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  1. 36873687

    Help with value of a EGW open pistol

    U can ask innovative custom guns. The ole ceo of EGW is owner of it. Reason I know I had a limited gun built. EGW hasn’t built guns since 2010 I did find that out
  2. 36873687

    Advice for a newbie

    Is that Alliant powder
  3. 36873687

    STI mags

    Yes 38/40 followers I believe how they list em
  4. 36873687

    STI mags

    Sorry missed gen 2
  5. 36873687

    STI mags

    Think u need grams 9 follower if it’s old Sti mags u need spacers
  6. 36873687

    Shockbottle case checker

    Got that from guy on fb. U got fb. It works great
  7. 36873687

    Nationals Survey

    Your a genius. I was really close to what I settled on with 115.
  8. 36873687

    9mm Load 124/147gr Titegroup

    3.2 tg 1.145 147 grain. 125 grain 3.7 1.15 ovl
  9. 36873687

    Nationals Survey

    I shoot 115 an 124 an never had a flyer. Just me going to fast an yanking the shoot
  10. 36873687

    Case crimping too tight?

    I like .378 but pull the Bullet an make sure your not over crimping
  11. 36873687

    Cleaning after loading

    I lube press runs smooth as butter. An I tumble all my loads even hp. I just blow em out with air Comp.
  12. 36873687

    Post your Dogs!

    Nice dog house