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  1. I have xl on open gun an the max on CO gun. Both are awesome.
  2. Blue Bullet for 3 years in open guns work great
  3. Start 9.6 Aa7 1.165. U be close tenth hear an there
  4. Love it. Just added it week ago.
  5. I use grams s&f in Mbx mags. Not to get extra rounds they last an Reliable
  6. I’m using 10 at moment but always used 8. I just hope it’s as bright as rts2
  7. Load em up let em set 2 hrs an always cut the tab on follower. Zero issues
  8. In shorty 6.8 ac sounds weak. An it’s used mags replace the guts in the mags
  9. Just bought the max tonight. Coming from rts2 past 5 years is only reason. It be on open gun.
  10. One In since 2012. An it was dumb outlaw match we’re u had to swing a bat in baseball game
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