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  1. Does anyone know exactly where Alliant Sport Pistol Powder is on the Burn Rate Chart? I know its somewhere around Tightgroup, N320 and such but it would be nice to know where about it truly is.
  2. Need to make Power for sure and wouldn't mind having something to reach out and bring somewhat of an okay group at 100yrds or so.
  3. Good Afternoon Folks, I am not new to reloading for Pistols for competitions but an now getting into PCC. I am looking for some good reloading concencus specific to PCC. I am wondering what you competition shooters are running in your rigs. For my pistols am running 3.8gr of Aliant Sport Pistol under a 124/5gr Blue Bullet. Works great out of my CO and Production Guns. I have shot quite a few out of my Ruger and PSA PCC guns and it "OK" but maybe i can do keeping my Dot Still. I have read through most of the posts on here already and did get a little information. I am
  4. Anyone have any real world experience with the new Alliant Sport Pistol Powder yet? Burn rate? 9mm and .40 for USPSA and Steel Challenge. I am always willing to tinker and experiment but would like a good starting point for reference http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/06/07/new-alliant-sport-pistol-powder/
  5. Awesome reading on this thread. I have shot almost exclusively coated (BBI, Blue, Bayou and SNS). None have given me true acceptable accuracy. I have tried a few Plated from RMR and XTreme. The Plated have never given me an appreciable benefit over Coated to justify the extra cost. Now, To My question/comment. Even though everyone is saying "Acceptable For Our Game" accuracy is good enough and i am okay with that but. I want my gun to shot as accurate as it can. (Glock34, Wilson Barrel). I want to try some FMJ bullets now after reading all this. What brand does every
  6. @Bamboo. Thank you for that very well composed and very informative reply. I love tinkering and don't mind at all being on the "Fringe" of reloading for my pistols. V sounds like a good powder and i did notice the inconsistencies that everyone is having and i agree that since the powder shortage is now all but over their are lots and lots of other powders out there that have very well established load data available. I indeed may be just chasing a rabbit down a rabbit hole and looking for the Holy Grail of accuracy with my Glock 34 and should just be happy with the accuracy i am getting but i
  7. By "Reliable Data" I mean something i can read and use from say "The Manufacturer" not something i have read on a forum or on the internet somewhere. I don't need a "Lawer" i just want good well tested data, not B.S. Now after saying that, I indeed have found lots and lots of good load data starting points from folks in this forum and yes, i love to experiment when i can afford the time and ammo to test. That is one of the reason i asked if anyone would know where Prima V falls in the burn rate chart.
  8. Sorry for not getting back you guys till now. My Main Shooter right now is my Glock 34 9mm with a Wilson Combat Match Barrel. My Favorite Projectile right now is Blue Bullet 125gr RN. My current go to load right now is 125gr BB RN over 4.1g of Win231 should crono around 1050ish. Shoots pretty soft and not bad accuracy but i know the accuracy can be better.
  9. I am hearing a lot about Prima V Pistol Powder. Where can i find reliable 9mm Load Data and, Does anyone know where it falls on the Relative Burn Rate Chart?
  10. @igolfat8, What type of gun and What Brand of 95gr Bullet?
  11. @RickT. Running a Glock 34 9mm with a Wilson Combat Match Barrel. Very tight chamber on the Wilson Barrel. Does Not Like .356 Bullets. Best Bullets for this barrel i have found are "The Blue Bullets" I have always shot 125gr 9mm bullets in USPSA but i am getting my inexperienced brother in law into shooting competitions with me and we are gonna be doing a lot of Steel Fun Matches and i hope some Sanctioned SCSA matches to get him a lot of "Under The Buzzer Match" Trigger Time.
  12. I have 2 Simple questions for the 9mm shooters. 1. What is the lightest Bullet anyone has used in their 9mm handguns? (Non Compensated) 2. For those that shoot Steel Challenge, What would be your Favorite Loading for SCSA? This topic may have been covered here before and if so please point me to the thread and i will read on.
  13. I would like to use the same for both economically but i want good match ammo.
  14. I am pondering and wondering what everyone else does? Does everyone that competes (I am sure most people here do). Does everyone that does Live Fire Practice use the same ammo to compete with that they use to practice with or do some folks have different match ammo then practice ammo. 2 Different loads. Very similar but different.
  15. I chose this bullet because i love the clean holes flat points put in paper and i wanted to try a 125 instead of a 147 Flat Point. Its listed under the 9mm section on SnS Casting site and sized at .356 so i decided to try it out. the 100 rounds of test ammo i shot, shot very well and 1.050 +/- is just my first batch. I have 3000 of these so some experimenting with O.A.L can be done but can only go so long due to the Lube Groove. I wouldn't mind a 1.10 length so this gives me a reason for more bench and range time.
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