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  1. Posting pictures would help. BC
  2. We already had 2" of snow on the ground from Sunday and just added another 1 1/2 inch yesterday. Since the governor closed all the restaurants with the exception of outdoor dining, we went to Johnnie Black's and sat outside in the somewhat heated tent. You could still see your breath even though the large space heaters were going full blast. BC
  3. ^^^^^ This. There is a BlueTooth interface to the Amazon Fire tablets so the two devices can "talk". It picks up the pressure wave of the shot, not the sound so .22LR carbines in SC do not present a problem. Unlike the other timers that you have to be right on top of the shooter to get the time recorded. BC
  4. ^^^^^ Great advice. You wouldn't buy a car without driving it. Why would you buy a gun without shooting it? BC
  5. This past Sunday, Howell Gun Club had a SC match. It has just started snowing lightly at the house. Headed to the range which is 45 minutes away. The temperature dropped 5 degrees to 24 when I arrived it was snowing heavier. Waited around to deliver some ammo to @Bakerjd and it started snowing even harder. Told the registration guy "Pull me out". Snow is just frozen water that will rust a gun. Been there, done that, put in the work to get the rusted gun back up and running reliably. Shooting for me has to be fun. If it's not fun, I'm not shooting. Same here. Have been
  6. Totally agree with @my00wrx1 We had (key word had) a Texas star that used spring-loaded plate holders. Over the years, this thing got shot to hell. During practice, bullet strikes on the arm would make the plate fall as the springs had worn out. We replaced the springs but the plates continued to come off during practice. We stopped using it for matches and since it was giving misleading results (inaccurate hit would take the plate off) we stopped using it for practice. It was replaced with one that was found by our MD at SHOT Show. It has magnetic plate holders an
  7. True, there are YouTube videos on how to do the install. The Gray Guns kit comes with a trigger that has a set screw in it to adjust over travel (trigger travel after the shot breaks). The trigger must move forward to be reset. The GG trigger has a shorter reset than the stock trigger but it does not have a pre-travel adjustment screw. Taking out pre-travel will shorten the reset even further and can be used to customize where you want it to reset. That said, there are two P320 trigger manufacturers that have both pre-travel and over travel adjustment screws. The
  8. Wheeler Engineering - Professional Digital Trigger Gauge 1 pound 15 ounces on my Sig P320 Legion with The Sig Armour competition trigger job done with a Gray Guns Competition trigger kit and Armory Craft trigger. BC
  9. If you are deciding between the two guns and know your way around a Glock and have been shooting them for some time, then buy another Glock. Your existing skills will transfer to that faster than learning a new gun with a different grip angle, specifically if you are transitioning to a dot. This is coming from a Legion owner that has had Robert Burke of TSA install the Gray Guns Competition trigger kit, do his competition trigger job on top of that and then added an Armory Craft dual adjustable trigger and BarSto barrel. The results: An accurate striker fired gun with a 1 pound
  10. Yep, same here. At one club, the bays that are used for USPSA competition are also used for 3-Gun. Some of the 3-gun guys don't reload and just buy the Russian steel cased stuff.... It gets broomed to one side of the bay and usually stays there until the annual spring clean-up. BC
  11. Probably not paying too much for them either..... if at all. Personally, they are left on the range floor so they are not confused with my "regular" nickel cases. No need to screw up my reloading process with cases that pull apart and there is WAY MORE regular brass out there that my current setup can use without buying special dies. There are enough issues with Xtreme and other brass that has less capacity than the big manufacturers. Those have to be culled out of the brass pile before starting the wet tumbling process as the lower capacity case produces higher press
  12. Same here. There are several people that I shoot with that load 9mm to Major velocity, as I did when running my Open gun. The primer pocket expands as these cases are loaded above SAMMI specifications to much higher pressures. Now that I'm loading for my PCC and Legion for CO, several of those expanded primer pocket cases find their way into my 650. When seating the primer and the handle goes forward just a little too easily, that case is pulled before it is charged with powder. It is struck against the loading bench at an angle to see if the primer walks out of the pocket. I
  13. Left side because I came from Service Rifle competition and chambered a round with the left hand while holding the rifle's pistol grip. BC
  14. The link you posted requires a username and password to access. Can you identify what primer is associated with each of the pictures? That would help a bunch. BC
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