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  1. Love that the reticle was addressed because I use my 1-6 MIL for 3-gun only and by the looks of the new reticle it looks pretty bitchin with the bracket holdovers for specified distances! I have my 1-6 Midas BTR MIL reticle up for sale so I can swoop one of these up if you know anyone.
  2. I'll have to check that out! And these have hit the floor already? I'll be calling my dealer today!! [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. No I haven't been shooting it with the prior reticle. I'll have to check it out and talk to my dealer! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. been running this optic for the last 3-4 months check out my post on it. Loving it so far!!
  5. Yes sir. CZ guys at shot show said that they are going to focus on 1 specific gun for the cause. and not try to do a little of everything
  6. I'm with Derek! Shooting competitions is a blast, I feel that the more competitions I will just become a much better shooter. anyone can go to the range and take their time and shoot accurately at paper. I enjoy the nerves, movement and the accuracy required to shoot a match well. That is better training and practice than we will get anywhere else in my opinion. Just wish I got to do it more often!!
  7. I ordered one of their matchsavers in blue last Thursday and was so close to ordering this as well for my JM Pro but with the flare at the end of the lifter how will these work? BTW the guys at Taccom are awesome I'm in CA and it will be here today. Same goes for Logiztix and the guys at Or3gun!! 2-3 days. Today will be like a mini Christmas when I get home from work haha.
  8. Bam bam please keep me posted on the 3gun g2 as I plan to buy it!!
  9. Bam Bam as far as feedback. Have you shot any matches ? how many rounds so far and would you recommend it??? Thanks.
  10. I'm interested in seeing where you guys are at with this gun. Just shot a match Sunday and coming to the very big consensus that regardless of how much I love my 870 I NEED to go semi as shotgun is the only thing that is destroying my time. Kept having loading issues because I wasn't fully returning the foregrip, and the pump action sometimes doesn't want to work with me. I keep her super clean and always lubed (not excessively). I've been looking at the 930pro for some time now and ran across this recently. I couldn't find any feed back so a good ol' search on the forums and we have a few!
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