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  1. short stroking,use lighter recoil spring or more powder
  2. could not get the swc's to work either, but found some 225 grain flat points that it liked very much
  3. I would lengthen the OAL, to at least 1.125-1.135 Mic a factory 115 FMJ round 1.152
  4. Academy had one on the shelf, $599, still not ready to jump
  5. Skateboard tape would stick nicely to a Gen 1 frame, so it seems.
  6. Maybe, but a lot of new Gen 3's showing up in LGS , so Glock is pushing them out as more than just a Cali gun, I'm thankful.
  7. Not interested, there has to be a reason Glock Inc quit making Gen 4's. I'm not a fan of removable backstraps either. Glock should have stayed with the Gen 2 platform as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Yes, I like that Gen 1 grip, but not enough to hand over $700. Gen 2's are my first choice, then Gen 3's
  9. Saw one in a LGS today, for some reason they mark the slide with P80, but it was def a Glock product. Price was too steep for me to consider though at $699 Sorry if this has already been discussed.
  10. Black Majic skateboard tape
  11. See if you can find me a 9mm conversion barrel for my Glock 21
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