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  1. Silhouette be good powder in Glock also. We’re u have to seat Bullets deeper
  2. Lower charge from .3 to .4 of the he 125 blues. U be close.
  3. Say it’s definitely baffle striking
  4. I’ve done this a lot also. All went bang
  5. Been doing it for years no issues.
  6. I shot thousands of blues .356 in open guns. I’ve never had dremmel Comp out.i do once year might hit it with beed blaster . An Shoot few jhp at end of practice
  7. I’m sure with black Bullets u did have build up in the Comp.
  8. 36873687

    40cal open

    Couldn’t said it any better
  9. Jhp is a jacket Bullet mean no lead base whole Bullet is coated. When u shoot em they clean Comp out of lead up Comp. It’s Magic
  10. All coated will clog a Comp. Jhp will clean em out in seconds
  11. I run blues in 9 major.356 sized. Idk what they use but work great. Just shoot few jhp here an there an cleans Comp. I tried sns an bayou also in 9 major an they are much like black bullets an they clogged Comp up in seconds
  12. Blue Bullets hard to beat. 125 or 147. TG N320 universal all great powders 9 minor. 3.1 tg 1.120 147. 3.5 tg 1.100 125.
  13. Each there own Cheif. That’s what I’ve had great success with
  14. I order .356 in kkm barrels 2011 an pcc an cz
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