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  1. Yes on g34 an legion love it. Cmore is great company
  2. Took two days to find it actually it looked like a z
  3. Yes I just auto drove mine. An learned real quick I needed swage sense the hard way. Blow up 97 primers.
  4. Same I wouldn’t load without swage sense worth every penny
  5. All will work fine. But swage sense will not. Mark7 is working on this
  6. I tried it in 9 major to much dot movement for me. My buddy uses em in 38 sc it’s never nice in his gun. It’s worth a try
  7. I like 124/125 but 135 is damn happy middle
  8. Have yours shipped?
  9. I have s1050 650 an 550 An Mark 7 1050 pro ready to be put on. I’m selling 650 for 1100 or s1050. Leave it hand only
  10. My buddy has in first evo the full decked out one. It’s awesome but there has been issues an CS took care of but for 10k issues he shouldn’t have seem
  11. I have 1050 already an 650. Am mark 7 1050 pro ready to go I’m the box. My thinking is sell 650 AD the s1050 or the 1100 then have back up press when stuff breaks. I cringe little to think I’d be back on 650. They great press but no comparison to 1050
  12. My buddy has the evolution an it’s amazing just to much for me.
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