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  1. Does any have any starting load for .223 34 gr Nosler bullets? I got a good deal on the bullets and I'm looking to reload for bay type 3 gun stages. There is plenty of load info for prairiedog hunting with high velocity, but I'm trying the velocity bring it down a little. I primarily use H335 or TAC. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. This was my chrono data using CFE, Sig 320 X5, OAL 1.14, Blue bullets 125gn, Fed primers
  3. 3guns

    X5 Blue bullets

    Round nose 125gr
  4. I run a KKM barrel and I can shoot 2" groups at 25 yds using 147 gr Blue Bullets
  5. I know that it's an old post, but I just got my MR Bullet feeder and used the rubber band. It works.
  6. If you buy from Safariland use promo code: springvip for 40% off
  7. If you like to use Varget, you can polish the inside of your powder measure and it should provide more consistency. I tried it using with RL-15 and it increased consistency to acceptable levels on my 550.
  8. 3guns

    about my load

    Thanks, it seems that it's a good powder, bullet pistol combination for you. I will definitely try it out
  9. The same thing happened to me a year or so ago and left my brass looking like this. I thought that it was my ammo, but I'm now having second thoughts.
  10. 3guns

    about my load

    At what distance did you shoot that group? I'm also thinking of trying Sport Pistol and the group is pretty convincing.
  11. Call Dillon to place your order. They will let you know what you need.
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