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  1. Glass beed the Comp. Clean as new after. 10 seconds
  2. I’ve shot more blues in 40. In 9 just in Glock’s an pcc. I have started practicing with open gun with 125 grain 355. Do get the flyer u guys are talking about
  3. 36873687

    Problem Headstamps?

    A Usa amerc are not stepped
  4. 36873687

    Problem Headstamps?

    Step brass u throw away. Imt, FM , an ammoload. Rest I shot idk how many times in major an minor. If primer stays in u good to go. I never rack my guns. A lot starts at the bench an gaging ammo
  5. 36873687


    I switched to 135 grain cause of they slow 147 feel also. 125 are nice second
  6. 36873687

    12 lb Recoil Spring for .40 Edge

    Yes be fine. I run a 11lb
  7. Let me know I may be able to do some blue also
  8. 36873687

    9mm 115gn load.

    Your close on pf with tg but the g19 with 4 inch barrel. I may have some charges wrote down. I used 115 in the start of my reloading career. I’ll check for ya
  9. 36873687

    Dirty brass

    Most time this happens with lower powder charge an heavy Bullets. But your case at 3.6 times of tg it shouldn’t be the issue. The g19 is just 4 inch barrel
  10. 36873687

    9mm 115gn load.

    I have loaded out to 1.145 an as short 1.110 in 9 minor. An used bunch tG powder just not much 115 grain Bullets
  11. 36873687

    9mm 115gn load.

    You really need to buy a chronograph. Just watch signs of pressure . Flat primers. U used to load on them disk they were pain. U should try the auto drum it’s sweet. An idk if your plinking but 124 at up grain Bullet feel so much bettter to shot
  12. 36873687

    Xtreme Bullets

    Hate to see business go under an it just chapter 11 but there step cheap ass brass sucks
  13. 36873687

    Moving to coated bullets - need suggestions

    He nailed it I’ve shot but load of blues in minor an major. No leading damn accurate As jhp. Just water whips blue off. Great price also. U can find codes all the time an save 5%. The acme probably great also. I’ve seen em in a match just never used em
  14. 36873687

    Problem with 9mm bulge

    Idk if it’s been covered. But in 9 major or minor. I use lee u sizing die an lee factory crimp die.99 out of 100 pass the hundo. Sorry I read back u are using factory crimp die. Must be something with the bell in LnL
  15. 36873687


    I have small pistol primers. But in my ck an akai open guns was light strike Heaven