Leupold s web site and could not find the announcement. I would also be interested in the new design.
  5. I tried to look up their website but couldn't find it. I found a website for a similar name but not for Brass Monkey Bullets LLC. Always looking for new Bullets to try.
  6. I cut a turn or two off the spring under the detent ball. It seemed to be the answer for me.
  7. I have a monthly subscription with Blue Bullet's and they are a couple months behind now. It is okay with me because it is winter and there are not too many matches this time of year. Looking back I should have at least doubled my order. Hind sight is 2020.
  8. Jsjac

    Glock 17 FTF Issue

    When our daughter was young I made some light loads that worked good for me but she didn't have as strong a grip and she had trouble with them. I bumped up the powder charge a little and had no more trouble.
  9. Jsjac

    Glock 17 FTF Issue

    Does this only happen when your grandson shoots the gun ? Or does it happen to you also?
  10. I tried putting tape on the front of my dot and it worked. I would never thought of that.
  11. I was at a match on Saturday and on the last stage the sun was low and we were shooting into the sun. My dot was totally washed out. I had to put my support hand over the dot to shield it from the sun. This is the first time I have had this happen. Any tips to help with this. I was using a Sig Romeo 1 not the pro.
  12. I had one lose the zero. It kept going down to the right. I sent it in for service and they sent me a new one. I was told that the early ones have the problem that my R1P had
  13. The Romero 1pro does not have the holes for the mounting pins. That is the only difference between the two that I know of.
  14. So what you are saying is you run the cases thru on two passes. One with the GSI semi size die and then the completed sizing trim die last. Looks like if I try this out I would like to come up with a lock nut with a set screw in it so I get the trimmer back to the same spot each time. Without to much work. Any idea who makes the nuts with setscrew. I did buy one of the tool heads with the built-in vacuum port. It works great.
  15. I have made lots of 300 BO cases with the RT1500. When I pull the handle all the way down,I let it off and go back down to the bottom of the stroke. Kind of a retap at the bottom. Seems to help with the tails left behind. I find that it does leave a sharp edges. It would be nice to find a way to clean up the edge and chamfer the inside so it doesn't damage the bullets when being pressed into the case.
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