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  1. The Gray Guns tungsten grip that was just purchased shows M so it looks to be a medium. When I called GG support, they said that they laser engrave whatever is available at the time from Sig. BC
  2. Agree with @OPENB The magazines go together very easily with no need to "seat the spring" in the extension. With Grams internals, get 23 in all of mine. BC
  3. Husky 6 in. 6-compartment waterproof storage bin. (<-- use that to search the Home Depot website if the Link doesn't work) $6.47 This one holds all 3 of my DoubleCross magazines along with the loader and unloader. There are others that are bigger that I use for the 9mm Glock mags that go in the carbine. BC
  4. The good news is the Timney Alpha Competition Trigger arrived and was installed. Now with the dot and the shorter, lighter trigger, at least I can hit the steel where I'm supposed to..... lol. BC
  5. No, Evan Toll is the MD and Eric Larsen is the club liaison to the DR Wilson club at OCSC along with handling the interface for USPSA. I'm doing stats and PractiScore match setups along with the Google Group for announcements. The IDPA group already has the tablets for PractiScore and we have a budget to purchase six AMG-Labs Commander timers. They have 5 bays with plans to build more. Chris Arace has stepped up as the stage designer and with his background, he is a great resource. He will be using the DAA Stage Designer toolkit to construct the photographs for setup and the wr
  6. Practice twice a week. Try to get to 2-4 USPSA matches a month. Have a "practice set" for Steel Challenge and try to get that out at least once a week or go to a range that has some stages already setup. Limitation now is reloading components. Can make it through the 2021 season but if things keep drying up or stay at their outrageous prices, I'll find something other than USPSA to do. Probably SC as I have enough ammo and the equipment for both RFPO and RFRO. BC
  7. Bayou Bullets has a coated 95 grain round nose for 9mm. (link) Not finding too many "hard jacket" bullets in that weight. For my PCC, their 105 grain truncated cone works very well. We chronoed them at a 94 power factor so I only use them for Steel Challenge. Shoots very similar to my .22LR carbine. BC
  8. The takeup is shorter. Used everything that comes in the standard G34. BC
  9. My Gen 3-4 arrived today. Followed Shane Coley's installation video and it took a bit of playing with the placement of the return and slide lock springs to get it into the G34. When taking the slide back off, you only need a very small amount of rearward movement to get it to release. Move it too far back and the slide won't come off. Very happy with the results. BC
  10. We are up and running!! This will be the inaugural USPSA match at Oakland County Sportsman's Club. (link) Address: 4770 Waterford Rd, Clarkston, MI 48346 Registration opens on Saturday, March 20th at 8:30 AM and we are limited to 50 competitors. The match will be on the five outdoor Action Pistol bays. Shooter's meeting at 9:30 AM and rounds going downrange at 10:00. More information will be available on PractiScore as the stage designs are completed. Match fee $25. PractiScore registration link: https://practiscore.com/ocsc-oakland-county-s
  11. Good decision. I have a Sig Romeo 4 on the carbine that has two different displays, a dot and a dot in the middle of a "compass point" circle. To change between the two displays, you hold both the + and - buttons in and it would switch. It stopped switching. Sent it in and got a new one with three different displays. The original two and a 3 dot "stack" display for hold-over shooting. Customer service, that in my opinion, goes above and beyond. All my RDS are Sigs with the exception of the 9mm Glock 17 that is used to calibrate steel. It wears a Leupold Delta P
  12. Yes, at times they can provide quite the entertainment value..... lol. BC
  13. All six of my 21 round magazines with the TTi basepads fit the gauge. No modifications were required so it looks like I got lucky.... BC
  14. Try tucking your chin down to your shoulder. This helps stabilize the muscle group used for strong / weak hand shooting. BC
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