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  1. Hello, If you ever intend to carry the gun or use it for self defense I wouldn't disable the safety or modify it in any way. Lawyers would have a field day with why you changed the gun. Tim
  2. Hello,

     I have 5 like new 126 9mm mags with double tap aluminum base pads. One has a faint 1 on the tube that I marked, the other 4 are unmarked. I don't think I used them more than a couple matches, they are like new.

     I would take $250.00 shipped for all 5 with the base pads.



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  3. Hello, I use Wilson for 45 acp but have found tripp mags to work better in 9mm and 40s&w. in my pistols. I have STI and Kimber pistols, Wilson wouldn't feed in my Kimber 9mm or sti 9mms .and In my 40 sti the Wilson mags kept nose diving and not feeding. I went with tripp hybrid 10mm mags, 9 round capacity and they work flawlessly. I didn't get the 10 round mags because I can use my 9mm to shoot minor. Tim
  4. gun broker has a sti uspsa single stack in 40 for a little over 1600.00 I have one and it has served me very well, you can shoot major or minor with the same gun. Tim
  5. 1911vm, I haven't had any trouble with with either of my pistols, I haven't noticed it happening with any of the other shooters using tripp at our club.
  6. I have a Kimber and an sti 9mm and found tripp to work best in both pistols. The Wilson nose dived the first round and I couldn't load to 10 rounds, the tripp work fine in both guns and can be loaded with a closed chamber. Tim
  7. Thanks for the replies. I just want to load some stuff for plinking and can be used in all the guns. For my competition guns I load long and it won't work in some of the pistols. When the kids want to shoot, they want to try all the guns and it gets to be a pain figuring out which ammo fits what gun and I'm hoping to find a length that will work in them all and it will simplify things. Thanks again for the info and I'll try some at 1.100 and see how it works. Tim
  8. Hello, I would like to load some precision delta 124 jhp that will work in all my 9mm guns (sti, glock, sig, springfield, cz, h&k, and Kimber) and need some help with the best oal to use for all these pistols. Thanks, Tim
  9. I have loaded some 124 bayou out to 1.175 and they function in my Edge. I think most sti pistols are long throated and will handle pretty long oal ammo.
  10. Hello, I went with a jp and am very happy with it. I am not a master shooter and probably never will be so you need to weigh that in my choice. A friend has the mpx and it is a nice gun, He is a better shooter than me but I beat him about half the time because he has ammo problems. Last week he had two malfunctions on one stage and had to take a 25 second score which let me beat him in the overall. The jp will run my uspsa ammo loaded long or factory 115 grain. I like the reliability of the jp and for my skill level I can't see an advantage to the mpx and the initial cost for the mpx and gear is greater. Tim
  11. I like the safariland els belts, they lock over two pins and have a double belt system. They are secure and stay where you adjust them Tim
  12. Hello, Thinking of getting into steel challenge shooting and would like info on the tacsol vantage rifle. I can get a new one for around $800.00 and wanted opinions on if I should get a cheap 10-22 and build or is the vantage worth the money considering I will get all the goodies and their action. Thanks, Tim
  13. Hello, I asked the rep at grams about using their springs and followers in mbx magazines and he said he would not recommend it. There kits are listed for many brands but not mbx. He said the design of the mbx mag is not good with their mag kits. He said a lot of people use them but he would not recommend it. Tim
  14. What is a stock ll? I have never heard of them. Tim
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