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  1. Thanks for the thoughts, I've decided against doing so.
  2. Do to certain shoulder injuries and just general preference, I use my offset mini red dot as my primary optic, with traditional fixed irons as my back up sights. Would you guys time the muzzle brake to the offset red dot? Thanks for the help.
  3. Just going to be using for a HD gun. I've had problems with some Glock extensions in the past, worried that there might be some reliability issues with those available for the CZ as well. Is there a combination of mag + follower + spring + extended basepad (+4/5?) that is known to be as reliable as an OEM mag? TTI, Taylor Freelance, Springer Precision, others? Thanks in advance.
  4. Just did some more googling. Saw an enos thread from may '19 where a user claimed that his failed to reset occasionally and two others who stated that theirs failed when there was debris in the disconnector. Still a bit hesitant about using it for 9mm.
  5. Taking into consideration all the good info you gave about the hiperfires, i think I'd like to stay away from them. These triggers are also going into my defense guns and the fine tuning and fiddling to get them just right doesn't seem like the best idea. Your thoughts on the AR Gold are the same as mine as far as reset goes, but I do recall some shooters saying that once they "got used" to them, they could be run quite fast. But I'd rather stay consistent across rifle/pistol with a moderately forceful reset. Thanks!
  6. Hoping someone has personal experience they can share between these triggers before I spend $$$$ trying them all out. I am trying to standardize the triggers across all my AR's including PCC's. With the obvious goal of reliability first, but also.... I'm looking for the fastest one out of the bunch. I have a POF trigger in my 9mm and a CMC single stage in my 223. I have used the CMC since it came out and I like it, but apparently they haven't worked out all of the kinks with their PCC triggers. I bought the POF because it was highly recommended for reliabili
  7. This is my review of a piece of gear for my CZ pistol, he hasn't asked for any sort of review from me and I posted this in case people looking might be looking for options outside of the usual. Figured people review products they like and mention where they got it from without those product manufacturers being vendors. I removed content from the original post to try and stay within some sort of guideline. Mods, please delete if not allowed. Thanks!
  8. Quickie review on a holster that forum member lksyotas made for my Accushadow. Here's the kicker, I'm the gunsmith at a local shop and I actually have been making kydex holsters for years. I work enough on other people's stuff that I haven't had time to make a holster for myself (I also don't haven't made a mold/jig to use for a BOSS attachment). After seeing lksyotas work from another thread here, I had him make one for me. Key points: - fit and finish are great - made and shipped faster than projected - made just as well if not better than my wo
  9. I just hit 30 and don't have eyesight issues. Anyone have yellow crayon recommendations for me?
  10. I'm new to everything and have my first match this weekend. Shooting a shadow 2 in production with currently stock sights. After shooting around 300 rds and pushing my sight acquisition speed to my limit I turned my attention to a crap Taurus Millennium 24/7 in .45 that I was function testing for someone else. The sights had 3 huge white dots and practically no space on either side of the front sight. For whatever reason, I felt like my sight acquisition speed was considerably faster, from the draw and during transitions. With the Shadow's thinner blade, finding my wi
  11. Holy crap, I have this exact problem and was going to post asking for a solution. I thought I was going nuts when I couldn't reliably recreate it. Thanks for that. I also have a weird manual decock situation. I'm not well versed enough with this platform to figure out if what you're describing is the same problem I have. I found that I have to be careful not to apply any rearward pressure to the hammer while pulling the trigger, I can't recall this being an issue on decocking any other gun I've encountered. I was then taught to pinch both sides of the hammer (index and thumb) and t
  12. Possibly, but I couldn't really have known what size to ask for without a reference point.
  13. I love that holster! Any interest in making one for me (if you still have a Shadow 2 for a mold). I really want one with that mounts to the Safariland systems (3 point screws).
  14. I really didn't like the stock grips that came with my CZ Shadow II, decided to order LOK grips because it seemed that was the most popular choice. The stock grips were perfect for my strong hand (trigger placement in double action), but my support hand felt like it wasn't touching as much as the frame/grip as I wanted. I was still nervous about choosing the palm swell option because I wear medium sized gloves but have very meaty paws (I swing a hammer for a living). Got the palm swells in and confirmed my fear: my right index finger did not reach comfortably in double
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