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  1. Andy the judge die would have caught that before it got around. But u need a 1050 or just lose the powder drop on one of the 650’s for processing
  2. Idk but that brass is so clean u figure it would kick that ole 22 to the curb
  3. U die in 9 major is a must if u don’t roll size in my experience
  4. Could be crack in carbide.
  5. I load to 1.165 pd an mg. I did have to have barrel throated. Feeding issue say is magazine issue
  6. 36873687


    #3 shell plate. 9 mm plate will work but #3 will catch super brass. An dies
  7. U can get glass beed blaster an tape Comp up takes 5 seconds to clean the Comp if u go this route. U have a lot of testing an witchcraft to do. That’s the fun part for me
  8. Pcrecision Delta 124jhp or 115jhp. I love the 115 grain. I’ve tried blue at 115 an I didn’t like pushing em at 1480fps. The blues 125 tc sized at .356 are very accurate an a lot less powder to push.
  9. U won’t be able to use the gun in carry optics. But just about every other division
  10. Let me know I also have Everglades hold down.
  11. that will pick up the one on the right. Does m die pick up the smaller step fm ammoload?
  12. It’s easy use hundo case gage. Then look over head stamps.
  13. Have 2 FA one I know has cleaned 100k still rolling
  14. Mine don’t either. Have 3
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