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  1. First vid I ever bought on shooting was Ron's "Secrets of a professional shooter" . Was able to talk with him a couple of times at a match. Good man,........... rest in peace...Godspeed
  2. Send me some details on the sq deal you want sell please, a coworker is looking, i'm trying to help


  3. Best money I ever spent on a Limited gun. Dan built me a 5 in Spitfire, run great. PM if you have any more questions.
  4. I use STI followers for slide lock . Grams doesn't have the step down tab to allow that last bullet to be picked up before SL.
  5. I would look into the Tanfo in the classified section, many good after market parts made.
  6. Try Ramshot Competition, near identical load data as N320
  7. Try a fresh recoil spring, maybe it's something with the slide speed.
  8. I'll take it if new and unused just send me your PayPal info. Thanks James

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    2. dirty whiteboy

      dirty whiteboy

      I didn't see address on PP. I will ship tube in the morning, usps.



    3. dirty whiteboy

      dirty whiteboy

      tracking # usps  9505 5107 0916 6279 0256 09

    4. Expflier
  9. By chance, was the grip modified to run an SV trigger shoe?

    1. dirty whiteboy

      dirty whiteboy

      Sorry, I can't remember.

  10. I'm talking about the notch on the magazines. on the side where the mag catch locks it in. If you forcefully do reloads, you will cause a burr in that area and it will drag when releasing the magazine. It's just something to check.
  11. post a pic of your mags where the mag catch notch is
  12. Those mags should drop easily, check the mag catch notch to see if it has a burr on the magazine, if so file it off. Arredondo mag extensions worked well for me, I think I was getting 23 in a mag in 9mm.
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