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  1. This is the best part Its not a need its a want
  2. I have a couple 9mm 1911s that run 100% . The thing is you just do not see a lot 38super 1911s . I figured cost of ammo scared most off. I just have not seen a lot of them. I asked the Pro"s and they are telling me 38 super. Its not about how good they are,its how bad they are not
  3. Lets say Ammo cost is the same.Which one would you want to have? Why? Remember 1911 and Miner. Thanks
  4. Fuses. It only happened 1 time,but it happened
  5. Tim Hortons https://www.timhortons.com/us/en/index.php
  6. https://czcustom.com/new-firearms/cz-pistols-custom/dw-ss-custom-cal-40-s-w.html You might look at this? IN stock!
  7. blue edge


    3quarter WHO?? Hi James, long time
  8. Where is the best place to buy NEW Glock 33 round mags, and has them in stock
  9. I had the upgrade done about 7 weeks ago. The shop did a great job,it all looks factory. The Sound is fantastic and WAY more of it than I need LoL. Wish I had done it when the truck was brand new.
  10. Im wanting to upgrade my 2015 F150 sound system. It is a nice truck but the sound system sounds cheap. I think the indash part is ok. The shops I have spoken to all want change the speakers, add a sub and a 500 to 700 watt amp. They are all mostly wanting to use JL products. Is JL a good product I dont want to blast myself out of the truck, but I do want something nice. Thanks Kevin
  11. Nice Job Its good to know when you think you can do it better, or cheaper You can
  12. http://www.deansafe.com/edv-500.html I keep an extra, use one for days . Regen one for a day then rotate. Mine may have come from Cabelas Dont forget the golden rod
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