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  1. 36873687

    Seriously flat primers HS-6 9 major

    Coated lead
  2. 36873687

    Seriously flat primers HS-6 9 major

    I’ve shot my buddy’s load which he had a shorty 8.5 hs6 124 so I know u are on low end.i had flat primers with spp Winchester but they were 115 grain. I just use srp with 115. I’d say federal is the problem. Try other brand spp if your set on spp
  3. 36873687

    Seriously flat primers HS-6 9 major

    Try the pluck test as stated above. That’s longest I’ve heard of 9 major been loaded. 1.165 jhp an 1.170 rn. I shoot 115 grain an use srp an Winchester sets em off every time.
  4. 36873687

    Screw broke on scope mount on DVC

    Drill an tap it out. But I’d be nervous about it but that’s how a smith will fix it
  5. 36873687

    Mighty Armory 9mm Die

    Thanks u will do
  6. 36873687

    Mighty Armory 9mm Die

    What’s the difference in these. I like U it die with my match ammo. Are these under spec of the dillon size die.
  7. 36873687

    EGW 7 hole Chamber checker

    Lee u die an lee factory crimp. Should fix that
  8. 36873687

    Do different mods actually pay out in open?

    Open funniest of all the division. If sky’s the limit on build don’t cheap out buy once cry once. If u shoot bunch majors unless your buddy has a back up gun. U need a back up gun
  9. 36873687

    0pen Magazines

    Just buy slow every month an get mbx. After u replace s&f an base pads in the Sti mags u will be right on price of mbx
  10. I’m running Pd 115 jhp mbf. 100% no up side ones. I tested the 124 jhp pd they were fine just ran 50 or so to test. Using all the insert. Try tilting bf back just little at a time. It worked for me.
  11. 36873687

    Winchester primers.......

    Never had issue with Winchester my second choice
  12. 36873687

    [9mm Major] TCFP OAL help

    My buddy had almost 9.9 to make 169. But his was a shorty
  13. 36873687

    [9mm Major] TCFP OAL help

    3n38 hard to make major in 9 major
  14. 36873687

    Don Fraley Gunsmith

    Don is great smith an even better person. I’m lucky to live so close to him