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  1. Rcbs is way to go with a single stage. I hear the collets are hard to find right now
  2. In September brand new s1050 an it came broke. Think the steel not what it used to be. I have 2009 s1050 with the original one
  3. If I had to guess it’s your flair. Have to flair little more for coated Bullets. What size die an crimp die u using. An is brass roll sized.
  4. Do it utube good spot to start. An u already here so u know there endless info here
  5. Just go with the 147 it’s not that much difference. U get next batch an get a 145 be bad day at the chrono
  6. Tite group in 9 an 380 been great for me
  7. All then holes in 9 maj going be rough with 3 n38
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