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  1. It’s aluminum but u got the answer
  2. I agree but aluminum hundo has to have a life. Just my thinking
  3. 10.4 115 5.4. Going test in middy tomorrow. 171pf
  4. Yes pull handle down screw die in till it kiss the plate. Done
  5. Just curious if any one has wore one out or life of them. Mines been plunked a lot .thanks
  6. Lee u die will take care of this
  7. U die an Lee factory crimp u be golden
  8. Works 100% in blues. Not all poly is the same. Shot tons of bayou an blacks an sns. No issues either
  9. Just got shoot right coating. Hiteck coatings. I’m telling I don’t get no build up with blues .356. Just to help next shortage. It won’t help now cause they are behind 4 to 5 weeks right now
  10. Not bad man. U have to get sized .356. I hit mine with glass bead blaster once a year.
  11. Blue Bullets sized .356 125 tc. Just as accurate as jhp. Shot over 20 k
  12. From spp to srp I see 3 pf jump. Sorry never tested magnum
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