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  1. Update: In last weekend's SCSA match, had a stock Glock magazine drop out of the carbine. Thought the mag release was getting bumped. Videoed the next stage and the mag release was not touched but the magazine fell out again. The plastic at the magazine release had worn down to a point where the vibration from firing and the sudden swing of the rifle would dislodge the magazine. Not good when you are on the clock.... even if there is one "throw away" run. It just gets in your head.... Two steel MBX mags have been ordered and should arrive before the next SC match.... BC
  2. A Lead Star matching upper / lower receiver set was used as the basis of my 9mm build. It has been very reliable and the tolerances are extremely tight. Bullet profile is 147 Truncated Cone from Blue Bullets for USPSA and 105 Bayou for Steel Challenge. It also ran Montana Gold 147's very well. Yes, the ramp is very helpful with the bullet feeding as this particular barrel does not have a pronounced ramp. Smoke Composites provided the furniture and the barrel is from Bobby Keigans at CK Arms. Wanted the barrel to match the backup gun, just a bit shorter. The trigger pins have never moved as the hole to pin tolerance was VERY tight. Sig Romeo4S and Crimson Trace riding on top and a HyperFire gets things moving. The Glock magazines were very tight going up into the bottom of the Tac-Com bolt carrier and each of them had to be slightly shaved until the metal lining was even with the top of the plastic. The MBX steel magazines did not have to be modified at all and with the extension, will run 48+ rounds quite comfortably. BC
  3. Mine has been running fine straight out of the box. Added the MBX steel 5" extension. Never needed the full capacity of the extended magazine as the stage designers around here max out at 32 or 40 rounds. Still nice to have those extra rounds when there is a bunch of steel or a Texas star on a stage. Keep it clean and use Mag Slick from Krunch Products. The same people make Pro Grip. BC
  4. USPSA - 146 grain Blue Bullets Flat Point, 2.9 grains of Vihtavuori N320, OAL 1.115 with a .3750 crimp. 135 PF Steel Challenge - 105 grain Bayou Bullets Funnel Point, 2.7 grains of Vihtavuori N320, OAL 1.045 To run the different loads, the recoil buffer is changed. For USPSA, MBX buffer system (link). For Steel Challenge, a simple Spikes Tactical H1. Normal disclaimers apply.... Use at your own risk... In your own carbine.... yada yada yada.... check with your lawyer..... BC
  5. Did the same. Get your customer number from the back of the catalog and that will speed up the process. The hold time was a bit stiff (14 minutes) but Dillon stands behind their products. No shipping charges for replacement parts on a press that is 27 years old. Thank you Dillon!!!! Part number is 13691 - Clear Plastic Powder Measure Tube Link to drawing BC
  6. What type of Pledge is everyone using? There are multiple types. Lemon Enhancing polish, Multi-Surface floor cleaner, Pledge Dust & Allergen Multi-Surface cleaner.. Thanks, BC
  7. Same....2.9 grains under 147 Blue Bullet Truncated Cone with OAL at 1.115 135 PF BC
  8. You can save a bit of money on the pistol grip by going with Magpul or any other AR15 grip. Smoke Composites was selected as their stuff was used on my PCC and the owner provided a significant discount once he found out I was a USPSA and SCSA competitor. The parts selected went for the lightest weight possible along with a left side charging handle. Being on the left side also ment that the bolt had to come from the same company as the receiver (link) and it looks like they have increased the price up to $274.98 from $250. That was just a personal preference, being right-handed it was just easier at "make ready".... Another guy that was in my squad last weekend at a SC match had the same setup in black and said his father purchased it from Volquartsen (link to rifle) and their price is $1,769 without an optic. That one has a right side charging handle. BC
  9. Receiver & Bolt - $250 Barrel - $300 Trigger group - $273 Stock - $500 Grip - $180 Total - $1,503
  10. When first starting with an Open division gun in USPSA many, many years ago, one of the Master class shooters told me to push the gun, muzzle up toward the target, then rotate the wrists while focusing on the very top edge of the glass. The dot will drop right out of the top of the lense. Absolutely agree. Muscle memory required to push muzzle up and rotate wrists. BC
  11. Raccoon Hunters has a full set of them (and tablets) for the Steel Challenge matches and was using them for the USPSA matches. They were the first club in this area with them. Detroit Sportsmen's Congress has some on order now and they should be in when we go back outside. BC
  12. After a two month wait, the AMG Labs Challenger timer arrived. For Steel Challenge, this thing is really great. Well worth the money and the wait. The Bluetooth interface transfers each string time directly to the data entry screen in PractiScore. No more fat-finger errors or flipping the numbers around when dyslexia kicks in (lol). Headed out to the December SC match at Brooklyn Sportsmen's Club in Michigan with the timer and an Amazon Fire tablet running the latest version of PractiScore. After selecting "Enter Scores", a stage and a squad, there will be a little icon at the top of the screen that looks like an alarm clock. Press that and it will prompt to connect to a timer. If you are running multiple timers, you will have to determine the last 4 characters of the device (MAC) address which can be displayed on the timer. Select that four character code on the tablet's display and you are on your way. Things to be aware of: 1. The same alarm clock icon is now in the bottom right corner of the time entry screen. Before each shooter starts his string, make sure there is no "slash" mark through the icon as that indicates it is no longer connected to the timer. Just tap the icon and the Bluetooth connection is re-established. If you don't do this, you can still manually enter the time, just be aware of #2. 2. If you are entering a miss penalty and accidentally fat-finger bump the time (or have to manually enter it) the next time sent from the timer will not go into the correct string. It could overlay that already entered time or "jump" down to the incorrect string entry. Solution: Press next to the time, just to the right of the last number and it will be framed in gray. Leave it that way. Now you are ready for the next string. When the competitor starts firing, the tablet will move to the next data entry slot and start recording the time. 3. Sensitivity setting - If you turn it ALL the way up to 10, it will record the Range Officer TALKING. Remember, it functions on pressure changes, not sound. Running it at 8 picked up all the shots, even from the rim fire guns. Since it was in the high 20's to low 30's everyone on the squad really enjoyed keeping their gloves on and just visually checking the timer display (which is HUGE) to the tablet. Tremendous technology improvement, you just have to be aware of the above mentioned items. Thank you AMG Labs and EUXX for the PractiScore programming to make it all happen. BC
  13. Outer Impact (link) and Sig Romeo 3 XL (link) with the 3 MOA dot (aim small, miss small) mounted on the Performance Center version with the carbon fiber barrel and Tandemkross Gamechanger PRO comp. As mentioned, all the weight sits right in your hand. BC
  14. Currently using the back pocket but due to this thread, will resurrect the Open gun's magnet. The plastic chamber insert already has a metal ring attaching the "Remove Before Pew Pew" bright orange flag to it. My routine at U&SC is to slowly pull the charging handle back so the chambered round falls out the bottom of the magwell into my hand, place that round in the back pocket while pulling out the flag. With the flag magnetically held on my belt at the hip, should make the whole process much more efficient. Before the next stage, take the round out of my back pocket and put it in the Barney mag. Good to Go.... BC
  15. Ran into the same issue when shooting the PCC so switched to "in ear" protection. They are a bit on the pricey side but don't interfere with the stock. Have started in Steel Challenge with PCC and rimfire rifle and as Sarge said, not hearing all the correct stuff can be a bad thing, like the round dinging the steel. These were at a price point that was below other in-ear models, have a recharging case and Bluetooth integration to your phone for controls. Walker Silencer BT Amazon has them for less than the Walker website (link) BC
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