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  1. is there much of a difference in durability? Why chromoly over stainless? Easier to machine? Does the material matter when choosing nitride or DLC finish? just curious
  2. Thanks for the link. Interesting design by rogue tactical
  3. Looks like it’s going to be a beauty, but it isn’t legal for SS either.
  4. Very true but i think the market is just in a lull, once the anti-2nd amendment machine gets fired up again, prices will go nuts again. Maybe worse than the last couple times. I’ll try to keep hoarding so I can shoot whenever I want.
  5. Thanks for asking that avail. I’m too far gone into reloading and have hoarded components for years. It wouldn’t benefit me at all to worry about it too much but the numbers are interesting.
  6. My nemesis has the standard finish. Are you looking for feedback on the gun or that finish specifically?
  7. My SVI has done the same thing. I added some tension to the leaf spring, and it was good to go for a while but SV uses titanium leaf springs for some weird reason. If may take a few attempts. I also wine through the wondering of “did I bump fire this thing?” For a while. It will get worse. SV quoted me a 5 week turnaround, I’m not thrilled about it. Just buy a steel leaf spring if you can’t get it to stay reliable.
  8. Thanks for posting the update. I’ve been waiting on this thing for a couple of years, I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer
  9. This is not 100% true. I’ve had a few issues with and in looking for ways to resolve the issues myself I’ve found the problems are fairly common. For the same price as the MBX you can get a mag that has received personal attention by the people who built your gun. This is true from many builders. For me that is the best way to go.
  10. If they left that big of a hole in the competition market someone will step up and fill it. I tend to agree their new line-up seems overpriced. Thanks John Wick. First Blanton’s and now this.
  11. I recently acquired a 014 holster for a plastic gun and I like the function of this holster. I’d like to run one for my 2011s so my question is- can the end user swap out the block similar to the DAA holsters for running different models? If so where/how does one acquire the guts of the holster? My limited google-fu searches haven’t turned much up on this subject. Thanks for any help.
  12. I just shoot my regular USPSA major PF load in steel. It won’t keep you from being competitive, either you can control your pistol or not. USPSA vs steel doesn’t matter much to me. I’m fast and accurate or I’m not. My perspective.
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