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  1. 1050 burns them down.
  2. 36873687

    9 Major

    U can tune to extractor an ejector an run the big Cmore. Or go to micro dot also
  3. That is a lot of holes. An I know u know but 115 grain would be a lot of powder in that gun say 10.9
  4. Is it a shorty a middy or 5.4 barrel. How many poople holes an size? My 5.4 guns are 9.7 aa7 124 jh p 1.165. 10.5 115 jh p 1.165. With blue bullets sized to .356 125 tc 9.25. Srp.
  5. I really don’t get this .i know another builder that says it’s a pistol use small pistol primers
  6. Nope an I’m shooting 9major open gun. Couple times year I’ll glass beed blast the Comp an it’s clean.
  7. I use blue 125 tc sized .356. I’d put em to accuracy to jhp. Just hit special order to get .356
  8. Just try work up old aa7 an 124 grain. U will like it better than cfe
  9. Your never going to make major with 3n38 with 124 or 115 grain. I load for my buddy he has a shorty 9 major gun. I’d start at 9.8 an that’s at 1.165 ovl. So u at 1.150. I’d say u be at 10 or 9.9 aa7. With 124 grain. U might be able to make major with 115 but I my self wouldn’t try it.i have two 5.4 open guns an I’m at 10.55 with 115 grain
  10. Aa7 is the bomb in 9 major. An makes major with 115 easy with full size open gun.
  11. They say u change the battery an on the v4 dot will come on. An on the v3 it will not. An v5 will come alive with movement
  12. Have 3 popples an two guns an none on 38 barrel I’ll take the popples
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