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  1. U have picture of this zqi brass?
  2. Dillon are great but lee with factory crimp die will save u lots of headaches. But they are very proud of them at this moment if u can even find em
  3. It’s ok I noticed no set back but I went back to mr Bullet feeder one I was getting some failure in case gage. Roll sized brass Dillon sizer an lee factory crimp. Might try DAA funnel u don’t have to flair as much as Dillon
  4. That my buddy an it did not shoot good in 34 he’s recoil sensitive
  5. 3.1 works ok in pcc but won’t cycle a 34. 3.4 works for both with 147. An 3.9 with 125
  6. Idk I’ve seen guys running 7 with 10 coils cut. Not me but I’ve seen it. He was also a champ an 10 x better than me
  7. The corn meal goes away with aa7 with more powder loading 115 grain
  8. I like aa7 but been shooting silhouette love it not as dirty but it will cornmeal also
  9. I’ve shot that same load for 4 years at least 40 k. Just range brass an never seen this. It is dirtiest powder on the planet but honestly I think it be damn near impossible to over charge it. I think it was out of battery
  10. Can u use this as 9 mm crimp die. It’s impossible to find one less than $75 an I know they $18 die
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