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  1. Just started SC about 6 months ago in PCCO division as that used my existing carbine from USPSA competition. Load is Blue Bullets truncated cone 147's over 3.1 grains of VV N320 at 1.15 OAL. That combination made minor comfortably in the 16"' carbine so started using it in SC. Came across this topic and ordered some Bayou Bullets 105 gn FP and worked up a load that would cycle the carbine without changing out the recoil spring. 2.4 grains of VV N320 and seated the bullet into the case to a point where the "funnel" portion of the bullet just met the top of the case. IIRC the OAL was 1.08. Was very, very soft but have not loaded any more to test for accuracy. Will let you know when the weather warms up a bit and can spend some time on the outdoor range. BC
  2. Two incidents at our club during matches: 1 - Shot himself in the leg during the draw from a Serpa holster. For those not familiar with the Serpa, there is a "unlock" button on the holster to draw the gun. It lines up with the trigger. He pushed the button and kept the pressure on as the gun came out and his finger hits the trigger.... hard. .40 round went into the thigh, then out of the thigh and into the calf. Came to rest just below the skin after breaking the fibula bone. He was lucky that the ER was less than 2 miles from the range and we had a physician's assistant shooting the match. She took care of everything, including chasing the guy away that insisted he had a medical background and demanded she put a tourniquet on him. When she asked what type of medical training he had, he said "I sell durable medical equipment". When the EMT's arrived, they look over the situation and told her "Great job. There's nothing for us to do except load him up and drive." Serpa holsters are no longer allowed at the club for USPSA competition. 2 - Racegun went off during the draw. Round went into the dirt just to the right of the shooter's foot (it missed). He was so shaken up that after the "Stop" command followed by "Unload and Show Clear", he didn't. He shot the ground AGAIN about 2" to the right of the first bullet impact as he was trying to re-holster. Non-standard command of "WHOA" quickly followed.... BC
  3. Walker's Game Ear Silencer Earbuds Rechargeable - R600 These come with their own recharging case which will charge the earbuds about 6 times before it needs to be connected back to a power source. Very comfortable with 3 different size inserts. Comes with two replacement ear "hooks" (left and right). Bluetooth interface connects to an app on your phone to adjust settings (volume, auto-off, mode, etc.). When interfaced to your phone, you can hear incoming calls. Very handy when the phone is in your range bag and someone is calling. Much better version than the one that uses hearing aid batteries (have used both). BC
  4. Thanks George.... much appreciated. Just to be perfectly clear regarding what George stated in his last sentence: Sweeping or pointing the muzzle of a firearm at any part of any person’s body during the course of fire. If the firearm is in a case and not in the competitor’s hands, sweeping does not apply. Reaching forward of the muzzle of a cased firearm to close the case is not a sweeping infraction, provided the competitor’s hands are completely clear of the firearm itself. So if they come to the line with an unzipped case (they took the cased rifle to the safe area, unzipped it and put the chamber flag in, then didn't zip the case closed) then arrived on their first stage, should the RO instruct them to return to the Safe Area and zip the case? Cheers, BC
  5. Similar... For PCC, started out with 6 Glock mags, 10 in each and reloaded after each string. For me, it was a distraction. Switched to my ultra-dependable Glock 31 rounder with MBX extension on it and load 37 rounds. On the last run, I release the mag, check that there's more than enough rounds left in it, re-seat it and run the last string. Not changing magazines keeps me further in the "zone". Shot my best times in that division using this method. On the 10/22 for RFRO, same thing. Three TandemKross DoubleCross magazines, each loaded with 10 rounds each. Since they are a standard Ruger magazine (just two of them mated at the bottom) the process is to flip one over between strings 1-2 and 3-4. Replace the magazine after runs 2 and 4. They only provide the outside "shell" pieces so each one requires the internals of two standard Ruger magazines. Finding it more dependable than the Ruger 25 rounders. BC
  6. Results for the first 5 months in RFRO with Volquartsen 10/22 Ultralite. Aguila Super Extra - Jammed on the third round with FtF. Winchester Super X Power Points - These are hollow points and the nose is flat and ever so slightly shorter than their round nose ammunition. Will not feed the 1st round. Winchester Super X Round Nose - Runs well. CCI Mini-Mag - Also runs well. Rifle seems to like the higher speed ammunition, so sticking with what works. Ordered 2 cases of Winchester Super X round nose. Shot 5 stages on Saturday with no failures (other than the trigger operator).... BC
  7. The reason for this post is this seems to be a slightly gray area. Competitor comes to the line with a cased rimfire rifle or a PCC and the case is zipped closed. They place the cased gun on the table / barrel next to the shooting box. It is understood that 5.1.2 and 5.1.3 deal with casing / uncasing and they state: 5.1.2 "When casing or uncasing any firearm at the firing position, the muzzle of the firearm must always be pointed downrange." 5.1.3 "The on-deck competitor, if shooting a Rimfire Rifle or PCC, may unbag or remove their firearm from the 3-gun cart or case into a side berm or staging area provided the bay being used has sufficient side-berm space to permit this practice. Once the firearm is removed from the case or cart the muzzle must remain pointed reasonably vertical (up or down), at all times, with a chamber flag inserted, until the Make Ready command is issued." Appendix G / Glossary Gun Case/Bag A carrying device that does not allow access to, or manipulation of, the trigger while fully encasing the firearm. Handling (As in “handling a firearm”) The act of manipulating, holding, or gripping a firearm while the trigger is functionally accessible. Note exceptions for casing/uncasing PCC and rimfire. Appendix H7 - Rimfire Pistol Division 11 Handling requirements: Handgun to be transported in closed case or holstered at all times until the Make Ready command is given. Appendix H8 - Rimfire Rifle Division 11 Handling requirements: Rifle to be transported in a closed case, scabbard, or “3-gun” cart. Chamber flag must be used regardless of method of transport. Appendix H9 - Pistol Caliber Carbine Division 13 Handling requirements: Rifle to be transported in a closed case, scabbard, or “3-gun” cart. Chamber flags must be used regardless of method of transport. Exactly when can the competitor unzip their rimfire rifle / PCC case? It is clearly described in Appendix H7 for rimfire pistol as the Make Ready command, but what is meant by "Note exceptions for casing/uncasing PCC and rimfire." Is unzipping the case considered "handling" the firearm and the competitor must wait until until the "Make Ready" command which is the start of the course of fire? If they do unzip before "Make Ready" is that Unsafe Gun Handling and a trip to the Dairy Queen? What if they come to the line with an unzipped case? Regards, BC
  8. I also was SCSA certified today (10/11/19) and found a different problem. For the question regarding "All SCSA Stages are all set so that the tops of the plates are level from plate to plate when viewed from the shooting box", the correct answer was "False" as Pendulum immediately jumps to mind. I checked "False". The scoring and review indicated that was wrong and the correct answer was "False". WTF?? Did a screen shot of the green check marked "False" answer and the "you are wrong" review and sent it to Troy. Hopefully it gets addressed before that one "wrong" answer flunks someone out. Cheers, BC
  9. First off, I'd like to THANK YOU for all the work that has been done and support offered for PractiScore. It really is a great application and has taken away the drudge-work from the stats folks. I know. So does my wife. We go back to the days of EZ-WinScore (there was NOTHING easy about it) where we entered and verified 7-8 stages for 100 competitor local matches. For those of you that don't know about EZ-WinScore, that's 700 to 800 pieces of paper where each had to be 1) checked at the range for accurate totals 2) manually entered into the computer and finally 3) verified that the data entered versus the paper scoresheet were all correct. We use Amazon Fire tablets (which is probably running their Fire OS, the dumbed down version of Android) and I'm still waiting on the timer delivery, so I have no actual "first hand" knowledge. Does the Fire tablet software have the same "beep" button on it that was shown in the above video? The original discussion was a set of hearing protection with a built in timer beep. Another post requested a handheld size device that does everything when interfaced to the "beeping" hearing protection.... From what is shown in the video and what appears in your blog, we are there NOW. Certainly hope AMG-Labs can start building these things a bit faster.... Cheers, BC
  10. 10/22 build: ModShot Stock Tactical Innovations Elite22LC Receiver and Pike Arms bolt Volquartsen Ultralite carbon fiber barrel and TG2000 trigger Smoke Composites grip Sig Romeo3XL Weight 3.1 lbs with optic and shortened rear stock BC
  11. Well not quite there just yet, but AMG-Lab has a timer that Bluetooth interfaces to the PractiScore tablet. The Commander model is setup to "talk" to a specific tablet using the Bluetooth interface. For scoring, the person on the tablet just has to glance at the time on the timer and see that it matches the time on the tablet. The tablet programming automatically advances to the next run once it finds a pause in the signals coming from the timer. The tablet is also programmed to show the splits for a given run. That's a nice touch. The other advance for this device is that it detects pressure changes, not sound, to record the times and that sensitivity has 10 settings. The down side (at the moment) is that they are flooded with orders. Delivery is 30 - 60 days with a price of $158 plus shipping. BC
  12. Just received the Sig Romeo 3XL. The glass is 35mm across with 3 MOA dot (adjustable intensity) which I prefer for those 10" plates. Built this from scratch and focused on light weight. Tactical Innovations Elite22LC receiver (left charging handle and bolt), ModShot stock, Volquartsen UltraLight barrel and TG2000 trigger group, Smoke Composites carbon fiber grip. Total weight (unloaded) 3.6 pounds. Will report back as it was just mounted yesterday (Friday) and going to a match on Monday. BC
  13. Sunday is now sold out. Saturday only has 4 slots left as of 8:45 AM Tuesday. Registration closes tomorrow, Wednesday June 12th at 8:30 PM. There will be no extension. We are not allowing walk-up entries as there are 15+ scoring devices that must be correctly populated to meet Mike Foley's paperless match requirements. Regards, Bill Chunn Statistics / Scoring - 2019 Michigan Sectional Championship
  14. Kevin, Michael Scheid is the MD this year and hopefully he has gotten back to you by today (Tuesday) but if not here is what I know. The hotel is the Days Inn and Suites by Wyndham in Rochester Hills. Address is 1919 Star Batt Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48309, about 8 miles from the range. We have a block of rooms booked so no need to book one on your own. The deal is the same as last year, double occupancy and if you prefer a room on your own, just pay for other half. You are working on Stage 4 (link) as the appointed CRO with Matt K. (CRO), Jim H. (RO) and Brett S. (RO) who are all NROI certified and DSC club members. Again, thanks for helping out (again) and as always your expert critique on the stages and our oversights are always welcome. This is the 27th year we have been doing this USPSA thing and a few of us old guys are stepping back and letting the young blood run things. As you well know, that involves a learning curve so your advice will be well received. Again, thanks. Bill
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