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  1. I have used bayou bullets and vv 330 powder in a 16 inch barrel and haven't noticed any leading.
  2. average Joe, Diversity is fun and you're having fun. Tim
  3. Average Joe, We have the same inventory: 2 sti 2011, 9mm and 40 2 sti uspsa, 9mm and 40 3 sti lawman, all 45s 1 sti escort, 9mm 2 Kimber, 9mm and 45 I'm getting ready for the zombies. lol Tim
  4. Better watch, those 1911s can become addicting.
  5. I talked to the guy about his gun today and he said it is a springfield xd. He has a gunsmith looking it over to see if it was a double charge or if it fired out of battery . I don't know if he will be able to tell what happened. Tim
  6. Hperea, I have 3 Lawman and 2 uspsa single stack models that are older guns. I think they are built to tighter tolerances than the newer guns. If you look around you can still find Trojans and Lawman pistols used at reasonable prices. I got the Lawman guns because they are forged frames but I don't think you can go wrong with cast frame gun. Unfortunately, to stay competitive companies cut corners and produce items of less quality and always seem to want more money. Just the world we live in today. Tim
  7. I have 8 sti- pistols and they have all been great for the money. Six are single stacks and two are edges and they have all run flawlessly. I'm not scaring any of the good shooters but that isn't because of the pistols. I had a rear sight problem with one of the edge pistols and they replaced the sight, went thru the gun and returned it in 11 days. I trust one of the 1911 pistols enough to carry it daily as a conceal carry. The older ones were great guns, I can't say about the new ones. Tim
  8. I have been handloading for 55+ years and after looking at Navadazielmiesters post I'm glad I still have all my fingers and Nose. Tim
  9. Bayou bullets sold their 180 grain 40 cal. with a lube groove and I see they now have replaced them with a bullet with no groove, I have shot both bullets and see no difference in accuracy and without the groove you can load longer and not worry about the groove affecting feeding, Tim
  10. Being from the Midwest and the cold weather you can use your oven and when you're done open the oven door and heat the house while the oven cools down, Makes the kitchen real cozy. Tim
  11. Living in the mountains, I dry them in the oven at 170 degrees for 30 minutes in the winter and on a picnic table in the sun on a cookie sheet during summer months. Tim
  12. Thanks for the info. I didn't see the pistol but the guys who did said it was toast. I think it was an M&P but will have to check and see next week when he comes to the match. Thanks again, Tim
  13. Hello, Was wondering if you can double charge a 9mm case with titegroup and still seat a 124 grain bullet. A shooter blew up a pistol and is thinking he doubled the charge of titegroup. I have never checked to see how much a 9mm case will hold and still let you seat the bullet. Just curious. Tim
  14. Hello, In my 8 twist barrel, I had the best luck with rl-15 and h-322 and varget was pretty good also. I tried some imr 4320 and it was shooting pretty good. I did find that my gun wasn't finnicky about powder as many different powders shoot under an inch. I was shooting a sako varmint rifle with heavy barrel and not an ar platform, Tim
  15. If you like leather, Look at relentless tactical, great belt at a good price and they stand behind their products
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