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  1. Yes my adjust powder drop little not much for me to bother
  2. Idk I’ve never heard of that powder don’t want take a chance. Only reason I sent him message is he close an ive shot matches with him. Don’t want deal on shipping it
  3. Great open powder. Never tried in minor my guess it be extremely dirty
  4. Aa7 is awesome major powder very dirty. I love silhouette
  5. Not much 9.7 aa7 two port binary Comp 2 3/16 popples
  6. Universal clays N320 sports pistol bullseye
  7. Yes I forgot thigh pad it’s a must
  8. Best hanger I’ve ever owned an ive had em all. Light weight that lafe holster also
  9. I have elf man in my daughters works great. Had clip on firing pin spring
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