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  1. I plan on contacting Dillon,but they are now closed on Saturdays. Thru the week they are extremely busy and hard to get on the phone long wait time. That leaves emails that could take awhile I have had mixed results. Dillon is still the best
  2. Dillon XL650 I have a new Dillon38 super die set. The resizing/decaping die. During set up the sizing bushing came out. It will push back in but falls out. So can I use 9mm? Or something else I tried add a pic, but I could not size it down small enough from my phone
  3. For a Henry lever action rifle. Does 45colt require rifle primers? Or are pistol primers O/K. My concern mainly is the rounds are stacked nose to tail in the mag Thanks Kevin
  4. I did get a 38 super so far its great . Better than a 9mm NO just as good. I like them both
  5. Anyone have any big air compressor experience? Sullair? or Hitachi?
  6. I plan to use it on my property. Odd jobs pull trash down to the road for pick up. Also it is legal to drive these on all county roads From what I have seen, The Rangers have a lot of failures. The Mules are in for the long haul I was really wanting to know what others have seen good or bad.
  7. The Gator looks really good on paper. Is yours 2x4 or 4x4
  8. Well I bought a Dan Wessom PM38. I had it 6 weeks befor I had a chance to shoot it. It seems to have some feed problems. I have tried McCormick, Mec Gar and Metalform. So far the Metalform runs the best, but still not %100 Ill try wilsons next?
  9. Side by Sides or UTVS, Who has them ? What Can you tell me, the good and Bad? I was looking at the Polaris Rangers,then I saw SO many BAD reviews and Major failures. I started looking at the Kawasaki Mule Pro. Thanks Kevin
  10. This is the best part Its not a need its a want
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