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  1. TimHawkins

    tactical solutions rifles

    Hello, Thinking of getting into steel challenge shooting and would like info on the tacsol vantage rifle. I can get a new one for around $800.00 and wanted opinions on if I should get a cheap 10-22 and build or is the vantage worth the money considering I will get all the goodies and their action. Thanks, Tim
  2. TimHawkins

    Upgrade STI tubes or buy MBX

    Hello, I asked the rep at grams about using their springs and followers in mbx magazines and he said he would not recommend it. There kits are listed for many brands but not mbx. He said the design of the mbx mag is not good with their mag kits. He said a lot of people use them but he would not recommend it. Tim
  3. TimHawkins

    which co gun

    What is a stock ll? I have never heard of them. Tim
  4. TimHawkins

    which co gun

    I have been shooting 1911 for years and was wondering which carry optic gun feels most like a 1911 in the hand. I tried a sig and seemed to have to bend my wrist down to see the optic. I tried a m&p and it felt the same. Is there a co gun that feels like a 1911? Any input is appreciated. Tim
  5. TimHawkins

    which bullet

    Thanks for the replies. Guess I should have elaborated a little on what I will be shooting. I will shoot uspsa matches and won't be shooting over 50 yards. I have a jp13 with a long throat that I have been shooting 124 grain bayou at 1.170, the same load as my limited pistol. I was thinking that jacketed might be a little cleaner in the barrel and comp. I see a lot of shooters using 147 gr. and was considering hollow points for the accuracy. Thanks, Tim
  6. TimHawkins

    which bullet

    Hello, I am thinking of shooting jacketed bullets out of my pcc and was wondering what weight and manufacture bullets would be best. I hear precision delta are good as well as Montana gold, any thoughts. Do most recommend hollow points or fmj. Thanks, Tim
  7. TimHawkins

    which c-more sight

    Hello, Focus camera has a memorial day sale going on and I got a aluminum 6moa with click switch for $261.80. I figured that I couldn't go wrong at that price and I like the added strength of the aluminum housing as I will be using the gun for things other than uspsa.. I'm not going to be scaring any of the top shooters with my blazing speed so a little extra weight won't be a problem. I think I will enjoy the pcc division. Most of the pcc shooters in our club shoot their pistols and then run the course a second time with their pcc. I was surprised that in some stages they are fasters with the handgun. Last week, we had handgun targets at 45 yards and the pcc guys were cleaning up on the pistol shooters. It will be fun to play around and see which gun I can run faster. Thanks, Tim
  8. TimHawkins

    which c-more sight

    Hello, I bought a jp-gmr 13 9mm and want to get a c-more railway sight. I have decided on a 6 moa dot but want some advise on a couple things. Do I need the tactical or standard railway to get the right height? Which switch is better, the click or standard, and is the polymer or aluminum body a better choice? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  9. TimHawkins

    Commander size 1911

    Sent you a message.
  10. TimHawkins

    which gun for pcc

    Thanks for all the input. I like the look and feel of a friends mpx and think I am being pulled in that direction. Tim
  11. TimHawkins

    which gun for pcc

    Thanks for all the information. I will try and shoot a couple different rifles and see what feels good to me. Tim
  12. TimHawkins

    which gun for pcc

    Hello, Thinking of getting a rifle for pcc. Looking at the sig mpx and the colt 6951. I would like some opinions on the pro's and con's of each. Thanks, Tim
  13. Hello,

    Are they 10 rounds and do you take paypal?


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    2. EmanP


      So it looks like I screwed up in sending it out and it was returned today. I pushed the wrong button on the machine. Took it back to the post office today and get it corrected and it's sent out again. My apologies about the delay. The lady at the Post Office couldn't find the above address though in her system. I'm sure they'll figure it out when it gets to your end.

    3. TimHawkins


      Got the mags today. They will be used this week.



    4. EmanP


      Great! Thanks for letting me know! May they serve you well!

  14. TimHawkins

    STI 1911 9mm for SS and IDPA?

    STI model uspsa in 9mm single stack. Hard to find but beautiful gun.
  15. TimHawkins

    General 1911/2011 40S&W Feeding

    I got a new STI Edge and it was having feed problems. I loaded some to 1.175 oal and it works flawlessly. STI cuts the barrels so they can be long loaded. A lot of shooters are shooting an oal of 1.200. Pull your barrel and check to see how long you can load and then back off a little and I think you will be fine. I am using a 180 tc Bayou bullet. Tim