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  1. Got ya. Well then it’s best I’ve used
  2. Thanks guys. Are the inside of the ruger mark 4 22/45 an the 22/45 lite the same?
  3. Lee u sizing die an lee factory crimp die an I believe the combo will help
  4. Was looking for any videos of this install on mark 4 22/45 lite. Few on regular mark 4.i got lots experience with 2011 platforms but I’m noob to mark Series of guns. Thanks for any help
  5. Most builders ream the barrel for longer loads. Have 3 kkm barrels an all needed reamed
  6. Just 30 degree swing. I know guy that done freezer test. Hotter it gets the faster it gets.maybe u just lucky or I’m ocd
  7. Aa7 is very temp sensitive. But your right on the 115 jhp load. I use pd at 10.55 in a thunder an hardcore. Got nervous with all these slides cracking an switched to 125 grain pill
  8. Guy is on fb. I’d message him an ask for replacement
  9. Just my opinion, I think CO would be even larger if pcc wasn’t brought out 6 months after CO. But it will over take all division I think in a few yrs
  10. Get em sized .356 125 tc great accuracy. 9.15 aa7 in 9 major. 10.2 38 sc. was loading jhp 115 at 10.5 so got to be easy on the gun. I got glass beed blaster hit it 3 seconds all cleaned up Comp.
  11. Every barrel is different. Once u get rounds on it also slow up. Every sv barrel I’ve shot is slow anyway
  12. Reason I ask I used s&b spp for 3 yrs in limited an went to open an tried srp s&b an lite strike every 10. To hard I guess for pistol. I’d start right there an I see u was using srp it missed that at first.
  13. Are the s&b primers spp or srp?
  14. 36873687

    38sc /9mm

    Huge does is bad idea.
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