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  1. I own an atlas and an STI, the STI isn’t even close to the performer the Atlas is. Fit, finish, can’t complain a bit about the atlas
  2. I own an atlas nemesis and a couple of infinities. I shoot the s#!t out of the atlas. I only know the other two brands by reputation, and that seems to be very solid. I can say I’ve never regretted the money I spent on my Atlas
  3. I have excellent results with SMK 69gr over 25.0 of varget
  4. Spend a few bucks, replace the extractor, slide stop, hammer, sear and disconnect. It’ll save you a lot of frustration.
  5. Like fireclean? It’s canola oil.. frog lube? Coconut oil. There ain’t nothing new under the sun regarding lube for guns. It’s the same old stuff repurposed.
  6. I started with h an edge in .45, it was tough until I bought the 18 rd MBX mags. I rarely use it anymore but it was fun while it lasted. That being said if you have the option, go with 40
  7. I’m sorry but that last one is an abomination.
  8. I have a couple variations of this style barrel, one of them an SVI. I'll give you my 0.02 1- I don't think it adds any weight to the front of the gun, it does reduce reciprocating mass of the slide which tends to reduce felt recoil. 2- Its not that it isn't useful on any other style gun (like an EDC gun) but it isn't cheap technology. Most people want something less damaging to the pocketbook in he event of losing it. There may be some draw backs to function in an environment where the action could get fouled, dirt or funk buildup around the island would prevent it from fully going into battery, potentially making the gun useless. I like the concept and Loe the way it functions in competition but I wouldn't carry a gun like that every day. Size, weight, reliability, expense etc are all factors. 3- It is frequently used on 9mm guns. SVI, Atlas, and Limcat will make them in 9mm and in .45. Im not sure why you think it wouldn't be considered.
  9. Vortex razor is your best bet. The NX8 is not bad but the eye box is not as great. Love my razor
  10. I have the same issue with Alpha X I bought the damn thigh pad and it still has a bit of a hitch every few draws. Very disappointed in this overpriced POS. $200 and I have to take it apart and file it to make it work as intended? Buy kydex fellas.
  11. What ammo are you shooting? I have an edge in 45 and it’s wearing a 15lb recoil spring at the moment. Wolff makes good springs. Or start with the spring that is on the guide rod you have now.
  12. I’m familiar with NFA regs, I’m not too concerned about being hauled in for a malfunctioning gun. Seems to be running good now although it added a bit of weight to the trigger. I may take some of the tension back out of the disconnect leaf. It’s still a very crisp triggger so I might leave well enough alone.
  13. I havent noticed that to be an issue. I run coated bullets at 1.185 and they feed in my Nemesis without a problem. I had an issue with my Atlas a month or two after receiving it, Cat sent me a label and they covered shipping both ways, had it back to me in about 10 days. They are very nice pistols, I do love how it operates. I dont have unrealistic expectations of perfection, but I do expect good customer service for the price I paid. So far I have not been disappointed in how Atlas treats me. I would buy from them again.
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