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  1. You what would be great in this thread? pictures
  2. Thanks, I like a Kydex for 3 gun and my RHT is not optimal for the task. Your retention system is interesting
  3. Are you planning to make one for the Nemesis? 5.4” sight block gun thanks
  4. The same thing happens with the factory followers in MBX magazines. I switched to Grams springs and followers, haven’t had an issue since
  5. I’m convinced. Ordering one today
  6. It’s too new, there aren’t any reviews on youtube
  7. So so the Everglades holster works with any 2011 grip? Plastic, metal PT or SVi? I would really like to do the same holster for everything. The suspension/hanger system looks a little hokey. Is it effective? Any drawback to that one?
  8. I didn’t much like the RHT for my nemesis either. The serrations in the slide are shredding the inside of the holster. It works better with other 2011s
  9. I had the same issue, I didn’t care for the feel of the trigger. After the initial movement (typically the 1st stage prep) it just keeps rolling until the shot goes. I like to prep it and push thru the break on those long shots. The short fast ones don’t matter as I’m slapping the s#!t out of it anyway....
  10. Jp captured spring keeps this from being an issue, it’ll cost a few bucks but it’s worth it for several reasons.
  11. This holster has been very frustrating for me. I certainly wouldn’t buy another one
  12. I own an atlas and an STI, the STI isn’t even close to the performer the Atlas is. Fit, finish, can’t complain a bit about the atlas
  13. I own an atlas nemesis and a couple of infinities. I shoot the s#!t out of the atlas. I only know the other two brands by reputation, and that seems to be very solid. I can say I’ve never regretted the money I spent on my Atlas
  14. I have excellent results with SMK 69gr over 25.0 of varget
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