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  1. After my first match yrs ago with a 2011 that’s first thing I did. I was getting up so high that I wasn’t engaging the safety
  2. I started with 2.5 moa. All my guns have 8 moa now.
  3. Sarge got another email that stated PT will work with ck but may be tight. So matt was right.
  4. Thank u. I did the Corners Not to much on bottom. I’ll try that.
  5. I have my Sti block sanded and working great till a turn an draw. U got pictures of wear to file
  6. I’m just telling him what they told me.i have older racemaster but the blocks are the same. An I have legacy grip an classic pt grips worked great till last match.
  7. They told me today by dAA to use PT block for PT an ck ss grips. been running Sti for 3 yrs but it’s starting to hang up.
  8. Been waiting for a 6 moa in this dot
  9. I have 38 an 9 barrel. An my 38 barrel sits in the safe. I’m ocd on my loading an make sure i pick out step brass u can shoot cheap range brass. I never have to rack my 9 maj guns.
  10. U will need to remove set screw for sure
  11. Will that case fit 170 mm mags?
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