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  1. Check out brazos the have huge write up on this
  2. I was getting the same . Till I got blue 125 tc sized .356. My kkm barrels love em.
  3. I don’t shoot pcc much but what I do the blue gobble up like Cookie Monster
  4. $20 bucks amazon an $40 harbor freight glass beeds. 3 seconds Comp is like new. Will have to tap it up if u got Comp coated or buff out.
  5. Must be using the wrong coated Bullets. Seen every pcc eat up coated Bullets
  6. Black dot ammunition also
  7. That’s what they call oatmeal. I’m burnt powder
  8. Same link I sent Chris Tilley runs the same bullet. 125tc .356 size. It’s proven already in that gun trust me
  9. Yes sir I hate a the questions but I want be right on what I get. U seem like a class act. Thanks mark
  10. Thanks man just hadn’t heard much about him. His work on outside looks bad assss
  11. Anyone know of the builder an was u happy with his work
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