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  1. I am not sending back a razor, my friend had said that to me, so I put the sentence in quotations.
  2. I would assume so. I still ruled out the razor based on weight and more importantly cost.
  3. That makes a lot of sense, thank you. So why do you still think you'll end up with a 10x? especially if 6x is already limiting your FOV? I'm in that "omg more magnification is better" headspace although I'm seeing that might not be the case from the replies here (including yours).
  4. I am staying away from vortex for now, I currently have a 1-8 Strike Eagle. Although I love the company and generally buy their other products, I have a friend who shoots a lot of competitions, he's told me about the amount of people who've had to send back strike eagles ("and I'm even sending back a Razor right now"). I'm mostly interested in spending the extra money for the extra (expected) durability.
  5. I also plan to run a 45 degree red dot, under what circumstances do you use the 1x power at?
  6. Right now I only plan on doing run and guns. My first one is coming up and there are 500 yard targets. I'm trying to stay away from budget optics.
  7. I'm finally ready to buy my first big boy scope around the $1k+ mark. I've prioritized weight first (shoulder injury), durability second, reticle third....but I'm not sure how much magnification should factor into that mix. Assuming that I plan to use either 1x or max magnification (nothing between), would the tighter eyebox/FOV of an 8x/10x make target acquisition a little more difficult than 6x (at varying distances)? If you used a 6x and switched to an 8-10x, did you feel that extra magnification made much of a difference? Right now I'm looking at the Eotech Vudu and Trijicon Credo line. Found a NF NX8 1-8 around the $1400 mark and I'm strongly considering just picking that up, primarily based on weight alone. Any other suggestions?
  8. Would you take $300 for two of the Brownells BCG's shipped?


      Thank You,



  9. Thanks for the thoughts, I've decided against doing so.
  10. Do to certain shoulder injuries and just general preference, I use my offset mini red dot as my primary optic, with traditional fixed irons as my back up sights. Would you guys time the muzzle brake to the offset red dot? Thanks for the help.
  11. Just going to be using for a HD gun. I've had problems with some Glock extensions in the past, worried that there might be some reliability issues with those available for the CZ as well. Is there a combination of mag + follower + spring + extended basepad (+4/5?) that is known to be as reliable as an OEM mag? TTI, Taylor Freelance, Springer Precision, others? Thanks in advance.
  12. Just did some more googling. Saw an enos thread from may '19 where a user claimed that his failed to reset occasionally and two others who stated that theirs failed when there was debris in the disconnector. Still a bit hesitant about using it for 9mm.
  13. Taking into consideration all the good info you gave about the hiperfires, i think I'd like to stay away from them. These triggers are also going into my defense guns and the fine tuning and fiddling to get them just right doesn't seem like the best idea. Your thoughts on the AR Gold are the same as mine as far as reset goes, but I do recall some shooters saying that once they "got used" to them, they could be run quite fast. But I'd rather stay consistent across rifle/pistol with a moderately forceful reset. Thanks!
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